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  1. Sella22

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    I have to agree with Graf on DLC ships. DLC ships should be more of eye candy rather than performance ships
  2. Sella22


    I remember that in Port Royale 2, when sailing from point a to b, you could find castaways in the ocean. You picked them up and for a small reward you dropped them off at their hometown
  3. Sella22

    cannon knock back.

    The engine has changed so it might not be as bad now. Plus there could be an option to switch it on and off
  4. Sella22

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    Gives a purpose to smuggler flag though.
  5. The number of first rates that can be fielded by a nation could be defined by a ratio of ports owned. It will give more meaning to ports.
  6. Sella22

    A new approach to Portbattles, with troop ships involved

    It should slow you down(not as much as a floating battery mod)and reduce your armament to accommodate the extra personel that is being carried. But the second one might be too big of a disadvantage. The troop carrier could spawn row boats or gunboats that ferry the troops ashore when you are inside the troop landing circle. The boats can be sunk. There is a similar mechanic in battlestations Pacific when you capture islands. There could be some slots reserved for troop carriers in PBS but I don't know if that is the best idea to implement them.
  7. It would be even greater if theee was a banking system run by players but that may get too complicated to work.
  8. Sella22

    A new approach to Portbattles, with troop ships involved

    Ships equipped with marines could count as troop ships maybe?
  9. @admin If in the near future you need to carry your spoils back home then it will make more sense to have buildable havens or outposts throughout the map. Pirates will be more hardcore and they won't need actual ports to operate. Plus raids will make more sense now
  10. Sella22

    Prussian Ports For Sale

  11. Sella22

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    Gone are the days where there was no drama in Prussia.. it was so nice when no one cared about ports,agreements or diplomacy whatsoever.
  12. Sella22

    PVP missions. A huge Success?

    Grab a shop ship Angle a bit Profit
  13. Sella22

    PVP missions. A huge Success?

    Why join the ganking or winning side when rewards are based on damage dealt. You are actually limiting your chance of earning a reward. It's beyond me.
  14. Sella22

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Too much talk about Prussia that only has negative effects. I don't understand why people don't want to keep the attention low like in day one of the Prussian rebirth and the early successes. Those successes spoke for themselves and that was enough.