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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    Port Battle Terre-de-Bas-Swedes v french GG frenchies just like old times..o7
  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    Sailing Tail end charlie at road town Pb,great battle o7.
  3. National Population

    I agree, although Mr Dorans win ratio in duals is extremely high, it doesn't make him a poor player. i myself struggle to be told how bad I am by a player who's is consistently sunk, by an average player such as myself. I like humble pie.
  4. National Population

    Fair play, 20 is still 20 more than 0, with the recent mechanics of an hour long chase that's a lot of time pissing in the wind protecting others who can't be arsed protecting themselves.
  5. National Population

    we have not lost many tbh and zero against BIG clan i think ive been sunk by 1 british fleet and twice by the french since wipe before last as i say i deal in facts il leave the fantasy to you. Good day sir.
  6. National Population

    Raxius i really have no words so il just leave this here.
  7. National Population

    I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. o7
  8. National Population

    Then now sir you have your pve paradise, last weeks events for the Dutch nation 1 ship sunk you must be rolling around in your new nations title of "Neutral" like a pig in muck, just think of all the cheshire cheese you can bring back to the dutch capital now. Brilliant strategy you have there sir basically NOTHING happening,Napoleon must be jealous. After Over a year and a half pvping for the Dutch i still don't know who you are, i don't even know which clan your in. As for the insults,FICTION!! we chased off more enemies and saved more Dutch players in home waters than you have unlocked knowledge slots whilst PVEing.
  9. National Population

    Glad we cleared that up then. You continue to deal in grey areas we will deal in black and white.
  10. National Population

    Let's keep this simple for the viewers , did cabal have any treaty with the French at this time regarding PvP?
  11. National Population

    Or I could debate it with someone who was actually there, not sat in port working out the next French trade route. Either way I deal in facts and the biggest fact for cabal is, it's a PvP server and we come to Pvp. that is all.
  12. National Population

    PB was already in play , you need to redefine the term screening. or Stop playing Chinese whispers.
  13. Well apparently they said they have over 500 million anyway so its inconsequential.