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  1. Sometimes Steam returns error or empty message when server tries to authenticate a player, usually it works after 2-3 tries when this happen.
  2. Do you have a screenshot or did you send a report?
  3. It is going to be a beta open to Naval Action owners only. Actual launch will be later. A bit later, but before actual launch. Answered above. The beta Legends branch in Naval Action won't be updated anymore and will be removed soon.
  4. We decided to focus on one thing at a time, so will continue working on console version after free to play release. After a few more features are introduced to the game, no date yet.
  5. Hello Captains. We are glad to inform you that Naval Action Legends has passed internal load/performance testing, received its separate SteamID and we're waiting for the final confirmation from Valve to release the game to all Naval Action owners. Unfortunately there won't be a test session this weekend, but we hope to release the game next week. Thanks everyone for your help! P.S. Some of you may notice Naval Action Legends in your Steam game lists, but it won't connect because servers are off.
  6. The servers are switched off
  7. The servers will be switched off in a few minutes
  8. The servers are online already, have fun
  9. Hello Captains This week was spent on performance/load testing before releasing Naval Action Legends on separate Steam ID. The testing is not finished yet, so not much changed since last week. Updated: money earning rebalanced ships research/purchase prices, maintenance fee, module slot research prices rebalanced All rebalanced values are not final, may be changed in future.
  10. Sorry if the answer seemed too rude, wrote from my phone. Testing sessions start every Friday for a weekend, here is server status announcements thread, also we start a new discussion thread for every weekend testing session here.