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  1. Arvenski

    Wonderful ship maker

    Wait, is this a new ship in development?
  2. Just logged in to claim the Diana (first time I've logged in in a couple of months, I'm guessing) and man, the new open world UI and map look beautiful. Good job, devs.
  3. Arvenski

    Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Well, he said he doesn't care.
  4. I doubt they'll stop adding new ships once the game releases. In fact, didn't they say a while ago that they weren't sure about adding any new ships before release?
  5. Good to know it's not just me that has trouble with them. They seem to be a pain in the neck. Great images, though. And great posts. I've been reading a few of your posts in this thread; they're very well made.
  6. Arvenski

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    I believe you mean AI (as in Artificial Intelligence), not IA.
  7. Arvenski

    New faction.

    I haven't played NA regularly in a long time, but when I played for France, it was boring. Very little PvP, hardly anyone in chat spoke English... I eventually joined an English-speaking clan, but was then introduced to the player-made diplomacy between nations that was going on at the time. The guys on Teamspeak talked about spending hours setting up alliances with other nations' clans. Suddenly, just as I was progressing far enough into the game to be looking for fights with other players, I now had to follow these alliances. Instead of being able to attack anyone who wasn't French, I wasn't supposed to attack players from nations who we were allied with. One week we'd be allied with the Dutch and fighting the Swedes and the Brits, the next week we'd be allied with the Swedes against the Dutch. A war would get started, we'd win or lose a few ports (not that I ever fought in the PBs), and then suddenly I'd log in and hear that it was over and we weren't to attack those guys, and that instead we were fighting a nation halfway across the map from where we were. As if it wasn't hard enough to find PvP, if the nations nearest us were off limits, that made it seem so much worse. It was like people were desperate to find reasons not to fight. And then almost the whole clan went inactive, so I was back to not being able to understand anyone in chat. I was so frustrated after that that I haven't had much enthusiasm for the game ever since.
  8. Arvenski

    Question: Is a PCs in-game statistics worth a look?

    Do I want to see detailed player statistics in the game? No. I haven't liked those ever since I played World of Tanks. The WoT players made such a big deal out of stats: for example, people talking about "padding stats" by sealclubbing newer players, or the ubiquitous "ur stats suck and so do you n00b"-type messages in chat. Anyone heard of XVM? It is, or was, (I haven't paid attention in ages) a mod for WoT that allowed you to see the winrates of everyone in a match, and would calculate the chances of your team winning based on that. It wasn't unheard of for people to drive their tanks into a lake at the start of a match and kill themselves because XVM had told them their team might lose. Then they'd either whine in chat about how terrible everyone else was, or quit back to the garage. To me, people seemed to think of stats like they might think of the length of their... gentlemanly anatomy. (😜) Everyone wanted theirs to be bigger than the next guy's. I thought it made for a pretty toxic playerbase, and I'd rather not see that happen here.
  9. Wait, are you the same Wind who used to post lots of blueprints on here, like a couple of years ago?
  10. Arvenski

    Premium ship with congreve rockets

    That could really piss people off, though. The people who keep getting set on fire by the rockets, I mean. I'm reminded of artillery in WoT, only with these you'd have the extra torment of seeing all those rockets coming for you.
  11. Arvenski

    Hercules ship feedback

  12. Arvenski

    Hercules ship feedback

    Which country built the Hercules? I've looked at the Wikipedia page for "Hercules (ship)", and the only ships listed there that fit the bill are a French 38-gunner from the mid-1600s and an Argentinian "frigate that served as flagship of the second Argentine squadron during the Independence War". I'm assuming this is the Argentinian one? Was she originally a Spanish ship, then?
  13. Arvenski

    Any new ships in development right now?

    I forgot about that picture. Seeing it again, though... wow.
  14. Arvenski

    Any new ships in development right now?

    This. Also, don't forget Diana (1792, Spanish 32-gun frigate). Also, the Patch 23 Announcement thread revealed the Hercules frigate as well. There was a xebec seen in the background of a WIP screenshot that the devs posted ages ago, but AFAIK we haven't heard much, if anything, about it since then.