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  1. It's kind of hard not too... you guys post way more crap in every thread. It was a counter suggestion for the OP. I know you guys do not kill each other "all the time" because of combatnews. Anyways, as FR, I've killed plenty of pirates including Black ones. I don't mind being outnumbered 2v1. Just ask the OP. He just got my third ship I've lost since wipe. So this get "batter" stuff doesn't apply. You guys just make it logistically harder by running to corners of the map.
  2. The curious thing about the pirates... you can fight each other too. You guys are running together with Black to beat on the US. Here is an idea. Fight each other!
  3. Declaration of Independence

    It was just a suggestion. Freeports offer new players many flexible options. Just no missions which honestly it's a problem.
  4. Declaration of Independence

    Having witnessed the situation first hand on the East coast, it is painfully clear the pirates are pretty much seal clubbing right outside Charleston on a nightly basis with 2 to 1 odds if not more. I mean i understand why. France is living in freeport so camping FR is pointless. Britain isn't as juicy as most of them aren't at the capital so hunting through the mosquito coast requires work. Danes are friends. Dutch, swedes, Spain are super low pop. That means Charleston is the only place for low hanging fruit that's low risk. My suggestion to US clans and players is move into the Gulf or Freeports or both. Otherwise organize a defensive fleet. The pirates plan has been very simple. Cap a region near capital, camp it. Pirates got mad when France retaliated by doing the same thing. They didn't fight back but instead ran off, blamed France, and still talk that we're the seal clubbers... As for the OP... You'll never be free if you allow pirates to freely sink outside your capital without retaliation. The US needs fighters not grandiose forum posts.
  5. No, not for sure. But knowing your ship and the enemies ship you can sometimes get a decent educated guess as to what they're using wood and mod wise. That's why I suggested the point of sail because ships seem to act on points of sail differently on OW than battle.
  6. Slamz probably should have clarified a bit but what if the "force" mods are not the reason for being faster in battle speed? Perhaps the ship points of sail % are off or rounded out?
  7. Ugh... A sailor loses his ponytail for people who like Disney sailing games.
  8. Going back to what @Slamz was saying. A step back and relook at the game mechanics and design goals would be good @admin. A lot of people are suggesting new features or additional layers which could work. However, personally, I think it wouldn't require a lot of time and energy or crazy new features. Change Pbs to being some pull flag, raid port through PB, get reward system and maybe add a join AI ship from port button for defenders. Then RvR can be based on player conflict on the OW using the existing contention system with some tweeks (like passive contention mechanic while patrolling a region). It is much easier to dictate battles on the OW so underpopulated nations with good captains can hold their own. Pbs with 25vs25 specialized ships isn't as accessible. Map contention (and combatnews) is the easiest way to identify player hotspots and OW PvP feeds right into these features. Right now NA is the best age of sail battle experience. What it lacks is a better OW conflict design.
  9. [Serious] Server Health

    If you were preaching to a unified PB group with 25 players on all the time who have no life... sure. But I'm not getting up at 2am EST or 5am EST for those two in France. PBs can be fun sure but for RvR there are too many fundamental problems to base the map on them. I suggested making raids like port battles (maybe with flags) and reward those fights. Then make RvR some 3 day process of fighting on the open water. This dock hump, off hour flip, screening either griefing or legit, alt use, hide in battle invis warp driving, etc business is just painful stupid. There is no reason to play the RvR game. We flip ports to produce OW pvp. We did it with Brits just like we did with pirates.
  10. Clan stuff is decent. We needed some more tools there. Name change for servers again isn't a problem. New player experience. The capital area protection systems with NPC help, larger radius of protection probably would help. I'd add perhaps creating "basic" cannons for 6lb and 9lb guns costing 0 with obviously significantly lower dps. Keep Freetowns. They serve more than just newbie hunter ports. If you look at global, you'll notice pirates have taken regions next to capitals. This allows them easy access to attack newer players who don't realize the risks. And please retool the invisible and speed boosting after battles. They'll help stop newb traps. Personally i think revenge ganks wasn't worth the headache that this mechanic created.
  11. Grinding some ports is beyond stupid

    Yup, grinding sucks and now you can see why grinding ports back and forth against off hour players isn't ideal (and why France isn't even bothering on global). The solution is a system that drags out region flips. Flipping can be done quickly with war supplies or slowly through lots of waiting and grinding. There just needs to be a better way. That's why I purposed the "patrol" button to passively raise/lower contention.
  12. RvR on the OW works if the PvP is stretched over days by the game mechanics. Then you travel a few hrs, then you know for the next 3 days the area should be hot. I think you've not read my suggestion on page 34. Basically, instead of a PB which can be done fairly quickly, the regions are flipped through being on the OW within a region. So, if you sailed 3 hrs on the OW with a button pressed that added contention/points to that region. It also, through the map, notifies people you are in that area because of the contention build. Naturally people will be attracted to that location (kindof like shipwrecks) with the intended purpose of RvR and PvP. People will patrol that area or PvP to flip the dots. The rewards are PvP or if they don't show up, the ports themselves. Then that allows a flag system coupled to the old PB system to allow raiding which could reward people differently. To have PvP you need drivers that push people onto the OW. PBs don't really do it. I think 1 out of 10 PBs might be a real PvP fight. The rest are no shows or slaughters which are basically ganks within an arena. Right now, the only way to get the pirates on global (who are winning) out to fight is by grinding up and attending a PB which they'll have maxed out ships. That's hours of PvE gameplay for a coin flip fight. Otherwise, they stay off the water.
  13. Well, this is a player and a game problem. The pirates are basically playing firemen PvP. They've got teleports to various parts of the map and when someone does something they teleport to respond. After its over they head back to port and wait for the next bell to go off. Since they have the lead, the outposts, and the ships stationed at those docks, they can just sit back and play another game (or forum whore ). There is no reason to be on the OW. Heck, they could just wait it out till the PB to show up. This is why RvR needs to focus on being on the OW.
  14. Several problems can be solved by limiting the long time things to easier tasks. For example, grinding a port can take a long time but if you create a passive button to add contention in some manner, which then updates the map, which then tells people there are people in that region, then you've 1) eliminated npc grinding for contention 2) easier notification to others of potential pvp 3) players are on OW and not in some invis battle for an hour. PBs are the mainstay of RvR. They take significant time, resources to do properly so could be considered not casual. Remove PBs as RvR drivers and make that "raiding". RvR can then be done per region by 3 day event style point system of pvp and passive patroling. Even a casual can enter a zone, patrol for 30 mins, score a few points, leave and they've contributed to RvR. (My suggestion is on page 34)
  15. Successful RvR requires 25 organized people for consistent competitive PBs. You'll probably need another 10 as alternates for times when players dont show. Unless you dual box or cross team using of alts, you'll need 30 to 35 dedicated players for all time zones to show up at a specific time. That doesn't work for people with jobs, school, families because it's not flexible. It leans to feelings of..."meh, why bother. It's too much work." That's why i say ditch PBs for RvR. Make it based on 3 day OW pvp and make PBs raids and reward those (page 34 post). I get it that some think PBs are the "elite" experience however it's inflexible design puts off players especially when things like grinding pve for hours, npc counter grinding, pulling fleets off the OW, etc happen. This isn't PvP... its working around mechanics to create advantage which is very common in games.