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    Up to date Ship Crafting tree?

    Neat, I guess that makes hunting stuff down substantially easier then. Cheers.
  2. Hey guys as the title said I've seen a lot of trees of how the ships are earned/made but they're all super out of date. Is there an up to date list that has when you learn what as well as what ships you need to craft to learn others?
  3. In a rather frustrating sequence of events while LGV hunting, I watched water wash over the deck of a sinking LGV which was my cue to turn in and prep to loot lest it sink so fast that I not be able to get anything out of my efforts. It's pretty routine by now but this time was different. The second I touched him the AI instantly boarded and wiped me clean as I attempted to disengage. And of course the second the boarding was up the LGV sank. Grapples shouldnt keep a ship afloat, that's a super frustrating mechanic to have especially when the AI can spring boarding actions on you like that. RIP
  4. BlackDragon

    Please post your major annoyances

    The time to rank up is reaaaaaally long. Frustratingly long at early levels. It took me about an hour to find an eligible target close to Port Royal that matched my mission so I could get the bonus, the trader brig then managed to turn to the wind and outrun me, which was super frustrating for Rank 1. Once I did manage to get some hits in it got me about 60 or so XP out of the needed 500 for Rank 2. I'm totally on board for a sizeable time investment needed for late ranks, but needing more than 3-4 hours to hit rank 2 doesn't feel good to play.
  5. This is the single greatest feature to date.
  6. A hilarious incident while running down a contraband runner: