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  1. NethrosDefectus

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    @Hethwill the Harmless I believe Batman is asking you to close this topic as its purpose has come to an end and has gone WAY off topic
  2. It is fine as it is now, 30% was too much, this is better
  3. NethrosDefectus

    New Boarding patch

    What about those of us who not want to take Bellonas OW hunting? They're too bloody exspensive to use in open world because in order make them fast enough to chase anything you have to have copper plating and elite spanish
  4. NethrosDefectus

    New Boarding patch

    All these kind of patches do is favour the groups of gankers, always have. Just a shame most people cannot see it
  5. Wait? So the rule is "do not respond to anyone complaining about moderators"? So there is no point in me messaging you at all then. Moderators can behave how they like without consequences? No wonder Gamelabs and the moderators have such a negative image on steam Thanks for your time
  6. You want want me to link you to threads with edited post that have no "edited" tag? Explain the logic in that!

  7. Tried to send @Henry d'Esterre Darby a message as requested by him but received the error "Henry d'Esterre Darby cannot receive messages." Great work as usual
  8. On the bright side it will save wear on my "B" key, because battle sails is pointless
  9. he means you lose more crew when boarding prepped
  10. Repeatedly (and I am not the only one who has noticed him doing it) Hethwill has been unable to keep his emotions in check or remain unbiased when perfrom his duties as moderator on the forums. Recently he has become rather aggressive and rude in his replies, sometimes being outright argumentative just to be an arse. He often deletes or edits people's post if their opinions clash with his own. The worst thing about him editing those posts is that he can do it in a way that shows no "edited" tag meaning that he has at times deliberately adjusted posts to how he sees fit and in ways that do not reflect the opinion or sentiment that was originally intended but as far as anyone one the forum is concerned that is what you intended to say when it was in fact not. He has used the same methods to edit his own posts without giving it the "edited" tag so that if proven wrong he has been able to say "that's not what I said though is it" (I have to say admin has been guilty of this at least once that I have noticed a couple of months back) He has a habit of taking a thread off-topic (usually some tangent about coffee or some other crap) and then "verbally" warns others not to do the same. *Now I am fully aware that I am not the politest of people on here and never will be, HOWEVER I am not charged with being a community leader* All in all, @admin if this is what you consider to be a suitable "role model" (can't think of a the actual word I mean) then it is no wonder Naval Action has the playerbase that it does. Thanks
  11. That's because despite his protests, this change benefits him and arseholes like him the most. For example: Most people (wrongly or rightly) now look at DD and see the number as useless and will swap it out for something else, meaning he will be able to board them instantly with his rage board set up. Now no doubt when he pulls a Bellona into boarding that Bellona will be able to disenagage BUT not without taking huge crew losses. All he then has to do is keep repeating the pull until he eventually wins the boarding. "You're the kind of tosser that spawn camps in a game while yelling Git Gud." (Also do not insult his beloved Licinio or Hethwill will stop you posting on the forums until you yield to his wishes and promise never to hurt his precious Licinio again )
  12. Bollocks! It has nothing to do with adapting. It is already obvious what sort of damage this is going to do. More people will rage quit over the next few days than the last 2 months put together
  13. They wont be adding ramming damage, they had it before and couldn't fix the issues with it so I very much doubt they will reintroduce it.
  14. I'll pass on taking "combat" advice from you if it's all the same