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  1. Magallanes


    No, Jorge..este es otro..pero con el mismo ADN... Lo podeis encontrar en el mismo clan de Lobo Negro y sir More , (BLUES). Su nick después de aquello fue "el Dioni", digo...La Salle
  2. Magallanes


    y del material que había en los almacenes de nuestro clan (y que te llevaste y luego cerraste) que hay, Alvarado?
  3. Magallanes

    Self defense (muskets and deck cannons)

    At close range a small group of first rate crew (200-300) handling muskets will desvastate open deck of Hercules or similar ships...so the actual game mechanic where small frigates attack big ships is far to be credible... and now we must ear the "pvp players" telling opposite arguments,,,🤔
  4. Magallanes

    A Treatise On Diplomatic Mechanics For The Layman Player

    Diplomacy is necessary to equilibrate the game from a RvR perspective, Despite players are not concerned about that in first instance when a strong coalition arise to try control the map, an opposite strong coalition is formed with the other factions in a short time. Nobody like beat a nation totally and this is not desireable from a gaming point of view as much as this is the main objective for nations involved in a war. I think the major problem is how affect diplomacy to players and if the players want to be concerned by. I can tell something from Spain point of view. We created a confederation open to all spanish clans with a general objetives as Nation from RvR point of view in a medium-large time. All clans are free to sign into the confederation, but they must agreed with national diplomacy lines that is decide in a main council where they are represented. All clan players signed must respect the rules of engagement related with diplomatic decisions (different from PvP actions) and I can say this is working acceptably well, despite puntual problems derived from the continuous creation of new clans. Clans outside of the Confederation are free to make actions against the others nations. The relation among factions derived from diplomacy is rebalanced itself during the time. Just a problem with players if they want receive the benefits of a good diplomacy or they are pull into a situation derived of a bad diplomacy Good diplomacy or simply "diplomacy" permits to players make something else than PvP in the patrol missions ...
  5. He is selling repairs to their clan members 4 times more expensive!!!☺️
  6. Magallanes

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    Im not quite sure of that... DLCs captains spent a lot of time in game without pain to lost your ship. They will have another in 24 hours, but they need pvp marks to obtain good upgrades for the next ship, so we are forced to play for pvp and a lot I think the relation between ship losses/mark gained is too favourable to second right now..and the DLC ship will be in docks every day
  7. Magallanes

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Hi mates. Spanish clan VIXIT is a new member of RAI (Real Acuerdo de Indias) Confederation. All obligations and rights from Diplomatic agreements are in force from today. Welcome to new clan. The main post will be updated as soon as possible,
  8. Magallanes

    Entry circles in land used by PVP players

    Sure, I know....Identified old issue dued a wrong game design and difficult to fix for game devs. There are others bugs in this game that DEVS point out as ban warning if an exploit is used by players. Why not in this case ? If you cannot fix the problem prevent us to exploiters
  9. Magallanes

    Entry circles in land used by PVP players

    "valiable tactic"??... another player reply. Still waiting for Devs
  10. Magallanes

    Entry circles in land used by PVP players

    Ummmm....Unsuccessful searching about this topic...I´m more interested in DEVS REPLY than others "related" players.
  11. Magallanes

    Entry circles in land used by PVP players

    could you send the link about that?
  12. Despite this issue can be used for all players. That is used usually by PVP players to avoid critical situations where these players are in disadvantage from an enemy chaser fleet. Commonly the PVP players are slipping away after an attack against alone ships when a chaser fleet is set up minutes later. The situation happens almost all teh time: alone attacker ship against several enemy chaser ships. Yesterday the player: Captain Reverse (could be another) targetted a IA fleet close to the shore to get entry battle circle for enemy ships in land (due a bug in this mechanism), so doing impossible to enter in battle for the chaser ships. Some players declared this game mechanism like LEGAL (themselves) , but I would like a reply from devs about this issue. Otherwise fix this issue please,
  13. Magallanes


    Bad said Tom...these were asumed losses..they lost their ships for next battle against your fleet with the final outcome shown un thE first message... So something more needs to be said...
  14. Magallanes

    hostility poll

    Flag mechanics with some rework... it was very funny work to discover the flag ship, usually supported with other ships. They had to reach the targetted port in a time limited by a windows (hostility operation timer)