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  1. Yet I sit here with a few millions after selling cheap guns since wipe. So, either get with bot grinding, prolly some trade goods or join a big and preferably winning clan. Tell me more about the vision for casual players and their incentive to go risking stuff facing super rich and, more importantly, super fitted captains...
  2. Hermione is Cecilia, the experts can explain why she was called that before or after capture.
  3. https://sites.google.com/view/speedtrials/ Also:
  4. Sure, but then whose gameplay or fun is threatened by easy access Wasa? ___________ I posted this a while back: It is meant to be taken lightly, but there is weight to it. Admiralty note ships is a tiny respite from the mandatory PVE/eco yoke. OW gameplay is weighted heavily in favor of PVE/eco players so I object when even the smallest escape from eco oppression receives flak.
  5. First, why is it a problem that people are able to access a good ship easily? Crafters, crafters I know... That a few ships are available via the admiralty only gives crafters the opportunity to focus on shitting out ships only they can make. Those who don't want to get into crafting are happy and role-players living the career dream are happy. I visited EU global chat last evening and if I am to believe the people there PvP has had a boost with the easy access to good ships. I'm sceptical about the stance that more PvP is somehow bad because "it doesn't matter" due to losses being replaced too easily. Is this really an issue or are we riding a principle here, regardless? Besides, the ships themselves are just the halfway house. It's fairly easy to get ships whatever method you pick. It's the rigs and upgrades that the big time economy is really about, as shown by the recent tar "scandal". I want to do something about that as well but I'll keep this post about one issue.
  6. My issue is that I want any player to fully fit a fighting ship, so I don't disagree with you. I don't like that some of the best bits for fighting equipment are only available to the rich.
  7. Because a lot of players asked them to. Your estimation is too low. I've watched the back-and-forth on "we need reasons for RvR" for a long time now. Isn't controlling ports with sought after resources a really good reason to fight? What if the devs met the player demand for a certain item? Can't anyone just go capture that port and jump on the gravy train?
  8. Reviews

    Admin has stated openly in this forum that they won't do the same mist... sub-optimal thing again.
  9. Something is happening...