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  1. jodgi

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    Watch hachi, donner, Otto... and do the exact opposite.
  2. jodgi

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    This must be the best Friday fun thread in ages!
  3. jodgi

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    Oh, hello kitty me, Liq!
  4. jodgi

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    What keyboard do you use on your gaming rig?
  5. jodgi

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    I'm not laughing, I get it. If I cheat, or even scumbag too hard, in PvP I'm eroding the very basis of what's fun for me. On the flipside; I'm completely psychopathic towards PvE.
  6. jodgi

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    Yes, the nuclear option.
  7. jodgi

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    Within minutes after maintenance the "player" count is up to 80-150 every day. Chew on that... If that is so this guide will go poof and I will cease and desist. I'm lawful evil, not chaotic. edit: Oh, and I should add: When I play PvP I'm a frikkin' Paladin, I won't get dirty even if it gives me an advantage.
  8. jodgi

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    Books and materials used in all (?) the elite mods with some expensive trading goods thrown on top.
  9. jodgi

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    I have this sneaking suspicion that a ninja like you have an even easier and safer way of going about this. Dude, don't feel bad. When you add PvE you open the barn doors wide and all and every kind of shit is coming your way. I've tried to fight it for years. I failed. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Oh, my sweet summer child...
  10. jodgi

    AFK fishing guide

    It's up!
  11. jodgi

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    Disclaimer The mix of PvE and PvP in a game is such a weird thing for me, it is a matter of taste, for sure, but it causes me quite a bit of irritation, frustration and I constantly get in people’s face about terrible PvE and wonderful PvP around here. I’m writing this as a guide but I will follow my modus operandi of prodding and poking PvE, agitating and polarizing. Consider yourself warned. Introduction This game has always revolved around fighting ships. We have several modifications more of less available that changes or enhances the way our ships fight. The very best of these modifications are behind a PvE grindwall. A few rather good modifications are behind a PvP exclusive grindwall. A competitive PvP player will want to have all the best stuff eventually, but he is forced, directly or indirectly, to deal with the PvE aspect to get everything. Some argue that mods aren’t that important, but I don’t believe that even for a second. You can get normal stuff from bullying bots in the OW, second tier stuff from fishing bottles in OW and top tier stuff from epic missions. I simply can’t bear the thought of spending time fighting stupidly overpowered bots to get stuff so I had to come up with a plan to avoid that completely. AFK fishing I may wish away absolutely everything PvE but it won’t happen. I decided to make my computer deal with PvE while I sleep, work, eat, go on vacation or what have you. With the stuff you get from bottles you can trade to get rich, make the best mods, trade for PvP marks or, as was my focus in the beginning, trade for the rarest PvE books. It worked for me; I afk fished for months, traded with people and ended up with all the books. This may be the easiest way to do it: Some set up super-effective alt-fueled and sandboxie powered fishing: I decided to use a dedicated physical computer with an alt so my main computer’s resources were always free to play proper (PvP) or do whatever else I do on it. You may not have access to a dedicated afk fishing box or inclined to buy a second NA copy (You should, because if you close your eyes to the PvE stuff; NA is one of the best games ever and the guys more than deserves your patronage), but you can just use your main computer while you sleep and work or use whatever combination that suits you. I sail a basic cutter far away to a corner of some teleport zone to minimize being found by random players so I can sit there as long as I need or want. Since we still have F11 coords and teleport to port we’re able to save a bit of time, but even when those two features are taken away we can just point our ship in some direction, afk sail for some given amount of time and simply spend the time sailing the ship back when convenient. Don’t sail your ship outside the map as there is no fish nor bottles there. When you’re at the fishing spot you need some sort of keyboard/mouse automation to keep the client logged into the game. I’ve fallen back on basic cutters and a simple click routine that converts fish and then throws everything but bottles overboard. There are many tools available to automate clicking: SeeShell for some fancy image based clicking, clickermann for some advanced features or the super simple idiot friendly TinyTask just to start the list. Being an idiot I went for tinytask. You have to be careful that the click routine doesn’t make the split dialog pop up; It has to work whatever happens, and this is what I landed on: Right click the third slot to convert all fish - confirm - throw the second slot overboard - confirm - wait to avoid the “you can’t…” dialog - throw the top slot overboard - confirm - wait for the timeout for the next run. Notice I’ve selected “resources” to hide the bottles, it would be rather embarrassing to sit there throwing them overboard. I also sort the content with salt and meat on top. In some cases the routine might click “send to chat”, just make sure “global” isn’t selected and hide the chat window. This is how I record the routine in TinyTask: That’s basically it. I use the remote desktop thingy built into Chrome to access the fishing box after daily maintenance or updates to get it back up fishing. It works fine with little fuzz and I’ve even used my phone while on vacation to whip the box back into fishing. You have to spend 20 seconds every day to keep it going and that’s perfectly tolerable for me. I’ve lost three ships and a total of 5 bottles since I started. I don’t mind it as I’m not really losing anything. AFK fishing even provides content to guys who are willing to trawl around unused ports and remote spots at sea, that must be so boring I think they deserve the bottles that may or may not sit inside my carefree afk cutter. I’ve guesstimated the bottle drop rate at averaging super roughly one bottle each 160 days at sea or one bottle each 24 real hours. Is it ok to do this? I think it’s supercalifragalistically silly, but I get the best stuff for doing almost nothing. Also, nothing is more silly than doing PvE when PvP is available so afk fishing saves me from a greater evil, ergo it must be good. The best part is it gives me a feeling I’m using PvE against PvE, I’m sticking it to PvE man, if you will. It gives me great satisfaction.
  12. jodgi

    AFK fishing guide

    Oh, the suspense!
  13. jodgi

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    That is an interesting question, and one that has caused quite a bit of shouting here.
  14. jodgi

    Overloaded shipwrecks

    The whole point of making us go out with large traders to pick up bottle loot is to make it a risk/reward thing. In many other threads you all celebrate high risk for big reward; Why do you feel different with wreck loot?
  15. jodgi

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    Good point, some day I may get to the point where I have more marks than I need. I'm still grinding for the last admiralty book and there will always be a need to withdraw the good admiralty mods. We'll see. I play very casually because I don't have enough hours to spend on NA. Ships have always been easy to get, even during austerity patch. Alt usage have made my ships ridiculously cheap and quick to click out. For a long time my alt focus has been to get the most expensive mods "for free" or at a very reasonable price. Someone might want to cut my access to the eco easy mode. Here's where the sandbox becomes the mythical monster eating it's own tail: If you manage to hurt me you've also hurt ten normal players much worse. (I can see the words forming in your heads: "Clan based NA." Well, good luck with that...)