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  1. The early American West is one of my favorite themes. I will definitely buy the game. Continued stellar graphics from Game Labs.
  2. Ship book grid poll

    3x3 pictures are slightly larger than the 4x3's.
  3. Now that is funny! Well done.
  4. Totally agree. Mods that mimic history, such as: copper plating; lightweight ropes and blocks; optimized rudder (and others similar to these) are the only type of speed mods that should be available for ships. Combine these with the different wood types that are already in the game, and that is all that should be necessary for speed builds. Magic mods that enable ships to be grossly overpowered in any category hurt the game in my opinion. They can artificially create too large a gap between two identical ships or artificially create too narrow a gap between two completely different ships.
  5. Map view: Resource Distribution

    A great idea that has been suggested before. Let's hope the dev's are compiling folders of the most asked for additions to the game so that they can revisit them and reconsider them. Thanks for reminding them!
  6. Below is Ned Loe's suggestion for improving travel time. It includes the circle idea that I was trying to describe in my post above. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I would like to share my idea on how we could improve and cut travel time for RvR and PvP for all Nations and players. Red Flag must be enabled! Enabling Red Flag can't be done on trader ships, only warships. Red Flag allows you to jump from spawn point to spawn point. You still will need to travel, but time spent to jump from region to region is drastically reduced now. Add 5 spawn locations with teleport allowance circle. TA Circle - once you enter the circle you are allowed to teleport to the next selected spawn location. Spawn will cost Gold to jump. Gold covers sped up travel expenses and ship maintenance. 1-2 hour timer is set before next jump is possible. You can't jump back right away. Players will spawn in the middle of the new region , but still need to sail if they want to reach land and free ports. Spawns will be random inside Teleport Allowance Circle to prevent camping. Once you spawn you will need to sail for some time before reaching hot hostility zones or you can station in nearly Free Ports for pvp operations. Travel invulnerability might be wise if player remains inside the circle after jump. Once player leaves the circle he can be attacked. Pay attention and re route to avoid risk. Benefits: Jump any region solo or with a group once per hour. Join Allies in their Defense or Offence missions. Go pvp anywhere in the world with less than 1 hour of sailing. Guaranteed non stop pvp.
  7. I prefer no teleports, but If teleporting is re-implemented to the game, I would prefer that the player can only teleport to random locations in the center of any of the three large bodies of sea: Atlantic Ocean; Caribbean Sea; Gulf of Mexico. This would still require the player to sail some amount time and distance to any port - in any direction - from these bodies of water. The teleport arrival area within each of these areas would have to encompass at least three to four squares; and have constantly random spawns within these squares to help avoid camping by the enemy. It isn't perfect, but I believe it is the best alternative to safely teleporting from port to port.
  8. Newbie UGCW Questions

    I had a feeling someone would catch that. Good one!
  9. State of the game...

    I agree with, and have suggested, having duel officer's; or better yet, having the ability to reset officer perks at will. No player should be but at a disadvantage in subsequent battles for x amount of days simply because (for one day) he had to reset officer perks in order to move multiple ships to a new outpost. Have also agreed to the ability to see the wind gauge when in port - your suggestion for seeing it in end of battle screen is also a good idea. Ability to take noon time position, ala TDA map, would be a logical inclusion for this game.
  10. to NPG. Please accept our symphaty

    Although we never meet each other face to face, we do get to know each other through Naval Action; each in our own unique way. To all of his clan mates and those that got to know him, I offer my sincere condolences. o7 Captiva
  11. Our dearest thanks

    To be able to recreate battles that we have read about all our lives - not just one, but all of the major battles of the U.S Civil War - and to see the terrain, the troops, and experience the logistical and tactical challenges of these battlefields, is truly an amazing accomplishment. Thank you, indeed.
  12. The protractor

    This is the safest way to navigate at the moment without using a third party map. I would like to see the devs implement the ability to take a noon position; similar to that in the TDA map. For those unfamiliar with the TDA map, taking a noon position lets you know approximately where your location is on the map, not a pinpoint, gps location.
  13. Any Advice for Nashville?

    I'm still wishing the developers would include the Battle of Franklin, Tn. as part of the battle of Nashville, The two are extremely dependent on each other. The Battle of Franklin had a huge bearing on the final result at Nashville. It cannot be understated. Besides, six Confederate Generals that are involved in various battles throughout the Campaign lost their lives at Franklin. Still hoping to see it's inclusion.
  14. Any Advice for Nashville?

    Nashville has a multi Grammy Award winning Symphony Orchestra, a pro Hockey team that was in the Stanley Cup final this year, a pro Football team that has been to the Super Bowl, it's the triple A home of baseball's Oakland A's; has a great art scene, museum and performing arts center. Nashville also has a diverse music scene that rivals that of any other city. Country music simply put it on the map decades ago. Your describing 1970's Nashville and even earlier. It's nowhere near that anymore. But if you only experience 2nd Avenue when visiting, then you might think it is still stuck in the 70's. Music Row is an area near downtown that is the heart of music related businesses; publishing houses, recording studios, radio stations, video production houses. It's far from being New York, L.A. or London, but it's no longer the city of Hank Williams' era either.
  15. I wanted to add one more request. Lower the amount of points needed to reset officer perks by at least half: 50 to 25. Maybe even eliminate having to grind up again once you reach 50 or 100 for the first time. This hurts all players, but mostly the new player. Example: Player has to help move ships to a new outpost, so he needs 2 fleet slots. He has to reset officer perks to gain the added slots. Once that single move is made, the player is locked out of his previous officer perk selections for too long of a time, putting him at a needless disadvantage until he once again reaches the current reset requirements. With ships now being 1 dura, a player should not be forced into this dilemma. To me, this falls into the repetitive needless grind category.