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  1. Is there a was for Admin to confirm that HunterKSA and M7MDx503 removed the items? If so, is there a way for the community to be advised of the names of players linked to IP addresses from HunterKSA and M7MDx503?
  2. Macjimm

    AFK fishing guide

    I was recently doing paperwork and was fishing at the same time. I sailed to a secluded island and anchored near shore in a small bay. I had the game running but was not paying attention. Caught a lot of fish by the time I finished the paper work. No bottles. I would only do this with a ship that I'm prepared to lose. It is very risky. From time to time I see ships anchored in a odd place. I assume the player is afk fishing.
  3. Macjimm

    Yacht not allowed

    Awesome. I was nervous to use it. Don't risk what you are not prepared to lose.
  4. Macjimm

    Retag griefing

    I'm not spamming this question, but thought it may have been missed. Perhaps Admin explained this previously, when the grid was removed. Can anyone please provide a link to a detailed answer. Seems that a sextant in NA is a grief tool, and that is a serious concern for those of us who would love to have a sextant.
  5. Macjimm

    Yacht not allowed

    If my yacht is captured or sunk, can I redeem it again?
  6. Macjimm

    Cosmetic DLC! Take our money!

    I would like to name my ships. Don't see how it would hurt anything, just keep the name clientside so the name is only visible to me. I have no need for cosmetics, girls use make-up. But I think it is great if other players could buying paints for their ships, as long as the colours match the historical period. No day-glow, or fluorescents please.
  7. Macjimm

    Retag griefing

    Staun, You explained that very well. So many players complain about fast and elusive raiders running right up to Capitals and attacking traders, newbies, etc. You explain how a coast guard can patrol and be an effective deterrent to raiders. I see no griefing here. If we allow raiders a foolproof way to attack and escape, deep in enemy territory, there will be no countermeasure to raiding.
  8. Macjimm

    Retag griefing

    I would be grateul if someone could be kind enough to explain the problem with F11 and how it is abused?. I'm not playing stupid. Seems like most people find it way to complicated to use co-ordinates. Are griefers exceptionally smart?
  9. Macjimm

    Retag griefing

    Two player game Each player owns an opposite side of a chess board. A coin toss decides who moves first. One checker is placed in one of the center 4 squares of a standard chess board. Each player can move the checker any direction one square. Players alternate turns, of moving the checker one square, for 5 moves each. If the checker is moved to a square adjacent to a players side, the player who owns the side gets a prize. The player that gets a prize moves second on the next match. I read this whole thread and can't understand how anyone can be forced to stay in game. I often don't have time to play for hours. Seems like the way to succeed is so obvious.
  10. Macjimm


    While I wholeheartedly agree with you, but the number of players who play Call of Duty, Rainbow 6 and Battlefield obviously like fighting for no other reason than ... to fight. There are tens, to hundreds, of thousands of people playing those games at any given moment, and they are not likely interested in any content ... except to fight. Perhaps some of those millions who enjoyed those games are here in the NA community. I think we may be outnumbered.
  11. Macjimm

    OW Navigation

    This is bang on. I would like this solution. But apparently if we have a map grid we will use it to abuse each other. I'm not being sarcastic, but understand the grid promotes ganking. I could be confused but think that the grid was removed to reduce abuse.
  12. Macjimm

    OW Navigation

    True. But if I turn off chat I'm at a disadvantage. If I do not use transparent sails I'm disadvantaged. I would just prefer not to be forced to see a magic position marker on the map.
  13. Macjimm

    OW Navigation

    This could be true. Gamers are used to lots of hints. Like the magic icon/text that floats above players. But ...If the game is changed to add a position marker on the map, of a player's location, there will be no navigation. Without any navigation, sailing will become more boring. The ability to sail long distances and feel like you are finding your way, makes the experience interesting. New players learn quickly that finding their way is easy. If an arcade position marker is added to the map please include an option to turn it off. That way, those that enjoy navigating can continue to do so. Also ... The trader tool resection could be available only in port. Like the protractor is currently. But it doesn't hurt to leave it as is. Some players like it. A sextant would be helpful. Keep it simple. Just the grid co-ordinates.
  14. Macjimm


    Not sure what you mean by "all their stuff". Ships and goods can be accessed. Outposts and buildings cost less to move than to establish. I have stuff in enemy ports. I like the idea of more player interaction. I used to be able to sell my labor to players, by crafting items in return for gold or other stuff. No-one wants my labor anymore. I offer to sell stuff but there are seldom players who wish to buy. The response that I hear, repeatedly, is that they have everything that they need and are self sufficient. Seems better to allow players to figure out how to trade, rather than creating forced mechanics that restrict players, but currently there seems to nothing I can transport or craft than anyone wants. Perhaps I just have not discovered what it is. I might be able to sell White Oak but can't find a source to buy it at a decent price. It may be that resources are limited only to players who do not have an alt. I should get an alt, and then I can trade with myself. Re-enforcement zones are not secure for new players, because they have such a high level of PvP. Veteran players advise new starts to avoid the re-enforcement zones and trade, or engage NPCs, in safer areas. This advice often goes unheeded. It would be interesting to see if the PvP opportunities decrease if trading and crafting is not available in the reinforcement zones. Dispersing the newbies away from these zones could result in less contact between traders and raiders. The economy is important. Not everyone wants to progress through combat. Some of us enjoy being merchants. Hopefully there is a place for traders in NA.