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  1. BallsOfSteel

    How is this possible?

    First Generation Standing upright in his family.
  2. BallsOfSteel

    PVP servers merge

    Summer and weak stagers diving for no reason...World Diving Cup.... Even OW more entertaining than that lol
  3. BallsOfSteel

    National peace treaty and alliances

    I think battles be they missions or port etc should only be enterable for two nations only. Let the petty alliances cover screening where required only but I would prefer they could only tag ships belonging to the nations whos waters they are in. Of course free for all in OW outside of control.
  4. BallsOfSteel

    Fun PVE for everyone?!

    Bring back flags If this game ignores pve content its doomed.cant make a world and have nothing to do
  5. BallsOfSteel

    Fun PVE for everyone?!

    Bring back flags
  6. BallsOfSteel

    Fun PVE for everyone?!

    Code UI ships attack player = 0 to UI ships attack player = 1
  7. BallsOfSteel

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Its Sail up or down in battle but incremental in real world?
  8. I thought this was about material wipe..... Again It comes when it comes. These are adult developers not screaming kids.
  9. Crafting died when everyone could just buy permits, only crafters should be able to get them at level. Part of the cost of the ship Thats the only way you will make it worthwhile for crafters
  10. BallsOfSteel


    We pay full price and a bit more in Australia than anyone for a worldwide digital platform that should cost the same everywhere. Do we whinge about that?....well yes regularly.. Do we whinge about downtime in our prime time?....well yes regularly. Do we whinge about EU timers....never unless you count weekdays and weekends. I suppose while on a whingeing rampage can anyone explain what the hell light beer is for??? Aussies just dont get it. we dont drink beer to stay sober unless out with the wife in case we cop a lungful whilst gorking at those good looking sheilas under the influence... Ah time for a beer.
  11. I thought this was about material wipe.....
  12. BallsOfSteel

    Spain Land Jump

    Ive been TP'ed further away than closest port a few time tims, I rarely bother now
  13. BallsOfSteel

    Map guided progression and content

    Agree, Exploration and removal of nations
  14. BallsOfSteel

    i dont know what to say...

    Toxic nation and abandoned. Weak as piss. would have sunk that lot easy
  15. BallsOfSteel

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    Nations are past their use by date. Clans need to run the towns and get rid of nations