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  1. Naval Action Meme collection

    Man ( Batman): We need money to pay our timers Barman (Gregory Rainsborough): Here, take this.
  2. Aunque no tenga nada que ver con el juego, no me puedo resistir a compartir con el que quiera informarse este vídeo en el que habla un ex-senador colombiano sobre el Imperio Español. ¿Cuántas veces hemos tenido que oir toda serie de acusaciones sobre la actuación de nuestros antepasados en la conquista de América? Acusaciones que punto por punto este hombre va a ir desmontando para aquél que esté dispuesto a ver los 45 minutos que dura el vídeo. Especialmente se lo recomendaría a todos aquellos jugadores que realmente han nacido allí. Sin más, este es el vídeo:
  3. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    - Fleet 1 should be available for all, without counting as 1 perk. Everybody should get the opportunity to capture a ship. - Improve Santa Cecilia - Improve Le Gross Ventre Refit: it's useless now - Repairs should be available in every shop: this would improve pvp - Remove edinorogs: they are too strong and reload very fast.
  4. Determined Defender Perk

    Just only to correct this sentence: actually it was the Redoutable the ship that tried to board the Victory four times and not Victory trying to board Redoutable.
  5. Я не видел никакого обмана. Только те пушки наносят большой урон I didn't see anything weird, it's just that those cannons do a lot of damage.
  6. Presentación de Navalaction.es

    Dado que faltan muchos barcos por meter, solicito a quien tenga tiempo y ganas que me ayude con los que aún no están hechos. Podéis ayudar de varias formas: - Buscando información del barco real - Sacando fotos del barco en el juego Para mí, crear la página con toda la info es un minuto, pero sin embargo buscarla y sacar fotos al barco es bastante más tiempo. Toda ayuda será acreditada en la web.
  7. [SPAM]

    Same track but in Rfactor some years ago....
  8. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    OK, fair enough
  9. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    I killed @Bloody Hound yesterday, but I didn't take any picture. He can tell if it is true or not.
  10. Resultados de BATALLAS

    Imagen antigua dice el subnormal este. Es de ayer!!!!!!!!!!!! Patético
  11. Resultados de BATALLAS

    Toma mira, tengo un aporte también para ti: Ah, y este es tu amigo el del Indiaman:
  12. Naval Action Meme collection

    LOL @Banished Privateer congratulations, you nailed it!! Best description so far.
  13. [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    It seems that your empire didn't end much better Well, our failure as a nation is beating you and be in first place? I don't mind failing then. My ship has always sailed the same flag ( and it always will be the same) When you see a picture of a battle you can see my name there (if I can go). You can't say the same of you because you are a coward and hide behind that character. Coward! You, little englander, are garbage. Write in the forum because that's all you can do. The great admiral who nobody can follow ingame because they don't know who you are, rat.
  14. [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Here is what this clown is: Absolutely coward ingame with no skills at all. Only writtes bullshit on the forum but can't do anything ingame because he is a coward and doesn't reaveal his name. He is so afraid of being killed everytime any captain sees his name that he rather stay safe only writing as if he was an excellent captain. He thinks he is like Horatio Hornblower but has no clue about diplomacy, tactics, or anything. He is so useless that he even changed nation. Unlike you, those spanish captains are out there everyday fighting for their nation, so you'd better not name any spanish captain again ever, coward. You are only rubbish, someone that can't even talk on TS because can't stand your own teammates. What kind of player are you? You are a joke, a useless captain, nothing at all. Full stop. We've kicked your ass so many times that it affects your little englander ego, right? Deal with it!!!!!!!!! GB has and has ever had big numbers; Spain is a low populated nation and even with that problem we just do our best and actually we're doing fine. I respect every captain ingame but not clowns and cowards like you. But someday I'll meet you again and you won't be with 6 guys like last time. That day it'll be a pleasure for me to send you with spongebob you know.... Until then, you are nobody here. Oh, by the way, I have this for you: