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  1. my concern here is that it will drive new players & single players away,can you test this in legends where hard core is acceptable, hard core = grievers
  2. i lowered shadows to it seem more stable, trying higher lvl ship atm
  3. ok i will hlp, i have tried to lowered graphics, mainly crashes in battle screen, i am doing low lvl combat missions with cutter to see how many times i crash, let me know what else i can do pls
  4. so why don't you just enter out law battle,and kill all ?
  5. Calico Jack

    unable to select server

    ok cool thxs 4 heads up
  6. Calico Jack

    unable to select server

    ok have been away for a while, come back to find extra EU sever,but all where servers was off presumed on going maintenance,next day find nothing at all,whats happened ? http://imgur.com/zbUPrxm
  7. Calico Jack

    Of Navies, Nations and Guilds/Clans/Squadrons

    do know if in time there will be a list of clans/guilds with members lists along charters where one apply for membership ?
  8. Calico Jack

    Patch 9.0 - Goodbye neutral ports

    If teleporting brought back in but only for player not for ship or goods
  9. Calico Jack

    Patch 9.0 - Goodbye neutral ports

    can we get more info as to what happens to production , warehouse goods & ships held in captured ports pls
  10. Calico Jack

    Lost Fleet Ships

    fleet ship sunk with 5 Durability, never returned to fleet management, yes i did reboot Regards Calico Jack
  11. we also available for contract work, no matter how dirty the job be, Contact any clan officer
  12. Calico Jack

    Free Ports

    i be-leave its a free town there for all your goods are safe Sry your correct Black jack Aves is Neutral Port http://imgur.com/jCqoWe0
  13. Calico Jack

    Free Ports

    Not saying that pirate ports should be permanent rather there should be some that were able to be over run by nationals of the area,and that they could be retaken by pirates or at least raided for plunder,Pirates would only allow neutrals to trade with them as a smuggler, nations would never been seen consorting with criminals as that what pirates where seen as,how ever they where hired via a letter of mark by nations to do the dirty work,so why allow all to use what little they have in the way of resources
  14. Calico Jack

    Free Ports

    Thanks for letting us back into our own ports along with every one else,to share our resources,when will we be able to claim them back as pirate ports If Possible ? or will other Nations be sharing there ports with us too!
  15. thxs for clarification on that O2