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  1. It does happen. I guess you were just unlucky. I Just had a match with 1 Navy Brig and 5 Cutters a side. EDIT: Then again, the Navy Brig is unrated (though class 6 rather than 7), so perhaps you're right that real 6th rates won't be paired with unrated ships.
  2. bow- and sterntanking

    Was your Prince called "The Antelope" by any chance?
  3. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    Damned... and I'm complaining about the zones in Danish and Swedish waters!
  4. Here's to hoping Legends will ease people into the joys of PvP, and that it'll carry over to NA proper.
  5. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    Yes. (But keep them for low rank players, like suggested earlier - those were the ones we got them for in the first place as far as I can remember).
  6. Add sounds when Entering/Leaving Reinforcement zone.

    "Run! Go! Get to the reinforcement zone!"
  7. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    I'd go so far as to say that all reinforcement zones are too big. Having only experienced the Danish and Swedish zones lately, however, I'll only attest to them being very much detrimental to traditional privateering business, effectively including 5-7 ports within proximity of both Gustavia and Christiansted, thereby making safe pretty much all the basic material production and hauling for these nations, and banishing hunting to the outermost fringes of both Danish and Swedish waters. As if the forts weren't enough of a deterrent already... (At least they make more sense than having a private zombie-fleet at your disposal, to summon out of the blue).
  8. Promoting more PVP

    OP: You definitely have a point with the book drops. It's quite clear, in general also, that grinding NPCs with your SoL gives you so much more than trying to go out and look for PvP in a 5th or 6th rate for example; most of the time you end up with nothing to show for your effort. I suppose another solution could be to simply make RNG-drop books available for PvP marks. EDIT: And in the meantime make non-RNG-drop items that are now only available for PvP-marks, available through either Combat marks or RNG-drops... And only have cosmetics items exclusively available for PvP marks.
  9. bow- and sterntanking

    We had a short time when ball did real damage to crew. I think ball should do a lot more damage to crew than it does currently - especially from shooting broadside to broadside. (Raking with ball could get a buff as well - just a general increase in crew loss across the board: that'll also counter the infinite amount of rum somewhat). I'm sure you've seen it, but it doesn't hurt to re-post good stuff: Yes. There are many ways to make grape useful even if we take away its current niche (i.e. give more crew damage to ball): More crew hitboxes on the weather deck, and more effectiveness for "sweeping the deck". Also, make crew damage a thing even when you aim high - put some hitboxes on the cross trees and yards. This could be combined with some of the suggestions to make battle sails more effective; so when you go to battle sails, you'll have less crew manning the sails, and thus lose less to grape up there. While I agree that it's too easy to recover from losing a mast, in terms of realism, I understand the gameplay compromise. Actually I had an odd thing happen to me yesterday: for the first time ever, I lost a mast to the AI. I was sailing an Essex and attacked a lone Constitution NPC. I obviously went for taking his crew down in order to board, rather than brawl it out; that meant that I repeatedly tanked with my bow in order to get good rakes - and suddenly my front mast fell, not from clean mast hits, but from the intense battering of my bow. I'm really happy that bow and stern raking now effectively lowers mast HP. A little bit more crew and structure damage, and the rake will be rightly feared again.
  10. Naval Action Meme collection

    Should be reversed. EDIT: Oh, sorry, didn't see you were British. I suppose that could be the situation around KPR.
  11. Opinions of a Newcomer

    "The Fight giveth and the Fight taketh away".
  12. Opinions of a Newcomer

    I think a very basic tutorial would go a long way. Just a simple combat instance demonstration: introduction to the UI elements, how to manoeuvre your ships, how to fire you cannons, how to board, how to capture ships, etc. I know these things can be found on YouTube, but they really need to be in the game, especially in a game like NA with such a relatively steep learning curve. I suppose the developers want to finish the new UI first, but who knows how long that'll take?
  13. Surrender in PvP

    Surrender should definitely not be a way to deny PvP-marks. Surrender is a bit of an oddity now: it used to be viable to surrender before, as you minimised your crew loss (will you still save your crew? Haven't surrendered in a long while) as well as your officer lives - now it just spoils the attacker's gains, without any major benefit to the surrendering party. I'd personally like to see surrendering being a natural thing to do if you have absolutely no chance, or after a prolonged fight where you were worsted - instead of all these ships mindlessly sinking. Give full rewards to the winner, but also make it an attractive option compared to getting sunk or wiped out (also surrendering during boarding should be easier - pretty much a one-click, in my opinion); perhaps saving your crew and giving you a few rewards based on damage done during combat (like back in the day) would be enough to make surrender a good mechanic again?
  14. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    Just watched the battle now. OCEAN was on the back foot from the start, with a few mishaps keeping them behind all the time, but the comeback was almost complete after they sandwiched the Cerberus (Findus), and SeaWolf was allowed to 1v1 Yordi in fine wind-dancing display - but then managed to get boarded by the sinking Pirate Cherubim... Well fought!