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  1. Changes to how traders work within PvP

    Although I entirely agree with what you say, the issue in the game is if it becomes about the prized goods then how is the raider supposed to get away with the goods as usually they cannot carry all the goods in their hold and would need to take the captured trader to fleet which would make them easy to catch by the revenge fleet. It again comes down to the distortion between battle instance and OW and how to handle it. I personally would love to have a system where trade goods were that important that raiders would prefer to have them over PvP marks, but how do you implement such a system?
  2. Kingdom Come : Deliverance

    Well I guess the lady had to keep her dignity. Cant have royalty flashing their bits.
  3. Kingdom Come : Deliverance

    Forget that, court Theresa and you eventually get to see her naked!!!!
  4. PvP Rank

    Will the same people not farm PvP ranks the same way they farm PvP marks? so they lose their value the same as PvP marks and people ask for another system again?
  5. Regarding "special trim"

    The problem with regional bonuses is that although it may lead to more RvR for control of the important ports the issue is if the bonus is OP then it eventually leads to an imbalance as the side holding the port become too strong to dislodge while the attackers get weaker and weaker. Imagine if the hull strength bonus could only be on ships built in Cartegena, whoever owned the port could keep churning out strong hulled ships while the attackers would eventually run out of ships strong enough to attack. At least at present persons who do not own the port have some chance of getting the items to make the bonus.
  6. A new low even for Russia

    I was being sarcastic, as that is what appears to have happened in this case with them sinking themselves with green on green fire.
  7. A new low even for Russia

    Maybe the devs can install a scuttle button so anytime someone faces odds they do not like they can sink themselves so their opponents dont get marks.
  8. Safe zone Rework

    Then everyone who uses the current safe zones will move to the new safe zones and the current safe zones like KPR will be empty and the only targets you will get are the new players leaving the capital to head to the new safe zone. Forcing people to fight that do not want to fight is never going to be a solution to creating PvP in any game. Increase the incentives to leave the safe zone, reduce the rewards that can be gained in the safe zone, make the safe zones boring etc. but do not remove them.
  9. I was wrong, sorry

    The issue is that an alt or some noob player can tag him and drag others within the tag circle into a battle in the green zone and they cannot call reinforcements. As the OP said they probably have lots of friends ready to join once a wrong tag has been made. This is a perfect example of why the green zones need to stay and why the protection in them should be increased. Imagine what the entrance to KPR would be like without the green zone, you would not be able to sail out with the numbers of predators hanging around outside. Yet they all claim not to be seal clubbers and that they only hang out there as it is the only place to find PvP.
  10. Safe zone Rework

    The mistake you made was teaching him that regions with safe zones are where to look for PvP. If there are so many people looking for PvP then why does everyone have to congregate round the safe zones to find PvP? Are there no other PvP hot zones on the map? If someone is not looking for PvP and they are close to a safe zone what do you expect them to do if they see you heading towards them?
  11. Navigation with the map

    This was suggested before during the debate that raged after they removed GPS position. The problem with it is that it is even further from the reality of the time period than the previous position fixing. Historically in this period Lattitude was easy to find and was almost always known, Longitude was a bit more of a problem due to the lack of availability of accurate chronometers, although in the time period in question they were available. So in general most ships (especially navy ships) could get a good position fix at least once if not several times a day with sun and star sights, but what they did not have was distance to the ports unless they already knew their position. The type of navigation you are looking at with this suggestion did not come into being until the advent of radio where the radio signals from known radio beacons could be used to work out a distance off. In terms of game play it gives a method of estimating ones position that can feel a bit like navigating by visually looking at the distances off various ports, but I think if it went a step further and allowed you to draw arcs of distance on the map to fix your position then you may as well just bring back known GPS position as it would give almost the same accuracy.
  12. I guess if the attacker just brings first rates they run the risk of the defender entering with 10 first rates too, which would make the battle 10 vs 20. I dont care if half of the 20 are NPC, I know which side I would rather be on. This may swing too much in favor of the defender, will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  13. I cannot really see the point in the 5 min timer when there are so few online. If there are 10 people online and 9 of them are already in battles that have more than 5 mins left to go, then you are just waiting in the hope someone else comes online. Regarding the playing against NPC's, I must admit I do try and get battles just against NPC's for the weekend event. The reason is I have had bad experiences when there are other players as some deliberately mess you around when they have little chance of winning. I had one person drag half the NPC's off the map getting them to chase him, though in some ways I cannot blame him as it was a silly match as he was in a Renommee and I was in a Connie. Yes the teams were balanced but on his side the balance was with AI vessels and the heavier ones tend to stay at range and snipe rather than brawl. The matchmaking system really needs to have the strongest ship on each team be similar and controlled by players and not have one side with the strongest ship as a player and the other team have the weakest ship as a player, especially for the event. If I am in a Renommee and I am only against NPC's then the strongest ship will be a Renommee but if I am against another player there is a chance I could be facing many stronger vessels, which gives little chance for getting kills in the event. To tell the truth I have said it before and I still think it holds true that even on release the game will still need numbers made up with NPC's if they remain in the same format for matchmaking and keeping the wait limit to 5 mins max.
  14. What is classed as abnormal rewards

    Thank-you for the prompt response, this clarifies my query and indicates that none of the examples I have posted could be classed as exploits. The examples you have shown would be quite clear that something was not right.
  15. As admin has stated that all abnormal rewards should be reported, I would like to ask at what point do we class the rewards as abnormal. Yes it is very clear that if I am making 100 million off a single trade then it is abnormal and there is something wrong, but as can be seen from a response I gave to the above topic there are ways to improve rewards that do not appear abnormal but could still be counted as exploits. In the example above I did do those delivery missions and I have also done ones that were better than that. In the example I first had to ferry all the items from Brewers to Black River using trader brigs and then ship them to Belize in 5 Indiamen, which was a lot of time. Once delivered there I just had to do the teleporting back and forth to repeat the delivery mission. My profit was 3.25 million which I would not count as excessive for a few hours time spent, but because of the teleporting trick would this be classed as an exploit? The better Mission I had another day gave me over 50 delivery missions to complete, I cannot remember the exact details but I had to collect goods from several ports around Bonacca and Black River and deliver them to Belize and then just teleport back and forth between Bonacca and Belize. If I can remember correctly that netted me around 10 million profit. Yet again I felt this was not excessive for the amount of time I had to invest in gathering the materials and delivering them and the only questionable thing I feel could be the teleporting aspect to repeat the mission. The point I am trying to make is that at what point do you class the rewards as excessive when you can make over a million by doing a 25 minute battle against AI OW fleets with the additional chance of getting a drop that is also worth several million, or you can go out and PvP and sell PvP marks at a minimum of 100k each netting you over a million per ship sunk. The increase in delivery mission rewards was brought in to make delivery missions more attractive as at one stage they were hardly worth taking as your profits were often less than you could get from selling direct to the NPC. Maybe if the teleporting is an issue then the delivery mission should change once it has been taken so it cannot be repeated.