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  1. Now, we're expecting ships built out of fir the be the fastest (but most fragile) followed by the "vanilla" oak/teak builds and ends up with the slow and tanky liveoak ships. Each of the wood types are divided into the quality color system we've grown accustomed to, so there are quite a few variables. I was wrong. Fir is grey, oak and teak are green and live oak is blue. I always want to know "what?" and "how much?", so I've started taking notes of max speeds of the frigs I've bought and captured. I leave out those with speed mods, because they would obviously ruin everything. I point my bow half a notch below broad reach because many ships have their absolute max speed at that setting and not pure 45deg broadreach. The ships are fitted with long guns all around, simply because that's the most sensible PVP setup, like so: Keep in mind planking and reinforced masts weigh and slow you down so those can't be used either. The speed test has to be recorded before taking any damage as that greatly affects speed. Grey fir: Blue Live Oak: Temporary note: ?! I have a green teak ship lying around and will get to that, but I already have many questions. What does the quality do? Does it strengthen the wood's main character or all? Is blue live oak both stronger and faster than grey live oak? I desperately want to test a blue fir ship, but haven't seen a single one (Duh! Idjiit). I have gold so if you crafters are sitting on one, let me know. Anyone is welcome to contribute with testing, ofcourse.
  2. Just in case you missed it.
  3. Na-L going live when?

    I never saw bots run for cap. They only move with the furball fight, though they have a tendency to run slightly downwind of the fight.
  4. It used to be teak or oak ships before the wood changes. Now every frame and planking does stuff with speed, but the weird combo of white oak and fir planking does the trick. I don't mind making "useless" ships for testing, but there sure aren't many of those floating around.
  5. Is endy supposed to have that one weird escape point @15? It's not easily utilated but it does give the downwind king one odd upwind point. I don't have endy, could someone see if it checks out in game?
  6. I've updated the infogr.am chart on the site, but I've frozen the plot.ly chart for easy reference.
  7. Doesn't matter if admin included red text about tuning, it's all balls to the wall with ulterior motives and pet peeves.
  8. Mast Hits

    Are you a sandbox MMO fan? Because we have lol-upgrades because (apparently) PVE-sandbox-shitlords crave that shit. Poor us competitive pure pvp-players. I'm not knocking you or assuming I know anything about what drives you or what you derive fun from. Judging from your upgrade remark we're prolly brothers from different mothers. Neither MMO's or sandbox games must have silly "magical sword of conjuring +5" rare loot drops. I push back at any and all times, but it is a dogged and hopeless push.
  9. I stayed up later than I'd planned, I was fueled by scientifical moral outrage over that individual hiding the truth from the community. Here's the new Gsheet for the early adopters. (I trust you can still "add to own Gdisk" for your comprehensive viewing pleasure?) I'll get to the fancy but clunky internet pretties soon. I threw a hissy fit over negative values in api without thinking with a cool head (sorry, @balticsailor). lel, the simplest explanation is usually the right one, right? Ships sail backwards now! *Doh!* Our quality assurance team is happy: 0.1 knots won't win any wars, but connoiseurs will mind the api's tendency to skew the profile. At least with the aga.
  10. Sailing Physics

    Even if you don't see the autoskipper rudder doesn't mean it isn't there. Also, we have a lot of approximations in this game (good thing, btw). Just imagine your 1st. Lt. doing tiny trim and sail changes to avoid having the ship run with deflected rudder (sea anchor) to sail straight.
  11. I'm heading out to do some speed chart quality assurance work... ... I just need to dodge those habitual gankers as I swagger along in a gunless aga... o/ [CABAL]. At least we had a pleasant chat!
  12. Oh, dear! Maybe there's room for some speed related news in this SPEED topic? I'm looking at the API numbers. They've changed so I need help from my friends to present accurate charts to everyone. Related news: Someone has actually done it all and is sitting on new readable charts. They won't share with you because their head is so far up the OW wargame's butthole they can lick it's colon. Apparently they won't share because exclusivity given them an advantage. The Speed Trials dudes will get to it and deliver equality all across the Caribbean hopefully soon. We have many other duties keeping us from giving it to you NAOW! I'm out feeding starving children and @balticsailor is working on some medicine to cure stupidity. To the clubhouse!
  13. General butthurt spreading when people lose to such groups.
  14. The guys at Wargaming came to the statistically based conclusion that three man toons for 15v15 was the limit. Six man toons could be perfect for 25v25. We need to be really careful about this. Start with small toons and see how that works out first.
  15. Dude! This is the best and most fun part of the game! We always welcome improvements. Lighten up, you'll get an ulcer.
  16. Increasing Ship Visuals while making Devs Money

    Hello again! Aren't you a ray of sunshine today?
  17. Well, not fir-fir wasas, but fir-fir plus speed upgrades one, two, three and four. We can have deliberate balance among the ships and their role. The PVE lords need to sacrifice something for that healthy balance, "there lies the rub!"
  18. or you have the wind or you have a different ship with different profile and use that better than your opponent. Flight sims have worked like this since they were a thing. Every flight profile is fully known, everything is transparent. Altitude, energy, geometry, skill and willingness make fights happen. It will be the same in NA.
  19. "this time for real" - this amused me. Clarification, pls. Are we talking about two single 32pdr balls bringing down a mast or a couple of broadsides? Two ball shot bringing down a mast sounds like bug rather than Wasa/meta problem, right? Don't forget the rolling rebalance we're about to embark on. There will be plenty of opportunity to harvest Wasa tears in the weeks ahead.
  20. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    Well, I care.
  21. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    First, second and last sentence, sure. The little paragraph in the middle was face value. Hover mouse over your avatar. I argued your points to give some counterweight to opinions I think are poorly founded. Disregard it all you like. Point by point can be abused, I know. That was not my intention and I find that "form" to increase readability. Your mileage may vary, it's fine. I've changed my opinion on matters here on the forums after reading other people's input.
  22. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    People who want a line of communication should avoid picking things apart especially when they don't know all the facts.
  23. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    Whoa! ok, ok! I just had opinions about your opinion. Forgive me. I was referring to your forum birthdate. Maybe you lurked the forum before you made an account? In that case you should remember how player testing worked back then. +1 for the [blah blah blah] bit. Passive aggressive is underrated.
  24. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    I've never seen a developer that works as close to their community as these guys. They can't hope to have time for every good or bad idea discussed wherever, whenever. I've yet to see a really good idea go "ignored" for long, tho. But nowhere near as arrogant, stupid and aggressive as the posts they react to. Would you rather have politicians' or press officer responses? I suspect you have unrealistic expectations. I came here a year before you did. Some of the player/tester posters had already racked up to 3-4000 posts before I came along, that should give you an indication. You sure play it fast and loose for someone who cares about the truth. Second quote is misinformation if I'm gonna be diplomatic about it. So you, a new guy, get to interact with admin and you turn that against him without possibly knowing the whole picture? misinformation again. Their open and clear communiction was a new smaller team for the new game. If you don't read what admin writes you can't blame it on them. <tired sigh> Thank you for your contribution.