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  1. Le Requin is ugly, doesn't belong to the game's time and you can do nothing if its captain wants to leave the battle. They can play a game where if they see a chance to win they bet and if they don't, they just go upwind and game over. On top of that, they can have another Le Requin without carrying goods, wasting time in open world and wasting crafting hours, so they lose nothing. It's the most annoying ship and it's perfect for trolling. Fix it before it's too late for gods sake!!!
  2. _Alucard_

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    Why do you need a new nation? You don't play the game.
  3. Here is the answer: fuck off
  4. _Alucard_

    Caribbean Invasion News

    What happened yesterday was very good in terms of NA "the game". It was content. That content which a lot are looking for every day. Pixels go and pixels come back in form of new ships. If all of us have fun, there is no problem at all.
  5. _Alucard_

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    It was not stolen because back in those days that territory was Spain. The same Spain as Madrid (our capital) because ,just for your information, territories in America or wherever were treated as part of the Spanish Kingdom, and that goes also for all the people living there. They were spanish citizens by all rights. Read above. That's one of the most annoying posts I've read for a long time. You just have no idea of what you are talking about. 1- First mistake: you look back to 1492 with XXI century eyes. If you want to build an empire, you don't always build it by talks, do you? Sometimes you can talk and reach agreements and sometimes you simply don't, so the power of war speaks instead. The vikings, the romans, all civilizations did it in the past, ALL. Not only Spain, no, ALL. 2- "Greatest mass violations of fundamental human rights in history". ------> I can only LOL at this sentence. What violations? Do you know that the majority of indigenous people in America were actually colonised without firing a single shot? With what army could Spain have commited those violations that you talk of? Do you really know how many soldiers had Spain at that time in America? No, you clearly don't know because it's easier to say that they commited a genocide without a single evidence. First, for your information, there were tribes in America at that time that were slaughtering others even with cannibalism, religious sacrifices and that kind of civilized behaviour. Isabel of Castile wanted that all the people in those territories were considered spaniards the same way a man from Madrid is, she granted them rights of ownership for their lands and ordered that they MUST be treated well, paid for their work (YES, paid for their work, you've read it right: paid for their work) and that they were free people, not slaves. All this was created in Las Leyes de Burgos in 1512 -----> google it In 1532 Carlos I banned slavery in any circumstance. In 1542 the "encomiendas" were banned. Felipe II ordered this: from now on you will punish with greater rigor the Spaniards who injure, offend or mistreat the Indians, than if the same crimes were committed against the Spaniards. NOW, TELL ME WHERE AND WHEN ANOTHER COUNTRY DID THIS IN FAVOUR OF COLONISED PEOPLE, DO IT PLEASE. In 1542 Spain created the "protector de indios (indegenous protector), which was a legal figure to protect and ensure well-being for the native people. I can carry on explaining more things that Spain did but I don't feel like doing it. You'd better read more books. The real problem Spain had was that the indigenous people were not prepared to dealing with european diseases and in fact, those diseases killed a lot of people and NOT THE SPANISH, YOU IGNORANT. "Spain enslaved and murdered millions of natives while stealing their land, in the name of religion and profit" ------> You should read above . Spain didn't kill and enslaved millions of natives. Diseases did, and slavery was banned in 1532 so your point is wrong. Every empire commits, commited and will commit excesses. Nothing new here, but in the case of Spain all the british propaganda is absolutelly bullshit. In fact, you should know that 80% of wealth remained in America. It's know as the "quinto del rey" (1/5 for the king). So, that land was rich in gold and other materials but those materials were not being exploited, because they didn't know they had any value. Spain went there, knew the value, and as part of the Spanish Kingdom did use those materials to create wealth and well-being for the people. Only 20% of wealth actually came to Spain. Spain created universities, hospitals, roads, cities, everything....Man, some of those cities were richer than the capital... Now, tell me what empire did this like Spain? You should read above too. Encomiendas were banned in 1542.
  6. _Alucard_

    Belize, a trap in OW, but not in battle

    Let's see.... Belize reinforcement area is already a nice trap for attackers and you even complain about forts and towers positions. You almost don't sail out of reinforcement area.....yeah, let's build a wall so the brits can farm AIs all day long. You can join battles whenever and wherever you want, you have reinforcements, the forts and towers. You should try sailing out of reinforcement area...there is life outside.
  7. _Alucard_

    ¿Estado actual del juego?

    En mi opinión el sistema de combate ahora mismo es el mejor que hemos tenido. En cuanto al RVR está casi parado, pues conquistar puertos ahora mismo solo supone pagar más dinero por algo que no produce o no interesa. Ademas, como no hay batallas de puerto, cuando alguien se decide a atacar va medio servidor a esa zona a buitrear, cosa que da bastante asco. El juego necesitaría más contenido e incluso añadir retos tipo el examen del tutorial. Ver a la gente quejándose porque decían que era muy dificil no tuvo precio jajaja. Los buenos upgrades se pueden conseguir en los epic events o con las botellas, cosa que está al alcance de cualquier jugador decente si se lo propone. Ademas, su precio si se compran ha bajado a niveles que la mayoria se puede permitir. De todas formas, los que lo dejasteis hace un tiempo deberiais probar ahora y juzgar por vosotros mismos. Esto es tal cual sucedia en realidad. Una fragata por norma general no se metía con un navío de línea porque una andanada bien dada la mandaba a la mierda. Esta casi perfecto ahora mismo. Si vas con una fragata y te metes con un primera, si el tio te tira a mástiles mas pronto que tarde te acabara tirando alguno. Nada que objetar.
  8. _Alucard_

    Player Ship Selection Poll 2018?

    You should go and read more books. Spanish ships were among the finest, and you saying that "the crews lacked the stomach to fight" means that your opinion is directly discarded.
  9. _Alucard_

    Player Ship Selection Poll 2018?

    Can you please elaborate a little bit about that sentence? Saying that the Spanish had bad trained crews, bad designed and maintained ships is very easy but I want you to go ahead and explain us all why you say this.
  10. _Alucard_

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Well, ask a proper Cuban what's the name of that city...... He'll tell you Santiago (of course)
  11. _Alucard_

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Sant Iago ------> Santiago Santiago de Cuba https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santiago_de_Cuba https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santiago_de_Cuba A mistake that is here since the first day of OW. Time to fix it
  12. _Alucard_

    Pirates vs Portuguese

    Min 4 to 4:09-----> the first ship goes down with bow chasers shoots
  13. _Alucard_

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    What this game needs is some love from the players. Yes, it has some things that might be annoying, but at the end of the day we still have a very good combat system, very nice graphics and an excellent sound. There have been days that I go to bed and it takes a good time to fall asleep because I keep thinking about combats, port battles or other things. Sometimes you win fights that you didn't expect to win and it really is an amazing feeling. Let's contribute with ideas and stop all the critics without fundament. It's Gamelab's game, but it is also OUR game. Let's enjoy it and have fun.
  14. _Alucard_

    Spain Land Jump

    Why don't you remind other users when they write in russian for instance? Not all the people can talk or write in english.
  15. _Alucard_

    Así se las gasta un Galeón español.

    Estás muy equivocado Clearco. Si supieras lo divertido que es dejar a tu enemigo como una trainera, no dirías eso. Ah, por cierto, para hacerlo no tiene por qué ser tirito a tirito. Dependiendo de la posición del enemigo y lo hábil que se sea con eso, los palos caen ... ¡vaya que si caen! Si ya se posee la habilidad de poder hacerlo "tirito a tirito" pues mejor aún. Este juego consiste en intentar hacerlo lo mejor posible en una batalla. Una de las tácticas que hay, hubo y habrá es el tema de tirar a palos. Si tú consideras que no es importante dedicarle algo de tiempo a practicar esa técnica, pues vale, tú mismo. Dices que el abordaje tampoco lo has practicado, siendo otra vía perfectamente válida para derrotar al enemigo. Entonces, entiendo que lo demás se te debe dar muy bien porque no todo el mundo puede prescindir así a la ligera de esas dos características..... Pero claro, después resulta que vemos que los que tú llamas "mugüenos" saben hacer esas 2 cosas y por supuesto, el resto. Entonces,¿cual es la diferencia? Pues que ese "mugüeno" lo es porque lo ha practicado, se le da bien y lo pone en practica. Entonces cuando ese "mugüeno" se encuentra con uno que no es tan bueno, pasa lo que pasa..... que el bueno gana y el otro pierde. Y el que pierde en vez de buscar el razonamiento y el error propio, decide que es mejor achacarlo a que el otro va chetado, que si las cartas mágicas y resto de cosas que se suelen comentar. Pero lo que no hace es pensar lo siguiente: si ése puede hacer eso que yo no se hacer y le da resultado, podría ser buena idea que le dedicara algo de tiempo a practicarlo yo también y así por lo menos sabría si soy capaz o no de hacerlo. Porque lo que está claro es que hay gente que tiene habilidades que otros no tienen y por eso Messi es Messi y hay pocos jugadores como él..... pero claro, lo que no podemos pretender es querer ser Moscalb sin practicar lo que él practica. Eso será así siempre y por mucho que se insista o se debata, él aprendió todo lo que sabe haciendo PVP y poniendo en práctica todas esas cosas. Hay dos opciones: intentar aprender cosas en este juego o quedarse estancado y después cuando alguien nos gane echarle la culpa a otras cosas. Yo tengo clara cuál es mi opción, pero ¿tienes tú clara la tuya?