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  1. @Puchu, I hung out with the guys on global chat PVP EU two days ago, you are well remembered.
  2. Copper plating

    I was so excited when the crafting changes were announced with the "no RNG in crafting anymore" patch notes. This in itself was and still is great. The crafting system with the different frame and wood choices is the best we've had. Then the crafting system was all but undone by the powerful figureheads and upgrades, or maybe I should say overshadowed? The mods are better now (weaker) and the crafting system itself is allowed to shine. Since the very start we've had this system of loot drops or random drops by craft clicking, we've pushed against it but it always pops up in some other form. The devs know EVERONE wants copper plating (an example of the most sought after mods) and I don't think I understand why it's specifically kept from us and only given to those who are lucky or bully bots again, and again, and again and again and again and again... Will the carebears leave if important things are pulled out of the loot rng system? I don't ask to be a smartass, I just don't understand the sandbox or the PVE gaming mindset. I'm asking because I'm curious if it is important for a sandbox game to keep important things locked behind a slot machine and if we get copper and speed trim back as craftables, gazelle and some refit will be pulled out to replace them in the rng pve lottery? We all want competitive ships to feel more comfortable going out risking it all, can't we just have that? The PVE lords can rejoice when rng gives them parisian furniture or a big stash of jutland amber, or won't that be enough? TL;DR: Can someone explain why the fight against RNG in shipbuilding and fitting has been a game of whack'a'mole since the start and still is?
  3. We had a guy just like this in Aces High back in the day, he ended up telling us he was a secret agent with the CIA. 2 million on hand but panties in a bunch over this trifle... Wait a minute!... "EL LOCO"...
  4. The history buffs here have taught me that only goes for the endy.
  5. I've heard birds tweeting that testbed will be used again. Letting these ships go past 15 knots is like letting a Spitfire16 punch through mach 1 "for balance reasons" in a flightsim. Most of us are somewhat detached from the history and realism aspect, but it won't do to let them run that fast.
  6. Wouldn't say "joke" but connie doesn't have much on the bell speed wise, that is true.
  7. I'm less concerned with the one point max speed than the full profile, but they are indeed quite close at 135.
  8. Speed Meta and today's Hotfix

    Keep in mind that if ships generally don't hit the brickwall limiter of 15knots the shape of their speedmodded profiles stay truer to the original base profile. With crazy effective and stacking speedmods a JATO surprise's profile could look like this: instead of the intended:
  9. Speed Meta and today's Hotfix

    I don't like that either. They're working on fixing that.
  10. So, this: and maybe a few small speed upgrades on top isn't customizing enough?
  11. Yup. What made bellonas and connies reach 15 knots? Oh, we did that. A lot of it. Then speedmods were introduced... When wasn't it?
  12. You misread, it's 22%, like, literally. We do care about ideas that have merit, or at least thoughts that have been turned over a few times. You can whisper into Otto's ear as a fallback.
  13. Speed Meta and today's Hotfix

    Bless you!
  14. Speed Meta and today's Hotfix

    Where do you draw the line between sane and insane? 17%? 18%?...
  15. (I noticed you said "testbed" but people will react negatively to good changes since they're invested in the old ways when the corrections finally hits live.)