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  1. This is not a "realistic" statement. It's like saying "world peace is possible if everyone just agreed" In theory yes it works but in reality, it's not going to happen. How do you get to setup an outpost on one side of the map when you start on the other? you sail for 2 hours, most of it afk. Even when/if you wanted to setup your 8 outposts in such a way to cover most of the map the ship you sail will have a huge effect on your travel times. Anyone who's played NA will tell you that getting from point A to point B is almost never a 15 min trip to get anywhere you need to be. Think it would be more accurate to say "you had more targets on the way from Point A to Point B because there were more players playing the game in the start." Had nothing to do with travel time. Dont get me wrong Admin, sometimes your spot on in what you saying but other times... not so much (as can we all) Also please take a look at mission cancellations. Possibly separate hostility missions to have their own 3 "drop" limit from the combat/fleet 3 "drop" limit. Or allow us to be able take 3 combat/fleet and 2-3 hostility at same time. Being unable to take hostility missions, if you've dropped 3 combat/fleet missions already without having to sail out to these missions and then fail/complete it to be able to pick a hostility is not good.
  2. The way this works in game right now, I think might need to be changed. You have it set, so if you use your 3 "cancellations" you can then no longer drop missions at all. So if i have 3 combat missions outside my capital and then want to go do hostility missions you cant pick them up as your stuck with your 3 combat orders and you would have to do these first, even if they were in terrible spots that would get you killed. Perhaps changing it so hostility missions have there own separate "cancellations" would work and also allow us to have 3 combat/fleet missions plus 3 hostility missions (or 1-2) at same time would solve the problem.
  3. Chug

    Regional crafting overhauled

    I like the idea of having access to craft ships with these trims, but I'd like to suggest: 1. "un-capable" ports (those with reinforcement zones) wont roll these trims on ships that are crafted there. (maybe the basic 9 we already have?). 2. All other ports across the map have the same set % chance to roll a ship with these trims when you craft in them. ( just for example, 5%) 3. Certain ports across the map have a set increased % chance to roll crafted ships with these trims. (again, just for example, 15%) (as people have said to get people out and have a reason to fight for more ports) but the clans who own these specific ports would have to build a building in the port (like the production boost/labour hours ones that already exist) to have access to this increased chance. Just to be clear: these "special" ports would provide a % increase for the chance for all trims and is not based on region. To stop one nation/clan having a big advantage as they have control of the "best" trim port.
  4. Chug

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Yeah I thought it might be a long shot but with them spawning it set area's i thought it might of been buried in there somewhere.
  5. Chug

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    just want to say this is a great map. I use it daily as do many of my clan mates. So, thank you. Is it possible to add to the map epic event locations? or a general spawn area? I know most of my "local" ones already but having an exact spawn location taken from the game after maintenance each day would save me many hours of sailing
  6. Chug

    Solo hunting is dead

    I find it funny how it is the people who want to do OW PvP that complain most about safe zones. Yet they still turn up and jump into peoples missions or sit inside safe zones baiting enemy players to attack them day in and day out. Safe zones are not the problem. It's your guys own fault. When you sit outside the hole waiting to club anything that comes out to death can you really blame them for not coming out? The game mechanics Don't help the situation for sure but your making your own problems worse by your actions. The whole safe zone complaining on the forums its just so narrow sighted. You cant fix the lack of OW PvP/RvR by changing one thing in isolation as the problem is not just from a single game mechanic. You want more open world pvp/hunting I'd suggest you do not remove all safe zones from a nation instead: 1. make safe zones actually "safe": Any missions taken from a port with a safe zone always spawn them in the safe zone. Reinforcements can be called anytime by a player in their own nations safe zones regardless of being attacked or attacking. (Your doing an Ai fleet inside the zone and an enemy player joins in, you can call Ai reinforcements. Enemy player sat inside the zone, you sail out and attack him and you can call Ai reinforcements). 2. All fights/missions taken outside these zones (from other ports) reward more xp/gold than those taken inside this zone. 3. Ports that have connecting/overlapping safe zones don't buy/sell trade goods the other connected safe zone ports buy/sell. ( you have to sail out to trade or in to trade not sail around inside and trade). Then you can talk about making the zones smaller. From another post of mine on another forum thread about similar issues:
  7. Chug

    VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    Reading through all this I cant help but feel that people are missing a step. Vic marks, patrol missions etc are not the cause of the dropping RvR action. Why were navy patrol area's added? small server population. Think about the size of the map, how many ports are there 300+? how many players are on at any one time 400-500 peak times, 300+/- at others? and how many of those are "alts" or AFK in a port or in a mission. Patrol missions are just there to get people to same areas of the map at the same time to promote fights. If they weren't added the OW PvP players would of been noticing the drop in players across the map anyway. ( which some of them caused themselves by "spawn camping" new/returning players outside capitals). As for Vic marks. Yes having them more freely available, for more people to be able to craft port battle ships is the cause of less PB's..... Come on don't be silly. It's been said already. Falling RvR is because of 3 main things: 1. Hostility missions: They take to long. You need to do way to many of them. They to easy to stop (more so for the nations with the numbers to do so). They give those that do them no rewards (especially if you cant make the PB the next day, you do the work and miss the fun). 2. Pointless ports: They give no resources you want. They generate no income. There not in a location that's worth being in. The BR is too high for many ports for allot of clans to hold. Some ports allow for 10+ 1st rates and most clans cant get even get 10 players in any rate of ship to a PB. (This is exacerbated by different nations player numbers). 3. Server population: small server population on an an RvR system made for a much larger one. player retention is also a major part of the problem. Fixing 1. and 2. will in time lead to the fixing of 3 but these are the main problems RvR is facing.
  8. Chug

    Shocks should stop Repairs

    yes. Also if your repairing sails and you get chained you should loose some crew.
  9. Chug

    Hostility mechanic rework

    So there are only a few deep water ports under 3k BR the majority of ports under the 3k BR are shallow water. You need only 2000 BR in a shallow water PB to have a 25vs25 fight. The Half BR is purely for the hostility. Even a 1050 BR port would mean you have a 6v6 in the hostility mission. You have to cater to content to all sizes of clans. Not just the big guys like HRE for example. The port battles would still be "large scale" as you call it. What you also have to realise is that NA player base is not what it was, 400-600 players (good portion of those being "alts") means trying to get 50 players in a single port battle is just "pie in the sky" stuff for most players. Even enough people to do hostility with the current system is beyond most. 90% of most clans can never field a fleet of 5-6k BR let alone hold a 7-10k BR port. The old days of multiple 25vs25 fleet and port battles is long gone from Naval Action. There's not the player base anymore and trying to make a conquest system that needs those numbers is just counter productive. Providing what you would call "small scale" conquest options. Such as the proposed hostility mission ( see original post) doesn't diminish rvr it actually promotes it. Just look at the number of hostility missions and port battles that have happened since the recent hostility changes and even before them and you see the current mechanics just don't really work.
  10. Chug

    Hostility mechanic rework

    what your suggesting is pretty much the same mechanics as my suggestion but instead of a zone, mine is a mission with BR limit based on the port size.
  11. Chug

    Hostility mechanic rework

    So again, the second line of my post: and my suggestion isn't about a notification for when hostility mission is pulled. Otherwise i'd of just said that. It's about a rework of the hostility missions. So my advice to you Slim is, read what is written not what you think is written.
  12. Chug

    Hostility mechanic rework

    So just try follow me here Trash. The hostility mission you raise gives a notification to the defenders, the moment you take it. It can only be taken in the port battle window set by the defenders (when there most active). Same as hostility works now but you get the notification before not after you do the mission as you do now with current system and the further the port is away the longer the warning the defenders have. You sail to the port you want to attack ( something by the way, you have to do in this game... sail to ports...) the mission is there in front of the port and you join it. No enemy joins.... 10 mins your done. Port battle is ready for tomorrow. Enemy joins... you get a fight and an even one at that, not 25vs5, no long drawn out chases and running away, an actual team fight. You win, then sail back home or wherever or you loose, die, and get tp'd. On top of this you also have to remember your not bringing a huge fleet to raise hostility, it's half the ports BR. ( yeah port BR is to high on many ports right now but that's another topic). So I don't see the problem you seem to have with the suggestion.
  13. Chug

    Hostility mechanic rework

    what Boredom factor?
  14. Chug

    Hostility mechanic rework

    Think you missed the point completely there Trashman. Defenders cant defend using this system by being afk it's the exact opposite. Please read again.
  15. Chug

    Hostility mechanic rework

    that's why i said read the summary if you don't want the details. seems some people cant even read the first two lines of a post...