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    Rigging type benefits

    I have some questions regarding rigging types and their advantages and disadvantages compared to square riggers or compared to others. So with the help of our historians and experts I hope to get my answers. First two that come in mind are the lugger and the polacre. But I hope that this thread won't be confined to only those two. Feel free to expand So the question is: what are the advantages of the lugger over a schooner and a square rigger. Or the advantages/disadvantages in general Same question for the polacre. References from books would be really appreciated as a bonus! Examples of the rigging types
  2. Sella22

    Resources slots bigger than 10000

    There shouldn't be a need to do both. It doesn't happen in most MMOs as well. Every class has its purpose .If the PvPer needs a ship, he buys it with the money he has made from fighting. The crafter uses the profit he had made to buy or make resources to keep going. Simple as that. Let the people who dedicate themselves to that be meaningful in game.
  3. Sella22

    Resources slots bigger than 10000

    The assumption that every player is or should be a crafter for himself and a PvPer (or just consumes ships regularly) is wrong and should be wrong. The hardcore player may be able to achieve that but it shouldn't be the rule. Crafters and PvP/ combat player should be distinct classes in the game. That way, decay of goods makes sense. Plus the warehouse shouldn't be a bottomless pit and the stacks should be smaller.
  4. Sella22

    Rigging type benefits

    Hmm I've never seen it before. It might be a new release I suppose. Thanks!
  5. Sella22

    Wonderful ship maker

    Ahhh yes.. The "The more guns, the better" syndrome. The ship with the most guns is the best... Jesus..
  6. Sella22

    Remove clone ships from game

    It probably was easier and cheaper to design and implement those "refits" to fill the gaps at the early stages than to design whole me ships.
  7. Sella22

    Remove clone ships from game

    It won't be a big of a change as I imagine it. I guess that you would build a brig, and if you decide to outfit it to a navy brig you click a button in port to do so and pay some resources. Probably the same overall cost as if you would have built it from the start. So it would be a bit redundant.
  8. Sella22

    Remove clone ships from game

    It's in. People like those ships. There is absolutely no drawback on having them in game right now. Hell, they might even fill some gaps in PBs if nothing else is available. Why remove them just because you don't like them? Plus that wiki is fan made soo I don't get your point.
  9. Sella22

    Remove clone ships from game

    Personal preference maybe. You don't have to sail the strongest of every class to enjoy the game
  10. Source: British Frigate vs French Frigate: 1793–1814 by Mark Lardas @admin
  11. I'm glad that we got that cleared now. I understand. I believe that more unique types of cannons should be implemented. Like the obusier in this case or the Venetian shell cannons in case a Venetian vessel gets in. It definitely will add more flavour and tactical depth if implemented right.
  12. It's not something that I can't live with. I'm just trying to find an alternative that will be aligned to what she actually could carry. Same goes for all the ships. The situation of overgunning is not ideal for me but I won't lose any sleep about it as well. It wasn't my intention to sound like that. That's the problem with written speech I guess. In the end you make the call.
  13. I ain't angry or startled or whatever. Just providing some alternatives. Please avoid making up conclusions about how I feel. Thanks
  14. Let's upgun the Surprise, Prince etc with that logic. Just make the 24pdrs an extra gundeck like in the Prince instead of changing the whole deck.
  15. I don't know. That wouldn't be much of a problem with some mods. I just find that logic flawed. Why should a ship that had some cannons of bigger caliber that she was designed to carry, has her whole gundeck changed? With the same logic the prince should be a full 9pdr etc?
  16. Hoe does the "she carried a few 24prds" translate to "the whole deck can be 24pdrs". Isn't that impossible sometimes when the ship wasn't designed for them? Are there any references of this case withe Diana?
  17. I hope that Diana won't have a full 24pdr deck like others have mentioned. Also I am not really sure if a BR based on statistics will be a good idea. I've had a bad experience in warthunder with the same system. BRs tend to be arbitrary.
  18. I don't get why there should be a failsafe for everything. If you get tagged in your trader fleet you have done something wrong(chose the wrong route) or you were plain unlucky. Back on topic, a small but meaningful addition. I like it.
  19. Psst.. I've heard that this problem can be solved with player escorts
  20. Add an island with a Freeport to act as a stopgap between the US coast and the Bermudas.
  21. So i came across this model exhibited in a French musuem. Paris if i am not mistaken. I couldn't find more information about armament etc so any help is welcome. Sources and more images: http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/18506 http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Musee_de_la_Marine_Paris/Photos_Louis_le_Grand.htm
  22. Sella22

    Combat tutorial feedback

    @admin Small suggestion. It would be nice if you could pick the ships that you can practice with/against for example in the demasting tutorial. Also a tutorial for manual sails for schooners/xebec etc maybe?
  23. Sella22

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Or at least add the option to select which one you want.
  24. Sella22

    Flags Flags Flags

    Also i believe that the Venetian war flag is different than the one you guys have. @Fluffy Fishy is the expert on this The war flag depicts the lion holding a sword. Something like this. Compared to this: