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  1. Naval Actions Legends - Infos and details

    You seen this post?
  2. How are the console versions progressing?
  3. NA-L own Steam ID

    Would be nice if it was off weekends, but I think it's still a ways off. Then I could actually have time to play.
  4. Work in progress: Working title.

    Not that I'm a big fan of how NAOW is being handled., but it does not have to be a new concept as long as its executed better than the competition.
  5. Work in progress: Working title.

    Not everyone wants cartoon themed ( anime ) ships in a game like WOWS has. From my understanding they plan on allowing players to design their own ships unlike WOWS where you only choose modules. Assuming there are more planned in detail features. It does not seem like they are planning on a WOWS clone It would be like calling NA legends a clone of skull and bones
  6. Add PvP to Naval Action

    Never had a problem with high ping that I can remember. Eastren time in the evenings does not mix well with European times.
  7. Add PvP to Naval Action

    Unless your in the wrong time zone
  8. Not been able to play lately( tommorow crossing fingers) but iirc I seen someone mention we have battles in storms now. Anyone have any vid of that other than the 50 second one currently on YouTube?
  9. Controller Support

    IIRC they said they had a working version for Xbox1 in the announcement thread, just needed some tweaks. I imagine that they would have kind of workable controller scheme. Curious to see how it's set up as I'm also trying to figure it out.
  10. Great news, the misses is making me convert our office on the weekends ( into a nursery) and finish up our basement before the new baby. I can get away with playing during the week when" I'm too tired " from work but can't escape it on the weekends lol.
  11. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Sucks, I get in and only had time for 1 battle since it started.
  12. It's so boring here I started to play Albion

    Did he leave NA as well?
  13. It's so boring here I started to play Albion

    I believe it's 2 seperate teams working on Legends and NA open world, so one should have no bearing on the development of the other.
  14. In the announcement mentioned the possibility of the game being put on console. With that comes the need for controller( Xbox 360/1, PS4) support.Keeping in mind that a lot of PC gamers use controllers from those systems( at lessst part time) can we expect to test the viability of controller support during the closed beta testing?
  15. Owning NA before NAL release

    I don't think it's been decided yet if owners of NA will get anything.