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  1. scottydog

    Gifting a ship

    Thanks for the info. All done and the Heavy rattler is with it's new proud owner. Regards from Thomas.
  2. scottydog

    Gifting a ship

    Thanks for the prompt response. can you please explain the exact procedure for doing the trade . Regards from Thomas.
  3. scottydog

    Gifting a ship

    Hello! i would like to return a kindness and give one of my ships to a new player. This ship was given to me and i would like to pay it forward. How do i do this? Regards from Thomas.
  4. scottydog

    Workaround for occasional ship control loss.

    Hello. I sent a report but misinformed you regarding the upgrades. She was a well sorted Purple Code ship. Iwas not using brace. I could steer the ship and fire Guns but had zero control over the sails. Regards from Thomas.
  5. scottydog

    Workaround for occasional ship control loss.

    Hello ! I have just lost my Aggie in a 4th rate battle. I had no control of my sails and lost my ship. I have just read the post about re login but was unaware of this fix until now. Can i have my ship back please? regards from Thomas in Wiltshire UK
  6. scottydog

    To Many Messages in Chat. ( Chat unusable )

    Just after i posted this my PC went Blue Screen Crash in the middle of a battle with 2 Frigates. 10 mins later i was back in the battle and the Chat was usable once more. Curious !!
  7. Hello . I have a problem trying to use Chat. When i attempt to Chat 'To many messages' appears in the box and i cannot message anybody. Regards from Thomas in Gloomy Frigid Wiltshire UK
  8. scottydog

    Technical problems and bugs

    Hello! At about 8 pm GMT i was in a 2nd Rate ship battle when the game crashed and i lost my ship. Can i please have it back. A new Bucentaure. Oak and Oak planking. Northern Carpenters. Bovenwinds refit and Congreve sights. Just before the Crash the ship was behaving strangely. Less than 4 knots under full sail in a good breeze on a Broad Reach. Despite this problem i was destroying the other ship. When i got back into the Game after the crash all the Armour on one side of my ship was gone and shortly after it was sunk. Can i have a replacement please. Regards from Thomas in Chilly Wiltshire UK.
  9. scottydog

    Questions to developers

    Thanks for replying so promptly! Can you instruct as regards making a vidio please. Cheers.
  10. scottydog

    Questions to developers

    Hello Noble Captains of all factions ( and even the Brits). Since the Unity 5 update i've noticed that Ports and ships suddenly pop into the picture. There is no gradual transition and this can be disconcerting and especially when an enemy appears. This apparent weakness with the drawing of images might be rectified with the next patch hopefully. Happy sailing everyone and best regards from Staines and crew.
  11. Hi everyone! Game crashed last night (23.05 GMT) while i was Boarding an LGV. Reinstalled the game but still cannot Log in. The dreaded "Sending crash reports 1/1' message appears. Regards from sunny Wiltshire UK.
  12. scottydog

    Technical problems and bugs

    Hello. Naval Action Crashed at About 23.00 hrs GMT. I cannot log on and there is a message informing me that 'crash reports are being sent" At the time of the crash i was boarding an LGV in my Indy. In the hold was a lot of valuable stuff. Please can you fix this. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but this problem of sending F******G reports still persists. Regards from Windy Wiltshire UK.
  13. Hi everyone! My game crashed about 10 mins ago. (23.00 hrs GMT) I was involved in a Boarding action with an LGV in my Indy. I would hate to think that i will lose my ship after this crash. Please let it not be so!
  14. scottydog

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Support Ahoy! Game crashed this AM. This time with a 'Client Stopped Working' message. Could this be a problem with my Internet provider or STEAM ? Settings have been lowered as you advised. Regards from the land of Wurzels and good Cider.
  15. scottydog

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Thanks for the advice . Will try new settings. X