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  1. Tax

    I truly hope that this is NOT a bug. We need a black market. Taxes would still apply to all contracts and to transactions within the shops. I would still be paying lots of tax but on occasion could try and cheat the tax man with an under the table purchase or sale. There could be significant risk to making trades without declaring it to the port authority whereby if we are caught we loose our goods, pay a monetary penalty and possibly loose our ship(s), but to impose some sort of magical big brother tax on personal transactions seems too gamey. But I suppose that may be the price we have to pay in an MMO where exploits are possible and competitive balance is always the priority. The current taxes are outrageous. Grumble. Rant. My recent resource trading within the shops was an eyeopener. I shipped about 3500 tons of mixed goods and made a little over $110k. But I paid almost $55,000 in taxes. Outrageous. Who could even imagine such an exorbitant demand.
  2. Open World

    Peter, you make a very good point. I doubt that reducing the 4 hrs of sailing to 3 hrs 15 min will really satisfy many of the players who are bored. At least not for very long.
  3. Open World

    I understand your point. Anything if done too much may get redundant. I'm a casual player and don't play often or for huge hours in a session. Perhaps I just don't have enough free time to learn to hate sailing. I started in Feb 2015 and have about 500 hrs into the game. I spend less than 1/4 of my time in game actually OW sailing. So when I have 2000 hours of OW sailing I will have more than 15,000 hours in game. At my rate of play that will be about 30 years from now. I'm not very good at arithmetic , but I estimate that I have a very long time to enjoy sailing in OW. The speed in OW is fast enough right now. Please don't force an increase in speed on everyone, it would make sailing in OW like riding and tracking spaceships or water rockets.
  4. Open World

    Just because the open world has opportunities to sail for 4 hours at once doesn't mean players are required to do so. I have very limited time to play any games. NA is not the only one I spend my limited time with. So I would break up a 4 hour sail into several segments and enjoy sailing for about an hour each. I'm happy knowing that the world is larger than what I can whizz across in minutes. The long sails and experience of travel is what makes open world ... "Open". It is distinct from a competitive e-sport game like NA Legends. There is no need to speed up the game for everyone else just because I'm in a hurry.
  5. How to make long trips more fun

    First when we are in open sea with no towns near us and no enemies visible we should be able to accelerate our speed : x2, x3, x4 BUT in that case if any enemy is nearby (and the range grows with the speed) it launches automatically a battle with the positions like a PVE mission Real storms would be a nice addition with damage to the ship, and forcing us to go in one direction so that we could be lost (and maybe loss of our course ?) Encounters with PVE trade convoys with great riches inside Attacks from NPC (especially while accelerating speed) Damage from hitting shalllows (the longer you stay on those shallows the bigger the damage) The current OW sailing is very fast, like a high powered motor boat skipping across the waves. I find that I have to pay very close attention to spot enemies approaching. It's already pretty frantic to keep a ship's log and stay alert to danger. If the speed was increased as drastically as you have suggested the whole sailing experience would just be a wild blur of rocket pack vessels darting here and there at blinding velocities. The sailing would be just no fun at all. Speed should not be increased at all. Better to wait for legends if you hate sailing rather than wrecking sailing for everyone else. Long sails are part of NA. The devs have decided that storms will not be implimented. The current game won't handle it. Too bad. I would love to see the areas of open ocean far from land be prone to storms that dragged players into a Storm Instance and could damage sails, rigging, masts, hulls, and the crew. Sailing skill would be required to avoid capsizing or sinking. But it's not going to happen. It would be cool to make limited cargo transfers at sea. But transfering huge weights of goods on the open ocean might be very gamey. Perhaps our naval historians can tell us if it was done or is feasible I've wondered why enemy ships always sail past. uninterested. Damage from rocky shores, and running aground in muck, sand. etc seems like a no brainer. I think the game must be limited preventing it.
  6. El Prusiano, It is nice to hear there are others who appreciate roaming, exploring and just looking at the graphics. I too have spent some time in "The Hunter" and "ARMA3" enjoying the scenery. I debated buying the "Witcher 3" recently because it looks so beautiful but decided against it because efforts have been only partially successful to Mod it to enable the first person view. It is appreciated when developers allow some opportunities to experience a virtual world without being pushed into conflict, action and competition. Nice to have the choice. One person's view of boring may be exciting to someone else ... and visa versa. Options and choice creates wider appeal.
  7. Would it matter to you if others have the option of first person? It wouldn't affect your choice to use the option of 3rd person. NA required time acceleration because it is an MMO and we all share the same experience. Most players are not patient enough to play in real time. I wouldn't be totally surprised if there is some form of hurried travel or teleportation to appease those in a rush. This Land will be single player only and hopefully the devs will allow an option for players to turn off the time compression so the AI is not racing around like speedy robots.
  8. Increasing the player base by traders

    Initially I tried the action part. Although it became boring for me. But then I get bored with action type computer games fairly quickly. After the last wipe I fished for a while, then salvaged a shipwreck to earn enough cash to start trading. Been trading ever since and haven't been bored at all. Before the wipe I used to play on all of the servers. But since the wipe I have been mostly on the PvP Euro server, so I have to keep my eyes open for hunters. I haven't fired a shot ... yet. NA is a very interesting game (graphics and tactics) with lots of fine people to interact with. There is lots more content to explore when I begin to craft. I would recommend this game to someone who has very limited time and is primarily interested in trading. The best trading involves other players.
  9. Increasing the player base by traders

    Informative post. Thanks for your opinion .
  10. Spyglass done properly

    This thread germinated an new opinion. Many players have requested added content for the game. I've paused to consider that removing some of the information may actually add interest. In parallel to the opinion that material satisfaction is improved by limiting consumption, (rather than extending it) perhaps by reducing the available information we would increase the enjoyment of the game because we are providing players with more to do. If the sighted ship's details were not instantly accessible players would need to wait till the vessel was closer before knowing if it was a valuable target or a dangerous enemy. This would add more incentive to pay attention and increase the decisions that must be made. If we had less information about sighted ships and more skill was needed to visually determine the details of a distant ship, the open world sailing might be less boring.
  11. Invisibility poll

    Seems that the poll is incomplete and is missing critical options: Keep as it is . Reduce by 50%. Remove completely. Remove completely and add option to log out of game after a successful escape. Remove completely and add teleport to safety (port) after successful escape.
  12. Invisibility poll

    I'm not a big fan of reading responses that are copy pastes of multiple quotes. But it seems obvious that people do not want to be forced into continuous battles ....
  13. I'm sure it will be appreciated. Note: the word is still in the first (initial) post.
  14. In North America the term "Indian" may be derogatory (to some) unless it is referencing people from India. The first people of North America are respectfully referred to as Native or indigenous. Think of it as courtesy. Like refraining using the "N" word for people with black skin.
  15. The lack of first person view would be a show stopper.