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  1. What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    Tha ability to sell your contracts to who you want, not just the highest alt price
  2. Reason, changed character, not grinding again... ill wait for cash and ships, never doing the grind in this game after three goes already.
  3. Basics

    PVP needs to be available within certain ports in a manner such as duels and tournaments with roughly even BR. Content such as raids, exploration etc random discoveries is needed as many are at the end game. The benefit for being a level 50 crafter? nothing. Not even a reward ship for the effort. PVP upgrades just make those camping capitols to take on the weaker even stronger. I gotta admit every time I have taken place in attending a shallow water battle i am jumped by those in 4th rates and above, wheres the fun in that??? You should only be able to attack pb players in the same ships, dont give the the "Screening excuse" For shallow PB's its just easy pvp marks gained by doing nothing other than being on the route to be the pb in a much bigger ship. Nov global are being moved into the EU server our ping goes up 40% we have all these nations an no knowledge of how the environment is. Its a wait and see now.
  4. As noted it does say all resources, but not materials, nor upgrades or books. for those with stuff on sale i expect make room for it and take off sale and pick up contracts ASAP. Had a though about ships so will empty holds and remove guns as well as I expect we will lost them anyway if kept in ship and the guns/materials are not transferred.
  5. Reading between the lines it means to me PVP Carribean will be for US based and EU based players and a PVP Pacific is on the cards and will cater for the Asian region. That was the the maps can work independantly of each other.
  6. Most flips are nightflips for Aussies. The rest of the world does it to us.
  7. Id like to see an exclusion zone for nations not involved in PB's for at least 100 klm around the PB. Screen your own battles
  8. How to make players come back?

    There is no incentive for level 50 crafters at all, you dont get any more building slots, you have to pay with perks for extra hours. you pay for a shipyard that comes with no space for building supplies. All basic stuff. You ability to increase buildings should be related to your level, everyone gets 5 up to level 10, 6 at 20 etc.etc. Its not rocket science. More content is sorely needed as well. Make the map invisible till you have been places. exploration, events etc are needed badly
  9. Port Battle System is Pathetic

    ALT abuse was rife when being a pissant got you valuble marks for capturing a port that we no longer get, needs to revert
  10. Hostility is a failed mechanic

  11. Just because you live in the US why play for them when you care bear with the french and GB on global like a big buddy fest? In real life they hated each other but it has now ruined the global server with 75% of the population in bed with each other
  12. Pray button. Can I haz it back ?

    I stopped pressing it because two blokes in short sleeve white shirts kept knocking on my door.
  13. Bring back multiple durability

    Crafting is dead, the pain in getting to level 50 for the hours? We cant craft most things anymore to make better ships. Single Dura is fine, but you need to have an end point for crafting
  14. A letter to the King - Latest Episode (Hiatus)

    Downtime has decimated players in the australian nz time zone.
  15. XP/PvP-Marks-Farming

    I still believe PVP mark should only be for sinking higher BR ship only.