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  1. Cartahena Tar Issue

    Must have missed that, do tell.
  2. Free port of Viques

    If we love the true sandbox environment we have to embrace ganking.
  3. So tar was put in shop (wherever they're fighting over that). But *cough* swedes are left standing with their dicks swinging waiting for Grietje... edit: Notice how the seller is avoiding doing the 1 item contract for a million billion thing; "Naw, naw, it's a legit contract! I had a few and know they're sought after. Pfft! Scumbag? Me?... Never!"
  4. MassimoSud, bb3ar, Adam Littlejohn

    Calm down people. This is soooo fixable and it will be. No banhammers, torches or pitchforks needed.
  5. Ah, so Seagull is piet?
  6. The scumbags have upped their game:
  7. Free port of Viques

    I've been here before...
  8. Naval Action Meme collection

    Oh, liq...
  9. It's time to act my Dear fellow Captains

    You're not wrong. You'll learn to love me, tho.
  10. Naval Action Meme collection

  11. It's time to act my Dear fellow Captains

    Lol, brutal honesty. Is emotional impulsiveness a manly virtue now?
  12. Free port of Viques

    So, you're inviting anyone to come trading in the middle of RTS and BF bitch slapping each other? Sounds like a safe environment
  13. So much this. When I found out (or thought… I'm slow) that my alts were useless I thought it was great. That had to be a major step in the right direction in my mind, it seemed to be a more fair playing field with less potential for the few (like me) to just buy an advantage for money. I'm not sure I quite understand the reason for super-rare stuff, like copper plating or elite rigs, in this game. I'm told it's a thing for PVE grinders; some kind of carrot they get off on grinding out then to enjoy the satisfaction of having better fighting equipment than normal people. If they don't have super-duper stuff to work towards they go into a gaming-existential crisis that makes them whine about "moar kontent!" or quitting because there is no princess in the castle. If the above is kinda how it goes I guess it's a valid(ish) feature. Whatever the true reason is; Are we sure it does more good than harm (for most players, most of the time)? I presume it's extremely hard to get rid of grey-area exploits and everything related as long as we deliberately keep something everyone wants away from them. (In tanks you can fully pimp a mid-level vehicle within days and a tier 8-10 vehicle topped off within weeks. Then you can grind crews for months or years yet never boost the overall fighting capabilities more than 2.5%. And NEVER can you boost speed, which is more important in OW than in tanks.) Isn't wealth, paints, flags, pennants, custom names or any other non-fighting gear goals enough for the PVE grind-mind?
  14. Oh, you'll know when that happens.
  15. I was one of the three main eco guys in Rakers. I'm working an inside job. <Shouting into megaphone> "Do you want the eco guys' clammy hands on your fun bits?!"
  16. Let eco players go full on dog-eats-dog with trade goods, but let anything related to fighting equipment be impossible for eco guys to ruin.
  17. As far as ships go, it's never been easier than now. Ships and the great crafting system is completely eclipsed by upgrades, refits and rng loot and shop drops. We've had that in some form since release of OW, I wish we could change that and take fighting equipment out of the hands of the inconsiderate fat-cats. May they choke on their Russian sail duck and Cheshire Cheese! Vive la révolution!
  18. Ah, the joys of eco features... "We want player driven economy!" Devs do that and at the drop of the ball players starts scumbagging. I haven't had any use for my subversive eco alts since fine woods. Should I dust them off or is fix imminent? I try to keep up but I'm probably too nice too keep up with the shamelessness my eco competitors bask in. Now, where did I put all those forged papers?...
  19. Reviews

    I wrote a glowingly positive review around the time of the Vicious review bombing. I pointed out that "if you like economy activities, crafting, roleplay or RvR you'll enjoy this game" (paraphrased). I don't even like those things myself! I'm indifferent ranging to aversive about the items on that list. A "professional" reviewer (of anything, really) is expected to be able to point out and analyze qualities objectively in addition to state his own subjective taste. I know the Steam review system isn't meant to be like this. The average Steam-dweller and even people in this thread don't hold themselves accountable to any principle related to objectivety. It is what it is. That doesn't mean you can't be objective if you want to. There's nothing deceitful about supporting projects with potential in spite of issues or personal tastes. I can recommend Alicia Keys based on her tremendous singing skill even if I'm not much of an R'n'B person. I will recommend Jan Guillou's books even if I don't always agree with the political agitation he sneaks into his work. ______________________
  20. Ah, just look at the profile which is a direct graphic representation of api numbers. You'll get more "bang for the buck" by multiplying a factor with an already large factor. (Makes more sense to put staysails skill on a privateer than an endy) I have no idea if the API has some numbers that says "this ship has 63% staysails" or "this ship's square sails has a force factor of 1.32" Others (in the API topic) have much better understanding of the API numbers than me.
  21. Now, we're expecting ships built out of fir the be the fastest (but most fragile) followed by the "vanilla" oak/teak builds and ends up with the slow and tanky liveoak ships. Each of the wood types are divided into the quality color system we've grown accustomed to, so there are quite a few variables. I was wrong. Fir is grey, oak and teak are green and live oak is blue. I always want to know "what?" and "how much?", so I've started taking notes of max speeds of the frigs I've bought and captured. I leave out those with speed mods, because they would obviously ruin everything. I point my bow half a notch below broad reach because many ships have their absolute max speed at that setting and not pure 45deg broadreach. The ships are fitted with long guns all around, simply because that's the most sensible PVP setup, like so: Keep in mind planking and reinforced masts weigh and slow you down so those can't be used either. The speed test has to be recorded before taking any damage as that greatly affects speed. Grey fir: Blue Live Oak: Temporary note: ?! I have a green teak ship lying around and will get to that, but I already have many questions. What does the quality do? Does it strengthen the wood's main character or all? Is blue live oak both stronger and faster than grey live oak? I desperately want to test a blue fir ship, but haven't seen a single one (Duh! Idjiit). I have gold so if you crafters are sitting on one, let me know. Anyone is welcome to contribute with testing, ofcourse.
  22. WOW makes a move on Naval Bases

    I need an adult...