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  1. Admin has stated that the boarding game will be addressed after 'localization' is completed. They did say, however, that it would be high on the priority list of things to address after the completion of localization.
  2. Captiva

    PVP rewards for ship return to port

    @Ink @admin Please do this!
  3. Captiva

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    If the Dev's acknowledge that scuttling ones ship is permissible in game, then players should definitely have a proper 'Scuttle Ship' command. 1. Once a player activates the 'Scuttle Ship' command a timer of some predetermined length begins ticking down; and a normal boarding battle is no longer an option because the player is in the process of abandoning ship. 2. The length of the timer should be in the enemies favor to some degree. The player who is scuttling his ship is penalized in this regard in order to account for the time needed to abandon ship. 3. If the enemy boards the ship before it sinks, they get the ship and all of it's contents immediately. 4. The player who scuttles his ship is sent to the nearest port.
  4. Captiva

    Mission changes

    Is it you???
  5. Captiva

    New System for Balancing Upgrades

    ^ this ^ I don't believe mods are ever going away, so this would seem to be the best compromise.
  6. This is a very good idea. The game provides a contract that can be agreed upon between players. They (the players hired) become in essence, privateers under contract with the Admiralty. Upon safe arrival at the contract destination the Admiralty pays the privateer, as compensation for safe escort of goods beneficial to the Nation.
  7. Captiva

    first HAVOC Empire

    I quote Christendom only to make a point, not to attack him personal, or any other players. This is a part of what's out of wack with Naval Action in it's current form. A player can have multiple accounts/alts (I've heard that some have up to 5), with each account having the ability, with DLC purchases, to change Nation + Character every 30 days. That's potentially twelve Nation and Character changes over the course of one year, for each account. I believe that this ultimately erodes true and fair RVR, the economy, and more importantly, the spirit & integrity of the game. I hope that on full release Game-Labs takes the high road and bans multiple accounts.
  8. Captiva

    There is NO such thing as GANKING

    In this game it's simply a shorthand way of saying "I'm being outnumbered 100 to 1!" So with this in mind, until we come up with a different word to describe being overwhelmingly outnumbered, ganking most certainly is a "thing". In reality the term has several meanings.
  9. Captiva

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    And I would agree except for the fact that players with alts can also equip their alts with the 'Admiralty Connections' DLC. Yet another reason to ban multiple accounts/alts; not that Game Labs would ever do it....money, money, money, money. Being a crafter, I was just curious if you were opposed to Admiralty Connections based on your opposition to easier ways of avoiding paying crafters for ships and goods, nothing more than that. Take care, my friend and say hey to the boys.
  10. Captiva

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    Hey there Wraith, old mate. I'd wager a bet that you're not a big fan of the 'Admiralty Connection' DLC. ; )
  11. Captiva

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    1) I never once argued to "remove the economy" or that I didn't care about the economy. What I meant was, who cares if the economy is affected in a relatively small amount if the end result is a better balance between DLC ships and player crated ships, and thus a better game. 2) Never advocated for giving "free ships" to everybody. A 3 dura ship should cost three times the resources of a single dura ship. This keeps the player out in the OW longer in order to harvest these resources. End result, a player might be more willing to engage in pvp knowing that if they lose their ship they can get back out to the OW after a 24 hour cooldown. This seems to be the affect that unlimited dura DLC ships with a 24 hour cooldown are having on the game. 3) I'm not ignoring your arguments, I respect your arguments, as I respect all sincere arguments. I'm offering a different solution, that's all. o7
  12. Captiva

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    So what? Compared to a DLC ship that is redeemable in 24 hours after sinking with zero ship cost replacement, zero resources to craft and zero labor hours needed? Absolute zero affect. Please understand my argument. If the DLC ship in it's current form is the new normal, then the player crafted ship must be balanced (in minimal way) to compete with DLC ships. Other wise the game is totally out of wack. The same goes for the toxic combination of Alts with Prolific Forger DLC. Unlimited accounts, each of which can change character name and nation every 30 days. At it's simplest it breaks the spirit of the game, and at a deeper level it tarnishes the integrity of the game. #One account, no alts, play the game as intended. #change redeemable DLC ships to redeemable notes that have to be crafted, with a longer cooldown; if not, reintroduce multi dura ships for the unwashed masses.
  13. Captiva

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    But I do understand durability. I played while we had it since it's inception. A 3 dura ship would have a minimal affect on the in game economy because all it really does is increase the amount of time before a player purchases or crafts another ship. Again, over the long haul, minimal affect. And once again, I was all in favor of single durability ships when it was being discussed and before it's implementation. 100% But with the recent addition of two DLC ships the Dev's have added multi durability ship's to the game - in perpetuity no less! Until and unless the Dev's change this for these two ships (which I doubt they will) then all players should have access to some limited form of multi dura, not just those who have paid money for the privilege. Let the shop ships retain their 1 durability with a maximum of two upgrade slots and three knowledge slots so that the player crafted ships would command a higher price and always be the better ship between the two.
  14. Captiva

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    You couldn't have made the argument for multi dura ships any better.
  15. Captiva

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    Yes, that is exactly what I mean. If the reward for purchasing a DLC ship is that you can, after sinking, redeem again in 24 hours, then something has to be implemented to somewhat re-balance the game towards the players that are unable (for whatever reasons) to invest in extra game content. The only solution I can come up with is to reintroduce the multi dura crafted ship with a 24 hour cooldown. Even if this was done the DLC ship still retains a huge advantage in the it is redeemable in perpetuity without the need for crafting materials; not so for the multi dura replacement.