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  1. jodgi

    Fun PVP for everyone!

    Admin said they will look at patrols when they don't have as much on their plate. Patience.
  2. jodgi

    DLC ships

    Some of us started to bemoan this ow+eco main/side(?)effect two years before the Requin was released. But, sure, blame the prems... So hot right now.
  3. jodgi

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    In a game like NA where the fighting itself is the core of cores and of top shelf quality; Your other content and ladders or customization is of far less importance. IMO anyway. You can enjoy your enchanted two-handed sword of epic destruction (+120%) in other games where they don't take pride in their PvP fighting mechanics.
  4. jodgi

    wows player here.

    If you get attacked by players you can click a button and get AI reinforcements to match the attacking force.
  5. jodgi

    Proposal to change sail force mods

    This is kinda the intention of current sail mods. But then woods, books and stacking enters the stage and throws balance into the crowd.
  6. jodgi

    DLC impact on the economy

    The only point for me is fighting. I have no use for the economy; It's just a nuisance to me.
  7. jodgi

    wows player here.

    I do them all alone and have had quite a few good duels and small fights. I expect to die every time because, like I mentioned, the OW heroes tend to come in groups and steamroll the patrol zones. We're trying to "fix" that.
  8. jodgi

    DLC ships

    Hi there, sunshine!
  9. jodgi

    wows player here.

    A lot of hopes were dashed, we're in the same boat (if you can manage to think very long term there might still be hope) Solo play could be called a struggle, but there are quite a few of us who are working tirelessly to make "patrol missions" a good fit for those who like fair-ish and challenging fights as opposed to the open world stars who seem content ganking in packs and bullying people around capitals.
  10. jodgi

    DLC ships

    Well, there's the smaller ships rebalance to mix it up a bit and the possible expansion of the prem lineup. Should it be possible for premium ships to become as popular as you're predicting if the ow is filled with fans of eco and crafting?
  11. jodgi

    DLC ships

    It may be true that the more capable the ship the more it sells, but I truly don't need, but more to the point, don't want even close to OP premiums. Their main feature or selling point for me is that they allow me to partly bypass boring eco. Now they're beaten with the ugly stick in the form of cooldown, that somewhat diminishes their value. But, as a fan I'd buy several normal ships with premium status to mitigate the eco imposed cooldown. Premium ships are given the bad "OP" name not mainly because of their inherent qualities but rather because of the good old mod stacking. That has been a problem since day one, but what can we do when do many sandboxers love the excessive customization? Nah... There is hope, admin has a plan to deal with that which sounds like it'll work.
  12. jodgi

    Rare books DLC

    Legends model was never tried in full. Things would be very different if that happened, eco/pve/ow fans should be very glad Legends was shelved.
  13. jodgi

    DLC ships

    One dura dlc's is what the sandbox guys want too. I would never buy a one off thing, but I'll empty my pockets for permanent things... Maybe that is an answer?
  14. jodgi

    How to stern rake consistently?

    Against bots or players? A half decent player won't hand you good rakes and even fighting bots turn and burn enough to make consistent good rakes pretty hard.