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  1. Ruthless4u

    Premium ships 24 hours

    How many people do you think will be willing to pay 10 or 20 bucks per ship per loss? How would you stop gankers and griefers from hunting these ships down because people paid real money. Think ganking should bad now, wait until losing ships cost real money. No, making people pay cash over and over again for premium ships/content is a bad idea, this is not Eve.
  2. Ruthless4u

    Blame devs for everything

    That's what the best part was, I did t care if it was a long fight, hell I didn't care if I won. All I wanted was a good intense fight where one mistake would end it. You can't get that in other naval combat games, certainly not WOW's and now not in Naval Action anymore as well.
  3. Ruthless4u

    Blame devs for everything

    Which does not apply on a privately owned forum
  4. Ruthless4u

    More content to game!!

    IIRC hostile AI fleets were tried but we're pretty solidly rejected by both PVE and PVP players. It was before my time in game so maybe Liq could elaborate more. For the record I would like to see hostile fleets as well.
  5. Ruthless4u

    More content to game!!

    Most of these have been suggested several times over the years. As far as the ghost ship, naval action is more realistic vs pirates of the caribean/jack sparrow and would likely lose a lot of the die hards here if added.
  6. Ruthless4u

    How to avoid cyclic player participation

    I'm still waiting to see those 10k individual logins admin mentioned awhile ( month ago iirc) back. Which means there is still intrest, but not having more than a few hundred on at one time shows it's not keeping intrest.
  7. Can't speak for anyone else but heavy focus on trading and crafting has always been my experience. I simply can't afford to do anything else beforehand. Maybe I'm an idiot or something but fighting PVP and ai missions in basic cutters does not generate enough income in a reasonable timeframe. I honestly feel like I'm on fetch quest similar to sea of thieves when I'm on trading runs. Clans are not a viable option due to my hearing issues, although I appreciate the 2 that took me in to try, but typing in battle while everyone else is on voice is a pain lol.
  8. I have no problem with OW in theory,but every time I tried to do anything I felt I was stuck either fighting boring bots or endless trade runs. As a player, I have 0 intrest in trade/crafting. The time involved just to make a few keys presses to turn around and do it again is an exercise in futility. Dull, pointless and ultimately a wate of time. My thought when I joined the games was to hunt ( mostly player) pirates in the OW, escort friendly ships, fleet screen, and a few fleet and port battles tossed in. How ever my time is wasted with trading as a priority for the most part. That why I don't return to OW, I simply don't have the time to be forced into an aspect I don't enjoy. I understand why the trading and crafting is in game, it simply has 0 appeal to me.
  9. Ruthless4u

    Waiting for E3?

    Skull and bones has been delayed until next year
  10. Ruthless4u

    Games similar to Naval Action

    But you already have NAOW for that, no need for another game. Hell OW is all about the PVE and mind numbing trading.
  11. Ruthless4u

    Games similar to Naval Action

    3 year old thread bump Any new promising games similar to NA but without the heavy PVE/trading focus?
  12. Problem with doing a limited open beta like last time with NAOW players is the same thing will happen. All the NAOW will test for a short time then abandon it. Fact of the matter is NAOW don't want evenly matched PVP combat, they want brain dead PVE AI fights and bland trading/ fetch missions. Having those players test NAL would have the same result.
  13. Ruthless4u

    Skull and bones to have a " historical " setting

    They open beta testing already?
  14. I would love to see NAL, don't get me wrong I just realize it's not going to happen. I don't feel it was ever meant to happen. I'm sure admin won't like me saying it but that's my feelings on the issue. For what they are worth of course, but 2 years after OW is finished and I know legends won't be started again.
  15. The sailing, navigation and trading is just going back and forth from point a to point b. When you see players saying they are " playing" by logging in, setting sail then alt tabbing to watch a movie while checking in at 30 min intervals to correct navigation that tells me it's not much of a game. There was another AOS game a few years back that was primarily trading only( on konegranite iirc, can't remember the name) that didn't last a year. Players got bored sailing back and forth doing nothing. Yes I do realize people have different taste in games as well lol. When I signed on for the game, I was hoping for a game that yes while it had sailing, trading, etc I could be a pirate Hunter, battle player members of enemy fleets without having to spend several hours a day being forced to trade or other mundane task. Mindless sailing back and forth just to hit a key to finish a trade and sail back has little intrest to me. They really need to implement a way for solo/small groups to play in OW by primarily being a PVP focus.