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  1. Server merge until release

    ok i had no idea , my info was a different one. but to be honest i don't think it makes a big difference cause if you look at the forums , you have north american players as well as european players discussing the same stuff and often having the same opinion. so i really don't think there is a difference here and i don't think gamelabs treats any group of player better than the other. the old timers can correct me if i am wrong but isn't that y ,they put the US in the game ? I read up a lot on the forums back then but didn't play actively , POTBS had me hooked back then. concerning server queues , i am no programming expert but i think if they could've done it other wise , they would have. as far as i remember the max server pop was 2500 , yeah we didn't have kicks do to inactivity back then but the server was full. The player base will not split too much with new nations. i mean the north americans didnt all join the US and i don't think all german players will join preussen. I sure won't , i'll stick with the US.
  2. Server merge until release

    Tex there was way too much players for one server . The queues were large. Took me over an hour to enter the game. The plan was to have more than one pvp server on EA release. All players ware against it , so devs left it with one , and boom total break down. After that they opened more severs , i think we had 3 pvp servers, correct me if i am wrong and we ended up with 2. Just for the record , i don't think the devs are EU-bias. Hell you have a lot of germans , british ppl in the game also but it really doesn't matter. It didn't work , we all kept bitching at each other cause of pb-window. The only thing they could do is split it . Now i do think they should've done a total wipe so everyone could just start out from the beginning. But they chose differently. That's the only thing i think they could've done better.
  3. Remove safety zones

    but you dont sit in the safe zone all day. you'll have to venture out eventually , if you want to or not. the safe zone will let oyu recove your losses though and get back into the fight.
  4. Remove safety zones

    i don't agree , leave the safe zones. they may be too big but here's something i am seeing a lot more of , since i changed back from pve to pvp server , i see a few ppl doing the same , which shows me that the game is going in to the right direction. yeah i am a crebare and i like the pve aspect of the game but also the like the thrill of pvp from time to time and there are a lot of pve'rs that think the same way.
  5. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    you know admin , i'd love to help with putting more ships in game . now i have no idea about 3d modeling. sure i could learn , and i might do so , but it would a hell of a lot longer than the development of NA. i am a really slow learner. I think what bungee has done and others is just awesome. i really way speechless when i heard that bungee and other players modeled some of those ships in their free time. I am really convinced of NA. I haven't been able to spend much time in game lately but i none the less , i love the idea and the game and the ships. is there any other way for ppl like me , to support the further development of ships other than voicing my opinion? nothing against voicing ones opinion but basically sometimes it just goes under in a forum as big as this. if there is any way ppl like me can support bungee or any of the guys making ships , please tell us how . thanks
  6. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    AMD driver 16.12.2 runing fine here , win 7
  7. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    i bow in respect and all the ppl who participated in putting those ships into the game .they are an absolute beauty. the first time i looked at the ships in the game as i was speechless. really good work.
  8. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    is there any way we can support NA development with funds ? as stated before i have enough copies of the game and i just like the project NA. i really have no problem spenidng money on something i like , i mean my gf spends a hell of a lot more money on her shoes than i could ever spend for NA
  9. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    i understand what admin is saying , But i have actually bought enough copies of the game because i want to support it and i know a few who have done the same. We mostly don't even use those copies , we just bought them to support the game , well i did. i am not disappointed withe development of NA , cause i didnt't really expect too much from the beginning. I think it's really difficult to develop an age of sail mmo. The crowd playing such games are partially young guys as well as old farts as myself. So basically you got to get the pvp crowd and the pve crowd (to which i count myself ) under one hat (i have no idea if that is saying also exist in english it's a german saying). So far as a pve player i am not disappointing. I know the prime aspect is pvp and we pve players are not the focus. I hope that will change a little the further the game develops. I'd love to spend some money on NA but i do not want to buy a 15the or 16 the or even 17th copy (i am exaggerating here but not by too far). I really love the game and the work but i'd love to have something i could just spend a little to support the project.
  10. Grind discussion

    i agree with prater , NA is not POTB . If we had both servers together i'd agree with the red zones but being we have separate server i dont think we need red zones. concerning grind . well basically i dont think it's that bad. i'd really like more ai ships on the ow and less time searching for an appropriate ai enemy to engage (i know it's directly answering the subject question), most of us still take missions instead of just attacking ai ships in ow. the grind is not really a grind if you have fun playing. it use to be a lot of fun.
  11. Naja (nach dem Wipe)

    ich finde es macht gerade wieder spaß auf pve server. Daherh ab ich dem pvp server den rückne gekehrt. So verschieden sind die Blickwinkel Macht mir mit den Änderungen ne Menge Spaß , frage mich nur warfum alle die ganze zeit traden . Ich habe zwar nicht so viel Gold aber ich komme damit zu recht, aber hey viellleicht ändert sich das.
  12. ich glaube auch das sie jetzt wipen müssen. Ich sehe es nicht so arg eng wie manche im englischen teil des forums.Aber eine gute sache , hatte es ,ich habe den pve server für mich entdeckt. Sehr coole leute dort , soll nicht heissen das es auf dem pvp server anders ist , auch dort habe ich viele unglaubliche leute kennengelernt , von überall auf der welt. Ich vermisse dennoch den alten pvp3 server. Ich war eigentlich ein gegner von online spielen aber die community ist wirklich klasse.
  13. Hotfix 6 for testbed patch 9.99

    oh ok good solution then . great to hear that and thanks for answering my question
  14. Hotfix 6 for testbed patch 9.99

    i do have one question . i mostly play pve server , y r we going to be allowed to capture npc ships ? isn't building ships , the better way for pve server ? just asking , maybe i am not seeing something right.