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  1. Magallanes


    Bad said Tom...these were asumed losses..they lost their ships for next battle against your fleet with the final outcome shown un thE first message... So something more needs to be said...
  2. Magallanes

    hostility poll

    Flag mechanics with some rework... it was very funny work to discover the flag ship, usually supported with other ships. They had to reach the targetted port in a time limited by a windows (hostility operation timer)
  3. Magallanes

    VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    Change actual patrol areas and make different missions with patrol and scort task included...Some thoughts here... * economic war (make influence in the prices or availability materials if your facction is not be able to access to ports because they are in enemy hands). All wars have the economic point of view! *Large Trading fleets to escort ( player of own faction must escort fleet from two ports, (a light info could be displayed to other factions like aprox depart time, place or composition of trade fleet, obiously the fleet can carry materials or upgrades...). Alters can broke this missions, I know, but we can thinking about how we can fix it... * Wanted rewards against players... You can offer some money or upgrades (in advance) to pay the sinking or boarding a player (you must included a final screen capture and combat news at same time and others considerations to avoid tricks... Identification in OW must be restored * Severe weather can make your ship a lot of damage, including sinking the ship if you are not able to get a port in an especific time,,, * Ship Riots if you use the same type of ship during an especific time span without loot operation. it suposse the crew of a ship will be the same ever (just to replace crew dued to combat losses). ...
  4. Magallanes

    VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    I liked the flag system in the past but I will make some changes to avoid 100 flags at same time and other minor issues... It was very funny to detect main PB fleets and flag ships... Perhaps an expensive price for the conquest flags may be one solution to get an excess conquest flags...I remember 12 flags at once bought for the Brits against our ports some time ago. Trader people are the more benefited in this current situation..They can carry materials with no disturb meanwhile a patrol event is on the way...If your trader ship is intercepted then...this is not your lucky day, mate...
  5. No more to say... The lastest changes gave that to the game... and NOW its very difficult to find PVP action when you sail around the map...Just go to the patrol areas. The whole map is plenty of IAs waiting you
  6. Magallanes

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Según reportes de algún clan del RAI, ayer jugadores americanos de los clanes VCO y VSCO han atacado a barcos de la confederación. Os rogamos extremeis el cuidado en la medida que se pueda con jugadores USA (ya que en la actualidad no se pueden conocer las identidades de los jugadores), y hasta que se investigue el incidente estos clanes son HOSTILES. Reported incident yesterday, between RAI confederation ships and US ships from VCO and VSCO clans. Take care with these clans and US players in general until the incident will be investigated. These US clans become HOSTILE from now.
  7. Interesting and fun, but perhaps could be a problem with alliances between clans of different factions. In other words, two factions are allied due diplomatic agreements excepting a few minor clans. The new tag mechanic does not fix two allied clans enter in battle (one against other). Once in battle its possible to preserve the agreement in the first moments using the battle chat..
  8. Magallanes

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    FLEKI and 4PM clans are today a new member of Real Acuerdo de Indias. All considerations about diplomatic treaties are in force from this moment. Welcome guys.
  9. Magallanes

    Real Acuerdo de Indias

    Clan FLEKI se une a la Confederación española del REAL ACUERDO DE INDIAS. Los derechos y obligaciones les son aplicables desde este momento, así como los acuerdos diplomáticos que el RAI tiene suscritos. Bienvenidos y todos a una. FLEKI clan is today a new member of Real Acuerdo de Indias. All considerations about diplomatic treaties are in force from this moment. Welcome guys.
  10. Magallanes

    The Death of a Nation

    We were taking Almirante port. There wasnt an englishman in miles...
  11. Magallanes

    Caribbean Invasion News

    1. 2-3 hours combat ???? couldnt you scape them? 2. Laaaargeee, sure. 5 spanish ships most of them engaged by the ship-dogs (brits) 3.Our enemys say now how we have to do... No screenning, please ...We like make screen where we can.
  12. Magallanes

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Ahah..Spain navy has a pic at Gibraltar time ago... :-)
  13. Magallanes

    King's Council Announces Peace With The United States

    Don't worry guys... Spaniards will continue the war against brits, so this is the oldest war in the NA...and we dont change this récord.
  14. Magallanes

    King's Council Announces Peace With The United States

    The military alliance made months ago between USA and SPAIN (Real Acuerdo de Indias) IS CURRENTLY IN FORCE , and we want to enforce our alliance and USA wanna do the same, so... Brits must keep that in mind.
  15. Magallanes

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Hello. Today three more spanish clans have been added to the REAL ACUERDO: GRIJ, LUPUS and GOE. To Plublic knowledgment. The rules of engagements of these clans have changed from today. Rights and Obligations will be required by new clans in front of allies and enemies. The initial post will be updated by owner as soon as possible.