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  1. I'm a trader, not a hunter. To bad about your loss, but that's part of the danger of the PvP server. Sounds like you should fly a smuggler flag and head into the nearest port immediately when you see the server maintenance warning. To do otherwise may be risky. Or plan your voyage to arrive at your destination earlier. It's your choice. We won't improve the game by adding more restrictions to everyone else just to keep you safe.
  2. Macjimm

    Captains view from helm/wheel and crows nest.

    Add control of the ship from the camera view and we could sail from any point of view. Limit the distance from the ship if metagaming is a concern.
  3. Macjimm

    Game Reviews on Steam

    Strange logic. = Low numbers of participants are because of reviews that recommend against buying it. I think that if a game has a small active population it is probably got to do with game content. A game that has very rich pleasing gameplay and content is more likely to receive almost all positive views. I like the game, but it's not for everyone. I think players should recommend it because they are pleased, not because they hope to increase sales for NA. If they don't like it ... Don't recommend it. Last time I checked Steam this game had mostly positive reviews.
  4. Macjimm

    Treasure Hunt/Exploration Mission

    This type of suggestion really leaves nothing to dislike. Those who are not interested don't have to participate. The players who are out sailing around seeking treasure are fodder for those looking to sink or destroy them. Players who are bored of firing broadsides all day can escort treasure seekers. It would add an immense amount of content if locating the treasure was finished from within a search instance, rather than from OW. Sailing slowly should increase the chance of locating a sunken ship or wreck. Anchoring in near shore could allow a crew to go ashore, and after some time they would return with a report on what they had found. Players would be vulnerable to attack from inside the instance. Attackers would spawn at a max distance from the ship that initiated the instance. Escorts could assist the search ship from inside or in OW. Treasure could be wrecks, hidden loot, rare resources, precious gems/minerals. Perks and upgrades could include crew members and equipment that can make searching more successful. Loading the treasure into the ship should take time to create more opportunities for attackers. I can image the suspense while waiting for the crew to load treasure and an enemy warship is sighted approaching. The treasure seeker has a choice; keep loading or flee. Because it is within an instance, and the ship is not a speedboat, timing and patience would be important. Leave too soon and the enemy obtains the rest of the prize. Leave too late and the enemy obtains ... you. Some of these quests could be created by the Devs and woven into a step by step quest. Those quests with more detail and greater number the steps would have a bigger reward. But much of it could simply be various deposits of valuable goods, located outside of the ports. I can envision groups of players teaming up for a piece of the pie on the bigger epic quests, some to transport the goods, some to escort and provide combat support, others as lookouts or screens. This would be a fantastic addition to the game. Long sails are a good part of the game. This idea would give us more reasons to make long sails. The players who hate sailing can lay in wait to sink or capture the treasure seekers. Players that have left, but like sailing and travel, might return to the game.
  5. Macjimm

    Games similar to Naval Action

    Naval Action Open World is mainly constructed as a medium to allow players to fight. It seems to me that most if the development energy has been dedicated to combat. And the reason to battle is for; gaining wealth & XP, the love of the engagement and winning a competitive e-sport. All great and good fun. I would love to find a game similar to NA where most of the development was not geared towards combat. A game that has the beauty, the wonderful graphics and sound, but allows players more content involved with trading, exploring and an economy that is integrated with the health and production in the ports and nations. An sailing game that contained the best of the brawling but also allowed players to really get lost in other content. It seems reasonable that the development has been dedicated primarily to tracking cannon balls, destruction of ships, movement within a battle instance and other aspects of ships attacking each other. Just compare the images and animations of the battles compared to a video of trading, or crafting and it's not hard to see that much more effort has been spent on the combat. Considering the small size of the Dev's crew, it is better that they strive to making a portion of the game very well done rather than all aspects of the game mediocre. I imagine that if the Devs had more staff and resources, and could develop features that appealed to players who enjoy more than just PvP, there would be many more players playing the game. In my mind additional content can create a more interesting story and give us more passion to get into a fight.
  6. Macjimm

    Games similar to Naval Action

    Any new promising games similar to NA but with a heavy PVE/trading focus?
  7. Macjimm

    Game Play Realism

    There has been ample comments about NA's current low numbers. I think you are incorrect sir, more realism, that increased the interest in sailing, could attract a huge number of people. Many people that would enjoy sailing may avoid NA because it is so keenly focused on fighting. I agree with you. It is about a balance of gameplay content
  8. Macjimm

    Game Play Realism

    I agree. They should hire you. 1. The economy should be linked to the port health and productivity. Some raw materials should be harvested from areas away from the ports. 3. Agree - Magazines need to detonate. 4. Agree - Ammunition needs to be limited. 6. Agree - Rations should be linked to health and morale. But there is not much need for rations on a short journey of less than a day. Ports should need food and supply to maintain productivity. 7. Crew battles would be great. But is it possible with the current mechanics and engine. 8. Having a larger world would be amazing. Just keep all the ports/commerce in the Caribbean. The rest of the globe would be for exploring, and harvesting minerals and raw material. Some players who only want to explore, and harvest, don't fight anyway. The PvPers don't lose an opponent, but they gain a potential fat target, laden with material, as she returns to the Caribbean. 9. I disagree emphatically that we need a GPS marker on the map. We need a compass, pendant (wind), chip log and chronometer: All toggled so they can be turned off. We have marvelous 3rd party map sites that enable accurate navigation, and it's fun. A GPS map marker would dumb down an already very simple mechanic. Although it would be okay to have a sextant, or pilot, to display co-ordinates. I sorely wish you were part of the dev team.
  9. Macjimm

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    That's just silly. Why does this happen? You would think that players entering late to a battle would start a long ways from the ships inside.
  10. Macjimm

    New Shipwreck mechanic

    Yeah. Why would it be any other way? This restriction that requires taking all of the cargo, or nothing, is mind boggling. One of those NA things.
  11. Macjimm

    New Shipwreck mechanic

    Fantastic idea. I would add that players need to enter an instance before they find the wreck. Other ships , friendly and foe, can enter but will be at a maximum distance from the player who created the instance. This would; create a heck of a lot more content, provide a reason for players to leave ports and increase PvP opportunities. These instances need to be unmarked so players seeking to support or ambush have to hunt for them.
  12. Macjimm

    Remove names from combat news

    I really like the names being used. It's great. Someone was sunk or captured somewhere by someone ... really isn't much news. But it's better than nothing. I would okay with it being random. Sometimes they are shown, sometimes not. Fog of war kind of thing.
  13. Macjimm

    non combat Instances

    Great idea. In other games players can create an instance anywhere, and there are also a variety of combat and non-combat instances that are randomly generated . This would provide an enormous amount of content to NA with endless opportunities for variety. But ... ... NA seems to be focused on fighting. I doubt that there is an appetite to create additional content.
  14. Macjimm

    Future Additions after Main Core completed

    I missed the part that clarified it will be 'era' appropriate. I would vote a hardy Yes! for that.
  15. Macjimm

    Future Additions after Main Core completed

    I generally avoid the word, 'immersion'. It's not really popular here in NA . There is lots of magic in NA, we have just learned to live with it. Seeing a modern logo, like Sponge Bob or something off colour like a big penis, as a sail plan won't improve the game for some people.