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  1. [PVP EU] Political Situation

    Judging by this thread it's apparently something.
  2. [PVP EU] Political Situation

    That's because the Dutch will never bend the knee to anyone, or change nations because it gets a little bit hard.
  3. Best thing is i expect prater is still waiting for the duel he offered LV many moons ago, I think a good judge of character is a mans honour or lack of. When a man builds his own pedestal the fall from it always hurts that little bit more.
  4. I would totally agree with this statement and I'm pretty sure everyone i sail with is of the same opinion.
  5. Teleport to Port Battle

    This was pointed out on implementation of TP to nearest port and it's tactical implications, everyone laughed at such a suggestion, it really doesn't take a genius.
  6. EU Server: Port timer BUG?

    Naval Action ALMOST total war.
  7. The gank I refer to is going to an enemy's capital not with the intention to fight competitively as an example the way PODW clan used to which created some great exciting fights, but to hit with uncatchable ships in small numbers with the intention of taking out single new players for PVP marks. When there is no prey left then the hunters die too because I have seen "right im done with this game" to many times since the wipe in chat. It's all been said already with the speed stacking I would just be echoing what others have already said in this thread I'm merely reporting what I see every day.
  8. Why? If you wish me to teach the ill informed your barking up the wrong tree. Lets flip it and il ask you to show me some vids of fleet on fleet action since the wipe because if you think small bands of speed merchants zooming about with impunity in surprises and Endymions killing new players for for marks is an improvement,I call BS.
  9. This sums Pvp up atm your either a ganker or your the ganked, not really what anyone wants is it? The ganked are mostly new players who leave after 2 or 3 losses the gankers are forced to kill these players for the Pvp marks. Snake eating it's own tail again. As for revenge fleets I haven't been caught by one yet and I sorta refuse to spend my time sitting outside battles waiting for speed merchants to magically appear then chase them for 30 minutes only to recieve a defensive tag then rinse and repeat. its tough to find satisfactory battles and god knows I'm trying.
  10. Pretty much what I see every night.
  11. The issue about ganking

    Indeed it's a gankers paradise out there and with the speed mods for an experienced player or players they would have to make a pretty big mistake to get caught. Not sure about other nations but I see constant chat in national about noobies getting wrecked, I've even chased rats half way to navasse from wiiliamstad just to give them a break, feels like a pointless exercise though with the speed mods. In between though I always get the chance to raise hostility to swop a port with PVE to keep up with the conquest marks debacle.
  12. Demasting too easy?

    I am simply stating that in most of the battles i face it is the de-masting that is deciding the battles and little else and therefore for me de-masting at the moment is to powerful,not sure what the rest of your post is about tbh in regards to mine. I like to keep things simple.
  13. Demasting too easy?

    If you want the priority of frigates that enter any battle to snipe masts first then it's perfect, personally i think it's to much. I don't mind the historical debate of ships losing masts often but it should take skill or luck like in the tournament,now as it is any tom ,dick or harry can do it without even trying. We have had the meta of chain, meta of tanking hull, and now we have the massacre of masts first pretty much every time in my experience. As an example.
  14. With such an amazing name i'm sure your soon to be the scourge of the seas. Good luck.