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  1. server shut down notice

    There will be implemented special notification system for this purpose
  2. The servers are back online
  3. The servers will be turned off for maintenance in 5 minutes
  4. I'm almost 100% sure it's a visual bug We will check
  5. The servers are back online
  6. The servers will be turned off for maintenance in 10 minutes
  7. Anything New comming?

    New Year and then Christmas, correct. I don't think there will be update tomorrow, sorry.
  8. Well, i'm a developer at Game Labs for almost a year already
  9. In duel challenge you fight on one of the ships given you randomly by balancer, you don't use your own ships. For now balancer gives people one of these thips: Cerberus, Renommee, Frigate. You don't need to have these ships researched to participate.
  10. The servers are back online
  11. Hello Captains We've deployed the last update for this year. It includes: New event "Duel challenge": PVP only tournament 1 vs 1 battles you are given 10 attempts 3 defeats drops you out of the tournament if you leave the battle before the battle finishes - you are dropped from the tournament battles start if there are 4 players in the balancer (to provide more variability) if it does not work during first day we will drop it to 2 you are given a ship for duel by the balancer (randomly Cerberus, Renommee or Frigate) to both participants Tournament is provided for testing purposes so please help us make it better. Bugfixes: team lists on map screen now properly sort when someone is sunk fixed win/lose calculations when everyone leaves a battle or after a battle is over on timeout numerous other bug and stability fixes which are not usually visible to players Other: all maps except ones with one point have been disabled The rest of the time was spent on preparation of monetization systems and in game tutorial. Happy New Year!
  12. The servers will be turned off for update in 30 minutes
  13. The servers are back online
  14. The servers will be turned off for maintenance soon
  15. The servers have been restarted