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  1. NethrosDefectus

    Stacking of hostility missions

    Avoiding a PB by attacking the people raising hostility is a perfectly valid strategy yes. Avoiding a PB by using ridiculous timers and only attempting to take ports at times when you know the defenders are sleeping is not so.
  2. NethrosDefectus

    Stuck in french port...

    can't be done like that in a foreign port
  3. NethrosDefectus

    You broke combat news

    As the title says, Combats news doesn't show anything today
  4. NethrosDefectus

    Tutorial feedback 2

    @admin AI doesn't "cheat"? The one I captured in the final exam had CHARGE loaded on the stern carronades! I can understand buffing their hp and reload etc. But they should be subject to the same game limitations as players.
  5. NethrosDefectus

    Tutorial feedback 2

    You'd make a great politician.
  6. NethrosDefectus

    Tutorial feedback 2

    And hull hits doesn't actually mean I hit the hull? Sail hits doesn't mean I actually hit the sails? A registered crew hit just means he saw the ball go past and just got a little shaken up? So the bits of wood coming from the masts when the ball hits were not splinters but in fact chaff designed to distract the ball?
  7. NethrosDefectus

    Tutorial feedback 2

    If a mast hit is registered then it penetrated did it not?
  8. NethrosDefectus

    Tutorial feedback 2

    How many mast hits would you say are needed to take one of their masts down? Because in the endurance exam, 60+ didn't do it and that was a Brig Also please explain to me how I am supposed to seperate the enemy when the faster ship refuses to pass the slower ship? A As you can see the ship in front has heavily damaged sails. BUT everytime the ship gets to the point of over taking the ship in front it drops its sails to down down and never overtakes. If you ask me, the second ship does NOT look like it is being sailed by a combat orientated captain! And much like a majority of the players, will not fight without his friend. Is this what you mean by "Preparing new players for PvP"?
  9. Like seriously, is it even possible to demast those ships? Because I have been unable to
  10. Sorry if it has been said already but could @admin confirm the Exam rewards can only be awarded ONCE per steam account?
  11. NethrosDefectus

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Tried to demast the second Brig in the Endurance challenge, got over 55 masts hits and they still didn't go down. What upgrades are those guys carrying?
  12. How many rounds of double does the AI have in the exams because it just seems unlimited