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  1. GreasyMnky

    Stern rake and damage model

    In even battles I would agree that stern raking is usually not the best, but I often get to fight bigger ships then the one I sail (lets face it, I like smaller ships) stern camping and raking allowed me to win the fight more than a few times.
  2. GreasyMnky

    Chain shot feedback

    I really like limited chain, it makes people think instead of spamming and will reward good maneuvers (both offensive and defensive)
  3. GreasyMnky

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    How about determined defender only effective if you have boarding prep up to 50+?
  4. GreasyMnky

    No delay tag bug

    After attack tag runs out of time, out of range, pressing Attack when back in zone = instant tag. https://clips.twitch.tv/NaiveFaintArugulaBudBlast
  5. GreasyMnky

    Chain shot feedback

    I like the new chains, using them at the right time and the right angle/distance has a potential to change the outcome of a fight, even more so than the double/charged shots.
  6. Yes it may be a concern, but I would consider keeping raiding, and would probably choose a ship that could keep going. The added risk might actually add to my game experience.
  7. GreasyMnky

    Slow loading time of game windows

    I get slow loading store windows from time to time, (usually it will hide marks in chest as well) hitting refresh on shop will make the marks appear again then the shop is working. Also crafting have a 3-5 seconds delay, not affecting me much as I rarely craft, but if i were to craft a lot it would be a minor annoyance.
  8. GreasyMnky


    This is my point of view https://clips.twitch.tv/EphemeralObservantGullFutureMan From what I understood, he lost connection in tutorial missions and was sent to open world in the rattle when he logged back in and from then he could see the button to enter ports but will not let him in. he tried free port, open ports and national ports. He has not completed the tutorial and has not pressed the skip option to sail in open world.
  9. GreasyMnky

    Sinking player ship, loot vanish

    Working as intended, thank you for checking @admin
  10. GreasyMnky

    Sinking player ship, loot vanish

    https://clips.twitch.tv/StrangeHandsomeDaikonTBTacoRight After boarding a ship, the loot on ship will vanish and some upgrades will appear. Working as intended? What happened to the rig repairs and half his hull repairs?
  11. GreasyMnky


    I was using the prince and sank at around 135 days
  12. GreasyMnky

    Caribbean Post System

    Hire a trader from your nation and offer him to pay marks for the cargo transfer?
  13. GreasyMnky

    BattleTimer exploit ?

    Something similar has happened a few time to me. Managed to record one of the occurrences: https://clips.twitch.tv/NurturingFastSharkPipeHype 15 seconds timer - BR too high message click attack again - instant BR too high message click attack again - instant battle (this time the others left the attack circle) Edit: reading the topic again, I may have been experiencing a different issue than OP, should I make a new topic with this issue?