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  1. THAT is the fine line they are trying to find. But any change they make is going to please some and piss off others
  2. Is the open world geography getting an update? That map looks very confusing, much of it doesn't seem to correspond to the current map. (As in, are geographical features being added/moved?)
  3. Ports in Control of Alts

    "I don't want to start naming people or have this turn into a bitching match but I think it is something that needs bringing to the attention of @admin to highlight a broken mechanic that needs fixing." Which part of that didn't make sense to you? If you can't add productively to the conversation without slipping in a little dig then please keep your comments to yourself. They are not helpful in the slightest. I am highlighting the problem in general, not a specific incident
  4. Ports in Control of Alts

    I don't want to start naming people or have this turn into a bitching match but I think it is something that needs bringing to the attention of @admin to highlight a broken mechanic that needs fixing. Currently the British have two (possibly more) ports that are controlled by the alt accounts of players that have left the nation recently. Surely that can't be right, because as a nation we are unable to retake the ports forcefully and it seems that the people in question are unwilling to relinquish control of the ports. It has meant having to make deals to have another nation trying to take the port(s) and then hope we can take it from them in the future. Nobody can argue that this is an intended function of the current RvR mechanics, so my question to the devs is: Do you have anything planned to address this issue? (It should also be noted that this just my view as I see the current situation in the nation at the moment and that I don't usually get involved in the RvR side of the game myself)
  5. A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    Yeah, let's not encourage people to group up even more because they are afraid of getting killed. The gank squads are big enough as it is
  6. When enemy hits your mast...

    Don't get me wrong, I personally prefer the current system of having to work out for yourself how much damage your masts have taken and having to "guess" whether or not you should repair rig, I would also prefer that knowing sail damage was purely a visual thing as well.(For both yourself and the enemy) But I think in the current system we definitely need to keep track of enemy ship damage via UI as like you say, it would take quite a bit of work for the devs to change damage representation on ships.
  7. When enemy hits your mast...

    The problem is that it is already so easy to take masts, do we really want to make it easier by people knowing that they only need to hit a specific mast once more via the UI?
  8. When enemy hits your mast...

    An indicator for your own might be a good idea, but I'm not sure the enemy should know the conditions of your masts
  9. How many open world battles are fought 1v1? The reality is that if you go out looking for a fight then you will encounter a group FAR more often than you will encounter a solo player. We need to be able to repair masts several times throughout the battles if the devs are going to continue to insist on making demasting so easy. The current tactic of most experienced PvPers is to go straight for the demast. If the devs want to limit chain (which I wholeheartedly agree with) then they need to decrease the chance of losing a mast to go with it. P.S. Can you tell me where you got this upgrade/book that lets you repair 35% of your armour every 5 minutes?
  10. Yes but when people insist on going round in large groups, exaggerated amounts of repairs are your only hope. Some of us enjoy a fight and not the gank. Heavily limiting the supplies is only going to discourage people from actually trying to fight for themselves and will instead encourage them to group up more.
  11. C++

    Try this
  12. LV NA needs you

    Don't worry the current player base is not short on arrogance. More than a few names come to people's minds when arrogance is mentioned.
  13. Trincomalee vs Endymion

    I'd say the Trinc is more difficult to master, but can be very rewarding once you do. (I'm told) The Endymion seems not punish you as much if you make a mistake though.
  14. @admin You mentioned in a support section post that the amount of loot lost while a ship is sink has been tweaked. Are these "new" numbers in game already or are they part of the upcoming patch? (The topic in question has been cleaned up and locked as it kinda went off topic a bit. Which was a shame because it was one of the few times a reasonable debate was being had without resorting to name calling and bitching.) Thanks