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  1. jodgi

    Naval Lobby Event

    Some may have lost faith in Legends, some other people wanted it to fail. The player retention of Legends in the form we had can be picked apart like there's no tomorrow. As to your quote; Legends was never allowed to attract players. What admin said to the effect about being spread too thin makes sense to me and the discussion can stop there. I actually like the NA community and Legends could have split us rather painfully. Why would I ever spend even a minute in OW after full release of Legends? I know people told themselves that legends would provide recruitment for OW and I've never had the heart to interrupt that. I mean it when I say I'm glad for those who find so much meaning or depth in OW. I like you and NA so much I'm willing to endure some boredom if it's really that important to you (No, fuck that! I'm not distracted by PVE content). I'll help populate the OW, but please, throw me a frikkin' bone, here! Is it so bad if there's one tiny area where idiots and shortsighted fools like me can go and find close to equal (=fun) fights simply because we value that above all else? Maybe it's as easy as flicking a switch? Instead of bemoaning the way we want to enjoy the game, you can accommodate us and be glad we're here and not in COD or whatever game you think is the Devil incarnate. (Open arms rant spurred by Arch but not directed at him)
  2. jodgi

    Naval Lobby Event

    What if there were two patrol missions each day? One intended for solo players with continual BR limits to equalize sides and one like we have now with ganking enabled. That way you'll partially deflect the "but that's not OW how I want it" complaints because the true OW heroes can be told to impose their OW gameplay on people using OW to get to and fro. You have to avoid anything that looks like a lobby or the sandbox fundamentalists will raise their sacred OW book and cry "Heresy!". Btw, I love you!
  3. Intriguing, but I'm not so sure. In wot even shit clans do clan wars and the big campaigns. Or do you imply that loss mechanic makes NA different from wot in that regard?
  4. jodgi

    NA needs instant 'Jump to Action' button.

    Another fav response. "Don't like things how I like them? GTFO!" ________________ Shooting at ships in NA is one of the very best gaming experiences I've known. "The OW sandbox experience" is a massive fun-tax I'm barely able to pay. Maybe I'm too simple to get it? Most of my old friends are gone because of it and that makes me sad and even resent it a bit. I'm happy for those who seem to get so much out of it, kumbaya and all that...
  5. jodgi

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Aww, why so serious? We suffer so much and you would rob people of a few nice bonuses.
  6. jodgi

    Open World Ship Identification

    Up close it's fine: But some distance away the jitter begins: The recording actually makes it look smoother than it does when playing. It really can make it impossible to distinguish between similar ships like ventre or belle.
  7. jodgi

    Event Zone RoE

    This is great, honestly! We don't want to boycott something that could be really, really fun.
  8. jodgi

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    We don't have access to that information.
  9. That is the essence of The Great Sandbox.
  10. Don't worry, making patrol missions even better won't take much time at all, they just have to recycle old mechanics. For me; Even in their ganky version, patrol zones are the best thing that has happened to this game since they killed duel room (and legends, ofc). Also, if it's true that most players stay away from it; Why does it irk you so?
  11. What do you think about this?
  12. Sure Prussia has good players, but are we pretending other factions don't? Should I start a list of players I've seen fight who are in other nations? (There are many good players I'm not yet aware of.)
  13. jodgi

    Event Zone RoE

    Hah! You sneaky... I thought you liked this wargame-playingitsmart-numbersisskill stuff? I can't really fault the big groups going into the circles. In it's current setup you are able to "game" the events and avoid losing your ship. If big fleets stomping the patrols disgusts you, liq's suggestion would go a long way in dealing with that. Happily, patrols are also this: I dodged a bloodthirsty 3rd in the OW, sailed inside the event until he gave up, and found this endy way down leeward. I'm not too fuzzy about my odds before tagging as long as they're not worse than 1:2. We had a forty minute fight where both of us had to work our ass off. I still have rust to shed, so I need the practice, and hopefully that guy learned what keeping the wind can enable a weaker ship to do. I sank first, I lost, boohooo. I do it mainly for "The Fight", but it's lovely to get 10 pvp marks instead of just being sent back to port without my shitty shop frigate and nothing else at all. Most true pvp'ers get the most fun and a better learning experience from close to equal fights. It's easy to set up the patrol missions to maximize fun and learning potential. Imagine if the French dread fleet from my other post came barreling down on one of us at the 30min mark... @Liq's suggestion would hinder them in getting their kind of fun inside the patrol mission, for sure. Find me a true pvp'er who wants to keep enabling dread fleets inside the patrol mission circle... I'm aware of the caveat of having equalizing BR limits: Even one big ship wouldn't have been able to reinforce me outside the initial join timer, "Ehrmagherd! I see crossed swords but I can't enter! tHIs iS sTUpiD!". Well, my heart bleeds for him...
  14. I can confirm that admin said rewards only once per game account, so no delete character clock duping.