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  1. Felix von Sachsen

    Teleport Bug

    it happened to me aswell. i was fighting a battle with 2 friends. after the battle they spawned where we entered the battle, but i was on the other side o the caribbean.
  2. Felix von Sachsen

    Signal Flags

    well... signals took some seconds to get up the mast... flags had to be collected, connected and run up. and that several times, depending on how long the message was. so you could say it takes about 10-30 seconds to send a signal if your crew is quick. it isnt something that just pops up the second you would press a button. and then the signal officer has to read the signal and if he doesnt know it out of mind, has to look in the signal book what it means. so yes... transfering a message would take an average of lets say a minute.. i am not too deep into this topic and can only guess. it might take even longer. all in all i dont think someone would spend the time to send as many messages in a battle as possible, since it costs valuable time in which you cannot shoot/steer/manage sails... especially since in this game, timing is everything.
  3. Felix von Sachsen

    Flags, Ensigns, Banners

  4. Felix von Sachsen

    Signal Flags

    i would love to see signal flags. it just adds to the immersion. as i previousely mentioned in the flags and ensigns thread: i dont know what the officers slots are good for, but if officers are implemented for e.g. seperate gun decks, sails, marines, etc., having a signal officer would be a nice addition. depending on his skill/level messages could be transferred/understood faster and misunderstanding of signals reduced. also this would challenge the player to learn at least the simple commands, simply to check if the message is understood right. distance and smoke could also make it hard to read signals, so that one would have to guess what it means. i wouldnt make it a priority but definitely add it to the to-do list!
  5. Felix von Sachsen

    Historical Flags.

    in the current build there are greyed out officers slots besides the modules. having a signal officer to translate and send signals would be a great addition. the higher the signal officers rank, the faster signals are send/translated/less likely missinterpreted. but yeah.. i guess thats a subject for a later part of the development.
  6. Felix von Sachsen

    Historical Flags.

    not only national flags should be correct.. the signalflags and pennants are modern aswell... i would prefer those(and even more to be able to send actual signals with them): https://www.google.de/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CC4QFjACahUKEwiG-NfD3pTHAhWE3CwKHS2qBKs&url=http%3A%2F%2F3decks.pbworks.com%2Ff%2FAdmiral%252520Home%252520Popham%252520Telegraph%252520signal%252520book%252520Final%252520edition.pdf&ei=snjDVYbXL4S5swGt1JLYCg&usg=AFQjCNFQGHeGiV6fVSHpfr7Kd18u5RqUHQ&sig2=vx-IhdY5CYv1CGMdN2yD8g&bvm=bv.99556055,d.bGg&cad=rja [PDF DOWNLOAD OF THE BRIT. SIGNAL BOOK OF 1806]
  7. Felix von Sachsen

    Wrong protocoll version

    fool me... didnt check that =) thanks mate! ~closed~
  8. Felix von Sachsen

    Wrong protocoll version

    o7 everyone, after a windows and a steam update today, i cant log in - getting this error: i hope you can help! cheers