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  1. BallsOfSteel

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    The lag on the interface is 1 sec at least and very slow tom craft, guns took longer, the new interface is much better allowing accurate placement in slots than before
  2. Le Requin with hobbits enough said, this ship needs crew reduced by 40%. Its a total joke
  3. BallsOfSteel

    predator of the requin needed

    Stop DLC ships carrying repairs.
  4. BallsOfSteel

    Splitting goods in Warehouse

    Would be nice when you split goods if you could break them into loads of 1750, 500, 4000 etc by clicking on load size.
  5. diiferent playstyle, like play like a total dick PVP French
  6. BallsOfSteel

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Best way i have found to stop playing PVP, this ship is OP.
  7. BallsOfSteel

    Alias History

    An arsehole is easy to spot, whatever their name
  8. BallsOfSteel

    DLC ships in PBs needs to be fixed ASAP

    The problem is you paid for them in that state and they did the same in world of Tanks, hit their premiums so hard with the nerf bat it makes it useless to have them, better to limit them to PB by raising their BR rating to above a first rate LOL. or ban them altogether
  9. BallsOfSteel

    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    Yeah. Im not saying all delivery just some limited system like the old one up to 1000 units. Sailing ow doesnt bother me. Just a stupid time sink.
  10. BallsOfSteel

    Mission changes

    Awesome, I hope that it might be possible on PVE Server to take neutral ports and give those player experience and some great battles.
  11. BallsOfSteel

    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    Give players a break, give them the ability to do this FFS. We all dont have hours to blow moving stuff. Charge us etc or at least let us have contracts for delivery for those time sinkers.
  12. BallsOfSteel

    DLC impact on the economy

    26K, thats about 1/25th of a single parisian furniture sale
  13. BallsOfSteel

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Stoll think the last two exams are too hard. The final exam would be fine if fighting even ships but double shot means boarding the best option. Same mechanic as endurance exam
  14. BallsOfSteel

    The biggest friend of the Trader at night

    Suggested years ago. We need night lasting same ratio as real thing. Not 10 minutes