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  1. Please add a function where a clan officer can open the clan warehouse and craft a ship, instead of all the time wasting involved. I used to do crafting quite a bit, and enjoyed it. Now, I will gladly go through all the tedium to put things on a ship and play, searchbar point/slide/click to put things out of clan warehouse to my personal one. Some time later after treating carpal tunnel I build a ship for a clanmate. Being able to avoid all the useless searching in the clan warehouse for the mats and then putting it in my warehouse, building the ship, then putting the extras back in clan warehouse would help alleviate the tedium of crafting.
  2. I tried claiming reward at tier 1 lvl, it beings up a "Are you sure?" box with the tier level rewards and informs you you will be ending your patrol if you accept. It also outlines the required damage for lvl 2 and up. Well done devs. After a brief nap I will get back in to try to get the top ring!
  3. Surrendering in PBs to Avoid Point Loss

    /edit I agree, once battle is over every sunk or surrendered player should be booted out of the battle instance to prevent this problem
  4. Future wipes

    Keeping ship knowledge slots makes me very happy.
  5. Top of screen in port, redeemables tab. Select build of any boats. I would advise you do this in your nation's capital or where your clan warehouse is located. You very well might need to expand your docks and/or warehouse.
  6. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    My clan has made a concerted effort to recruit new or returning players to help them along the early learning period to prevent the drop out rate this game suffers. Being able to manage a clan with now 150+ members is essential. Thank you, wish you had said this earlier.
  7. PVP Patrol Mission Feedback

    What was meant is great battles. I have had a few, 3 vs me... white knuckle fighting. I sank after sinking two and almost got the other. Vast majority just had the Gankopotamus squad show up to farm... 12 vs 2? If the devs don't want to fix this, I don't see the logic in continuing unless it is to churn through AI capped ships.
  8. The patrol area is in one location per day, regardless where you take the mission.
  9. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Just realised Christendom hadn't posted the results of "Operation Octopussy" Well... Battle of Marsh Harbor, US attack GB: GB held the port. Battle of Le Descondidos, US attack GB: GB held the port. Battle of Isaac Rocks, GB held the port (I'm sorry don't remember what nation flipped that one) GB was stretched thin due to the number of coordinated attacks from Pirates, French and US, the ports to defend were chosen and we rallied for the defense. We had to avoid or fight our way through Pirates, Spanish, Prussian, French, Russian and US players Marsh Harbor had a full fleet of GB, about 3/4 fleet of US, good fight. Le Descondidos had a full fleet from both nations, both nations sent ships to outlying circles while the bulk of both fleets were in a long range standoff at B circle. GB was downwind of US, we sailed back and forth whilst US pulled up and fired at our sails for awhile. Eventually with the wind shifting we were trying to take the wind when a few GB players were cut off and set upon by the US fleet, as they were sending a few more ships to assist in the skirmishes of the other circles. Both main fleets then began a brawl that was hard fought with close calls and ships sank on both sides, although the attrition rate was heavier on the US side. As the timer was running down the US ships began falling faster, with the resultant domino effect. The outlying skirmishes were won by both small GB squads, the US reinforcements were stranded halfway due to the wind shift and could not return to the main fleet in time. Great, tense fight after the preliminary standoff for main fleets, small squads did a great job securing the other two circles and sinking the US ships. o7 to all captains in that battle. End result of operation "Pile on GB in the Bahamas" 8 ports flipped within two hours of each other, 3 ports abandoned, 2 lost, 3 defended... and another flipped by Prussia during the mayhem. If anyone has a screenshot, please post them.
  10. Remove the "You have crafted/sold this" window

    Will do, thanks for the tip, but this problem plagues every player, would be much better to just remove the problem
  11. Remove the "You have crafted/sold this" window

    Yeah, the slider is a separate issue that is a problem, but I am talking specifically about the long delay between doing an action and having to wait for the server to allow me to click OK that I did what I did so I know that I did it just to be sure... pointless.
  12. @admin @Ink @Sailor The server is in the EU, this give everyone outside of Europe extended ping. When we craft or sell or trade etc there is a window that pops up that basically states "You just did what you did, click OK to do anything else" This window is only useful in actually building a ship, the rest of the time everyone I know just clicks ok and moves on. The problem is this window may hang on the screen for 10-20 seconds before the [OK] button appears PER ACTION. Making iron ingots for the clan warehouse takes AGES as a result because verytime you craft some you wait until the server catches up so you can groan, click ok, then repeat. Please remove the window that we have to click ok, finding out what RNG ship we just built is the only use of this window, the rest is just a chore. Thank you
  13. CanĀ“t join battle bug is still there

    Maybe it is an anti gank mechanism. US had more than 2X BR against the Swede.
  14. Gunboat Sails

    Thought we stopped with the "ultra elite rare ships"? So, when is the rattle and gunboat going to be available for actual testing or are they just "Not ready"(tm)?