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  1. I kept half an eye on that when I started doing it and I'd peg it at one bottle pr. 140 game days or very roughly 24 real hours. I suspect the drop rate has been decreased but it could also just be RNG tricking me.
  2. Well, I "worked my ass off" to get all the best books and at the same time got access to ingredients for the best upgrades. What did I do? AFK fishing for weeks and months. If the best stuff truly took hard work (PvP) to get I'd keep my mouth shut. @Liq, me and many other duel enthusiasts simply enjoy ourselves the most when there's no layer between the players' skill. I'm still going to duel and have my ass handed to me as time allows. I'll never use elite mods and with that decision I'll be kicked further down the ladder, guaranteed. So be it. I can't be part of this mod craze; I actually have scruples. Edit: To be abundantly clear I should add that there was some player trading involved after the bottles were farmed.
  3. It was never like that, people used fast ships as tacklers instead of modding almost any ship to superspeed. I remember @SCL running around in a trinco with only bowchasers installed. btw, how did you calc your requin to correct speed?
  4. 😞 Vernon, pls no bulli me.
  5. (Bows head solemnly) "Amen"
  6. This is some 7th level of... something when hachi is giving "oh, behave" speeches. Good post, tho, hachi. Besides the #twilightzone implications, ya, good post. ---- For the record: I love the concept of imported ships and how they enable me to skip the boring part. I hope they'll offer more of those later. I don't need any ships that stand out, just a normal frigate comparable to the others. I'll take those out instead and only resort to requin meta if I run out of proper ships.
  7. Gotcha. Hmm... I wonder what's afoot here? We reverse engineer the seemingly arbitrary "API Max" value to match max port speed given by the game and all other points of sail are based on this. This is the first time any ship at any point of sail is off beyond 0.1 knots even if it's calculated. We used to test this in game with a randomly picked ship and all those old tests were bang on. I dunno what to do... halp!
  8. hehe. Ok, so I'm back at dabbling a tiny bit with tanks, but I do it with a sense of shame; I feel shame because I'm cheating on the most wonderful woman (Naval Action). I suppose I do because I'm low brow and don't like "playing it smart" (read: gank or run) and want to win because of individual skill and not team "skill". This goddamm wargame mentality of iF yOUr iN a FaIR figHT, yOU'rE dOINg It wrONg! sigh I shed a tear every day for Legends being put on hold. Naval Action is the bestestest game ever made, please liberate it!
  9. k, thx. What should it sit at?
  10. That's exactly where I am atm too, I'm not trying to lead you on. I'm hoping patrol missions can be setup to provide competitive fun (read: ganking blocked). I also have the dlc's but haven't used them for pvp yet, I've used an expendable frigate in the patrol zone, haven't had to deal with hercs or requins (note: I don't play all day, erry day... though, I wish for competive fun to be "unlocked" so I will want to do just that). I agree with @z4ys when he points to mods as a major factor in making the requin so "OP", by extention mods and their stacking is the true devil and has been for a long time. Also, the dlc "problem" is exacerbated by eco/crafting and people's proven inclination to bypass it. I actively dislike the eco part of this game so I watch the dlc butthurt with a measure of unabashed schadenfreude. Anyhoo... Here's what will happen: The dlc's will be balanced, either directly or indirectly by a global rebalance of unrated ships. You can always go back to WG's perfectly balanced premiums (literally 12 minutes ago): And this was on fucking Ensk which supposedly suck for glass cannons.
  11. Site updated today, sorry for the delay. By all means let us know if you find errors.
  12. Why quit before they're done with balancing the ships?
  13. Ye, sorry about that. I'll get to it soon. The values are a little off, but comparisons are still valid.
  14. I've never seen devs or mods close a topic which held a complaint or opinion. Maybe the wording was of a nature your mother wouldn't approve of?