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  1. to NPG. Please accept our symphaty

    Very very sad news. My condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace
  2. Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    You can write all day long, you are noone and I still don't care what you say. Just another big mouth. Go to bed
  3. Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    About Alucard, he is only insulting our intelligence thinking he is smarter than us. Poor guy. So naive thinking one clan could challenge a nation. Sorry, you are just a troll. I don't care what you say because you are noone to give me orders. I will do as I want and as has always been. You can go back to your cave.
  4. Total War against Great Britain

    So basically you are saying that we have less numbers and you have more players, and with current mechanics we are hello kittyed. Yes we are, until the devs realize this we are. It's easy. You can screen us until tomorrow and we would not reach the port. And that's why we (or other small factions) can't attack big factions like GB. Never ever. This game needs urgent review of conquest mechanics.
  5. Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    You are reported. Go and call stupid anyone you know, not us. I haven't seen a coment about my words on how a small faction like ours can deal with other factions huge numbers. So, I put it here again: why is the game favouring with these mechanics always the factions with huge numbers? If you have 400 players and we have 50, how the hell can we get to the port and enter the port battle? We can't. Never. That's a fact. Devs know it and still do nothing about it. So this game right now is a mess even though it still has an amazing combat system. Figure out new conquest mechanics now.
  6. Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    Conquest mechanics are absolutely wrong. We are lucky that Spain had all those territories in those days, because if we start with 1 region we wouldn't be able to capture anything from a nation with more players. It's depresing. At least with the flag system we had the surprise factor.... Now, dear devs, tell us how the hell can we get back a port like Cartagena? This game always favours those nations with huge numbers and you don't give a hello kitty if the small ......nah, forget it. You'll never change this.
  7. Havana Occupied!

    It would be cool if we can have our national flag in the stern and maybe clan flag in the bow
  8. Sweden and France

    To be honest, this week is being awful. I live in the northwest of Spain (Galicia) and these days almost 40º...... Middle June ffs These high temperatures caused the fire in Portugal that took away 64 lifes. My condolences to our neighbours, what a tragedy
  9. Total War against Great Britain

    You never ever reduced us to our capital. We had 2 points in which our number of ports was minimum, but we had at least 4 or 5 ports and you never took Mantua. We call it "the Mantua Spirit" and from there we began our recovery. And you took a lot of ports from us during a weekend where most of our people were enjoying the summer and nobody was playing the game to defend our ports. That's all. We didn't surrender and we fought 2 days at Robras and managed to defend it. After that, we recovered almost all of our ports and went down to have fun in Barranquilla, defeating you and the dutch twice a day for 2 weeks. I hope that will refresh your memory
  10. El hilo del Lobo

    Ah, o sea que te consideras una persona educada..... La misma persona que me llama hijo de puta en el TS y delante de un montón de gente. ¿Quién te pone a ti el ban entonces? Porque si eso no es insulto o descalificación personal, que baje dios y lo vea. Pero no, al final el que recibe el insulto ( yo) se lleva un ban y el que lo dice sale de rositas y más siendo el "gran moderador" del foro español.
  11. El hilo del Lobo

    No pasa nada, tu solo actúas cuando te dicen algo directamente a ti....¿qué podemos esperar de alguien que solo busca el "titulo" de moderador? Ah no, espera, que es más fácil ir a llorarle al llanito para que me meta un ban por decir que alguien es mas tonto que los desarrolladores...
  12. You still don't understand. I'll do it again. Suricato's picture is a fair fight where he sinks the user who was whinning here. And with the same ship. Skill is required Your pictures are meaningless and skill is not necesary to sink/capture a traders brig. And yes, you don't have to prove me anything. I know you.
  13. Did you see Suricato's picture? That was a fight: surprise vs surprise and traders brig. 1 sunk and 1 captured. He won You just captured 2 traders and that's meaningless. But, hey, I understand, that's your best
  14. Go and keep showing off of capturing traders. That's the best you can do
  15. Yeah, it might be the same to you just showing a screen when one of the big mouths is given a perfect OWNED than capturing 2 traders brig..... You can be proud of such a huge action. Don't make me laugh