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    Pirate Party Tonight

    I say it with Shakespeare.... Much Ado About Nothing
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    Why do nations have to be destroyed to stop trading by alt chars? If I remember correctly, some time ago, you or redii suggested that the port owner should be given the opportunity to determine who may trade in his port. That could easily be regulated with appropriate friend lists. In this context, it would also be great if the port owner could even specify it for individual types of goods. Result, unauthorized alts can not deal anymore. Such a regulation would even provide for content and more interaction between the players. Personally, I would very much regret it if the nations disappeared, as they provide me with their historical background a wonderful platform to identify me with it.
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    Excuse me, but I have the feeling that all your suggestions have the sole purpose of guiding the shipping movements of the dealers in certain channels. A functioning economy also means making the game more challenging and more complex. Instead of always removing all currently pure trading goods from the game, it would be possible to give meaning to every trade good. But this also requires a lot of programming work. I doubt that the devs are ready for it. I imagine that very nice, we have 1500 players and there is a permanent shipping in or out of the zones. And the PvP players line up left and right, then pick out the dealers.
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    [HAVOC] Caribbean PvP - VP - PvP/RvR Clan

    Traurig, wenn der einzige Content im Spiel noch der Nationenwechsel ist.
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    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    So you really think the Requin was good for the game? But there seems to be very different opinions about it, for example when I look at the title of this thread or the resonance here in the forum. I do not know if it really makes sense to sell Player A, so Player B loses his appetite for the game. I can only hope that if the developers again need money to further develop the game, they bring more things into the game that bring not so much the game out of balance. And you should keep your purse ready because creating a surgical ship is the simplest thing in game development.
  7. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    Forgive me, it's so useless to talk about a very strong ship (maybe OP), which is replaced by the push of a button. Even if you get another 0.2 knots at any degree, and then sink them under very favorable circumstances, the thing is and remains a joke that serves to flush a lot of money into the makers' pockets.
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    Caribbean Invasion News

    Sometimes more complex things require more than a sentence to describe them. But it is supposed to give players who tire easily. I found the post quite interesting.
  9. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    Just the fact that the Prussians not only use Le Requin, but try a different mix is a step in the right direction. Regardless of the opponents had 250 BR less or had not quite so much skill.
  10. weil nun mittels DLC ein paar Schiffe gekauft werden können? Weil man dadurch seinen Namen und seine Nation ändern kann, bzw weil man etwas mehr Platz im Warenhaus und ein paar mehr Dockplätze hat? Sind die Leute, die sich den DLC gekauft haben, nun zufriedener unterwegs? Oder ging es beim Kauf mehr darum, die DEVs ein wenig finanziell in ihrer Arbeit zu unterstützen?
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    Great idea, each player has next to his main account, still 2-10 alts in the Trade Nation. I think so that the game developers could increase their game sales again
  12. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Ist das Spiel jetzt besser geworden...

    Auch ich habe noch keinen DLC gekauft. Obwohl ich den von vielen geäußerten Gedanken der Unterstützung für das Spiel sehr nobel finde, habe ich für mich entschieden nicht ein Spiel zu unterstützen, dessen Entwicklung in eine Richtung läuft, die meiner Vorstellung von NA nicht entspricht. Das ganze Wirtschaftssystem ist momentan bestenfalls mangelhaft. Ankündigungen zu diesem Bereich seitens der Devs sind mittlerweile wirklich nur noch Luftnummern. Im April wurde angekündigt, das ganze Geldsystem zu überarbeiten, weg vom Gold hin zu Reals, Dublons, etc.. Neue Gebäude wurden angekündigt (z.B. Münzpresse). Abschaffung Gold/Silbercoins, Anpassung der Preise an die historischen Vorbilder in der Karibik (demoninated the money). Was ist passiert, nichts. Nun kündigt ein Dev in einem anderen Beitrag folgendes an.... "Economy will get addressed after release - current plan is to remove the redundancies first. And only add features to economy if they are really better and complete. " Man scheint nun die Absicht zu haben, sich erst nach dem Release um die Wirtschaft kümmern zu wollen. Dabei ist die Formulierung so schwammig, dass das auch erst 2030 sein könnte. Für einen Spieler der seinen Schwerpunkt nicht im PvP/RvR hat, alles keine guten Nachrichten. Mit ihren DLC-Schiffen haben sie vmtl gut Geld gemacht, ob sie dem Spiel damit jedoch einem Gefallen getan haben, wage ich angesichts der Resonanz im Forum jedoch zu bezweifeln. Ich habe mein Pferd noch nicht erschossen, sondern es in den Stall gestellt. Zur Zeit sieht es jedoch so aus, dass es wohl sehr sehr lange Zeit dauern wird, bis es wieder Tageslicht sieht.
  13. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Trade Exploit

    I do not know a game (single or multiplayer) with an economic section where there are not profitable and less profitable cities or trade routes. In NA the challenge is to recognize them and secure them for their own nation. If we want to wait for 300+ cities to balance their earnings for each city, then we can count on a NA release in 2025
  14. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Ship Usefulness.

    @rediii, Geht es dir gut? Woher kommt denn die Erkenntnis, dass eine funktionierende Wirtschaft zum Spiel gehört und das hohe Kosten für den Bau eines Schiffes die Spieler dazu bringen könnte, auch mal ein etwas billigeres Model zu nutzen? Quasi Diversität nicht nur über DPS, sondern auch über den Geldbeutel. Wirst du jetzt etwa ein Fan von 10.0? Ich bin beeindruckt.
  15. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Maybe one year after the official release of NA , we may see if your one-dimensional view really leads to a commercial success of the game. At the moment we are on the way to get the server you want.
  16. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Bottle wreck in shallow waters

    @Despeinao There is no solution, I am now waiting 5 weeks for an answer in the same matter. F11 rulez......🤢 P.S. @Mods, no answer needed, do not play right now
  17. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Ship Usefulness.

    Without a functioning economy that is also challenging, you will find it difficult to motivate people not just to drive the best ships of any class. I only get a player into a Mercury if there are also economic reasons for doing so. (Cost of construction and possibly the maintenance). As long as I get the best ships at the touch of a button (DLC ships or admiralty ships) or without much effort, there is no reason to drive a ship that is inferior in value. If every nation were able to build and maintain masses of nuclear submarines or aircraft carriers today, the seas would be full of them
  18. Hellmuth von Mücke

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Does anyone really believe that Spain can be defeated? If so, then I would recommend to deal with the game and the realities in NA. But I suppose the forum war is more important to many people than the war in the game.
  19. Hellmuth von Mücke

    RvR "Frontlines" Discussion

    Frontlines on the high seas, sounds a bit paradoxical to me. But wait and see what is behind it
  20. Hellmuth von Mücke

    The Tourism Industry of Key West is now Open for Business

    So just someone who makes announcements that you can just ignore?
  21. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    Maybe this? https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seeschlacht_bei_Abukir
  22. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    The battle for PdP was not lost because the opponent used shallowwater ships, but because redii has renounced this tactical option. Nothing more than a tactical mistake, no reason to change the rules.
  23. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Yes, we want that, minimal effort but maximum profit. Perhaps the best PvPers of the server can agree on this, then they can determine beforehand who will win this week. This is going to be fun. For someone who can not raise his ship enough to shoot beginners in the open world out of the water, a pretty cheap solution.
  24. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Great, then we can still enjoy a relaxed summer in 2019, before it really starts. Just in time for christmas business 2019.
  25. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Na der Unterschied mag ja bei Trader Lynx nicht so groß sein.....aber ob man nun mit 3 oder 4 Indiamen segelt, macht mal eben 4000 t aus. Das rechnet sich schon, zumal vier Indiamen sicher auch wehrhafter als drei Indiamen sind.Wenn es der Eco-Patch mal ins Spiel schafft, kann man das sicher auch noch genauer testen.