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  1. I predict a 1st rate clusterf**ck,just saying.
  2. Even whilst I’m away in Africa you’ve managed to burn my eyes more than the sun by defacing such a wonderful flag. Gl btw should be interesting times.
  3. Tac

    Please do something for bring the players back!

    I think KOC and Christendom are working on this as we speak.
  4. Tac

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    I think we had exactly the same thing in Puerto against the French we out fought them in the brawl but they out thought us in the PB it was a harsh lesson one you have to adapt to i guess in this ever evolving game. I sorta agree the kiting with th p2w ships is boring for me,but that's just me, i know plenty of people who enjoy sailing them and i would rather PBs be inclusive than exclusive. I then toyed with the idea of shallow ships not being able to enter the largest port battles by BR but to able to enter mid to low Port Br but tbh im just as bored of Ocean v Ocean line fights aswell. We know nothing on this will change in the near to mid future so i reckon we just have to wait until the next big patch and localization drops before we can even get into improving the experience of Pbs in general.
  5. Tac

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    I saw a Spanish ship once amongst the battles of Puerto but we just presumed he was lost.
  6. Good luck gents , I salute your fighting spirit. Hope to get in some good battles soon.
  7. Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  8. Tac

    GB political situation

    Lol i think brits are more total war some others probably in the handbags at dawn bracket tbh.
  9. Tac

    GB political situation

    Is that Total War or handbags on the forum for 3 days War? It’s easy to be confused in these indifferent times.
  10. Tac

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I hope your question has been answered to your satisfaction. . Might wanna try an easier port with better wind. Training with losses has a bad effect on a sailors morale.
  11. By trading it to me?
  12. Tac

    Caribbean Invasion News

    It seems Cabal has its own Yoda.
  13. Tac

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I think you need to speak to Des Moines about that. thats his territory. I’m here to bust balls and have a laugh at the serious “ this is more than a game brigade” and the toxic Titans” and we all know who they are and you sir are one of the biggest. You love to give it in global “ I’m bobby big balls” it seems you don’t like to receive it back. embrace it srupl .
  14. Tac

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Wait did yo just say a woman is less fun then a naval action game, and slide in mature in the same insult? im just haveing fun mate it’s a game Nothing more, it actually makes me a bit sad that this game is your life. adios amigo.
  15. Tac

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Paperboy is not a job it’s a hobby. Anyway back to a proper job for me, enjoy your syrup srupl , don’t forget to level up to a gf after you get a job. laters.