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  1. Strange disconnects in battle

    We were still fighting at the end the the battle crashed, we did not get any reward for either kill. After the crash, our ships and your ships all came back at the same OW location we had once when we first tagged each group. All ships were repaired, full crew The connie sailed away so we tagged the 3 ships left behind; you, the frig and the reno.(the reno and frig we sank last battle) Next battle starts, only Malachy is pulled in, full health and full crew as well, he got boarded within the first minutes before he got his sails up. We got disconnected a few times during the 1st fight. I did not see guns fireing from teammates that were disconnected. when DC sails stad up for a few seconds then sails down. so if you saw one of our ship shooting it was not disconnected. The frigate looked like a disconnect, but I took the opportunity to board him. So far I've only had disconnects in pvp no disconnect in pve. The devs can look into my account all they want, especially if it can help fixing the disconnects and battle crash.
  2. Battle crash due Instance Server Crash

    Same thing happened at about 20 minutes left in the fight. 2 ships were sank, 2 left crippled, we didnt get rewards after the crash. We had 3-4 DC on our side during the fight as well. after the crash all 4 ships were in OW, were were full health we tagged 3 of them, only 1 was in the battle instance. only got rewards for the last kill.
  3. No Name Zero Br Ships

    The only way I get to see what the 0BR ships are is to select a previously unselected ship (I usually click on fleet mates only to be able to resolve the 0BR ships issue) to see their name than back to the 0BR ship then and only then it will show up.
  4. It's Time to Merge the Servers!!

    I am all for the merge of the servers, expecially with the new "rvr" changes coming in. The only reason I was for the extra servers, was when one was not enough to allow all players to log in the single server there was, but now, we are down a lot of players and Im sure that a single server will have more than enough space to house all active players. I guess that pve players can keep their relaxed area, thats fine with me (I would still prefer if they would be on the pvp server, and having players protect them from pvp, but thats another fight)
  5. Fire Management

    boarding a ship that has turned his survival off will force it back on once boarding occurs
  6. Conquest/Hostility Percent Degradation

    You have to sink enemy nation ships/npc fleets in the territory that you want to defend (not missions) Maybe war supplies can be delivered or is that only for raising hostility?
  7. Control Perk and Outlaw battles

    2 nights ago I got hired to escord a pirate trader, trader got tagged by a basic cutter, I joined outlaw battle in a cerberus with the guy that hired me in his surprise. We saved the trader and sank the cutters, the trader was able to leave battle, but neither me nor the other surprise were able to leave, we both had control perk. We tried sailing away from each other for 5+ minutes (could not even see him on the map zoomed out all the way) both tried disconnecting then reconnect finally i tried to surrender my ship so that he could grab it and give my cargo and the ship back. He was not able to put ship in his fleet, lost ship cannons and repairs I had in cargo. I dont have the reports codes (sorry...), but I made 3 reports for the bug 2 during battle instance, and 1 after the battle named "Control Perk, Outlaw Battle" 1 2 and 3 Has anyone else got into a similar situation and were locked in battle unable to leave when two pirates in an outlaw batle have Control Perk?
  8. Cap Francois battle today

    has anyone looked at the other video on his channel? the one minutes before the port battle ( https://www.twitch.tv/videos/148051084 ) is showing TS about 10 seconds in. Take a look at whispers at the bottom
  9. NEW global

    I am from North America, but opted to play on EU because there was more players on it and as it used to be pvp1, my whole contact list is still there. I am not too interrested in rvr, well less than other aspects of the game, so the restrictions on EU dont really affect me as I am more interrested in the population numbers. No issues here with the dev team nor the mod team. Ive already made a review on steam and talked about the game to my friends. How can I help promoting the game more? (genuine question)
  10. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.0

    Name the items that require coal now to craft. So far I have seen carronades over 32pd and long guns, anything else requiring coal?
  11. Pirates & Lineships after Wipe

    I dont feel like pirates need anything "in return", I remember pirates being the hard choice compared to other nations. If you abosulely feel like you need to be able to craft SOLs to enjoy the game, then there are plenty of nations to choose from.
  12. Nerf the GPS

    NE? I dont know what group youve been playing with, but my personal experience is that some groups do or at least did use printscreen to capture the coords on the map and before the map on the F11 to post in TS for the revenge/delayed fleets to come, before the teleport to port option was implemented. For these fights, the coords were the determing factor to wether the fleet was standing on top of the battle exit and was able to re-tag the other ship(s). when people were using relative coords it was far less successful, had to deploy wider, not saying it was impossible, but it was less of a guaranteed 2nd engagement. Now that we will be forced back in open world, im sure that a chance, even slim, for people to avoid a poinpoint revenge fleet (not against the revenge fleet, but that accuracy of it) will be welcome more than the GPS. Might as well keep the coords data in the f11 reports but hide it from the players so that it cant be abused. People will learn to play without silver spoons, I have faith in the average human to be able to adapt and use the tool in game for navigation and Im convinced that if will make for a richer experience to travel without aa pinpoint accurate GPS.
  13. Nerf the GPS

    I could sell my services as a guide/navigator maybe protection for traders as well.
  14. One Server for PVP

    My vote is for a single server, we tried both options and in my opinion, it was better before the population was split between both servers.