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  1. 1. Thank you for adding the seaport sounds after entering port. I think I even hear the faint voices of townspeople in the back ground! 2. Do you have any plans for changing the Rig Repair icon so that it doesn't look exactly like the Hull Repair icon? The rum bottle is cool for Crew Repairs and I think that Rig Repairs deserve their own icon as well. 3. I'm still lobbying to have the compass/wind indicator visible to us when in port.
  2. Captiva


    To follow up on your suggestion, I would add a dedicated fire button that becomes active if Marines are crewed onboard a players ship. If an enemy ship gets within a predetermined proximity to a ship equipped with Marines the musket fire becomes effective against the enemies crew.
  3. Captiva

    Naval Action Repair Calculator

    Just tried the calculator on Google Chrome. Works like a charm with no issues.
  4. Captiva

    Naval Action Repair Calculator

    Used Microsoft Edge. Will try Google Chrome. I will try Firefox as well. I started on the L'Ocean, switched to the Victory and then went back to the L'Ocean. The numbers were different on the L'Ocean from what was shown the first time, as indicated in the screenshots.
  5. Captiva

    Naval Action Repair Calculator

    Bumsebiene. I hope you can shed some light on what I may be doing wrong. I'm including two screenshots with same build and no upgrades on L'Ocean. When I switched to another ship and then back to L'Ocean I'm getting two repair results. As I noted to you in an email, it has happened with other ships as well. Thanks!
  6. Yes! I reported this same issue a few days ago. It is indeed very frustrating.
  7. I've noticed that if you have a ship equipped with cannon's, there is no information showing the type of carronades that ship can equip. Again, this is if you have already equipped cannon's. For example; Hercules shows 9lb mediums equipped on the middle deck. If a player wanted to replace the cannons with carronades shouldn't the ship window show the caliber of carro's needed (32lb) as we do on the Caribbean server? I can only see that 9lb mediums have been equipped. Maybe I'm missing something or need to look elsewhere in the UI?
  8. @admin I was under the impression that a comma was going to separate every thousandth number for clarities sake a.i, 1,000 or10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000. Will this be added at a later date? Thank you
  9. Beautiful artwork as usual! Here's few things that I noticed. 1. The 'snap to grid' when equipping cannons seems imprecise. I had to try a couple of times before they loaded into their slot. 2. Could we please have the compass/wind indicator while in port? Please?? 3. I agree wholeheartedly with Koiz and others who have noticed the utter silence when in port. At the very least we should hear shoreline waves breaking, seagulls and other signs of life that one hears at a seaport.
  10. Let's open up the Pacific region for some epic exploration and discovery rewards!
  11. Admin has stated that once 'Localization' is completed they will address boarding changes (and that it would be a high priority). We will have to live with the current boarding game until that time.
  12. Captiva

    OW Navigation

    There should be absolutely no reason whatsoever for being conflicted when your very own words state, "thinking logically". Come on, this is an age of sail game that should include a static Captain's Map similar to Shrouded Recluse's gorgeous map with cords, and a historically based method to, as you again say, "realistically identify his location with good enough precision". You've answered your own question.
  13. Captiva

    International Man of Mystery DLC

    Thanks for the clarification, z4ys. Because of this, I will withdraw my Alt DLC suggestion and return to my original position of lobbying to ban alts.
  14. Captiva

    International Man of Mystery DLC

    Ok, then Game Labs should fix the mechanics, and then offer the Multi Character/Nation DLC on one account, and let the games begin. Let's do away with having to purchase multiple full price or sale price downloads of Naval Action in order to be competitive. Let's make it easier and more affordable for all players to play Multi-Characters and Nations, not harder. Game Labs needs to simply sign off on and officially give their blessing to the Alt DLC, and potentially making more money to boot. A win-win for everyone. I'm personally in favor of banning alts from the game, but it apparently will not or cannot be done. So, as Slim said above, "If you can't beat, join em".