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  1. SeamanStaines

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    Biggest problem at present is lack of players. Its reaching a critical point. The rest is trivial by comparison.
  2. It wasn't a good start when I failed the "look left" and "look right" exam. It just got worse and reached a low point in the endurance exam. First time it was looking good but when I went to loot the first ship the "horrible prick" flash boarded me. Second and third attempt I got creamed by the second vessel because I could not loot the first ship. Fourth attempt I was looking good having looted the first ship but the internet crashed.. The last attempt was a repeat of 2 and 3. I now feel like a failure, and have turned to drinking methylated spirit. Wife has left me because I sit in the corner weeping all day. But seriously, if the idea of the tutorial is to encourage/train new players is it necessary to crush and humiliate them? They will get plenty of that in OW later without the AI beating the crap out of them.
  3. SeamanStaines

    Why did players leave?

    Springby I appreaciate your concern and it cant be easy for the DEVS to listen to harsh critisism. But its important to be frank. I can only speak for myself and why, after 3000 hours, I gave up. We had a beautiful game. Yes it needed tweaking here and there, but overall it was wonderful. We then spent a long time going around in circles tweaking things that already worked and not addressing the remaining problems. But then the DEVS inexplcably changed everything, including the things that worked fine. I dont know where these ideas came from and why all was changed at once. The grind became worse, the consequences of PVP drastic and the time required sailing mindlessly became a major drain on players time. In short, it appeared to me that the DEVS had lost touch with the mainstream communty and the things that made us play the game. Instead the vision of the DEVS became increasing at odds with everything that kept me playing. It was as if the founders, who were passionate about the game, had lost control, to be replaced by "wall street" executives who just viewed the game in terms of population cycles and natural wastage of players. I hope that they can get back to the passion for the game that we once enjoyed. Then I will happily return. For now its not that I have turned to another game, its that its so frustrating to watch something that I loved going in this direction.
  4. SeamanStaines

    Broken or as intended?

    Whilst retaining their ability to instantly board right up until the moment of sinking.
  5. SeamanStaines

    I AM BORED: Why I am thinking of quitting Naval Action

  6. SeamanStaines

    I AM BORED: Why I am thinking of quitting Naval Action

    Zaba whereas we may be on opposite sides of the fence I applaud your politeness. Its very rare these days.
  7. SeamanStaines

    I AM BORED: Why I am thinking of quitting Naval Action

    Don Sanchez and others are voicing the opinion of many of us. And unless you are one of the "lucky" players that enjoys cutthroat hit-and-run, piracy or ganking (and its sequel revenge ganking), then this patch (and maybe this game) may not be for you. Naval Action has changed so much in the last few weeks that its barely recognizable to many players who have been around since the beginning. Some of the more unpopular things we thought had gone away for good have returned, and some good hard-won changes have gone away. A host of new untried features have suddenly appeared out of the blue. Sadly for many, its an epically regressive patch. Progression is replaced by grind, battles by ganks, RvR by under-the table-deals and excitement by frustration. The word "fun" has disappeared to be replaced the strange notion of "a sense of loss" that is apparently imperative in a game nowadays. For me its a very fine line between a "sense of loss" and being demoralized. Worse still, Admin now appears to be disinterested in mainstream opinion and has clearly stated the new direction of the game in a series of surprising posts in the Naval No-Action thread. Although its recognized that the game is indeed more "challenging" and may in fact be too much for some players, this is not seen as an issue (although there follows some motivational nonsense about leadership that I could not understand). Fun does not appear to be high on the agenda these days. Many of us have plenty of real challenges, frustrations and (indeed) boredom in our lives without taking on an additional load in our leisure time. Not all of us are massively competitive "win at any cost" types. Some of us are revolted by "seal clubbing" as a way of getting ahead and actually have an unfashionable sense of fair-play. Many of us are mature people interested in naval history, not juvenile gamers, and shudder at the thought of clan orders and "charismatic leadership". Many of us only require some degree of mental stimulation, some hope of progression and a reasonable amount of entertainment without the need to devote our lives or sell our souls to obtain success. As the current incarnation of Naval Action offers little to a sizable number of us (including many some veterans), I am predicting that many will stop playing. This is indeed a terrible shame as the game has much potential. I truly hope that sanity eventually prevails and that the DEVS realize that they need a more inclusive game rather than this bizarre hardcore vision that they propose. But I suspect that this wont be the case until the player base has once again been whittled down sufficiently to make denial impossible.
  8. SeamanStaines

    naval no action

    And Boring = what?
  9. SeamanStaines

    naval no action

    Pure crap
  10. SeamanStaines

    naval no action

    Admin. If you refuse to listen to people who are trying make the game better there is no point in the forum. Advice such as attack Road Town is unhelpful and comes over as flippant. I have more than 4000 hours logged. The game means a lot to me. It helped me through some very bad times. I desperately want it to be a success. But since the new patch I struggle to find enthusiasm to play because its become both frustrating and exceedingly dull. I have never experienced this before, even through the many wipes and changes. Something is badly wrong. Reading the posts I see many other players feel the same way. Many of my clan are similarly frustrated but don't post. Of course its up to you. Its your game but please don't shoot the messengers who are trying to help.
  11. SeamanStaines

    Ship Upgrade Knowledge Routesknowledge

    I read it that there was a line from slot 4 brig direct to Cerberus. But looks like I was wrong and have to go to the snow although I am not sure I have the patience anymore.
  12. SeamanStaines

    Ship Upgrade Knowledge Routesknowledge

    Has something changed? I have unlocked 4 slots on the brig and have the xp to unlock 3 on the Cerberus but get the message must unlock 3 slot on the snow?
  13. SeamanStaines

    State of the game improved greatly

    Opines Hodo, a Behemoth of philosophy and sailor of lesser craft.
  14. Maybe some gifted players can make it work. Most of us lesser mortals cannot. If you serve the top 1% and ignore the rest then you will deservedly lose the majority of players.
  15. Quite honestly, I feel like you have thrown a few crumbs to feed the peasants but the big issues remain unaddressed.