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  1. Make resource buildings with out the need for outpost

    Number of buildings should be directly related to crafting level. Level 1-20 5 buildings Level 21-30 6 buildings Level 31-40 7 buildings Level 41-50 8 buildings.
  2. How to make economy matter in war

    Limited delivery system between your outposts should be a thing. save hours wasted just moving stuff. or be able to put up delivery contracts for those who want do do it with an insurance charge.
  3. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    Delivery between your own outposts limited to 1000 units No PVP marks for trader sinking Shipwreck and sealed bottles in OW with loot to find say within 100 units of any coast. Another biggie is the amount of buildings should increase by crafting rank.
  4. For the love of god fix Looting

    Loot floats for nice things and crappy cannons go down with the ship
  5. Player experience share between servers

    More the reason to have zones within the one server. That would let some have a pve break and allow pve the chance to try pvp without starting over again
  6. Multiple Hostility Missions Stacking on Each Other in the OW

    It would be much easier also if everyone in the battlegroup could see the swords.
  7. Server reset

    Downtime is 2100 to 2200 in Australia. The worst time bring prime time. We have pur forward several times to delay or advance by an hour or two as then everyone gets a chance. Middle of day in europe and early morning in us.
  8. Crafting should be based on level and skill. Not RNG.
  9. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    Get rid of them
  10. Port Wipe

    No Global players dont have an even chance to gain any ports
  11. Port Wipe

    With the redeemables being wiped time for a port wipe to test the hostility changes.
  12. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    All got too hard for Russia, now with sedes, spanish and french all colluding again, the game is ruined again :). Wipe to ports
  13. With removal of redeemables should come a port reset so everyone has a fair go. Currently many global clans cant get a leg in and wont play and will now lose their redeemables as you wiped their server. Wipe the ports and really test the new mechanics
  14. I was wrong, sorry

    Well if there was a way to challenge pvp directly then ow sailing wouldn't be a problem, bring back duels with losses. There will always be those directly hunting down lower players in game. Thats the problem as most dont play for pvp but only because thats where the players are.
  15. Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    Happy to see the changes. Any chance of a change in downtime at all? For those few aussies and asians still playing we cannot access events as they occur at least two hours before downtime and therefore we miss out due to the downtime every time.