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  1. Captiva

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    When I first opened one of the windows while in OW (I believe it was the 'hold' window), half of the window was off screen. I had to click and drag to bring the window in to full view. All windows should display entirely, regardless of zoom level. And once again, please make the compass solid, not transparent. When sailing in OW, the constant flow of fast moving waves, white water and reflected sunlight across the compass face make focusing and reading the compass very difficult on the eyes.
  2. Captiva

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    I don't know if this applies to all upgrades that have the word "per" as in, "per 100m", but on William Congreve's Sights there is no space between the word "per" and "100m" so that it reads, "per100m" instead of "per 100m". It took me a couple of readings to understand what was being displayed. As to the compass, please don't keep it transparent. It is really difficult to read while in the open world as white water and sun reflection is constantly flowing across the compass face.
  3. Captiva

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    I like your idea of having one or more circles that can only be capped by shallow draft ships while at the same time having the other circle or circles being deep water ships. Just to clarify my initial idea, this applies to deep water port battles only. There would be two BR numbers that would have to be filled by both the attacker and the defender, not just one. The first number would apply to 1st and 2nd rates only. This number would be such that there could only be a maximum of three to six 1st and/or 2nd rates, depending on the BR. Then the second BR number would be to fill out the rest of the port battle fleet. This number would be for 3rd rates and below. For example, after fulfilling the two BR for a specific port battle the final fleet composition could be: four 1st rates, with the rest being a mix of twenty 3rd rates and below. This eliminates the "all 1st rates or nothing" meta and would better reflect the historical composition of large fleets. I would think that tactical options would increase also. After a line pass or two the group could split up into squadrons; each squadron having a 1st or 2nd rate supported by four or five 3rd and/or 4th rates. Or, the 1st and 2nd rates could stay united while the 3rd rates and below battle the perimeter or center. Implementing BR for port battles was a good, first step in trying to add ship diversity to port battles. Like you, I'm hoping that it can still be improved upon.
  4. Captiva

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    I recently proposed a question to Ink, asking if deep water port battles needed two BR numbers instead of one. The first BR number would apply to 1st and 2nd rates; with the goal being to limit their numbers in a port battle to no more than three to six ships, depending on the BR number. The second BR number would apply to 3rd rates and below. These would make up the majority of ships in the port battle, somewhere between ten to twenty, depending on the BR number. I though of this idea after looking at fleet composition in historical naval battles. It seemed that most of the time there were only three to six 1st rates. The majority were 3rd rates along with a few lower rated ships. This would probably be a nightmare for those of you who organize port battles.
  5. Captiva

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    I received a response from the developers a few weeks ago regarding future changes to boarding mechanics. According to that response, #5 on your list will be taken care of before #1 on your list will be addressed. However, they did indicate that once localization was completed changes to boarding mechanics would move up to a higher priority on the list of things to implement.
  6. Captiva

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    This is a no-brainer. It's been asked to be implemented for a long time now. I hope we get it.
  7. Captiva

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    Since most wishes have been addressed, I would like to add just one: Make 'Pirate' the only hardcore player choice; removing hardcore status from Prussia, Russia etc. Keep Shroud Cay as their starting free port or change it to La Tortue.
  8. Captiva

    Free Camera Mode tutorial

    You've left out an important feature while in free camera mode. If you press down and continue to hold down the 'control' key, you can move the mouse pointer onto a distant ship; then left click on this ship to find out the same Open World details of this ship that you would get when left clicking on it when not in free camera mode. This is what Norfolk nChance is speaking of in the previous post. I doubt we'll get any more free camera additions. There was a time when you could move the camera forward to a much greater distance than we currently can. This was deemed to give players too great of an unfair advantage while at sea. The Developers took the free camera feature away from us for awhile. It was brought back in it's current and more limited form due to players complaints about not being able to soar high above their ship in order to take in the beauty of the Open World. It's a compromised free camera.
  9. Captiva

    Stern rake and damage model

    I like this idea. This would allow the player to always attempt a repair after cool-down, but would reflect the diminishing amount of crew available to do the repairs, plus the accumulated amount of damage to the ship over the length of the battle. For me, it's this or limited repairs. I like this idea better.
  10. Captiva

    Simple action sounds.

    If it can't be done due to technical reasons, then so be it. I am not privy to this kind of information. Until we have false flags in the game, all false flag arguments are moot.
  11. Captiva

    Simple action sounds.

    This would seem to be a fair way to implement a "Sail Ho" alert should the developers choose to do so: 1.The alert is disabled for all ships sitting still in the water with sails down. This would aid the stealth of hunters at sea. The moment sails are raised, the alert is again activated. 2. The alert is also disabled if a ship is within visual range, regardless of sails being up or down, but is shielded from view by any land mass. The moment the ship is visible from behind the obstruction, the alert is again activated.
  12. Captiva

    Ships of Old

    Cool idea on your part! The Integration of video from Naval Action helps to bring your story to life. I could see the potential of staging and recording more details of these various battles using Naval Action in conjunction with your diagrams. Thanks for investing your time and energy and sharing with us.
  13. Captiva

    Simple action sounds.

    Agreed. One full day in Naval Action is, I believe, 20 minutes. Hearing 'clang-clang, clang-clang' every 12 hours (10 minutes game time) would probably be a good compromise, although I could live with once every 24 hours as well. Something is better than nothing.
  14. Captiva

    Simple action sounds.

    I have suggested most of these a few times in the past. Don't know if it's possible to add or impossible to add; I've never heard a response either way from the game developers. "4 bells, eight bells" etc. and "drum beat to quarters" when you press 'Attack' or have been attacked, have been my higher priority wishes. "Land Ho!" would be nice to hear if, for instance, you haven't been within sight of land for a given amount of time (to avoid hearing it constantly). All of these ship and crew sounds should probably have the option of being turned off in the sound options menu.
  15. Captiva

    Looking for Desk Suggestions

    Bush Business Furniture WCXXX66 Series A Corner desk. They also have a rectangular desk. They are strong as hell. Corner desk has cable port in the back. There are troughs located on the inside panels for running cables as well. The rectangular desk is wider and has cable ports at the sides plus the same trough running along the rear desk panel. Nice height on both of them. The corner desk lists for around $300.