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  1. HMS Fort Diamond

    'The French Engineer was the only Engineer on the island so no mortar battery ever materialised'
  2. The NA soothsayers

    So in other words nobody is as easily conquered as the French?
  3. To battleship specialists

    I've studied American History so if youve got any questions in regards to the early dreadnoughts and the Empires of the 15th - 20th century I'd be happy to help. Also if you want to know anything about boarding ships I got some real life experience in that ALthough this is mostly 2nd WW related you may find a few pictures of interest here: http://archive.hnsa.org/doc/id/fm30-50-naval/index.htm
  4. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    It saddens me that all that is left of the once great Naval Action is the bickering of the few that remain...
  5. USS Indianapolis found

    https://news.usni.org/2017/08/19/uss-indianapolis-wreckage-found The wreckage of the USS Indianapolis one of the ships that transported parts for the atomic bombs has been found.
  6. Some information on NA Legends. Roadmap and Q&A

    In that case lets start discussing unofficial comms centers Also 16 year old girls are a major pain in the arse. I should know I was a teacher for a while. Also you can't tell me what to do YOURE NOT MY SUPERVISOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEwlW5sHQ4Q
  7. Some information on NA Legends. Roadmap and Q&A

    It was specifically stated that we'd get access without payment. That sounded special back then - isnt anymore hence the questions. Discord is a pile of (admittedly free) crap when it comes to organising more than 5 people. It suffers from a bad twitter style design and lacks any real overview. Especially for people who aren't 16 year old girls Discord ususally holds little appeal and you might as well use skype then... But this isn't really about were we run our player made game support. The real question was whether the game would have an official comms center.
  8. Some information on NA Legends. Roadmap and Q&A

    Additional question: Will there be an official TeamSpeak Server for this game? Even in 'random games' most of us would surely prefer an organised fleet (god I wish I could do more of that in WoWs). Should there not be one I'd be happy to offer my guys TS for this including our moderators who will take the piss out of anyone on equal grounds
  9. Some information on NA Legends. Roadmap and Q&A

    As far as I remeber it was originally stated that current owners of NA would get Legends for free. As now absolutely everybody gets the game for free (kinda making this no reward at all) will you compensate current NA players in some form or is the idea of rewarding those that tested the current game gone now? And please don't lock teamplay behind a paywall. Whether advertised or not that is the essence of any online game. There is no point in playing online if your (online)friends are not by your side.
  10. Total War against Great Britain

    @deltonos, @Jorge - yeah I'm British. As you guys seem to ahve forgotten this was originally a thread dedicated to declare war on Britain. So please move your inner struggles somewhere else or keep up the pause.
  11. Total War against Great Britain

    @Jorge, @deltonos, @Don Sancho Navarro can you ladies get your shit together and just play the damn game? Few enough people still doing that and its getting less every time some group is bickering like this...
  12. State of the game...

    I don't agree with everything but yes this was a very good thread. Sadly I had to depart this game now. I simply cannot afford the time requirements this game has come down to anymore. And while I have disagreed with the game since November I continuously gave it a second chance. But this is too much and it has broken me by now. Honestly this comes from somebody with over 1500 hours. Do you really believe somebody with only 50 hours gives you a second chance. They break faster and are less willing to see it through. The playerbase has been driven away,m split or pissed off so many times by now I struggle to see this game get anywhere with the limited crowd they have left.
  13. Rattlesnake heavy.

    I remember the first implementation of the Heavy Rattlesnake. The French were unopposed for over a week even though Brits beat them in every equal grounds battle before or after that week...
  14. to NPG. Please accept our symphaty