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  1. how to farm extra labor

    betting this is the problem... Had the same thing happen on a alt. Built the building, but wasn't able to harvest due to crafting level.
  2. "Available for all" Ports

    My understanding: Your nation's National ports you can build outpost, craft, build buildings and teleport if you have an outpost Neutral ports you can build outpost, craft, build buildings and teleport if you have an outpost Free ports You can enter and build outposts but can't build buildings/craft or teleport Foreign country ports You can only enter when smuggler flag cant build outposts/buildings, craft, or teleport.
  3. Port Maintenance

    that's a good idea... own the entire region, you get the bonus?
  4. Port Maintenance

    I suggested the idea of being able to capture the whole region which reduced the costs of each port in the region. If you captured the entire region, the only port that could be attacked would be the regional capital. Once it is retaken all the other ports could be up to capture.
  5. Port Maintenance

    The whole idea behind paying port maintenance it so a map does not get painted by a single nation and nations don't take ports national ports for no reason. It is to control national expansion. Why would you pay for ports you don't need and don't use? I hope it is effective enough that a large clan could hold one or two strategic ports I think it is a good idea but we will see. If it doesn't work perfect the first time, you know the devs will throw the baby out with the bath water anyway.
  6. Patch monday - urgent.

    I wasn't expecting this for weeks! Thanks for the notice, might be a busy weekend hauling stuff.
  7. 'Global PVP' server a failure

    change "EVER" to "NOW" and you may have a argument. People are playing the test server, those are the most dedicated player. So, of the remaining people I think it is made up of more casual players. Now lets throw on the fact that ports are going to be reset...... Why even bother? Plus after going through slow periods between Sea Trials, Open World, Start of Port battles flags, intro of RVR and the "The Non-EU players wipe" I'm not surprised it is going through another slow period. The sad news, if history repeats, fewer people will come back. I happen to be one of the players that was forced off the pvp1, the server I had been playing since Open World started(and a NA player since 1/28/2015), onto the much smaller 'global' server.( AM I SALTY? HELL YES! I am one Salty Dog!) Have the same players QQing in the EU server accepted that the world is round? Unless the new rules are FAIR to everyone, you will be a massive quitting if we are forced onto one server but non-EU players are not allowed to play the whole game. Now, lets not forget that the servers are no longer synced... does Global get screwed again and are forced to start over? I hope you are right. It would seem to costly to hold ports you are not using anyway.
  8. No Name Zero Br Ships

    true and I would guess every time you click on a ship or in proximity of another ship it doesn't re query the servers...only the first time. The rest of the time the ship data is in some sort of local cache. so if you get bad data the first time, you will keep that bad data in local cache and that is why it can remain for a long time.
  9. No Name Zero Br Ships

    I see some people just are ignorant of internet... The size of you internet pipe has nothing to do with how fast you get packets. All bandwidth allows is MORE packets....not FASTER packets. in theory, you could be getting packets faster on a basic 4mb connection over your fat 250mb connection, just not as many. The number one factor on how fast packets make a round trip is not bandwidth....it is distance. A 4 mb connection near the NA servers will run circles around your 250mb connection. Distance, congestion, upstream links, and type of packets all factor into how FAST you get packets. The only time your 250mb connection will be needed is when you download a update and can fill the bandwidth pipe... otherwise you come nowhere near filling up even a basic internet connection. NA does not transmit that much data.
  10. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    I really dislike only seeing specific ships, I would love to see classes of ships and several examples of the Class of ship. Consider the "3rd Rate" and the "Bellona": The "3rd Rate (Bellona class)" is a class but the "Bellona" was a specific ship of the "3rd Rate(Bellona Class)" generic type. Wouldn't it make more sense to spend time modeling out a generic class (say "Dutch 3rd Rate" or "Dutch light frigate") then using the generic model to produce several specific ships of that class. Each ship sharing the same model but having slightly different stats...one slightly faster/less armor...one with a little more armor/slower speed....one that turns slightly faster/heels more....one that has slightly larger guns/masts turns slower....ect.... Then change a few small details on the model like paint, figurehead, stern design for each version of the generic class? With the same request of three ship CLASSES... it would be easy to knock out 12-15 specific ships of the "generic ship"+ several specific ships of that class. Heck Use the "3rd rate" model, change the figureheads and scrollwork on the stern, slightly change the base stats and produce the HMS Dragon, HMS Superb, HMS Kent, and HMS Defence in addition to the HMS Bellona.
  11. Bring flags back. Less planning for portbattles

    I think the "flag system" should return but not for port battles. They could use the "flag system" for RAIDS and to gain hostility. Pull a flag for a port from a friendly port Flag pull announced in game sail to the RAID port. Winning side would get rewards + raise/decrease 25% hostility hostility for each raid would reset to 0 after 7 days. So to trigger a port battle, you would need to have 4 successful RAIDs in 7 days. RAID would: Match the forces of the attacker with AI ships. (no "empty" raids) If players join, the player replaces the AI ship with the least amount of damage but with the damage of the ship that is replaced. if more attackers join, additional AI ships would spawn more defending players could join then attacking players objective would be something similar to the old 3/5 tower system or combo a capture zone/destroy towers. If raids using flags were the only way to gain hostility I think it would encourage PVP instead of PVE grinding to get a port battle.
  12. Forthcoming patch final discussion.

    Right on! Dev's only seem to have a switch from one extreme to the other..... Way to little or way to much. Use incremental increases to find the sweet spot. Increasing it by 800% seems a bit out of control.
  13. The builder vs Ship vs Captain

    umm... your "compensation" is you don't need to open the three slots AND the ships carry more. Honestly, do you actually keep a "Free to cap" trader? I just cap-em, use-em then sell-em. I guess a indiaman may be worth keeping, but they just take up ship slots as far as I can tell.
  14. Switch from PVP to PVE with forged documents?

    If you followed directions and logged into each server before the wipe, you can just start over on pve.
  15. Sorry, ALTs are not a problem. Anyone saying otherwise is simply blamestorming why they suck. Seriously, you cannot fight two ships/accounts at the same time. At best, you can AFK sail one account while you active sail another. I just love how people want to blame the scary "alt boogieman" for totally unrelated problems. I use alts, I use them because I would rather have outposts scattered all over the map so I can teleport and avoid hours of sailing. Yes, alts have advantages that works both for economic and PVP that is why people that use alts do better than those that don't. ******Nothing is stopping you from buying your own alts.********* The only problem I see with alts is having alt in multiple nations for the purpose of interfering with other nations port battles. Those issues are being addressed with the new mechanics. so the problem is being solved.