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  1. Archaos

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    I guess by that logic, the fact that PvP players kill their alts to get PvP marks shows what an utter waste of developers time and resources it is to placate the PvP only players. Cheat instead of playing the game.
  2. Archaos

    Crafting of Refits?

    I think the rare items in certain ports has shown that it creates little incentive for people to capture the port. When was the last time Cartegena or Esteros changed hands? People just use alts to circumvent owning the port to get what they want.
  3. I think your figures for average ocean currents are a bit exaggerated, yes some of the major ocean currents can exceed 3 knot in places but in general in the open sea currents are a lot lower than that and given that we are talking about relative speeds here it does not really matter what speed the current is going.
  4. I can guarantee you that none of those ships were doing anywhere close to 8 knots.
  5. Archaos

    Knowledge Books Used for Upgrades

    Yes you can equip Gunnery Sgt and Flag officer at same time, same with other similar modules. So if you have multiple copies it is usually worth learning one and using others to make perm upgrades. For example Expert Carpentry can be slotted in your knowledge and Northern Master Carpenters in your permanent slot. Not sure if they plan to change this mod stacking soon.
  6. Maybe for an OW battle but for a port battle where you have to take circles, keeping distance will be a big problem. I just looked over the video of last nights port battle for George Town and the number of instances where boarding would be possible at the higher speeds and the outcome of that battle could have been very different especially with the defenders having 2 Santis. If those Santis had been boarding rigged they could have easily taken out any 2nd rate that came close. Port battles are just going to end up as a clusterf**k with boardings happening all over the place.
  7. You state this as if the problem to be fixed is the AI not shooting back at certain ranges. This patch was not supposed to be a fix for that problem and if that issue is such a problem then they should do a proper fix for it so that the AI still continues to fire at close range. A lot of age of sail fighting was ships sailing side by side at close range firing broadsides into each other. Now that is unlikely to happen especially in AI battles as the AI will initiate boarding as soon as they have crew number superiority. Basically I suspect that you will find that now even in PvP that if you come close to a ship to fire in a final broadside to sink him that he will initiate boarding if possible, especially in large fleet battles where ships are often sailing close together and sailing close to the wind. With DD nerfed to 0% most people will not spend the perk points on it and it will mean they can be pulled at any time.
  8. I have my doubts regarding how the new boarding mechanic and changes to DD is going to work out. I see no mention of the distance off before boarding can be initiated. If it is any greater than actually touching I think there will be total confusion. If this applies to AI then it will be ridiculous, remember when in fleet battles the AI would ram and board people head on during the first pass, well we will see the same again but this time while you are close by matching speeds and firing broadsides.
  9. Archaos

    OW Navigation

    This again becomes a topic where people can pick and choose when they use the reality argument. In reality yes, sailors of this time period did have sufficient tools to estimate their position fairly accurately at least once a day, they also had compasses and methods of estimating distance traveled and all this should lead to a conclusion that the player should be able to see their position on the map at least once in every 24 hour game period. But the other side of the coin is that in reality people were not able to communicate with each other over long distances to relay their position to others and there was no system of knowing your exact distance from various ports. So at the end of the day a decision has to be taken as to what system the Devs feel is best for the game rather than try to simulate reality. Personally I manage to get round quite well with just the protractor and the distances from ports and sometimes use the F11 if I want to record the position of an epic event so I can return later, but I wouldn't mind an occasional you are here position indicator to appear maybe once every in game day and maybe not appearing when in poor visibility due to inability to take sights.
  10. Archaos

    Character rating for inside a nation

    What do you do when alts start downrating respected nation players? The system would be so open to abuse that it would be worthless. Well known players would be targeted with smear campaigns and spies would be given elevated status by alts and average players would not have much either way.
  11. Archaos

    Crafting gold ships

    Many freetowns can be accessed easily using the tow to port feature every 5 hours, making at worst the same risk as any capturable port. The difference would be that you do not risk losing access to your shipyard and warehouse in a freetown like you do in a capturable port. If Freetowns had increased rate of RNG in crafting then all shipyards would be based in them, especially ones which can be reached from long distances with the tow to port feature.
  12. Archaos

    Griefing After PB is Over and Won

    Would the following solve the problem: When a port battle commences the port automatically becomes open to all till the battle is decided. This way upon exit from port battle instance the new owners of the port can access it immediately even if the other team keep the instance open. The same rules would still apply regarding warships sailing from enemy ports.
  13. Archaos

    Storm weather in port battles?

    I see plenty of people trying to say that sailing ships battled in storms, but this is incorrect. A storm is when winds reach force 10 on the Beaufort Scale (https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/guide/weather/marine/beaufort-scale). Sailing ships in these weather conditions would be seeking shelter not fighting battles. Battles may have been fought in bad weather but I would suspect that once weather started getting anywhere near gale conditions fighting would have ceased due to the sea conditions. Another thing people seem to be getting wrong is that it is either calm or stormy, forgetting that there are a range of conditions in between and weather is dynamic. The weather can be flat calm one minute but over the space of minutes or hours can become bad. So a battle may start in good conditions but weather can deteriorate during the battle and affect the battle outcome. Personally I think this is too complex to try and simulate with any resemblance to real weather especially when you take into account the time compression differences between OW and battle instance.
  14. Archaos

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Maybe go create some 😁
  15. Archaos

    Storm weather in port battles?

    I voted NO. It may seem to be an interesting feature but all it will become is a pain in the backside. Look at the OW when there is reduced visibility and storms and at how many people log off and come back when the visibility has improved or teleport to another area of the map to play where the visibility is good. As people have mentioned the reality of it is that invasions would have been postponed in bad weather, the bad weather in game does not even take into account the reality that in certain weather conditions the lower gun ports on many ships would not have been able to be opened for fear of flooding. Yes, battles did take place in bad weather of an battle that had already started was overtaken by bad weather, but in most cases they would have been limited engagements or the onset of bad weather would have interrupted the battle. Also to be borne in mind that the weather experienced in game bears very little resemblance to actual Caribbean weather. You seldom actually get reduced visibility that covers half of the Caribbean and lasts for days at a time like in game unless you are in hurricane season and even then the frequency is nowhere near the number of times we experience it in game. You may get some localised heavy rain that disrupts visibility, but these are usually short lived and very localised. Fog as far as I am aware is not common in the Caribbean due to the high sea water temperatures. There is a reason they call it the Sunny Caribbean!!! If you wish to introduce poor visibility and weather into port battles, do it because you want it as a game feature rather than any simulation of reality, because if you try to go down the reality route then you best introduce trade winds, currents, hurricane season etc.