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  1. Teams working the system

    never understood the runing or going straight for the circle. i mean you get xp for blowing up stuff , you don't get much for getting the circle. i admit i don't concentrate on players , i concentrate on enemy ships . i am not into tactics too much , it's all about blowing up ships for me , and thats the fun. i know everyone sees it differently but the sailing around to get those circles , sorry doesnt seem fun to me . the same thing shooting sails. i mean i get it , slowing down the ship , win for the team and all of that but it's a game, u want to have fun , no fun shooting sails at a distance. now i don't count myself to be a good player , jesus i even don't know how to sail sometimes , i am easy prey for most captains , but bashing it out is fun and even if i get raked , it's fun and i do get raked a lot in my indef. and i have sunk at the end more than i stayed afloat.
  2. i do understand what u mean but oi like sailing all the ships. sure i suck in some of them and utterly hate the reno but none the less it is fun. anyone who faced me sailing in a reno knows that i just totally fail in fighting in that ship. i'd rather fight in the cerb than the reno but i still enjoyed it and losing in all those battles. i don't think they'll add that many more ships . i also have no experiance in mmo arena games , i just enjoy playing this.
  3. The problem with Kill XP

    the circle are a good method to bring tactic to the game. example : fought a batlle this morning. 2 players on the other side (cerb + navy brig), my side full with ai (me in reno). was the fort map . i got the fort . basically their tactic was good aftert hat , they went for my circle and won the battle . was mistake on my side and they bested me . plus the ai sucks in every way when u're alone again 2 or more players since the ai doesnt defend the circle. first i raged but after i had my 1 minute , i thought damn , they just played smart that time and i didnt.
  4. Give us some way to order the bots around

    sounds complicated to me. the bots aren't suppose to exist in release. so well , i know they can b annoying as hell atm. but better with them in than with them out. so even if you're alone u can still play and have some action
  5. Teambalancing

    if all those infos are taken into account then i agree with u . i dont know if those infos play a role atm though but i#ll just shut up and play and see how it turns out .
  6. Teambalancing

    sure i will test , no changes will stop me from playing. it's a lot fun and especially when you play against ppl who know more bout the game mechanics . getting into pvp in NA is rather hard and difficult. it's all about fun and just fighting and having fun and some ppl see conquest way too serious.
  7. Teambalancing

    i can understand the change , just think 100% is way too much. the most ppl grouping up are vets. why cause they know each other , nothing to say against that . i mean liq , redii , snow they are great at pvp. sure the more we fight the better we get but all i want to say is not to unbalance it too much . it's a great game btw , never had so much fun and i h8ed pvp before NAL.
  8. Teambalancing

    i dont agree on that's too much. groups have an advantage anyway. a lot of us dont group up cause we like to fight everyone
  9. think we all got thrown out i am getting message server is off ok just saw silk post server are restarting 8 mins ago
  10. i had this yesterday , i had to wait til battle ended til i could use ship again. i was in 2 battles.
  11. i dont think they need to speed up thing. they already have if i understood right. but i do have a question is there anyway to exit battle and still get xp and silver? or do i have to w8 everytime til a side wins ? if the ai is the only one still left , it takes pretty long sometimes and btw awesome work , really like it and enjoying playing
  12. Awesome News but i am stuck at Work. Darn it. Dont have anything against the Bots . I'd rather Fight Bots than wait ages for Battle to begin
  13. fighting the ai wasnt that easy , i found iit to b rather difficult but i loved the game. was a hell of a lot of fun , i chicken shit out of the q once or twice but had my fair share of pvp and didnt suck as much as i thought i would. i was really looking forward to playing this weekend but it still is excellent news. hope to get it goin next week
  14. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    if anyone still has a key , i'd appreciate it a lot.
  15. i totally love the increase in drop rate in pve . awesome move.