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  1. NethrosDefectus

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    They came, they saw, they sunk But it was a good battle I thought, somewhat soured though by the Spanish refusal to return the GGs
  2. NethrosDefectus

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    Or they could make them function properly, they are meant to change the best angle of sail, NOT actually increase speed in battle to be fair
  3. NethrosDefectus

    Hugging exploit

    Paintings.........those are like photographs, only made up right?
  4. NethrosDefectus

    DLC impact on the economy

    The DLC should give you access to the Blueprint and nothing more
  5. Just wondering if anyone has successfully completed an epic event since chain was limited. If so, how did you go about it?
  6. I also find it funny that even though the Brits in these cases were only doing what is encouraged by the port battle design AND exactly what every other nation does in every port battle. But because it was Brits, we are somehow the bad guys and it is worthy of a complaint on the forums.
  7. And you knew our port battle fleet setup before you set sail from George Town how exactly?
  8. NethrosDefectus

    DLC's and game release.

    Will the Admiralty Connections DLC include more outpost slots at any point or will there be an option for another DLC involving outpost slots
  9. NethrosDefectus

    DLC's and game release.

    Pretty sure I saw laser beams coming out of one yesterday
  10. NethrosDefectus

    DLC's and game release.

    That gives us some hope at least
  11. Don't give us that "we only did it because they did it" crap, you would've brought them no matter what we used. AND you would've used them in EXACTLY the same way if you had been defending. As for us "avoiding combat", you were upwind for a good portion of the battle and I'm not sure if you've ever tried to charge the enemy upwind in lineships but it is near impossible. You on the other hand had the wind for a good portion of the battle but chose not to charge us, instead opting to sit next to your Mortar Brigs while they fired at the lineships. So don't start complaining that you were somehow cheated or that we behaved dishonourably.
  12. NethrosDefectus

    Player trying to RMT in Nation Chat

    Ice? I'll throw in a Basic Tackles Refit.
  13. NethrosDefectus

    Player trying to RMT in Nation Chat

    What can I get for an Oak/Crew Space Frigate?
  14. NethrosDefectus

    Hostility mission exploit

    How do you stack missions on top of each other?
  15. NethrosDefectus

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    I don't know about you but my ships are built to fight, NOT to run from battle.