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  1. Next update?

    ok...lol...well see koro
  2. Next update?

    i will not buy another SP release...i promise you
  3. Next update?

    ill troll for multi for a bit
  4. Dev Opinions on Multiplayer?

    im fighting for the games life...what are yoiu fighting for soldier?
  5. Dev Opinions on Multiplayer?

    perhaps thats why the shift to SP?
  6. Dev Opinions on Multiplayer?

    turned alot off
  7. Dev Opinions on Multiplayer?

    very difficult to use
  8. Dev Opinions on Multiplayer?

    the multi UI was innept
  9. Dev Opinions on Multiplayer?

    Sid meirers gettysburg is the model...forget the bugs it had,,,dynamic VPs ...dynamic oobs...dynamic reinforcements, times and oobs...and co-op, based on divisional command...that was 20 yrs ago...youd think that ugcw it could at least have multiplayer.
  10. Next update?

    then what?
  11. Tips for dealing with enemy skirmishers?

    or pop skirms of your own to deal with em
  12. Tips for dealing with enemy skirmishers?

    run skirms right down...like sheep...but dot let em get your flanks better to roll striaghte over em at a run...kill them quickly with a line then follow with skirm pursuit
  13. UGCW Feedack 0.76 and higher

    ill take performance over pretty any day
  14. So, I was wondering... What's next?

    choose files... Click to choose files
  15. Is there a new UG in the works?

    frothin at the mouth over here...lol