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  1. jodgi

    Event Zone RoE

    Pfft... @Liq, you're doing it wrong! Fir death squad meta or die, fool!
  2. jodgi

    Premium Ships Break Up

    WoT has indirectly (global rebalance) nerfed premium tanks, though they generally try to avoid annoying customers. I bet the alpha tag or pre-release status give some legal leeway, if that is even needed at all.
  3. jodgi

    Interesting Video Related to Meta

    That wouldn't fly in wot. Global winrate first and foremost, then you correct for damage stats and low tier seal-clubbing. If you pad some secondary or tertiary stats instead of making plays to help your team win, you're not getting into any of the top clans.
  4. jodgi

    Premium Ships Break Up

    I was looking forward to a Connie a day for my patrol mission short attention span needs. Now that Connie might not come or be hit with a long cool-down that makes the value very questionable for me. Maybe we'll get a 12pdr frigate or two, maybe even an 18pdr? I'll buy em all and then I might forget that I've actually paid for something I can only use every three to four days. Arrrgh! These eco concessions always take a shit on anything fun in this game...
  5. jodgi

    Interesting Video Related to Meta

    Heh, derogatory term used by people who just "play4fun" when losing to one or more players who have applied themselves to the game and have stats that reflect that commitment.
  6. "Check, please Essex. The Spanish refit gave an increase to the maximum on the passport of just 0, 1 knot." I presume "passport" relates to profile.
  7. jodgi

    Interesting Video Related to Meta

    Well, ok. I would say the team is more important in arena games than in more open games (NA, Aces High...). The very best players, or stat padders, in WoT achieve 60 up to 70% global winrate. Tremendous skill only bump you up to 20% compared to a yoloing pubbie. In NA or AH you have these individuals or groups that can achieve close to 100% winrate if they pull out all the stops. Maybe they don't "win the war" when they play like that, but that is a roleplay element more than anything.
  8. Don't forget that mods are scheduled for rebalancing. Good ideas might make features in a few months
  9. I don't care what we do. Anything that dampens speedmodding is good in my book, anything.
  10. New player experience: "I'm going to make a fast frigate to hunt traders." Goes out in the OW with a fairly weak but fast frigate. Spots a group of Bellonas that give chase. Gets run down both in OW and instance. "Oh... But I thought..." A superspeed Bellona is almost like a lion with no natural enemies. Even in it's "weak" configuration it can fight off everything smaller or run with ease from most things bigger and smaller. If we hit the bello with the ugly stick the Connie will take it's place. That will be better as a squishy Connie isn't as dominating.
  11. jodgi

    Interesting Video Related to Meta

    Saw the vid, haven't played that game, didn't quite catch your drift. "Ace pilots murdering new players..." might be it? But the anomalies themselves, dunno. What did you get from it?
  12. jodgi

    Premium ships 24 hours

    I'm aware. I haven't done anything but that since 2003. Then NA Sea Trials bamboozled me into OW.
  13. jodgi

    Premium ships 24 hours

    While you're drooling over EVE; Go look up their PVE to PVP ratio to get a different angle on the discussion on "what they've done right".
  14. jodgi

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    I like the small letter coded info squares that disappear when they're no longer relevant. (Airbus pioneered this design in their cockpits)
  15. I agree, but this will probably be met with resistance: Some argue that 3rds including the Bellona should be the most prevalent ship. From what I've read in these forums there are tons of historical sources that support this. Wood choices, books and mods plays heavily into throwing vanilla profiles out of whack and I cringe at the 14.5 (and beyond?) Bellona fad.