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  1. Capt Trashal Early

    A smaller map

    Yeah get people out of the capitals and it will change. I wouldn't expect there to ever be a balanced dispersion of players across the map. There will always be high pop areas where people farm/base themselves but what's lacking is the through traffic between these areas. PVE and farming should be better outside capitals (more loot, more money, more XP) When I levelled up the only way to do it fast was with AI fleets because the missions sucked. Distance ports. Ports should be better period. (more resources, more customisability etc.)
  2. Capt Trashal Early

    A smaller map

    Maps fine. Just get the players out of the capitals please then it will be a different story.
  3. Capt Trashal Early

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    All you top tier players are as bad as each other. Take your heads firmly outta those brown holes and chill the fuck out.
  4. Capt Trashal Early

    Combat tutorial feedback

    2 Brigs with full mods is abit OP for the endurance exam. Maybe drop the full complement of boarding mods and it would be abit fairer on the new guys.
  5. Capt Trashal Early

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    I still think it should be based off of a deeper moral system. A demoralised ship regardless of the crew wouldn't be determined defenders. Kill the moral like the Surprise demasting the Acheron (a much bigger vessel) then board the buggers. Already suggested idea revolving this before in the determined defender feedback but the threat was locked.
  6. Capt Trashal Early

    Area Control Greifing

    Its privateer ? Shouldn't be able to keep up with anything downwind. If it chases shoot its mast.
  7. Capt Trashal Early

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    To many lol's
  8. Capt Trashal Early

    The Newbro Problem

    Yeah seriously pre steam. No missions no safe zones. Steam release 1500-2000 players online a night in prime time with No safe zones and missions had hello kitty all xp. Ultimately it is easier in its current form for the new guys and the safe zone needs to exist but don't try and validate the arguments with "well put yourself in there shoes" We all have and it was much harder back then with player numbers for us. PS FYI i'm all for safe zones The new players need protecting.
  9. Capt Trashal Early

    Staysails vs Mainsail Turning helper

    On square riggers with big mains depower at 20 degrees from the wind and slam your self into reverse. Tack all the way over to 45 degrees before powering up the head sails and resuming normal sail.
  10. Capt Trashal Early

    Ports in Control of Alts

    Yeah this shit exists across the board. RUBL still holds pirate ports even though they've gone Prussian. It is a bit silly.
  11. Yeah this is a hello kittying great patch. As for PVE missions please code a feature to warn players in big red pop up text when there leaving the safe zone. This will allow new players complete transparency and reduce unecessary seal clubbing that causes the new guys to leave the game. Message should read. You are leaving the safe zone. If attacked you will no longer be able to call in local reinforcements. Leave at your own risk. Seal clubbings bad.
  12. Capt Trashal Early

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    PB for Grindstone. Good battle well fought Spain
  13. Capt Trashal Early

    RvR Suggestions

    Because we dont have the numbers or quality to fight a nation like Prussia. (Braces for incoming barrage of text) :)
  14. Capt Trashal Early

    Move game account to a different steam account

    Just change your steams email address simples
  15. Capt Trashal Early

    LV NA needs you

    I missed most of sorrys shenanigans as the game was stale at LV's turn to pirate so I had a break just like all of Kot0 But from what I remember arrogance flowed from the demon and it pissed a lot of people off. #notimeforthat