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  1. Chug

    Headless Parrot seeking New Contest help

    yeah good idea.
  2. Chug

    Headless Parrot seeking New Contest help

    KOTO will donate some goodies. When you closer to the time we will see what we got to donate. a few rare books and a crafted 1st rate of your choice perhaps.
  3. Chug

    Little things you'd like to see

    this was limited due to server load. You used to be able to have 5 ships in each of your eight ports ( if i am remembering correctly) so 40 in total and with the bigger player base NA use to have this was a huge amount for servers to keep track of (especially with upgrades/cannons/items in their holds) so that's why we have what we have now. Basically it's done to save NA running costs. this would just make the resource pointless and further reduce the need for people to sail away from capitals or attack ports. A few more ports that produce the in-demand resources (like copper)spread out elsewhere on the map would be better idea. I might be wrong but whaling was not added to the game because it gets into tricky legal waters, so to speak. Same as adding slavery to a game. Yeah it would be nice to have but with political correctness and the legal side I'm pretty sure its not going to happen. This was in the game and they used to damage your sails but was removed/toned down as players didn't like it. This is meant to be possible when the new UI is implemented.... supposedly anyway. I'm just a regular player so while i think i'm right about what i've written above I may be totally wrong.
  4. So you saying, we got an eta on a post about an eta.... lol
  5. would it work if you just made safe zones either: A: you cant be attacked in your own nations safe zone (either by tag or enemies joining your fights). or B: you can call Ai reinforcements not only if your attacked but if you attack an enemy inside the zone. This is your home waters after all. I agree with what you said Redii, and the free outposts in free ports would be good.
  6. Chug

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Hey Felix Great work on the map continues i see. Really good job, hats off to you. Especially like the addition of wood types and ship comparisons. Nice to have it all in one place. Is it possible to add onto the ship comparisons, the amounts of hull/rig/rum needed to activate one repair. Also base thickness value for the ships would be a handy addition. Once again great work. o7 Dev's should pay you to add this to the game to replace their map!
  7. Chug

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    No, that would only be true if i said you cant trade for books, you have to find them yourself off the Ai. Which is not what i said.
  8. Chug

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    come on Z4ys think about it. You have access to the PvE drop only books.... its called trading. There is already an entire page of books you can buy with combat marks from the shop and combat marks drop from pvp and pve. If a player doesn't want to PvP they still have to trade other players to get the pvp marks to buy anything. there is no imbalance. At least not one that requires everything to be buy-able from an AI shop for any currency. Improved drop rates and balance of which books drop from AI would improve the situation. If more people were putting these rarer books up for sale then this topic wouldn't exist. Your goal is right but i think your method is wrong. What next... ship knowledge takes to long to unlock I want to be able to buy the slot unlocks from the AI shop... come on. that's all i got to say on this topic.
  9. Chug

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    Their usefulness is the same regardless of PvP or PvE its just your perspective that adds value to one over the other. Foucs does not mean sole purpose. If it was then there wouldn't be crafting/trade goods/Ai/epic events etc PvE gives a foundation and meaning/value to PvP content. you can already buy many books for pve marks in the shop but yes, not all of them. I get that you want easier access to items by playing just the way you want to play. No one likes being forced to do something they hate doing just because they want the end reward for doing it. ( hostility missions to get port battles is a good example ) That's why trading exists in the game but there's a real danger that if you make everything available in the shop to buy with whatever currency you have then within a week everyone will have everything and they wont really of played the game. The rarer books take time to collect. This gives them some meaning and value beyond what they actually do which is no bad thing. Collecting and then making the "five rings" for example is an achievement, sure it takes time and effort and some luck but the satisfaction of "earning" it matters. Being able to just buy the 5 books books in a few clicks is not a good game design nor is it good for the game. Making the drop rates some what higher for certain books, as mentioned before, would really solve any issue with access people have. If more people were putting these rarer books up for sale then this topic wouldn't exist. Yes your right. Many of the books/upgrades are just pointless and bad and need reworking. Something I think will happen after the bigger changes are done, like the UI. Removing some of them however I'd disagree with.
  10. Chug

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    So you don't want to do any PvE but you still want the rewards. If that is the case, then those of us who do PvE would like for PvP marks to drop from Ai.. (not a serious suggestion) Seriously come on guys. You want these books? Then you can already get them without doing PvE by just typing in trade/nation/global "WTB...." Making it so you don't have to interact/buy from players and just buy from the "Shop" in a game that is meant to be a player driven economy is just a little silly. Should drop rates of books be higher when killing/looting Ai?, yeah I think so, or perhaps making it so every other book that you do get drop, is not a "mast rake aft" or "winged out ballast" or the other usual suspects like "pellews sights" etc. might be enough to make a difference. As some books seem to drop way to much and others not at all (steel tool box 1-3). This would then, ease access, to many of the books for people and allow more onto the open market, which in turn means the PvP only crowd has easier access to buy them and promote the trade between players that the Dev's want.
  11. Think this needs properly looking at.
  12. Chug

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    As one of those players waiting outside for an hour+ to try recapture the Santi Otto managed to capture from a fellow pirate and have some pvp and defend our waters, for it all to be denied by an exploit of game mechanics is just total garbage. Hachi and Otto knew what they were doing and did it anyway to save their own ships and so waste 6-8 others peoples time.
  13. Chug

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    2 thoughts: 1. You would need to make more ports spread across the map produce the in demand goods (teak/White oak for example). In order to allow the different clans/nations a better balance of access. You don't want to much, otherwise it makes holding the ports pointless again but to little and certain clans/nations will have a monopoly/lock down of the necessary goods. Ports could produce different amounts of a resource. Port "A" produces 1000 a day port "B" produces 2000 a day. Rather than just these ports produce good "X" Allowing more flexibility. 2. How about a "tithe" instead of complete lock of trade. Clan owns port "A" , a player buys 1000 oak from the port, Owning clan receives 100 oak. Could be given as an option to set instead of gold tax maybe.
  14. This is not a "realistic" statement. It's like saying "world peace is possible if everyone just agreed" In theory yes it works but in reality, it's not going to happen. How do you get to setup an outpost on one side of the map when you start on the other? you sail for 2 hours, most of it afk. Even when/if you wanted to setup your 8 outposts in such a way to cover most of the map the ship you sail will have a huge effect on your travel times. Anyone who's played NA will tell you that getting from point A to point B is almost never a 15 min trip to get anywhere you need to be. Think it would be more accurate to say "you had more targets on the way from Point A to Point B because there were more players playing the game in the start." Had nothing to do with travel time. Dont get me wrong Admin, sometimes your spot on in what you saying but other times... not so much (as can we all) Also please take a look at mission cancellations. Possibly separate hostility missions to have their own 3 "drop" limit from the combat/fleet 3 "drop" limit. Or allow us to be able take 3 combat/fleet and 2-3 hostility at same time. Being unable to take hostility missions, if you've dropped 3 combat/fleet missions already without having to sail out to these missions and then fail/complete it to be able to pick a hostility is not good.
  15. The way this works in game right now, I think might need to be changed. You have it set, so if you use your 3 "cancellations" you can then no longer drop missions at all. So if i have 3 combat missions outside my capital and then want to go do hostility missions you cant pick them up as your stuck with your 3 combat orders and you would have to do these first, even if they were in terrible spots that would get you killed. Perhaps changing it so hostility missions have there own separate "cancellations" would work and also allow us to have 3 combat/fleet missions plus 3 hostility missions (or 1-2) at same time would solve the problem.