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  1. After 2 court martials he was "convinced" to stay and go down with his ship
  2. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    I have to agree on that, sir.
  3. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    In portbattles yes. In the OW, not quite
  4. Mast Hits

    I'd be willing to try that, but only if there was a bit more visual representation of a ships damage rather than just the cannonball holes.
  5. Server Merge Proposal

    Actually there is. Try as a community to get more people into the game. Youtube being one of the strongest tools. RP is also one good tool and combined with some video editing skills it can attract new players.
  6. [Suggestion] Economy & Conquest

    I feel like tax should be tied with the amount of forts/towers present to defend the port
  7. So yeah basically its the same. Btw currently it feels too good when you get the hang of it. I dare to say that it reaches "frigate-like" maneuvaribility. Need to test it more
  8. Well eventually you will become at least decent or good at it, even if you are not a natural talent. If you choose to do some research (watch videos,read guides etc) you will become better faster and learn some things that others don't know that will give you the edge. After that everyone adds their personal flavour and specialise in something. That's the rule in almost everything imho
  9. USS Constitution

    My heart aches for any indiaman that gets sunk
  10. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Just to clarify, when i say small ships i mean 6th-7th rates. Now with this out of the way, i can understand that kind of frustration but unfortunately i can't answer you that myself. Maybe more experienced captains like @Liq can offer more info/arguments/solutions about this.
  11. Eliminate small ship griefing

    If i was lobbying for small ships i wouldnt want to change a thing. But you completely ignored that i have written that i consider the snows de/accelaration somewhat broken. Now i can't change peoples mindset that you should expect to win every single engagement in a bigger ship, or that you shouldn't sail by yourself on a SoL and expect nothing bad to happen.
  12. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Game mechanics have nothing to do with the fact that a Lineship shouldn't sail alone. That's what i am saying. Please don't misinterpret what i am saying The only thing that is OP about the snow imho, if we want to stick to that page , is it's motorboat like de/accelaration when depowering staysails.
  13. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Sail with a frigate, not alone. End of discussion.