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  1. Les joueurs indépendants sont une race à part... ils n'aiment ni contrainte, ni dieu ni maître.... Un moyen pourtant de pouvoir participer au RVR serait de créer des guildes 'écrans' ou 'flottantes': qq un forme une guilde et les indé se regroupent dans cette guilde le temps de flipper un port. Ensuite les indé qui souhaitent repartent vivre leur vie.... 100k/jour pour l'entretient du port c'est une mission en 4 rate... rien quoi. Pour le défendre le même systeme peut être appliqué et des guildes existantes alliées peuvent aider si ils y trouvent leur compte. Seul le créateur de la guilde a besoin de se maintenir pour assurer le maintien du port.... le créateur peut aussi changer et celui ci donner la main à un autre pour un second port ou pour tourner...
  2. Bizzounounours... c'est beau et fleuri:)) si vous en avez autant c'est que vous les utilisez pas tant que ça.... Mais restez la bas... plus besoin des gueguerres anti- ou pro-machin stérile et puérile. De toute façon, je trouve le jeu plus intéressant quand il y a des opposants solides en face... et les suédois sont certainement pas faciles,.. que si c'est lisse et sans challenge:)
  3. Helllo Xp slots need to be unlock like for any war ship.... but Gros ventre is not a war ship..... then better to remove them because who is going to farm in a GV or india or tcutter???
  4. Non non il ne s'agissait pas dans mon idée, de parler d'une quelconque rivalité clan vs indé... de toute façon ce ne sont pas les clans qui font les règles du jeu et je suis ravi pour eux si cela leur convient mieux. C'est très bien! Mais comme à l'époque il y avait la Royale et les corsaires, il faut des clans et des électrons libres. Dans le contexte actuel il est nécessaire pour ces derniers de trouver l'angle un peu plus original d'exister. Ils ont leur place et peut les raids si ils arrivent les aideront un peu plus. Mais pour le moment, il faut qu'ils soient un peu imaginatifs. Si le clan flottant n'est pas un succès il peut y avoir des clan temporaires... Après tout un clan c'est 100k... soit un jour de maintenance d'un port.. Si besoin pour évacuer un ennemi proche et sans faire intervenir les clans officiels dans un contexte diplo difficile, on peut imaginer les indé former un clan le temps d'un flip et pb puis supprimer ce clan. Le port redevient neutre sans mouiller de le clan x ou y, et les indé ont rempli un rôle utile... etc je pense qu'il y a de l'espace mais à nous d'être imaginatifs... par contre les indé manquent d'un moyen de communiquer entre eux ça c'est certain. bon bref c'était une pensée jetée à la mer un matin au réveil
  5. c'est ce qu'on commence à se dire.. si plus de place pour les indé, .. alors pourquoi pas se mettre à son compte et passer pirates
  6. The New Ships?

    not everyone is on testbed
  7. Then leave... heu no please leave
  8. Maybe admin will tell us if a port taken by a clan and turn into a neutral or free port cost money to that clan. How i understand it is free or neutral, does not bellong to any one... so no keeping cost
  9. Yes but if an ennemy clan take a port to close to ports belonging to your clan you can take that port from the ennemy and turn it neutral again... so rvr and no cost to keep that port after
  10. Eliminate a clan to close from your port without having to keep it
  11. It will also be able to capture a port and tyrn it neutral again, son not necessarily to keep it
  12. Dont agree... People do rvr for fun. More boat and easier to get = more boat to loose = more RVR for fun
  13. I think it will some hot spots and calm zones. Small clan that want their territory will be able to instal in calm zones as long they do not zerg to much with a biger clan... or are maybe challenged by another small clan that look for a place Under the sun
  14. Agree!! game must not be too easy and more espensive ports will signify more alliance, then treason and so on... so lot more option to play!!
  15. Admin, we will have the new frig? :)))
  16. Clan will be able to fortify ports that they conquered?
  17. Youpii:))) We will have the small fregate in redeem? :))) I am impatient :))
  18. why the game is not worth playing it

    I am right on topic.... people say what they dont like some have the right to say they like it!
  19. Why combat mark should be not link to craft

    This s a good argument.. did not thought about it that way untill now..;
  20. why the game is not worth playing it

    I enjoy playing for more than 2 years with a pause from time to time. This is a fantastic game. It is unic and has to be preserved like a jewel because we wont have another with high art quality on the ship of that period for a very long time. The batle game play are also fantastic...; the rest is only matter of tuning.
  21. Rules

    It would be great to have some place, one simple and unic place, that players can look at when he has a question about a specific rule..... I am tired to ask question on chat without answer and lost time to look on the forum.... is it to much to make Something about that???? This is part of the small thing that make people in a bad mood.....
  22. Big laugh

    When I see two big Nations on PVPeu (Brits and Dans) take on a small one, to not say maybe the smallest (Spain)... this make me happy. In particular because the Danish usually give so often big lessons to others, as to the swedish lately or sometime to the pirates... but the truth is that big nations dont really attack each others... I think this is really the lesson : players in game cannot be trusted to equilibrate a bit things. Mechanisms have to be implemented, either to make that small nations, or if we are going toward wars between clans, that small clans cannot take part in war unless they reach a certain number, and big nations or big clans must be capped, else players naturally tend to migrate to the what they see as the winning side and the game is getting even more difficult to equilibrate. Sorry for my bad English
  23. Big laugh

    To Graf Bernadotte I am not from Spain and dont play for Spain either, but yes I play for another small nation that control far less régions.. . And by reading you I understand why spain did not accept your propositions. You are so full of arrogance... lol, and you try to convince the world how good and understanding you are... it is so funny. Frankly Danmark has shown its true face lately... so strong with weaker nations.... but so weak against strong ones...
  24. Big laugh

    i am not talking of enforcing a fight, but cap numbers in future clans for war clans... learn to read my English is not that bad
  25. Two reasons that I think that ports on the coast being non-tackable are good for the game : -Since I play, all big loss of players came after defait and loss of large number of ports by a nation: i saw this for the Dutch, french, spain, us, sweeden. Stabilize some national ports will help stabilize player base. Some so-called pvpers are complaining... but 99% of pvpers that i see in action are in fact taking on small lonely trader boats or at least far weaker guys.... they, at my opinion, do not represent the larger part of the player base -If war is hard in the center of the map, some battle damaged clan will be able to reform and resupply in boats before to go back in the melee Two reasons i think attackable ports in the center of the map are good for the game: -for so long I have read complaining players about long distances before action .... action will be concentrated in some central and easy to access locations -small island in some parts of the map make tactical manouvers more interrestings than aligned ports along a coast I would like to make one possible suggestion to create conditions for large batles like trafalgar -make a few neutral ports in some specific places with high valuable ressources necessary for all. Let say that these ports can be attacked by a clans/faction against AI. Once in that port, the boats of these attackers cannot leave anymore... so what ever happen they know that their boat are lost at the end.... but the reward must be concequent and other nation unable to access the ressource. ,Such an Attack is considerated an outrage by all other nations. Attackers will be able to choose a timer. From the next day, at the time choosen bu those in the port, any capitain of other nation in a 1 rate in its capital would be able to click and the first 25 would be teleported in the batle insrtance to retake that port. If the invader win, they keep the port for one more day but are unable to receive reinforcement. Nexr day the same until the port is retaken and render neutral again. That way if a nation want some big battle, capitains will face a hard opposition. reward must be important. If inviders can not escape, capitain of other nations should be able to do so if the battle does not turn good for them. So even with small pop, we could have some nice battles Sorry for my bad English