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  1. Gunboat Sails

    Thought we stopped with the "ultra elite rare ships"? So, when is the rattle and gunboat going to be available for actual testing or are they just "Not ready"(tm)?
  2. Can I have your stuff? I promise to only use it 1800 to 2300 server time.
  3. This is your failure, and the reason this game is not for you apparently. With your condescending attitude and lack of tact I can well imagine recruiting is very difficult for you. But carry on bitching that the devs let EVERYONE play the game at their primetime (which yes, means 0400 your time). You refuse to adapt or accept the situation, and are screaming that "It's not fair, waaaaaaaaaaaaah!" No one can convince you that what you want is untenable at this point, none of us has helped you come out of your delusion of importance. Due to my job there are times I can't really log in for a few days, I rely on others and accept the fact one or more of my outposts may be captured during a time I can't personally do anything about. Because I am only as important as you, and conversely you are only as important as me.
  4. It is 5 am your time, fight your battles in the game, with the rest of us.
  5. 4am your time is 10pm my time. I play this game when I can, you play when you can. This game goes around the clock, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? The world does not revolve around your pointy little head, now man up and deal with it.
  6. Stop crying! This is just another example of a self-entitled mindset that may have problems in the big, big world. I see plenty of action going on during Euro prime time, lots of PVP, RVR etc going on outside of US prime time. You, my good sir, are being histrionic and petulant. This is a global MMO game, you might want to remember that. Just quit the game and move on, the amount of whinging is tiresome. "US players will win against us in our prime time, and we will NEVER be able to get it back. Help us devs! Hobble the Americans or we will quit!" Grow up, or just quit until release. You are NO more important than I am.
  7. Not gonna happen, "what needs to happen" is for people to understand we are all playing on one server now. Thinking that PB windows need to be forced into Western EU primetime only is just delusional. It is not all about you princess, it has never been all about you. This server is for everyone, period. It reads like some Euros are just mad they have to play with Americans now, and want the devs to protect them from the "bad men"
  8. OK...You got me

    Its in BETA, there are no premium account to buy yet. The infrastructure is there and Premium appears as an option, but it has not been switched on yet. Play, test, provide feedback, we are testing and tweaking the final product now.
  9. can't find clan bank

    Sorry, no idea
  10. can't find clan bank

    Last officer in your clan to log in before the merge has the stuff from the warehouse.
  11. Isn't the map mostly blue right now? Keep in mind the American players who stayed in the EU server simply because of pop size, coupled with the botched opening of the global server. My clan has several members from Europe, as well as Oceanic and American players. Calm down, let's see how it goes. If you are going to refuse to play against people from other time zones then just find a single player game and move on. This is directed at anybody in general. We will all be on the same server, welcome or not.
  12. That sounds like a problem for team B to work on, not a reason to throw blocks in front of team A. Team B should really try to make friends outside of it's timezone, if they don't... their own fault.
  13. If the Aussies take the effort to attack a port at 3am our time, then we set the port window for OUR primetime. If a Euro clan takes the effort to come take it back then THAT clan sets the window. Fair for everyone, not ideal for anyone... but that's the game.
  14. Going outside of your primetime and attacking a port during the owning clan's prime time... Great as long as the owner fights. Setting your defense window for your primetime. .. awesome, you want to take my port you do it on MY time, and vice versa Have the full game, RVR included available around the clock... excellent! Looking forward to how this turns out, ready to test this out.