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  1. Do you mean the only player who should get the reward is the one who sinks it, not others who helped sink it?
  2. So for higher ranks with higher cost to replace ships( if higher level used) you should earn less?
  3. I was disappointed that with the latest patch they did not bring back gold/Xp rewards for damage done in battle? would anyone else like to see this brought back, it's like they want to punish players who fight together.
  4. What needs done

    As qouted here Move from PvE/Craft/Trade oriented gameplay to Naval ACTION oriented game where we have plenty of OW PvP and RvR. We should be shooting each other mainly and all the time, and PvE for new guys to get XP, create some economy to get in PvP and learn some basics how to sail. Right now it is the opposite
  5. Problem with your logic is stop/start, stop/start with shorter time spans is less efficient than longer playing blocks.
  6. How long are your play sessions? I can see how it can be an issue for players with more time restrictions
  7. Do you feel it's possible to be a successfull solo player in OW PVP without trading/crafting( except selling goods from captured ships to NPC) Also what percentage do you feel is required in each of the 3 primary activities to be successful for ex trade: 33 percent combat 33 percent crafting 33 percent fishing 1 percent
  8. I'm guessing once legends is completed there will be a long but inevitable slide into a OW that's PVE only on all servers.
  9. I'm done

    Nobody is going to listen anymore? Maybe that's due to hardly anyone being left to listen. Since when was this game supposed to be all about endless hours of trading/crafting. Unless of course your able to play during that " magical " prime time hour.
  10. I'm done

    How long is your average play session
  11. When PVE takes over PVP, analyzing the causes

    I don't think many of the current player base wants a WOWS style game, but I doubt anything that's not similar to a WOWS may not attract the needed players. I am concerned of the changes to the combat that need to be made for legends viable.
  12. The worst would be sea monsters and zombie pirates ships, with magic fireball spells raining from the sky. I really hope we should not expect that lol
  13. I'm not the most computer literate guy out there, but seeing the devs talk about unity 5 makes me wonder. What does unity 5 really mean to the future of NA, and is it really worth the potential delay it will cause switching to it?
  14. I'm done

    Lot of players are acting like NA legends is basically done. They underestimate how much will need to be changed to appeal to the WOWS crowd, it will be very different than what many here think it will be.
  15. I'm done

    I guess if fighting sea monsters is your thing then have fun with it. So far it has a Krakken, Lord knows what other fantasy garbage it will have.