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  1. I can confirm that admin said rewards only once per game account, so no delete character clock duping.
  2. Site updated. All values tweaked a little since patch 19, but very little relative changes. It could also mean our math is off Just a dirty copy/paste from gsheets, but here's the diff from 19 to 23 (first value @15, 12th @180, last is portspeed):
  3. Now, we're expecting ships built out of fir the be the fastest (but most fragile) followed by the "vanilla" oak/teak builds and ends up with the slow and tanky liveoak ships. Each of the wood types are divided into the quality color system we've grown accustomed to, so there are quite a few variables. I was wrong. Fir is grey, oak and teak are green and live oak is blue. I always want to know "what?" and "how much?", so I've started taking notes of max speeds of the frigs I've bought and captured. I leave out those with speed mods, because they would obviously ruin everything. I point my bow half a notch below broad reach because many ships have their absolute max speed at that setting and not pure 45deg broadreach. The ships are fitted with long guns all around, simply because that's the most sensible PVP setup, like so: Keep in mind planking and reinforced masts weigh and slow you down so those can't be used either. The speed test has to be recorded before taking any damage as that greatly affects speed. Grey fir: Blue Live Oak: Temporary note: ?! I have a green teak ship lying around and will get to that, but I already have many questions. What does the quality do? Does it strengthen the wood's main character or all? Is blue live oak both stronger and faster than grey live oak? I desperately want to test a blue fir ship, but haven't seen a single one (Duh! Idjiit). I have gold so if you crafters are sitting on one, let me know. Anyone is welcome to contribute with testing, ofcourse.
  4. Want to buy / Want to sell

    I dunno, it's silly. What's holding me back the most is nostalgia combined with the clan stuff I have that keeps me independent of the crafters in game. I might put in the work to kill it or move it some day, especially if i can get new friends and prem ships all but frees me from eco. Doing a little port-clicking feels less terrible than grinding bots for cash, and defo takes less time, and it gives me access to almost all the good stuff for almost nothing up to half (copper) of what the eco dudes put it up for.
  5. Want to buy / Want to sell

  6. Want to buy / Want to sell

    Bottles too, you can have bottles.
  7. Want to buy / Want to sell

    I can also pay a few victory marks, or pay combined with anything I have. Aren't there a bunch of bot grinders here who would love doing that and get vic marks from me?
  8. You think you should be able to grind in safety or convenience with your vic?!
  9. Were there no missions during austerity patch?
  10. I've met vasco, ram and redii in battles. Though, that is all patrol missions and has nothing to do with no names.
  11. I agree it would have. Huh!? A long time ago when I asked for premium ships for the exact reason you outline, I received so much flak for a suggestion that would "ruin the economy". I'm pleasantly surprised you support redeemable fighting ships. (It's neat to agree sometimes, isn't it? )
  12. Duelroom

    Most probably think like that. Then there's the lack of rewards. That said; When OW became pretty much like it is today we all but stopped OW and spent all our time in the room. It's fortunate we are or were such extreme outliers.
  13. I believe I've seen @Ink saying book drops in bottles are completely random. But are some books never in bottles? Are some books exclusive to epics? I haven't done a single epic so I have no idea, but there are people here who have fished up a lot of bottles in addition to doing epics with their friends; What are your observations? I also think I've seen it stated that bigger OW bots may drop better loot than smaller bots (3rd rates and up?), can anyone confirm? Just trying to know the best method of finally getting my hands on the two "art of..." sub books...
  14. Duelroom

    Signed... as always.
  15. 1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    You didn't get the memo? That's skill right there! <hides>
  16. I wonder who is obsessing? I do appreciate the poignant prose, but all this shouting started with "a limit of three mission cancellations". That makes the world collapse on top of pve players?! We may have a situation where "one feather turns into five hens".
  17. 1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    I'll help you too, liq.
  18. Banned form Trade chat

    No use of excessive language in any chat before this?
  19. "Use them wisely" seems to indicate it's a one-off thing.
  20. Big patch coming during next 1,5 week

    Some do it. I've seen @Otto Kohl and some others do it.
  21. Basic Cutter Nonsense

    Looks like you had some fun, don. But I agree, I throw myself into all patrol circles except the one with the little critters.
  22. Want to buy / Want to sell

    I can pay for books in poods, got quite a few... dunno if poods are in demand, tho.