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  1. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Sucks, I get in and only had time for 1 battle since it started.
  2. It's so boring here I started to play Albion

    Did he leave NA as well?
  3. It's so boring here I started to play Albion

    I believe it's 2 seperate teams working on Legends and NA open world, so one should have no bearing on the development of the other.
  4. Owning NA before NAL release

    I don't think it's been decided yet if owners of NA will get anything.
  5. Tried logging in

    Tried logging in, keep getting 400 error code. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. I missed sea trials so maybe I have no idea what features your talking about, so what features are you talking about? I know legends is supposed to be free to play if that's what you are referring to.
  7. Please make it its own steam entry

    Probably, with a 2nd kid on the way need to convert my office into the new babies room, and finish up finishing my basement which is going to kill my weekends lol.
  8. Please make it its own steam entry

    That sucks, I must be one of the few who does not have weekends free atm lol.
  9. A video trailer will help

    Well I've been spreading the word, would love an official vid to accompany my posting.
  10. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Stupid phone, qouted instead of edit.
  11. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    I'm sure someone might make an offhand post someone, doubt there will be to much excitement
  12. Xbox testing signup question

    From my understanding the testing is currently for PC only, and depending on how the PC version does they may bring it to console although IIRC admin said they had a working Xbox version. I would be interested in testing for either one myself.
  13. Part of me wants cross platform, part of me doesn't. Advantages and disadvantages to both. I know a lot of console guys who would love a game like this, but simply don't have a PC to run it.
  14. Why "Naval Action Legends"?

    Question Will keeping naval action in the title bring too much of a negative connotation? Given some of the reviews and disgruntled players, is it a good idea to leave it a part of the name?
  15. Will invites be sent out through email or forum/steam PM?