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  1. Trinc heels a bit too much I think. It can be useful but I don't know if if that's correct. Also, do you think that if the gun ports of some ships touch the water or are a bit submerged, we should get an effect same as leaking?
  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses were exchanged.
  3. The deal with Prussia is that it doesn't aim to become an Empire though Just PvP fun with bare minimal political drama. RvR is nice as something different from time to time but that's it. Vernon has described it better than me in a previous post.
  4. Why Civil Wars are Necessary

    It's not ok to completely destroy or take away the ports of the disagreeing minority though. There has to be another way.
  5. Why Civil Wars are Necessary

    There is also the tyrrany of the majority... But i agree to some extent. Issues like that need to be resovled in some way but i am not sure if it should be just civil war. Watch naval action evolve into a political simulator xD
  6. Why Civil Wars are Necessary

    Prussia has internal conflict before. You saw how it ended. I'm not sure if promoting that is good for any nation. If your goals don't match the goals of the others, leave the nation and join another one that does. What would be best is the revolution charters that the devs have talked about long ago.
  7. Craft Mats for Combat Marks

    Crafters build ships=They move stuff around=People to raid. I don't want my content to be limited and i doubt that people who like crafting would like to be pushed aside even more.
  8. US disaster Inc.

    It brings different amounts of water
  9. US disaster Inc.

    It was never a secret that only a few chose the impossible nation. If we were more we would have gone into a port capturing spree. Whatever the rain brings i'll accept it as we say in my country
  10. US disaster Inc.

    We won't deny that we are by no means good at RvR. We are mostly a collection of players with individual skill. I am fairly new to the game as well. So we decided to test our strenght vs the US and gain as much experience as we can with equally skilled players in RvR. In other words we are just taking baby steps in RvR
  11. US disaster Inc.

    It was a choice of all the PvP oriented clans in Prussia. We flipped it and waited for a tough battle vs the way more experienced Sweded but they decided not to show up. Except for a brave Snow captain that tried to fireship us. From what i know it wasn't of significant importance and it was taken from us back when we were still ROVER only because we poked them by flipping Kemps.
  12. US disaster Inc.

    The main reason of capturing Green Cay was to provide a port for new players close to Shroud
  13. US disaster Inc.

    I remember the time before the update where the USA just existed and nobody cared. Why raiding US waters has become and issue all of a sudden? Yes it's not the best situation to get your capital camped but that not how you get better. You can't get better by ganking a group of 5 frigates with SoLs or only by trading from to Jobe to Charleston. KPR was being camped every other day by many people but nobody cared. The tried to give decent battles. Hell even Prussia got rushed in Panama but nobody said a word. Anyway it has been 2 days after we captured that ported and people started raiding a bit more extensively. 2 days and you say you've already had enough?
  14. Hiding in battles to join PB discussion

    Whatever. I didn't join Prussia for the RvR anyway. The zerg rush shouldn't be the panacea for every problem though. Knock yourselves out