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  1. Provisions

    I was using the prince and sank at around 135 days
  2. Caribbean Post System

    Hire a trader from your nation and offer him to pay marks for the cargo transfer?
  3. BattleTimer exploit ?

    Something similar has happened a few time to me. Managed to record one of the occurrences: https://clips.twitch.tv/NurturingFastSharkPipeHype 15 seconds timer - BR too high message click attack again - instant BR too high message click attack again - instant battle (this time the others left the attack circle) Edit: reading the topic again, I may have been experiencing a different issue than OP, should I make a new topic with this issue?
  4. Eliminate small ship griefing

    I would prefer the prince, ty. A single snow (50br) currently cannot tag a connie (250br), but 2 snows can tag a connie.
  5. Marines bugged on captured ships

    It happens only if you have the book on your ship and swap to a captured ship, does not matter if the captured had the book.
  6. Add PvP to Naval Action

    Sail to enemy territories, get close to enemy player, press attack button, ????, profit!!!!
  7. I had to post this

    @Thonys If only he had not turned into the wind he would not have lost his ship. There is no way a prince can force a turn on a buc alone. @Eléazar de Damas The repairs are not the saving grace, doesn't take long to grape crew or remove rear armor. Even with full sails, if he points at the wind, (look at the wind angle on the screenshot) he would have slowed enough for me to initiate boarding.
  8. I had to post this

    @jodgi I was on the way to meet a group, saw the buc on OW, he was either following me or was heading the same direction, either way I slowed and tagged him, I knew I didn't have the BR but he tagged back, it was a far tag. I stayed far at first, shooting sails, saw that even downwind I was faster then him and he could not range/hit me, since the battle closed I tried my luck and charged in after another missed broadside. I managed to get right behind him with all my masts and proceeded to get rid of his rear armor (and the rear chasers) then of his crew, some were harder to reach, then I shot balls mostly to lower hull and chain to slow him, but the 4pd were not too effective. Prince turn rate and acceleration was perfect to not get myself in trouble and stay behind and close to him. To my surprise after about an hour the rear mast fell, I then pushed more on the upwind side everytime to make him try to shoot me, he got a mast which I was able to repair half of quickly so I was still able to handle the ship. He had no repairs seemed like, and no rum. 10 minutes from the end he turned almost into the wind to try to shoot me again, he must not have been looking at the wind and focused on hitting me and was able to grapple him. With marines on board it was not a problem to take and sink the ship. @The Red Duke funny enough, I got praised by other brits on the same trip for not sailing a 5th rate or higher "like all pirates should" according to the brit.
  9. Repairs - Salvage

    it would yes, as long as they don't have too many repairs, then it would be broken as you dont risk as much in pve. So far, in pvp I tend to manage to loot more repairs then I use, so it would be different compared to what it is now, but I don't this its needed imo. Worst case you get to buy them at silly prices from the free towns, not that gold is an issue now with the gold buffs from fights.
  10. I had to post this

    Ive been told to post this screenshot on the forums for bragging rights and such. I hope he learned a few things to prevent him losing his next ship. Mods, please move this post to another section if its at the wrong place. ty.
  11. Bring Back the Shot Log CTRL + L

    I prefer the logger not being there. It was mostly used to check mast penetration (offensive and defensive). Captains with mechanics knowledge will still be able to tell if opponent is using mast/penetration upgrades but it will take longer to know than 1 mast hit.
  12. Captain's Chest bug ?

    My solution is in op post, silly me, need more coffee, plz delete
  13. Exploit bug?

    im ok with repairs being used while boarding, both sides have the option to do so.
  14. Strange disconnects in battle

    We were still fighting at the end the the battle crashed, we did not get any reward for either kill. After the crash, our ships and your ships all came back at the same OW location we had once when we first tagged each group. All ships were repaired, full crew The connie sailed away so we tagged the 3 ships left behind; you, the frig and the reno.(the reno and frig we sank last battle) Next battle starts, only Malachy is pulled in, full health and full crew as well, he got boarded within the first minutes before he got his sails up. We got disconnected a few times during the 1st fight. I did not see guns fireing from teammates that were disconnected. when DC sails stad up for a few seconds then sails down. so if you saw one of our ship shooting it was not disconnected. The frigate looked like a disconnect, but I took the opportunity to board him. So far I've only had disconnects in pvp no disconnect in pve. The devs can look into my account all they want, especially if it can help fixing the disconnects and battle crash.