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  1. from i have seen up to now (just 10mn) 2 things i love: the scenic view in the open world and be able to pass stuff from boat to boat either in our fleet or with others. One thing i could see changed is the too modern looking compass. Else i like it!
  2. PYR

    Test du Requin

    je l'ai pris en teak/teak: 14 de vitesse brut (sans arme ni upgrade). Tout dépend si tu le veux super fast ou plus équilibré…
  3. PYR

    Test du Requin

    whoua!!! une accélération …; et quand on utilise les voiles, il est d'une agilité surprenante… un killer en carro et bien fitté
  4. PYR

    Test du Requin

    en ce qui me concerne, n'étant pas marin, si ce n'est dans ma baignoire… je trouve super un peu de diversité. Après les premiers test, équipé d'un pirate rig, il tourne super contre le vent. les voiles sont full or down. il est plus difficile d'en contrôler la vitesse. Mais très bas sur l'eau je vais le tester au contact, avec des carros. Super:)
  5. PYR

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Il a été demandé par de multiple joueurs dans toutes les langues: Plus de contenus dans le jeu!!! On log in: pas d'amis connecté, rien à faire; PB le soir à 23h (+2h = trop tard avec le boulot le lendemain); on s'emmerde 10 mn et on log out pour faire autre chose….; Il faut plus de contenu!!!!
  6. artisanat simplifié... ok. encore de la perte de contenu de jeu quoi... quand est ce qu'il y aura une annonce avec plus de contenu...plus de missions plus de choses à faire plus de possibilités et de raisons de prendre un bateau....
  7. PYR

    Slow loading time of game windows

    I experience problem and slow loading when i first sail out of a port and in the first entry in batle of each gaming session. But as soon as the second time the problem does not occur any more. i Dont know if this mighy help...
  8. Well i played several MMO before, and more balanced games, in which every players could find its place and play the way he likes it. I played during long years at POBS, in which crafting and trading was much more elaborated. So yes i kinow and understand that MMO are not systematically shoot and kill-or-loose games.... Those games are not at all interesting games. If traders/crafters are the loosing side systematically, they wont play. I will not play, because i find this concept stupide and not interresting at all. Some kind of balance between fight and other activities is what i am looking for. Being constantly in the 'loosing' side because i want to do some craft and trading is not interresting, and then I will warn players like me to not get this game and leave to players that like that sort of basic gameplay.... I think that people, like me, that search fun not only in a shooting style game, but in a more ellaborated gameplay, should not get this game. That is all.
  9. What people like you dont understand and apparently Devs neither, is that people play to have some fun. Trading and crafting is fun for some people. Running with no chance to get out in slow poorly armed, not manouvring ships against fully pvp flipped players is not fun. So loosing pixel that way is not fun. Can you understand the concept? i am afraid not; If the game turn out as i think it will, i change my eval and quite. No fun playing that game
  10. Then trading and crafting shoyuld be removed from the pvp server... Anyway they are already alf a joke as content for the game. In the same way, rookies should not pass by the leveling process and directly access to the boat hey want... that is by sinking that they will learn anyway!! until they log out for good. That will be good for the game
  11. Adjust your trading routes..... it is not a question of trading routes only, it is also the rookies trying to level up that will again be the target of pvp mark farmers
  12. So if you dont need them, why are you crying that they play in safe zones? should not matter. the map is big enough! And you talk about vastly superior numbers deffending their area.... when pvpers spent atimes attaking slow and defenseless traders with fully fitted boat..... and you are speaking as a victime yourself
  13. The problem with the so-called PVPers is that they want as many poor defenseless targets in slow moving and poorly armed sitting ducks to get the sentiment of being strong and a true pirate... they don't care that others may want to play otherwise, dont care of true combat as they never try to find matching opponents.... all they want is targets to shoot at and if possible slow and unarmed
  14. PYR

    Reward long trips

    Transporting goods on long distances takes a lot of time...e.g. from louisiana to the small antillies takes more than 5 hours. And in a trade ship it is an art to avoid ennemies and pirates.... But it is necessary to bring woods or other goods from there to here and their is litle incentive to push players to make long journeys. I think that such trips could be the object of missions with specific OW books and rewards or trade rewards. Sorry for my poor Enhglish
  15. PYR

    serveur probleme

    Hello, Unplayable with the caraibe server right now... lag, Windows of chat disapearing, login OW underwatter...
  16. PYR

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Idem for me yersterday (Sunday). Had to stop playing, frequent freezing, delay in the shot in combat (aiming and clicking to shot, but shot fired when no boat in front of the canons... annoying and not very efficient); Unodcking Under watter... and so on
  17. PYR

    Ship freezing and location resets

    Yop the same for me. the game is unplayable. boat freezing in ow. Hughe lag and so on
  18. PYR

    serveur probleme

    Hello The server has still some problems. I was kick out of it while in open see, and then impossible to log on. My brother this morninhg could not log in (we dont live at 25km from each other, so....).
  19. PYR

    serveur probleme

    not at all. several players complained on the chat. This rhe reason at posted this message.... maintenance is not far anyway.
  20. smaller nation should join bigger ones now... they'll never be able to have a bigger ship than a frigate out of the one port left to them if they don't have a safe zone.
  21. Hello en tout cas les Capitaines des USA et Canada qui nous ont rejoint depuis le global sont drôlement bons!! Ils sont super efficaces:) j'aimerais avoir leur niveau... en tout cas ils commencent à provoquer une certaine émulation bienfaisante dans la nation:)
  22. I havent looted Something valuable in age now.... sometime i dont bother to loot anymore
  23. PYR


    Hello Moi Guy Niol, ancien joueur, peut-être pas foudre de guerre mais crafteurs de plus (bien plus) de 100 navires, la plupart des rated ship, je ne joue plus. Je jouais en fin ou en début de journée pour avoir du fun et parce que je trouvais ça mieux que la télé. Je rejoins l'avis de Vil Coyotte concernant la démocratie. La plupart des ennuis viennent de deux choses: 1- ne pas avoir imposé l'anglais sur les chats nation pour une plus grande mixité (mot a la mode) dans la population de certaines factions et empêcher le développement de sentiments nationaux mal placés, puisque les membres de ces nations ne sont pas assez mature pour comprendre que les Antilles dans le jeu.... ne sont pas vraiment les Antilles.. Peut-être aurait il fallut créer ce jeu dans un monde imaginaire puisque nous sommes collectivement stupide.; le point 2 est que les dev qui lorsque j'ai acheté le jeu disaient que celui-ci serait différent car les écarts de paroles et d'action seraient immédiatement sanctionnés, n'ont pas tenu leurs promesses sur ce point. Total le jeu tourne comme POBTS et finira comme lui. Les gosses irresponsables étant par nature irresponsables, on ne peut pas leur reprocher d'agir bêtement,... si on les laisse agir bêtement. L'absence de règles et l'absence de volonté d'imposer des limites aux comportements nuisibles ont conduit à l'anarchie et l'anarchie conduit à la destruction.
  24. Bien joué!! une initiative très appropriée que seul un souverain reconnu de tous pouvait entreprendre! Je vote contre la guillotine!!:)
  25. lol... de la part d'un idalgo/danois... ou danois espagnol Manque pas d'air. Amusant