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  1. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Performance is fine and diff from live map is almost imperceptible. I'd pick the higher res map.
  2. Unequal battles

    But Jesper got how many precious marks from that silly-gank? --- I wonder if people would pile-on like that if they progressed 2.1% towards a fictional pvp rank book grind while you (BR multiplier) progressed 43%? Or zero marks for anyone in a fight above some given BR ratio while you were handed 5 as thanks for going in like a fool and offering content to others?
  3. Unequal battles

    Please, don't stop. Veteran PVP'ers don't need motivation. Admin already pretty much knows what they will say, anyway. How can we help "noobs" and "carebears" to try PVP and keep on PVP'ing?
  4. Unequal battles

    Tap out or full loss? I've spent most of my fighting time in this game losing to better players in the hope of learning at least one thing I can improve. Even so, I truly and fully understand that mentality. I'd even describe it as normal and I believe most players are in that place. In a loss based OW where gear matter as much as it does, IF you want to motivate PVP; It will take a lot to change that collective psychology. To be abundantly clear, Jon, I'm not arguing with you. I think we want the same thing. @victor, you're freaking me out! I'm used to fighting you on all things sandbox, eco, PVE and "depth". Now I completely agree with you!? Wait! If we sit at the same side of the table we must be on to something, eh?
  5. Unequal battles

    Ideally, yes, but that would make you sad so I stopped seriously asking for it.
  6. Unequal battles

    Nobody can, will or want to change that. We want to enable and motivate as many as possible for PVP so that they are available to you when you want PVP.
  7. Stealing the wind

    I'm curious as I haven't tried them all. X-Plane has the only decent model of ground effect but is there any sim that models wake turbulence? Most sims even have very crude and painfully obvious scripted departure (stall, high or low speed) behaviour.
  8. Unequal battles

    I believe in this too. Beginning players are motivated by normal gold and xp earnings, intermediate and veteran players can be motivated by rare books and upgrades. The very best and most active pvp players seem to be able to get just about anything they want by paying in pvp marks. I think there is a rather large portion of players that have enough gold for comfort but struggle to compete or progress in the pvp marks "market". PVP marks is a clear incentive to go PVP but also exacerbates ganking. "Just grind a handful of epics or pay in PVP marks to get rare books". The exclusivety of it and high threshold is by deliberate design but on the topic of PVP motivation I don't think it works well for most players. Say we had pvp only rank xp system: You could "God of PVP" your way up quickly by (always) winning or progress more slowly by losing to skill or superior numbers. and/or You could put BR multipliers in place. People would learn they progress slowly by going in 5v1, but still win, or progress much faster by accepting an equal fight or fighting hard in a losing match. I've seen this work in one rather open game more alike NA than WoT/WT. There will always by running and ganking, but with such a system many players would have enough motivation to accept a fight against odds. @admin, you ask "how to motivate PVP?" ^This system is proven, over time, to work. It alleviates the running and ganking problems but it doesn't pretend to fix it completely. It is a carrot and not a stick. (Also, French rigs (and kirimati) are a little too exclusive/expensive for "anyone" to go hard with your tempting masts and reload suicide challenge. Three to four losses and I'd have to place an alt or fall back on the unreliable winged out ballast.)
  9. Unequal battles

    Ok, partially. Oh, if only mods were limited to 1-2%! Everyone who pays attention KNOWS gear matters. The perception of mods is more important than the actual influence they have. I'm more worried about those that give up before they've pve'd or pvp'd their way to a percieved gear competitiveness. That guy who grinds epics and sinks @Liq's throwaway ship I'm not worried about.
  10. Unequal battles

    It seems my ideas on this are diametrically opposed to yours even if we have a common goal. I know I'm a broken record, but the quote above is why I've been whining for more than two years. There will always be some skill gap even if we work hard to make it as small as possible. In an OW sandbox there will always be running even if we motivate fighting. The gear gap, which acts as a multiplier on skill, we can make as wide or narrow as we want. We have full control here all the way down to eliminating it completely. Gear advantage may embolden and empower the skilled (optionally: powergrinding) few to go out and fight outnumbered. It is my firm belief that though it enables the top 1-10% players, it makes the rest more timid and demotivated. Not only is gear (speed, reload, repair, boarding, protection) not the answer to pvp motivation, it is aggressively counter-productive. Well, except it works for the best but not the rest.
  11. Naval Action Explorer

    huh!? Now the drop down list worked.. I have butterfingers today.
  12. Naval Action Explorer

    This is great! How do I get more ships into this list? Also "Drive letter for NA install"... The root drive or entire path to NA exe?
  13. Impact Tagging

    Ooooh, fun.
  14. Impact Tagging

    Oooof, yes, forgot about that. When we had duel room ships started so close we usually came to an agreement to separate first in order to have a fight instead of just crashing info each other in the race for position and wind.
  15. Added updated plot.ly chart with double click to isolate one profile, hopefully without bugs this time.