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  1. Dynamic BR

    This was an idea that I submitted last year; based on a photo of a modern fleet configuration that I attached to the post. Whichever way the Dev's finally decide to go will be much better than the old system that was recently discarded.. I'm in favor of the original post regarding dynamic BR as long as the effect is subtle while still be meaningful.
  2. Open world

    Wraith nailed it. A player should have control over which wood types he wants his ship to have so that it can be more speed oriented or tank oriented. He should have the option to install copper plating or not. He should have the option to install different sail qualities for speed, or install optimized rudder and lightweight ropes and blocks; but that should be it. Player skill should be the overriding factor in PvP, not OP mods.
  3. I Got Lucky Last Night but Don't Know Why

    I recently experienced some really bizarre issues when I would go to the 'Enter Combat' screen when doing missions. I would never actually enter combat, but would be stuck on the 'enter combat' screen forever. I would finally go to 'task manger' to force quit Naval Action. When I would log back on I would be in open world. I would sail back to port and my ship had taken damage and had loss of crew, but it was never sunk. So z4ys is correct, however, I never knew this myself till now. Now the hard drive of the computer that I play Naval Action is failing me. When it rains, it pours. : )
  4. Stuck on 'Entering Combat' screen

    Verified integrity of game cache, and there was one file that was fixed. Entered combat with no problems. Game is working again. Thank you! Captiva
  5. Stuck on 'Entering Combat' screen

    Ink. I am still having the same problem. This is my 4th day of not being able to enter combat from 'Entering combat' screen. The game is essentially unplayable at the moment other than sailing the OW and crafting. I have no idea how to check and see if the router/software is blocking ports. What's mystifying, is that I have never had this issue before. I played 'Ultimate General: Civil War' on Steam to see if there were any issues, and had no problems. If you can give me more guidance, it would be appreciated. Thank you, Captiva
  6. Stuck on 'Entering Combat' screen

    I have been stuck on the 'Entering combat' screen for two missions in a row. I pressed F11 each time but the report screen never appears. I'm playing on the Global server. The first time it happened I waited and waited. Finally, the 'Battle report' screen came up saying I failed to complete my mission, but it was superimposed on top of the 'Entering combat' screen. The second time it happened I waited and waited again, until finally a 'windows' message appeared saying "client exe. is not responding". When I restarted Naval Action, I was in the OW. I sailed back to port and noticed that my ship had taken damage and loss of crew even though I never did enter the battle. I have been able to sail in OW and enter and exit ports with no problems. Entering combat is the only issue I'm experiencing, and it just started happening for some inexplicable reason. Thank you, Captiva p.s. I have tried two more missions after closing Steam - so that it could update - and then re-starting Steam. Same result after entering mission; stuck on 'Entering combat' screen.
  7. I would like to see either World War 2 in the Pacific Islands, Vietnam or the American Revolutionary War. I would probably lean more toward American Revolutionary War. I chose these over other choices simply because I follow American history and like to recreate historical battles from the country's various wars. Having said that, I would be satisfied with any additional Ultimate General series.
  8. Port Battles with limited BR

    Yes! I started this post back in May. I could never come up with a solution. Some things happen in due time. Now that we're on the verge of going hardcore in NA, I believe it's time to have a serious discussion regarding fleet composition in port battles. The attached photo is included just as a visual. We've argued to strive for as much reality in all other aspects of the game. I believe it's time to tackle this one. Fellow Forum member z4ys has been supportive of the idea and encouraged me to think it through and submit an idea. He thought that the biggest flaw would be that the majority of players would always want to be in the 1st rates, and therefore there would be a constant conflict for who gets in the biggest ship. If diverse fleet composition had been mandatory for port battles since their inception, we would have been none the wiser, and would have always played by those rules. We all will adapt to this change just as we will adapt to no teleports, single dura ships and all of the other upcoming changes to the game. Edited May 19 by Captiva
  9. I had suggested a similar idea last year. My idea was that an audible "Sail Ho!" is announced whenever any player ship from another nation comes into visible range; no ai ship or ship from the players same nation is announced, only player ships from other nations. This is the equivalent of having a lookout in the crow's nest - and this is historically correct. It is then up to the Captain to scan the horizon to locate the enemy ship. If the player is truly away from his keyboard then these announcements won't help him anyway. But they also shouldn't have to be locked into staring into their computer screen for an hour or two during long, tedious voyages. On a similar note, I also suggested that an audible 'Drum Beat to Quarters' be heard whenever a player is tagged. And again, historically correct. Currently, the silent tag circle that appears when tagged is too sterile. There should be an audible sense of urgency when tagged in open world. I would even like to hear "Land Ho!" when you first come within visual range of a land mass. We're not suggesting things such as; auto-evasion skipper, afk defender or anything like that - just common sense crew feedback while in open world. These ideas would help ease the mind numbing experience that the player endures during long voyages. I am in favor of players having to make these long voyages, but the player should not be locked into staring at his computer screen for 1 1/2 to 2 hours in total silence while sailing long distances. These audible crew alerts would help eliminate the feeling that you're sailing a ghost ship. Currently there are zero signs of human life aboard a players ship while in open world. These suggestions would add greatly to the Age of Sail experience while playing Naval Action. For me, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Both ideas - pro and con - have merit. Let's see what the developers think.
  10. The early American West is one of my favorite themes. I will definitely buy the game. Continued stellar graphics from Game Labs.
  11. Ship book grid poll

    3x3 pictures are slightly larger than the 4x3's.
  12. Now that is funny! Well done.
  13. Totally agree. Mods that mimic history, such as: copper plating; lightweight ropes and blocks; optimized rudder (and others similar to these) are the only type of speed mods that should be available for ships. Combine these with the different wood types that are already in the game, and that is all that should be necessary for speed builds. Magic mods that enable ships to be grossly overpowered in any category hurt the game in my opinion. They can artificially create too large a gap between two identical ships or artificially create too narrow a gap between two completely different ships.
  14. Map view: Resource Distribution

    A great idea that has been suggested before. Let's hope the dev's are compiling folders of the most asked for additions to the game so that they can revisit them and reconsider them. Thanks for reminding them!
  15. Below is Ned Loe's suggestion for improving travel time. It includes the circle idea that I was trying to describe in my post above. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I would like to share my idea on how we could improve and cut travel time for RvR and PvP for all Nations and players. Red Flag must be enabled! Enabling Red Flag can't be done on trader ships, only warships. Red Flag allows you to jump from spawn point to spawn point. You still will need to travel, but time spent to jump from region to region is drastically reduced now. Add 5 spawn locations with teleport allowance circle. TA Circle - once you enter the circle you are allowed to teleport to the next selected spawn location. Spawn will cost Gold to jump. Gold covers sped up travel expenses and ship maintenance. 1-2 hour timer is set before next jump is possible. You can't jump back right away. Players will spawn in the middle of the new region , but still need to sail if they want to reach land and free ports. Spawns will be random inside Teleport Allowance Circle to prevent camping. Once you spawn you will need to sail for some time before reaching hot hostility zones or you can station in nearly Free Ports for pvp operations. Travel invulnerability might be wise if player remains inside the circle after jump. Once player leaves the circle he can be attacked. Pay attention and re route to avoid risk. Benefits: Jump any region solo or with a group once per hour. Join Allies in their Defense or Offence missions. Go pvp anywhere in the world with less than 1 hour of sailing. Guaranteed non stop pvp.