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  1. Forged Papers

    Can I trade my unused forged papers? I think I have about 6.
  2. In my opinion the Devs are heading in the right direction. I would even go one step further and limit the amount of 1st rates any one player can have at any given time (only 1?) and extend the time it takes to replace a lost 1st rate. In this way one effectively controls amount of 1st rates in game and ensures more historically relevant fleet compositions in RVR. Nerf the Wasa or make it a 3rd rate. Make mostly 3rd rates the meta for Port Battles. Personally I would bin a fair amount of the mods too, rather making them skills that need to be learnt and maintained through constant training and practice to compensate for experienced crew losses in battle.
  3. 18 December 2017 patch notes

    I have exactly the same issue as this. I F11'd it. I also had to kill the game through task manager and when I relaunch the game I also go back to the same map screen.
  4. Hardcore pvp server

  5. My NA Legends Wish List

  6. Hardcore pvp server

    You call yourself a hardcore player...all you can hello kittying do is catch and board another player in under 5 minutes...this game's PVP has become so extremely one dimensional its just simply ridiculous...hardcore my arse...unless something is done about that one aspect you can kiss 'PVP" goodbye...hello Legends...ALL PVP has become is catch & board, rinse and repeat....BORING!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. Is there obligation for PVP server to protect PVE only veterans?

    The Safe Zones are as equally magical as all the bloody Speed and Boarding Mods....get rid of both and we will all be fine....For the love of god just give the defenders some sort of fighting chance to stay in the battle more than 5 goddamn minutes...there's the reason right there why folks are avoiding PVP....its not PVP if you can sail up and kill in less than 5 minutes. And for Surprises killing Rated Warships with relative ease...that's as much BS as all the goddamn Harry Potter bag of clickies there ever was in Pirates of the Burning Sea...keep it real and historical and drop the Merlin Crap...and we will all be good...no safe zones...no mods...no repairs...just skill.
  8. @Ink@admin I can't sail my Navy Brig anymore. In my last battle in it I accidentally exited the game instead of leaving battle once the battle was over...I was in a hurry and did not pay attention ... anyways since then I can no longer join battles in my Navy Brig. I even sold it and re-bought it...but no joy...its locked...whats going on? When I press sail I hear the drums but I do not go into the Que counter. Nothing happens...I F11'ed it. All that changed was I set it to Auto Maintenance. This effectively means I can no longer progress in the game. I cannot research any more points for the next ship.
  9. Why did players leave?

    I have to say that the attempt to turn the game into hardcore probably appealed to less than 10% of player base and I personally uninstalled the game as a result of it. On the other hand most if not all of the resent changes by the Devs have improved the game immensely and I am back playing the game. Numbers on EU are up more than 20%. The direction of the Devs is really looking good and positive. Keep it up guys!
  10. Paint schemes requests

    A more traditional Royal Navy paint scheme before the adoption of the Nelson Chequer:
  11. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    Yes, I do understand the logic behind the customer base approach which in itself is positive. It just saddens me that such a great maritime nation be ignored. An interesting point to note is that a one stage Portugal had claimed possession of Barbados but had never pursued colonization thereof. That event perhaps falling outside of the game time-frame.
  12. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    In my humble opinion a more prominent seafaring nation has been ignored: Portugal. A major player in unlocking the Indian Trade route with significant possessions across the globe. I understand the logic of catering for player base nations...imho with the Brazilian possession, Portugal is more relevant to the that side of the world than the new nations...and not very difficult to expand the map to include that area. That being said I would suggest including Portugal before any oriental nations who did not have a footprint in said region.
  13. Reinforcement zones

    I would beg to differ. In times of war blockading and patrols, privateering, privateer hunting and such was a very real and widespread thing. Rumors would abound very quickly indeed of any commerce raiders in home waters. The reaction and issuing of letters of mark would be swift. In fact the golden age of piracy spawned from these very same privateers suddenly being out of work at the end of the War of the Spanish Succession. No, pirates and raiders would not pillage at will around capital waters, Charleston perhaps one of few exceptions when Blackbeard blockaded them for a short while. A complicit Governor perhaps to blame for that fiasco. Further than that large trading conglomerates had their own private armies and navies to protect their interests. The English East India Company being a prime example of such.
  14. Not even a newbie (yet). Have a question about speed.

    Ah okay I see your point. All ships have been hard capped to max 15kts. This may be a small issue and may require some tweaking by the Devs. Already been some resistance to the hard cap and suggestions for rather a variable % soft cap. Its the old issue of Battle Cruiser vs Armored/Heavy Cruiser. Faster than anything Stronger and Stronger than anything Faster balance. Remember the game is still early access and I doubt the Devs would forgo realism in favor of fantasy. They will balance it out. There is no point in having Ships of the Line out-sailing Frigates or Corvettes. I believe the hard cap is a temporary measure before proper balancing.
  15. 4 Redeemable Forged Paper

    So do I. Do I get a loyalty prize for that. Like an Earldom or something small like that.