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  1. Can't tag on OW

    @Batman Gotham sucks o7
  2. Blatant Alt/Friend farming for PvP Marks

    Well, you buy a ship from a free port for say 100k, that ship gives 6 pvp marks and 120k reward. Do the maths. Maybe I am not clear on MY point. I shall give an example. Jim: Hey Barry I want some pvp marks, how about we but cheap ships from La Mona and start a battle then you instantly surrender and I'll come over and inspect the ship and sink it. Barry: But wont that cost money? Jim: Nah, its all good, the cash reward is high than the cost of the ship so if we just take it in turns to surrender once an hour we can get PvP marks and make a profit. Barry: That's a good idea actually, and hey while we wait for the "recently killed" timer to expire we can just do our regular missions and then meet back up at La Mona after an hour. Jim: But wait, pesky players might catch on and report us if it looks a bit strange in combat news actually, I've got it, you just dont put sails up and I'll come over and board. Then it'll look genuine! Barry: Good point, how awesome are we?!
  3. Blatant Alt/Friend farming for PvP Marks

    I am not talking about green on green. For example one player is swedish and the other british, they take it in turns to surrender and the otehr sinks it for pvp marks. This is an agreed to arrangement to obtain pvp marks "illegally"
  4. Blatant Alt/Friend farming for PvP Marks

    When said friend immediately surrenders the ship to a basic cutter? When said friend doesn't put up sails while the other comes over and boards?
  5. Is anything being planned to try and combat the massive amount of blatant cheating happening around free ports to obtain PvP marks? Even when it is not an alt account is it two "friends" in different nations who just take it in turns to sink the other, usually one just surrenders instantly and the other sinks it via the inspection interface. Some people think they have become smart by boarding the other player first in an attempt to make it look more genuine but it's still really obvious. I'm certain I'm not the only one who has noticed it
  6. World Map Information

    On a similar note, it would be nice to be able to track what your ship has done over it's liefetime, for example: Total distance sailed Ships sunk/Captured Damage Dealt/taken over the lifetime of the ship I'll admit it wouldn't be a game making/breaking feature so therefor not exactly important but I think I would be a nice thing to have (Apologies to the original poster for hijacking the thread, it just seemed related to their suggestion)
  7. Increase how far we can zoom out

    Title says it all really, it would be nice to be able to zoom out a bit further on the standard camera, I feel sometimes it is too close especially with the larger ships (I am aware I could use the free cam before anyone points it out )
  8. Swap AI reinforcements for battles that do not close to the defender

    The conversation has deviated somewhat from my original suggestion and turned into more bickering than debating. Seeing as @admin has already given a definitive answer, might I suggest the topic be closed to further replies
  9. Swap AI reinforcements for battles that do not close to the defender

    Sorry yes I meant an enemy nation's capital.
  10. Swap AI reinforcements for battles that do not close to the defender

    Have them spawn on the defender like the AI do?
  11. I propose that protected zones stay but the instead of being able to call in AI to reinforcements that the battle should stay open to the defending side. This would allow nations to defend their capitals but would also encourage more open world PvP. At the moment there is no risk to sitting outside a nations capital and just waiting for a player to start a fight with a AI ship and jumping them. As a result large groups of ships just shit outside areas like Mortimer Town and KPR leaving the rest of the ocean almost empty. I'd also recommend having events at regular intervals around the map (say every 3 hours or so) with a guaranteed high value book/upgrade such copper plating or Art of Proper cargo. This would encourage more players to be in the same area at the time.
  12. When you say "permanent forger" do you mean someone will be able to purchase the "DLC" and be able to switch nations at will without consequence as many times as they like?