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  1. Add sounds when Entering/Leaving Reinforcement zone.

    yet another facepalm from GW....
  2. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    No, If you have sailed, the staysails do not work the way your diagram is drawn.(1d in a 3d world) only the head of the sail (the part attached to the "stay") remains fore and aft, the leech of the sail creates a airfoil that provides forward thrust. Think how the jib sails work, staysails work the same way.
  3. Single player Epic Events

    No, you play against other players. so at least two players (multi players).
  4. Single player Epic Events

    Sure you can enjoy them....if you enjoy getting sunk. 1. the game is intended to be a multiplayer game. 2. EPIC is just that epic hard. 3. was this REALLY a serious comment? "I Wants to play multiplayer games alone."
  5. Epic Battles

    On ours, first pass through the enemy 9, we sank two (first and last ship in the line). Pulled the group with the wind as our first and last ships were in bad shape. We focused fired each ship as they got close to us and protected the weak until they repaired. took about an hour and we used a lot of repairs. Why was it only you and your buddy against one ship? Where were the other players? As you learned, it takes more than two ships to sink one of the super AI.
  6. Epic Battles

    umm... no. They are tough for a reason. The last Epic I was in was done with only 5 ships. It was a challenge but that why it was fun. You can repair, the AI cannot. Kite them out and keep up on repairs and work as a team to focus down each ship. We all made it out with over 50% health. Its called EPIC for a reason.
  7. PVP Rewards

    When has that happened?
  8. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    Why on earth would you use PVP marks to buy a constitution when you can build one with 30 combat marks and parts? Maybe that's why the LGV is more because that is the only way you can get one?
  9. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    wut? 150% of a constitution? Haven't logged in yet but from the notes you can get a nLGV for PVP marks. Can you get a Constitution for pvp marks?
  10. Alt - Spy

    Being "annoying" is not against the rules and it is definitely not something that belongs in Tribunal.
  11. Alt - Spy

    One question..... Why is this in Tribunal? The alt thing has been answered at least a dozen times. Ever think he may be fishing? So what if he was not helping you fight and so what if he was spying.... Spoiler alert: What he was doing is ALLOWED.
  12. What can be done to prevent this.

    Gee George.... Was that your (or your alts) review? It seems to me that you're trying to justify every single claim the "reviewer" makes.....all of which are rubbish. "what can be done to prevent this"? Post accurate reviews. The LAST thing that should be done is redesign the game in a attempt to make a review troll happy.
  13. Patch 13: Variability in port battles, epic events, swivel guns

    Did one Epic event last night.... While I didn't see any colliding, all the slow players mixed with faster AI did keep us on our toes. This is what I observed. We only took 5 ships vs the 9. 1. The enemy ships started in two lines, then immediately turned down wind. 2. The enemy ships are much faster and seem to have a high penetration rate they seem to also have more side armor. 3. It seemed like the enemy ships would try to protect damaged sides. 4. Our first and the last ship (me) took a massive amount of damage following a upwind initial pass and wearing immediately for a second pass. Using focused fire, the first AI ship went down on first pass. 5. It appeared the AI would make a fast run turn through our group and quickly sail out of range. The AI were tacking like cutters and easily 3-4 knots faster. The AI easily out turns players. What we learned: 1. Bring lots of repairs. 2. Groups DO need to fight as a team. A "free for all" is not going to work. 3. Overall it was a lot of fun. Good rewards. Good fight. 4. Our fight took about 1 hour. 5. We were able to do it with 5 but the fight did turn really dicy after the initial passes. We ended up in a running (kiting) fight while we repaired two ships the took heavy damage in the initial pass.. I was using urgent, crew and hull repairs as soon as available for the full fight. Overall, my first impressions: I thought the epic event was great and a good challenge. You need to bring a experienced team that work well together. It appears to me the ships behave better than normal AI but that may be because they are faster and more maneuverable than our ships were.
  14. Patch 13: Variability in port battles, epic events, swivel guns

    perhaps you need to learn about crafting? You only get blueprints up to the connie automatically. Past the connie (and several ships below the connie) you need to purchase the blueprints before they show up in the menu.
  15. Patch 13: Variability in port battles, epic events, swivel guns

    With the ship teleport, I don't think we need more slots. Before, I had several ships prepositioned but don't really need that now I can port in the right ship for the job. Removing those "ready ships" has freed up several slots.