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  1. What is the PVE server for ?

    All I'm saying is I've seen the PVE only guys complain about it as well, it's not just the PVP's doing it.
  2. What is the PVE server for ?

    Not that I'm a fantastic of Justme, but last time I checked it was the PVE only guys that hated the thought of aggressive AI, at least the ones on the steam forums. I don't mind aggressive AI, other than its boring to fight.
  3. What is the PVE server for ?

    Hate PVE server myself, at best it seems like an overextended tutorial. TBH I would rather play Sid meier's pirates ( been playing it over 20 years) than ever touch the PVE server again, hell even on " easy " Sid Meirs pirates offers a more compelling and meaningfull gameplay experience. Pretty sorry state of affairs when a 20+ year old game can do that over a modern one.
  4. For the People Wanting to Quit the Game

    RL is the biggest reason I take long breaks, but I hope to start again soon.
  5. Exactly If me and 3 friends are in a fight, it becomes more a competition between allies than teamwork because only 1 player gets rewarded for the kill.
  6. Was hoping to see gold/XP for damage done brought back
  7. RNG Nerfed?

    Why should PVE players have a better chance of loot, PVE is far less risk.PVP should have better rewards.
  8. Historical pirates

    I don't recall the devs saying this is a sim, care to prove me wrong?
  9. I'm done

    Maybe, maybe not but time will tell. Who knows how many will come back at release. Just wait and see and give feedback
  10. Future plans for non-craftable ships

    From my understanding they will add the missing ships when they move to unity 5, something about current engine not being able to handle everything.
  11. Pirate Cutter Escorts

    It's creative winning, it's only cheating when the Nationals do it.
  12. Economic Alts...

    You play as an alt you rolls the dice and takes your chances. If I had an alt I would not initiate combat with my mains nation, but if attacked would defend myself.
  13. Economic Alts...

    I see a ship from a hostile nation, it gets attacked. Hope I don't run into of my clan mates Alts lol
  14. Was OW originally intended to be part of the game, or only added at the request of players. Seen conflicting information on this and was wondering what is originally intended.