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  1. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    They don't want to do a Spanish nothing special. They didn´t see nothing about Caribbean Sea at 18 thCentury. They don´t worry about Spanishs complaint...Really don´t worth to explain the lack of realism and the lack of historical view in this game. For me they can do Chinesse Ship and put in the middle of La Habana with a Australian Flag. Does no matter about it for the DEVs. Be happy ....the game will never be realistic...that means Spanish History will be ignorated.
  2. You want to develop this game or you dont give a s#!t anymore ? To be honest....the game it's getting worse everyday. I decided don't play anymore and don't waste my time. Spanish people don't deserve this fake historical and unaccurated game. Everyday looks like more a kindergarten game. I'm tired to lost time and ships. Make a new game, this will not be a succes. I will say my opinion in the Spanish-South-american media games market, this is my job, tester of games. And this test is already finished.
  3. 1. Re-balance Player-Base Power and historical position of the nations-map making Spanish ports more difficult to conquer. 2. Introduces more crew on board standing or moving. Introduces differents Flags.OW as well. 3. Increases the number of lives of smallest ships up to two lives.And return to capture ships. 4. Diplomacy and alliances return to a old system,but with at least two neutral nations. 5. Declaration of war and peace and solving agree with economic conditions. 6. Improve trade, now it is impossible to progress, but maintain limited access to 1st rates. 7. Second and first rates should be a nation ships, not players owners. And they would change the captains command by rank and pre-established time to time. (admiralty salary and ships system adjudication). So different players rule the same ships.
  4. complain missing ship

    Sorry I never used alt-F4, that is FALSE information ...Yes I used tow to port, then I log out in the ship, on the sea, 2 minutes, and the game close perfectly. My computer has not problems, and I see now how some others players had already this problem. So,.... is not only me ?? true ...happened with a Victory by others players. Please solve the problem....refund the ships, and continue by improving the game and not try starting arguments to be the winner. Remember we are all here to improve the game. Thank you.
  5. complain missing ship

    as you said this is a BUG, definition : sometimes happend... that I guest hapenned with my ship..... BUT who will refund me the long sea trips, hours on navigation and time to get my " Indefatigable " completed with expensive cannons and more expensive crew ?? who refund me all this ???...
  6. complain missing ship

    TO DEV: I am very angry because after playing many hours in order to equip a good Ship, yesterday, my "Indefatigable" has disappeared in Salinas. When I returned today to the port my boat was not there ....why ?? I'm tired of not seeing progress in NA game. Everyday is becoming hardest and boring to play this game. Please I beg you to return my " Indefatigable Ship "...lost in port for no reason due to a some game bug. I waiting your answer. Thank you.
  7. Calculated....and I think each square is 72 km in real life.
  8. Is Naval Action a Simulation

    Nothing to do with reality, nothing to do with caribbean history, nothing to do with political situation in XVIII century. Definitely is NOT a simulator, and is far to be a good naval game of XVIII century.... The project is to big and the DEVs are not in the trace...they are losen from long time ago. They should had copy from history, reality and others games. Thanks anyway.
  9. I AM BORED: Why I am thinking of quitting Naval Action

    FOR two years I was playing this game....but everyday become worse....no captures...no money....bad trade....no politics...where are the changes that players asking for across two years ago ??....Is incredible how the DEVs change everyday to do a bad game. Please refund the basic rules from one year ago ! The game was some fun.....now is very awfull boring !!!!...shit wasting time, to do nothing....even fishing does not work...imposible to make money.....the last wipe is a list of terrible mistakes....Now you even cannot fight cutter vs cutter..why ??? can you explain... is the worse idea someone can imagine.......If they need to do nonsenses changes ...please include Portugal Faction (d u P v) ( sorry not traslation for this...De una puta vez)...Thanks I would recommended you to fix the game..... Merely is not playable. You wil see how the people leave everyday.
  10. The issue is not about to come back to a new neutral faction ( that neutral would be good to admit another countries like Portugal, Italy, Russia, or German Sacre Empire) . HOWEVER, In my opinion would be much better another diplomacy-politic system in order to have a relax time, PEACE, for any nation. In this way Spain, or UK, or France, or anyone could be neutral ( no WAR state) for one nation each time, for a short time, days or weeks, would be nice if only one nation could be in peace with the others. That would be more realistic and they give a chance for recovery.
  11. Post-Battle detailed stats screen

  12. 1H 2017 Player proposals

    I agree all above.
  13. 1H 2017 Player proposals

    Uff....many many demands for improve this game.... WHY ?? something is really wrong here... But do you realize ? All that people want is the same thing. It's realism. Please read more history and navigation books, copy from history....see the good things that already have other pirate games and combat games.... Just copy stuff and give us a User Interfaz as soon as posible. Thanks.