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  1. Port Battle of George Town

    no need to comment such an "enlightening" answer...
  2. Patch monday - urgent.

    Would be lovely to have "Tow to port" or "teleport to capital" feature enabled at least for a few days to help people move their assets quickly and easily. We have almost deserted servers atm and we want some old players back...let's try to make things easier for everyone. Btw...where is it possible to find an official and up to date version of new map?
  3. Ship Disappears/Super Speed Bug

    Hi all! Reporting a bug I'm experiencing since servers restart. My ships seem to get super speed in OW and everytime they get that speed (apparently that issue is not continuous and my ships seem to behave normally for a few seconds), they become invisible in OW (moreover I can't tag enemy ships or join battles or missions when in that state). Me and my clan mates tried to do some missions together and everything worked ok inside the battle. To sum up, it seems to be some sort of OW bug (it's quite similar to the super speed state every player get exiting an instance). Obviously I've already reported it via f11. Hope you can help me since that bug is breaking my game and can be a potential exploit (let's think about super speedy trader runs for example). My In game name is Red Jack Walker. Server is PVP EU.
  4. Ship Disappears/Super Speed Bug

    Alado, that's exactly the same bug I'm experiencing. I've tried almost everything: logging in/out the game, restarting my pc, using a ship traded to me by one of my clan mates, using teleport, logging out at sea....one interesting thing to note is that I got the "raising/furling" sails bug before experiencing the "super-speed/ghost ship" bug. Dunno really if those things are someway related tho.
  5. Ship Disappears/Super Speed Bug

    Thank you for your reply, Anne. I'm experiencing that kind of bug with all my ships (from reno to bellona and endymion too). I've already sent an f11 report. Hope it could be solved as soon as possible .
  6. Some information on NA Legends. Roadmap and Q&A

    Wow!!! Yuppie!!! Pay-to-Win Fiestaaaa....
  7. An alternative to TOW to port

    Definitely a good idea: a nice way to save time and a useful tool to improve Pvp chances (considering that population is decreasing again in the past few weeks). That suggestion deserve some consideration and hopefully a fruitful debate in my opinion.
  8. Guide to solo piracy or how to hunt with a style

    Thank you Koltes !!! A great and useful guide!!! Absolutely love it!!
  9. PVP EU just crashed.

  10. PVP EU just crashed.

    server down again...I'm really p***ed off right now :-(
  11. PVP EU just crashed.

    Thank you for your answer, mate ...I definitely hope so. Atm only way to log off is "x" close the game window or the "ctrl-alt-del" combo.
  12. PVP EU just crashed.

    Just a question (tried to enter ow and now I'm happily swimming just on the sea surface): am I going to lose my ship? or not?
  13. Logoff after Battle

    Ok, first of all +1 about what Liqui said in his posts: I agree 100% with him. Then...I'd like to highlight some things. 1) considering current population and OW dimensions, Pvpers are almost forced to hunt around enemy capitals. 2) the 3 minutes joining timers system and the fact that players are forced into OW after a battle give an undeserved and redundant advantage to revenge fleets. If you decide to attack into enemy capitals waters, you surely are likely to get more targets but at the same time you are probably taking into account that you will find a stronger hostility, multiple enemies and more risk to face. After a battle and before exiting to OW, you can't know if enemies are awaiting for you, how many of them, what ships, wind direction and (last but not the least), you are probably damaged and tired after a long fighting. Outside, people awaiting for you has all the infos needed (battle approximate location, wind direction) and probably numerical advantage. Now we have just a ridicolous 30 second invisibility timer, a 3 minutes timer to enter a battle and forced exit to OW after 15 minutes from battle ending...my question is: why devs have implemented a system that gives so many extra advantage to people sailing in their home waters? Why one of the few options remained to do PVP (hunting into enemy waters), should be so penalized by rules of engagement? If we really want to preserve PVP, we need to implement new rules of engagement in order to balance between attackers and defenders. Longer invisibility timers, shorter joining timers (2 minutes for example), chance to log off after a battle...choose your favourite answer, but something has to be made as soon as possible!
  14. Combat mark sistem/money and broken pvp

    Absolutely +1 about what was said in the posts above. Too much Pve farming/grinding...Pvp should be definitely more "attractive". I really hope system will be reworked as soon as possible.
  15. Loving all the changes...it's the right direction
  16. naval no action

    +1 to the opening post by Alakrana. That's the truth: too many hours needed to grind xp/gold via Pve, Pvp costs are damn too high (repairs for example) and its only purpose is to farm Pvp marks. Forced exit to OW means revenge fleet galore...30 seconds invisibility it's an absolute joke...3mins timer to join battles with no penalty means "ganking fest". Last but not the least, Conquest is almost dead (and please don't say it's because we have all the resources needed to craft..). Result: game is now dominated by ganking squads that want just to sunk noobs to get Pvp marks...and people who have to do a lot of Pve in order to sustain any attempt to a regular Pvp. Just a question: is it that the Game you wanted? Is it working as intended? Do we still need a dedicated Pve server when Pve is now a huge part of time spent playing Naval Action?
  17. Starting Ships after wipe...

    Rattle, Lgv, Surprise, Endymion for me
  18. Hotfix 6 for testbed patch 9.99

    Can I ask why the hell we should copy Eve flaws?????
  19. Hotfix 4 for testbed patch 9.99

    Really...are you kidding me? It's both sad and funny, tragicomic I would say to see how you are killing you own game (that could be really a wonderful game)...yeah make it more and more hardcore...keep listening to those players who want it to be harder and harder...you devs will see players numbers going lower and lower and those "hardcore" players crying "Why I cannot get any decent pvp these days...no targets in OW!!!".....let's say the truth...atm Naval Action is unplayable and a true time sink...15 minutes and then out in OW...a folie...it's the only one game where a player can't really decide when stop playing...you did a long battle...you are tired or have no more time to play and you can't really log off!!!! A revenge fleet is waiting for you outside!!!! Moreover, pvp costs are almost unsostainable....guns cost a lot...you are a solo player, got ganked in OW...you lost ship and guns...how the hell we are supposed to make some money with so few players around???? Do you want solo players to grind missions after missions for losing their ship???? C'mon man!!!! You can do whatever you want with your game, but it's really sad watching it dying patch after patch....I'm obviously leaving it for a while at least...really sad and angry....:-(
  20. Exit to Nearest Port Discussion

    Maybe they want that, maybe they want us to purchase alts or push us to buy their new "arena game"....who knows...
  21. Exit to Nearest Port Discussion

    If you just want to pvp in enemy waters with a friend...just prepare to be ganked and sunk by big groups of revenge fleet...ohhh that's so good for the game...you wan't to kick out teleports form the game (no good for realism), but people can still organize a revenge fleet telling everyone in his own nation exactly where he was attacked...so great, so realistic!!!! C'mon, stop turning this game more and more time sinking, boring and frustrating!!!!
  22. We got less PVP because you are killing the game population with an infinite, exasperating waltz of changes (introducing new features, removing things, bringing back old things), apparently following not a clear, precise path. At the moment seeing Naval Action released appears as a pure utopia. On the other hand, many key aspects of the game are still unchanged (boarding, Ui, Tutorial for new players), while you keep modifyng battles mechanics and damage model (by far the best and more solid features of your game). After so many months of development and testing, I think that we should have at least a core of features and in-game mechanics that should be labelled as "definitive"...instead Naval Action is still a 100% fluid project, without any kind of solid foundation to start from. Moreover, soon population will be splitted into two different servers (a "folie" in my opinion). To sum up, if population stays so low, we need teleports and tow requests to be able to be present where the few chances to PVP are avaliable. A time sinking game keeps people away from playing, a low populated OW (with let's say...200-250 players) it's simply unsustainable...forcing people to sail for hours in an almost empty OW is a suicidal strategy. Obviously I hope to be 100% wrong .
  23. Bring back random elements to crafting

    Hell NO!!!!!!!
  24. Hot fix - battle entry times

    I would like to know when (or probably should say "if") that endless, infinite waltz of new features to test and old features returning will finally end. We tested insta closing for a long time frame (and was a good improvement in my opinion), now timer returns. It's not a problem to test new things, but instead the idea of a developing team not having a precise, clear idea of what to do in order to release the game sooner or later. I repeat: it's not a problem to try and test new features...but it's quite "alarming" the feeling to be stuck in a sort of "permanent beta", where the game is not having a true evolution, a linear improvement but an endless circular existence instead.
  25. Declaration of the French Council about the new European server

    Let's think about one simple thing: we are in a pre-release/testing stage and we will face sooner or later a total wipe. So What's the worst thing? Nightflips of ports or watching the game dying day by day out of lack of any action at sea? However only time will say...