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  1. Та думаю є, просто не дуже активні на форумі
  2. The servers are turned off
  3. Due to announcement the servers will be turned off in 5 minutes
  4. The servers are back online
  5. The servers will be turned off in 10 minutes for update
  6. Hello Captains This year's first patch has arrived. It took more time than expected to prepare it, but it gives us better control of battle statistics and rewards. What's new: added ability to capture ships new officer hire popup What's fixed: fixed player disconnect behavior fixed some buttons' sounds A few words about the ability to capture ships. To achieve this ability and correctly collect statistics (for correct rewards) we had to divide the concept "kill" into two parts: "captain neutralization" and "ship sinking" (and as part of that, ship damaging). So from now on, whomever most damaged a player gets neutralization, whomever most damaged a ship (independent from player) receives sink. Neutralization gives a special reward, based on captain's rank Ship sinking doesn't give any additional reward for now Ship damaging gives rewards as it was before, just without sinking bonus Damage on ship is calculated while there is an enemy captain in it, even if this ship was captured from your team. Additional damage on Derelict (without captain) ships isn't calculated and rewarded. You're able to sink Derelict ship (and get damage for that) from the Assign crew window, or keep it for someone from your team. When you have more crew than the amount that can be moved to the captured ship - you lose the rest of crew (it won't stay at your previous ship, even if you recapture it), be careful. We had to move the ability to capture towers and forts to the next patch.
  7. We're preparing new update. It takes longer than expected, and you will see why from patch notes.
  8. slik

    NA-L Connection lost

    We've just checked, it seems a network problem not related to us, but please continue reporting all cases, thanks
  9. slik

    server shut down notice

    There will be implemented special notification system for this purpose
  10. The servers are back online
  11. The servers will be turned off for maintenance in 5 minutes
  12. I'm almost 100% sure it's a visual bug We will check
  13. The servers are back online
  14. The servers will be turned off for maintenance in 10 minutes