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  1. Archaos

    Le Req is changing the game!

    It was not as straightforward as that. As I saw it in the battle the DLC ships made the mortar Brig ineffective, but took quite a bit of damage doing so and by the time the Spanish really started gaining points we had around 800 points. They eventually held 3 circles and were gaining points now and again depending on ships entering the circles to stop it, but the problem was that we had about 966 points if I remember correctly and the loss of a single ship on their side would have cost them the battle so their DLC ships went into chain and kite mode hoping they could keep the circle points racking up and win the battle without taking risks. In the end we lost another couple of ships trying to sink theirs but they ran out of time to get enough points. Basically they couldnt afford to lose anymore ships and they knew it so they played for the win by keeping circles and we did our best to get that last kill initially and then after losing more ships we just tried to stop them getting points from the circles and run out the time. All valid tactics in the current port battles. But to get on topic, the DLC may have changed the make up for port battles but I think it is too early yet to say they should be banned from port battles as the meta is still developing and people are finding new ways to use them and counter them.
  2. If the server crashed 15 minutes into a port battle, where would people rejoin? would it be in the battle instance or outside? Would they still be limited to the join delay after log on? Or if they rejoin in the instance then surely the ones that appear first will have an advantage and you will get people joining to find themselves already sunk. Unless you can guarantee that all players join at the same instant and are all able to operate at the same time then it is not wise to allow a port battle to continue like this as a minute difference could be huge in terms of damage taken.
  3. Archaos


    How is this any worse than the super buffed 1st rates that used to spawn next to you in the safe zone. People cried that they were too hard and they wanted the safe zone nerfed so they could go get PvP in the safe zone, well now you can get PvP in the safe zone, you just do not like it when you get a OP response. I did not see you complaining the other night when you came outside KPR with a few large ships and a load of inexperienced players in 5th and 6th rates jumped in. It was 10v3 at one stage and the 10 Brits did not even reach the BR of your 3 vessels and you still had at least one more vessel join. You know the RoE of the so called safe zones before you enter so why do you complain. If everyone stopped camping safe zones and went elsewhere there would be plenty of OW PvP, but people use the lame excuse that the safe zones are the only place to find players. Personally I think the safe zones should allow no PvP but they should be changed so OW fleets in these zones give no XP, gold or drops, lower level missions should still spawn in the zones and higher level missions still spawn outside the zones.
  4. Archaos

    The Unbreakable Bowsprit

    I'm not sure if they were just trying to push you into the wind to board, but I have killed a few Hercs with the Le Requin by just leaning alongside them and shooting, most of their cannons cannot hit the low Le Requin and with carronades I can outdamage their cannons that do hit. 1v1 I have not lost a battle yet against a Herc in a Le Requin.
  5. The point I am making is that the fact that they are DLC ships makes no difference. If the Le Requin was craftable in game would that make it okay then? To counter a L'Ocean you need another L'Ocean, so does that mean they too should be banned from port battles? Don't get me wrong I think the Le Requin is OP and there are many issues with it, but just banning it from port battles is not the solution.
  6. In the two battles you show here I do not think the fact that they were DLC ships made any difference as the same could have been achieved with fast Princes or Mercs. In the Little Cayman battle you side took initial advantage by taking our mortar brig out very early on (my inexperience there, by not starting to move quick enough once I had been ranged), then you quickly took out the forts and this gave you the advantage. As I see it your problems started when your big ships then tried to defend the mortar brigs after they had done their job instead of going for the circles and then you ended up on the beach. Your first rates made no attempt to go for circles A and C and that is why the battle turned in our favor. The only effect of DLC ship was the Le Requin kiting your Buc in circle A, which you could have dealt with by releasing your Le Requins from A or B once your big ships were there. As I see it you were beaten by your own inaction there. The Cayman Brac battle was more the other way round, we took initial advantage by taking out your mortar brig early. I went the long way round to get to the mortar brig in a Le Requin and was chased by 2 of your Le Requins who I left for dust (that is down to build and setup rather than ship). Our problem was we took too much damage killing the mortar brig and ended up losing a Hercules. Not really sure where we went wrong after that, the square fort is really in a bad position and really gave no help protecting any circles and once you got your Wasa to help out the Endy in circle C our Wasa did not stand much chance. Our 1st rate that had been defending B went to assist the other big ships capturing A I think and that battle ended up taking the big ships well out of the range of circles and with the wind change it was hard to get back. We were unable to cap any of the circles back which gave you the win. To tell the truth I would not even bother in future going for the mortar brig in that port as the forts do not protect the circles apart from one small one protecting circle A which was easily killed by 1st rates anyway. Overall although I do agree that the DLC ships may be OP in a lot of respects I do not think they make that much difference in a port battle as both sides can bring them in. I doubt very much that 25 Le Requins could win a PB against 1st rates. If you go down the route of higher BR in a circle gains points then I am sure a new meta will develop where it just becomes about having more BR in the circle to gain points for the win rather than fight the battle. Maybe they should make it about winning the circles and forget the point loss for losing ships as I think it is the fear of losing points when ships sink that makes people avoid engaging in Port Battles.
  7. Archaos

    Key to sucsess

    I agree with the current game mechanics that this is true, but this is more reason why there needs to be more protection for players levelling up and learning the game. Pick up groups are no good for end game content like PB's and Epic events but for missioning and attacking OW AI fleets a pick up group should suffice. The problem with current game is that if you shout out in nation that you are forming a group to do missions or attack OW AI fleets you are guaranteed to attract the attention of gankers who will either get you on the way to the mission or wait till you exit the mission to jump you. I remember when there were regular shouts for attacking OW AI 1st rate fleets for people levelling, but at that time battles closed sooner and there was not as much ganking around capitals. There was not much fear sailing a 1st or 2nd rate solo to a mission South of KPR, but that changed and the game went more to the way the so called PvP'ers wanted it with easy targets and gank opportunities to what we have now where even the reinforcement zones are not safe. Those shouts for people to join 1st rate OW fleet attacking was where many of the current veterans of PvP learnt their SOL fleet skills and made the friendships and groups that still exist today. But this does not exist any longer for new players as they are thrown in at the deep end so even experienced veterans cannot afford to teach them without risking their own ships.
  8. Its a war game, two sides fought, one lost, one won. I do not see what the issue is here.
  9. Archaos

    Caribbean Invasion News

    But there were also some Swedes attacking British players. Its not much of a help if you are not sure if the ships you see are going to attack you or not especially now that we cannot see names in OW. Again another reason why this game should go to clan based war instead of nation wars, at least then you would be able to set friendly clans that would show up in OW as friends rather than enemies that may or may not attack you.
  10. And the moral of the story here is gank before you are ganked. I do not understand why you are angry at this, are the Americans and Spanish allies of yours or are they enemies? If they are enemies then its fair game. I just think the game starts getting a bit silly when only certain clans in a nation are targeted and it provides more reason why this game should change to a clan warfare game rather than nations. As to creating content, I have no issue with that.
  11. Archaos

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I was just trying to show what happened from the other perspective, I realize you were just throwing in a bit of RP, but honestly we did not have anywhere near as many players as you make out. The original planned PB fleets had some of the same players down for both battles (I think we had hoped for a quick victory in Misti). The screeners too were shared and as I said if the other nations had spent time going for the PB fleets rather than quick PvP marks from the screeners then I am sure neither PB would have taken place. There were some random screeners around but there was not really much organisation in the screening apart from try and engage as many as possible and keep them in battle. In the first 15 minutes of the battle not a lot happened at all, the you captured 2 circles and we had one, your small ships remained in circle B while your big ships headed to capture Circle C which left circle A free to be captured by us. Your reinforcements arrived close to circle C so you were all grouped together. Your 2 Hercs left circle B to chase the Prince which let our Herc and myself in the Le Requin capture circle B. Your Hercs came back and we got into a 1v1 battles herc v herc and Herc v Le Requin in which they were outplayed. By this time you had captured circle C and your 1st rates were heading to A, I did not notice how the big ships battle went as I was concentrating on the Herc. Your prince was left in C where it got into battle with our Prince. No real attempt was made to harry the mortar brig apart from some long range shots from the 1st rates. At some stage in the battle a L'Ocean headed to support the Hercs at B and this was the one that was taken out by the mortar brig. I am assuming this was the one without repairs, but when I looked at him he had lost almost all side armor and structure and even if he had repaired earlier it was only a matter of time before the mortar sunk him as you had nothing to deal with the mortar by this stage with one Herc sunk and the other on its last legs and would have been in a 2v1 against the Herc and Le Requin. I was not trying to say you were blaming anyone I was just explaining the battle from my perspective and mainly to point out how it always seems the Brit nation is accused to having lots of players available when in actual fact it does not. It may be the most populous nation but it is very fractured and many players are not interested in PvP let alone RvR and many that are are inexperienced, so it is just frustrating that every port battle we go to we seem to be facing 4 or 5 other nations that are working together. I was very surprised we were actually able to get PB fleets into either of the battles considering the screeners we were up against. Please do not take my post the wrong way it is not meant as accusations, but just a view of the battle from my perspective. The second PB between two nations where the battles slightly overlap always has the leftover players and a lot depends on how the screening and PB goes for the first battle.
  12. Archaos

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Its always easier to see the issues from your own nations side. The way I saw it develop was that there was a fleet of around 8 of us screening for Misteriosa, there were more on the way but they were scattered. I am not sure what happened with the rest of the Mist screening because I was tagged alone early on by a fleet of 8 Poles in ships ranging from 4th to 1st rates who were sailing alongside the Spanish fleet of even greater numbers. I remember someone commenting in chat that they did not have enough BR to tag the Spanish. As a lone Bellona against 8 Poles I was unable to keep many of them in battle for long so most escaped. I think the main reason the PB fleet entered port was because the screeners were more intent on getting individual kills than finding the PB fleet and engaging them. They definitely had superior numbers to the British screen. For the Cayman battle we almost did not get a PB fleet together as 3 of the planned people were stuck in the Mist battle and the person with our mortar brig was late arriving to the area alone. Most of the screeners were the same ones who screened at Mist with more late comers. Luckily we were able to substitute others in for those stuck at Mist and I would like to say a big thankyou to the person who had a mortar brig and guns for sale at Little Cayman as otherwise we would not have had a mortar brig. By this time there were also pirates, Swedes and Prussians around. I think one mistake the defenders made was that they caught the original planned mortar brig alone close to the port and sank him and may have thought that would disrupt the PB. The PB fleet sailed from little cayman and had to take a long route round to get to the battle. The group also had inexperienced players as for one member it was his first PB and for myself I have not been in a PB for over a year and even prior to that have little PB experience. Again the screeners from other nations seemed more intent on farming PvP marks rather than going for the PB fleet. In the Cayman PB even though the Brits had a couple more players, the capital ships were almost equal and the late joiners actually joined in a position where the rest of your main fleet was heading, so it was no great effect arriving late. The battle mainly boiled down to the mortar brig and the lack of anyone on Dane side to counter it, the two Hercs and Prince in the battle tried to defend circles and in circle A it was 2 Hercs against a Herc and Le Requin, with the Le Requin sinking one Herc and the second Herc really low on health (he had abandoned the circle to come help the other Herc). The mortar Brig had destroyed all the forts and was going for the 1st rates and judging by the state of the first rate that sank I do not think repairs would have saved him. The Prince arrived late and remained in circle B and got into an inconclusive battle with our Prince and the 1st rate battle was mainly a standoff. So to counter the false reports regarding the British numbers I would like to say that the British screening fleet fought valiantly and gave the impression that their numbers were far greater than they actually were when faced against what in the end was 5 nations forces as well as the nation being attacked.
  13. Archaos

    Caribbean Invasion News

    What the reports fail to mention is that the Danes had at least 3 other nations screening for them while the Brits stood alone.
  14. Archaos

    Why doesn't the map show where I am?

    Why would you even need to do this??????? When you can simply look at the other vessel and if it is getting bigger it is getting closer and if it is getting smaller it is getting farther away. No need for sextant angles and any form of calculation. In actual fact the difference in angle would be so minuscule at long range that the error in the accuracy of the reading from a moving ship would make the readings worthless.
  15. Archaos

    Pls,don`t escap before battle close

    I'm sorry but sending a Santi and L'ocean to kill a mercury and Wasa is a waste when we could have killed their 1st rates. We had two of their 1st rates down to almost no side armor but lacked the firepower to get the killing blow. You were asked in battle chat a few times to join the main force but did not respond. We also warned you that their first rates were starting to head for you to assist their Bellona as they could not get to us. Even if we had remained in battle the outcome would have been no different. You choose not to communicate with us in battle, what are we supposed to do?