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  1. Swedish Nation

    If I may be so bold what is your name and nation in game?
  2. No don't be ridiculous,Cabal Has toilet paper printed with money in all poop decks though Seriously though what is money in this current form? Might as well be the venezuelan Bolivar.
  3. Think of the poor pervs clan they must have a 24 hour rota for PVE to pay that debt.
  4. Hostility is a failed mechanic

    Something different is for sure needed with fake flags,problem in the past was you could buy them with worthless gold so it has to be something players value and won't waste, money is pointless,combat marks pointless, so what would players not waste? Something with value that is hard to gain but on the flip side you would spend to gain a port with no value?(Apart from maybe as an example cartagena)? I think there lies the problem with fake flags.
  5. I’m all for protecting new players maybe up to a certain rank cannot be attacked in a zone, but capitals should be a hub of action or where else does one sail?No screening anymore , free ports only if you have a spare outpost and occasional ganking outside. Capitals should also be easy to defend as every nations players should have an outpost there but of course the speed meta encourages fir fir gankers which is why they were brought in and I believe all fir fir ships should be burned at the annual fir bonfire night. As it is now it maybe fair in your eyes it’s boring in mine,they are just to big I mean why are the coastal defences even there? Only reason I see is to give points in a pb.
  6. So it’s just free towns for Pvp ? Or pbs and open sea between the massive safe zones where you would need sheer good luck to stumble into a “serious trader”? Sounds like fun.
  7. So just one Freeport? You must be bored of the scenery by now then? Is it prolific there? Do you sink many traders?
  8. Where do you go to find it?
  9. Fair enough I won’t post in trading threads if you promise not to post in PvP threads. I’m just a PvP noob farmer , so I guess you must just be a farmer.
  10. Another Great New Player Game Review.

    Trust me when i tell you your doing it wrong,drink first and login second.
  11. Hostility is a failed mechanic

    Well someone needs to entice or encourage quickly, because this is a PvP server last time I checked , I haven ‘t had to craft or do a trade run in months and months PvP is becoming extinct imo it’s being throttled by Mr boring.
  12. Hostility is a failed mechanic

    You can only buy flags with PvP points, Anything to get move PvP in Ow, at the moment with reinforcement zones cutting swathes of inaction out of the map, no PvP dedicated zone like previously it,’s becoming as bland as porridge and it burns to say that.