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  1. Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    make this openworld like Naval Action and have biiig suces (i hope :-P )
  2. Black Screan

    i change resolution and game runing.. and i lose pvp mark realy this game dont like me
  3. Black Screan

    i change grafic kvality for High change fps limit 60 and play one game and dont have crash
  4. Black Screan

    i have gtx 980 TI temperature its 75-82 max have only one card any time use DDU
  5. Black Screan

    i have OCCT and not GPU heat not CPU heat .... only crash...
  6. Black Screan

    i check cable, have 800 watt power suply and have isue only for Naval Action realy strange after game crash the computer is still working
  7. Black Screan

    have pover and sure sounds have a few second..
  8. Black Screan

    How a fix black screan crash? i have update all drivers. reinstal game and any time i start battle game crash... realy flustrate lose ship and next ship .... some one have idea how this fix? DxDiag.txt last 30 min game crash 5 time!!!!!! i 5 time log into battle!!!! its nonsens....
  9. Boarding OP or not?

    Ganker say something yes its true any gankers have same strategi.. mast crew .... i realy need see how Brigs ship reduce crew big battle ship its .... BS
  10. Transport Missions

    yes gankers need more victims. Any time i fight 1 vs 4 and more Pirates Spain or diferent nation... this game need balance battle system.. Attack allone ship? max diference 1 and no gank vs one ...
  11. Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Same here permanent wait to login
  12. Hraju za Anglany (v kazde lodickove hre kde je maji zane hraju ) pisnete nejake niky ve hre at nemusim plout sam ja mam ve hre nick Mirrec