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  1. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    No worries, it's happened to a few of us several times.
  2. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    Why is this in NA legends discussion?
  3. Work in progress: Working title.

    Is it safe to assume aircraft and aircraft carriers will not be a part of this game?
  4. Just curious, I didn't sign up due to some extra work commitments.
  5. Matchmaking in Legends

    Sorry respawns are just a bad idea. WOT does well enough without respawns.
  6. The problem with cross play from PC to console is mouse and keyboard vs standard console controller. I could see it being an issue if one offers a distinct advantage over the other which I believe m+k would. Then would it be cross play with only one console or both? Given that Sony does not want cross play with MS( wot console been trying for over a year for that ) who would the PC version cross play with.
  7. Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    I remember the early days of WOT console, FF was a major issue due to Microsoft not allowing players to be banned by the game devs( iirc)
  8. Naval action open world is basically a lost cause at this point due to the PVE players wanting the game dumbed down to FarmVille of the seas. Let the PVP players salvage something from the sinking ship that was naval action open world
  9. Cross platform? I must of missed it somewhere
  10. If no one else has asked, when is the sign up for testing likely for PS4/Xbox 1. Have some friends interested but they don't have PC's
  11. Nvm missed the post were you said small pay for groups have been removed
  12. A vision for casual players

    Shame this will be ignored.
  13. What is the PVE server for ?

    Yes because the 100 or so PVE only players are going to keep the game " afloat "
  14. What is the PVE server for ?

    In this case numbers don't lie. If PVE only is what players wanted the server would have a lot if players which it simply does not. PVE server needs to be more than a barely interactive screen saver in order to be viable. A good start would be aggressive AI, but I have a feeling adding anything challenging would kill the game for you.
  15. What is the PVE server for ?

    Given the abysmal numbers on PVE server, it's obvious it's not.