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  1. Unequal battles

    Change how repairs are used in battle. All players are allowed 1 hull repair, 1 rig repair and 2 rum repairs during the course of a battle. This will give the outnumbered player a chance to force some of his opponents to exhaust their repair allowance and thus, through attrition, have better odds for winning or escaping the battle.
  2. Change shipmodels of 1st rates

    This is what I remember most players being in favor of for a long time. Just as it is now, the player makes his choice of construction build, be it speed oriented or armor oriented. Couple this with the elimination of stackable mods (plus a considerable nerf to the overpowered ones) and the game will return to it's earlier emphasis on player skill in determining the outcome of battle.
  3. Mast Thickness/HP Comparison Sheet

    Thank you for sharing.

    Merry Christmas!
  5. Rainbows

    I see these quite often. I believe it is the sunset and sunrise.
  6. I would recommend that you start with, 'Ken Burns: The Civil War'. I believe it's available for viewing on Netflix. You can also purchase the DVD box set.
  7. Thank you for the gifts! Merry Christmas to you and to all!
  8. Two Christmas Wishes

    Dear Santa/Devs, I know that both of these suggestions have been asked for before, but I am unaware of any answers to them. 1. Can we, if possible, show the Wind Indicator while in port? Preferably located on the map (press M). 2. Can we, if possible, have the ability to take a noon time position when in Open World? Doesn't have to have GPS precision, just a general idea of where we are on the map. They did it in real life during the time depicted in this game, and it would be nice if we had the ability as well. Wishing you and all Naval Action Captains a very Merry Christmas, and a bountiful and Happy New Year. Captiva
  9. Marines

    Both are great ideas. Dev's should also consider lowering the cost of the perk reset, by a lot.
  10. AFK Sailing - Watch Mode

    I'm not talking about pixel humans running around the deck in OW. From what I remember, it is not possible to show animated crew while in OW. I just want hear crew voices while in Open World similar to what we have when in a battle instance (do you remember when we didn't have those?). "Sail ho!" and "land ho!" are but two of them. If "sail ho" is not possible for the Dev's to implement, then the sound of a "drum beating to quarters" when tagged in OW is a must. That will give you your thrill and sense of urgency. An audible sound for, '4 bells' '8 bells' while in OW would be a welcome addition. I would also like to hear the mutterings of townspeople in the background when in port. All being volume adjustable in the options menu. I don't want to have to imagine all of these things. I prefer to put my imagination to use when reading a book. When I play a pc game I want everything possible right in front of my eyes and ears. The best pc games aspire to offer as much as is possible in order to make the game seem as real as possible. The sense that we're sailing a ghost ship, devoid of all signs of life while in open world should not be happening when compared to todays gamming standards. The sounds we hear when we transition from Open World to Battle Instance and back again, should be as seamless as possible, with nothing being omitted, one from the other. Just wishing and hoping.
  11. AFK Sailing - Watch Mode

    Well, I've lived without signs of life from my crew while in Open World for over two years now, and I can continue to live without them...however, having played this way for all that time I would definitely prefer to have them than not to have them. It's no question for me. Immersion is a huge aspect to this game and should be encouraged. Call it being entertained if you will, but I prefer some human signs of life from my crew as opposed to the utter void that we have now while in OW. That is what I mean about the advantages outweighing the disadvantages. I respect your point of view, but in the words of the great musician Dave Mason...."We Just Disagree". Thanks, and o7
  12. AFK Sailing - Watch Mode

    Please re-read 'Macjimm's thoughts above. I've made way too many trips across, and up and down the map with nothing to do but constantly scan the horizon...to the left of me...to the right of me...ahead of me....and behind me... for up to an hour or more; only to constantly repeat the exercise until I reach my destination. This is tedious and unenjoyable gameplay. Most times I rarely even see a player until I get close to a port. So for me, having the advantage to do other things during long voyages far outweigh having to perpetually stare into my computer screen with the rare, off chance of even seeing a player. You're mistaking the option for all players to do other things related to Naval Action - keeping ship logs: reviewing inventory: planning routes or even reading about the age of sail while sailing - with physically being away from the keyboard. That's not what we're proposing here. One of the most common complaints about OW sailing is the long times it takes to get to distant destinations, and the fact that there is nothing to do while sailing those distances other than constantly staring into the monitor while perpetually scanning the horizon 360 degrees for the entire trip. There can be made better use of this time than having to do that. And once again, if a players sails are furled there should be no alert from the crow's nest, but if they are unfurled and sailing then a 'Sail ho" is warranted. More crew sounds are needed while in open world. I always feel as if I'm sailing a ghost ship while out there.
  13. AFK Sailing - Watch Mode

    I agree with you that if your sails are down you shouldn't be spotted. Overall, I believe that the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages.
  14. AFK Sailing - Watch Mode

    From a post I made earlier in the year- an audible "Sail Ho!" is announced whenever any player ship from another nation comes into visible range; no ai ship or ship from the players same nation is announced, only player ships from other nations. This is the equivalent of having a lookout in the crow's nest - and this is historically correct. It is then up to the Captain to scan the horizon to locate the enemy ship. If the player is truly away from his keyboard then these announcements won't help him anyway. But they also shouldn't have to be locked into staring into their computer screen for an hour or two during long, tedious voyages. I would even like to hear "Land Ho!" when you first come within visual range of a land mass. On a similar note, I also suggested that an audible 'Drum Beat to Quarters' be heard whenever a player is tagged. And again, historically correct. Currently, the silent tag circle that appears when tagged is too sterile. There should be an audible sense of urgency when tagged in open world. We're not suggesting things such as; auto-evasion skipper, afk defender or anything like that - just common sense crew feedback while in open world. These ideas would help ease the mind numbing experience that the player endures during long voyages. I am in favor of players having to make these long voyages, but the player should not be locked into staring at his computer screen for 1 1/2 to 2 hours in total silence while sailing long distances. These audible crew alerts would help eliminate the feeling that you're sailing a ghost ship. Currently there are zero signs of human life aboard a players ship while in open world. These suggestions would add greatly to the Age of Sail experience while playing Naval Action. For me, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.