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  1. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Im very much looking forward to more competition on the 3rd rate level. Whether thats a montanes, temeraire or a wreker is indifferent to me. I personally find the idea of a dutch ship appealing, yet its my own research jnto them that makes me attached to them and the prime factor behind my vote for them. The wreker is an well documented ship class, with visual references and plenty of ship logs to syphen from. The delft is well known ship for the fsct that she is bring reconstructed in rotterdam somewhere. She fought in thr battle of camperdown and sank afterwards due to damage taken. Another captured ship, the dutch hercules 74, was renamed to 'delft' to commemorate her brave and tough performance during battle. The euridice is a rather typical late dutch multipurpose frigate. With its higher profile it was quite able to carry goods and marines to less accesible places. The venus, 20 gun corvette not included here, stood her ground during thr siege of palembang. Taking on main battery to allow transport ships to land marines. She held her ground and paid the price for it. Commended for her performance she was send for repairs which proved to be accessive which resulted in her being sold. In a few word typed from my phone why its not about the nation but about the story. The dutch being a large martime nation isnt key in my eyes. The argument that a ship was copied like 121 times falls in the same catagory for me. (Temeraire) If these polls have shown us anything it is that people: tend to vote for big ships screwing over interesting smaller ones. And when it comes to the big boys, id like to see the wreker in a 76-gun config on the 3rd rate level, to compete with telhe bellona. And perhaps in a 90-gun config to price up the 2nd rate level, with her 36 and 30 pdr guns.
  2. So dutch ships from 1798and 1800 were build along the lines of a 1803 pluton design? Interesting
  3. Do you have some names?
  4. Im curious, which ships in the dutch navy were build along these lines?
  5. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

  6. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    That is 1722, 1665 is quite a bit earlier. Limit was set at 1700 give or take, gotta accept that.
  7. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    1665 7 prov is too old -> debated like a million times. the Vrijheid was lead ship of a class which included a later version of the 7 prov. It's as close as we will ever get to a '7prov' ingame.
  8. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    I must say i rather enjoy the orange black the Wreker class has. Or, alternative paint scheme (orange, yellow and black)
  9. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Indeed she is too old.
  10. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Wappen was build in 1722-ish if my memory isn't completely failing. The Rex is never existed, yet was merely aimed at representing the Dutch warships at the turn of the century. The stern and the galleries are dead giveaway that its 1690-1700. Don't get me wrong, the model itself is outstanding, and the design behind it is surely interesting, yet just doesn't complement this game. And to my knowledge, only a single Especially, and pietje has already posted parts of it, given the collection of actual ship and plans that exist. The research has already been done, the data is there, and is several cases also the 3D hull models (Looking at you there Bungee). But, i have said this time and time again, the effort was put in and yielded results, it's all about the using that.
  11. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Dont get me started on that, its a no-no for this game.
  12. Merchant Ship Collection (With Plans)

    what nation/period are you looking for, or just a general but HD one?
  13. Several hull models have bren completed so far. Admiraal the ruyter, 80-gun config. Venus, 20 something gun corvet Hekla, mortar brig Eurieice, beautifull and interesting 36-isch gun frigate. Wip hull model for the 54gun delft. To name a few.
  14. *pointing out the obvious here* There is an massive amount of data on ships of all sizes. Both ships with a cool history as well as lesser known vessels. There a few who can attest to the effort which i and others put into this to the full extend. Given all that, it feels pointless to continue the debate on which we deem to serve or history best. The lack of commitment as well as disproportionate interest in other nations makes any further effort futile. To broaden the point im trying to make, have a look at the shipyard. Somr of the most knowledgable people i had the pleasure of meeting were active here. By a country mile the most polite and constructive section of the entire forum. The sheer amount of data here is insane. It's an utter and utter waste of oppertunity.
  15. Likey wincethose teased ships are not ingame partly due to the limitations of unity 4. Once 5 is integrated, it should support more models and items ingame.