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  1. Macjimm

    wows player here.

    I agree. I've been keeping notes on the numbers of player's for a couple years. We have about 100 (avg) more now than we used to have on both PvP servers combined.
  2. Macjimm

    1st person view

    Respectfully, we can not sail from the deck currently. We can sail from a point a couple meters above the deck, nailed to the mast, or in a 3rd person view above the ship. There is a limited 180-degree deck view, when in aim view, in a battle instance. People have asked for various views from the ship. both in open world and the battle instance. I would be happy if I could control the ship from "free view" or "camera view".
  3. Macjimm

    1st person view

    Also need a first person view from the deck in Open World. Not quite done. Can't control the ship.
  4. Macjimm

    Grief Fleets

    I have never had someone hold me in a battle for hours. For me this issue just isn't a problem. How often is this happening? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? The frequency is important because delay/harrassment is an effective tactic in warfare. It could be used constructively on a strategic level. I suggest that delaying/harrassing would have to be systematic, chronic and targeted at a specific player, to be addressed as abuse.
  5. Macjimm

    Sealed Bottle Cargo

    Exactly. Why are we restricted to all or nothing?
  6. Macjimm

    Grief Fleets

    This is interesting. I had always envisioned small fleet age of sail engagements to be like what you described. I hope that the potential for this type of interaction is never prohibited in this game. As a trader it is the hound and fox portion of the game that is trilling, the battle portion is a little like being a chicken and watching my own death from a low velocity pellet gun. I sympathize that some players will never want to participate in a four hour battle, and other players do not even consider the chase to be part of the fight. I prefer a game that allows conflict between players that involves the tactics of fleeing and evading for extended periods. After all, it is a game. Ending the chase is relatively easy to do so. Surrender, giving up, quitting or suicide won't hurt too much. It is a game after all. Although we could should add some features that would make losing a little easier to take. Previously I was able to talk to enemy players in Open World, and the communication made ending the fight easier. I imagined that I was signalling my opponent and he/she was responding. The conversations were sporting and enhanced the experience. I have even had hunters let me go on a couple occasions. I've had to "Ignore" a few toxic players but the list is very short. Removal of the communication, between ships of different nations, has degraded the game. Adding trade mechanics, between all players both in Open World and in the Battle Instance, allows players to create solutions to end the fight and enrich the story line.
  7. Macjimm

    Grief Fleets

    Not sure how much text to use sometimes, so the whole idea is often not conveyed well. I think that ships should never spawn right beside a ship inside an instance. I would prefer if the required time to escape an instance was longer, but the distance between the spawn point and a ship inside is increased.
  8. Macjimm

    Grief Fleets

    Terrific idea. In so many ways. For traders, we could travel in an instance. Hunters, could reposition themselves to intercept. Teamwork could be used by players inside and outside. This would allow for more strategy. The time in the instance could be extended. All players joining an instance should be an at increasing distance from the original ship, that was attacked, or at the initiation point of the instance, which ever is greater.
  9. Macjimm

    Labour Hours Shortage

    Not sure what you mean, Example: I would receive Oak Logs from you and then I would use 1000hrs crafting Oak Planks and give the planks back to you. You would pay me for my effort. No contract
  10. Macjimm

    Labour Hours Shortage

    I used to sell my labour to other players. There were a couple of lads who would pay me to craft stuff for them. The would give me the raw resource and I would craft up what they had asked for and they would pay me as I gave it back to them. Lately no one wants me to do that anymore. I miss it. I could make some gold most times I logged on. If the lads were not online I would look for "WTB Labor hrs" in the trade window. I been told no one needs me to help them craft because they just buy labour contracts.
  11. Macjimm

    Key to sucsess

    It would be an improvement if there was a beginner tutorial, that assumed the player was starting with no knowledge. I don't think that rewards are needed for the beginner tutorial, just simple instructions to ease players into the game. I helped a fresh player yesterday, who just wanted to start with sailing and trading. I encourage newbies to learn the basics with help from a fellow player, and to join a clan. The game may not be intuitive for a newbie starting from zero without help. The the current tutorials are best used by players who have some experience with the game.
  12. Macjimm

    Identifying ships

    I can't seem to find a keybinding that will allow me to identify what type of ship my fellow countrymen are sailing. Does anyone know of a ID chart, or quick reference, to determine a Naval Action ship type?
  13. Macjimm

    How to stern rake consistently?

    Excellent responses. Wish there were more similar informative threads similar to this. Perhaps we could pin this.
  14. Macjimm

    Taxes for stockpiling

    What if we could make ports stronger against defeat in Port Battles, and logistics, (resources, supply, gold etc. ) were required to maintain them. Design the maintenance requirements proportional to the port strength. That way there is a cost for the port protection. Storage fees, or protection rates, would be the price paid for security.
  15. Premium forts should require supply and logistics. These forts could provide extra defense. Equipping and maintaining a strong fortification should make a port less vulnerable. But the infrastructure must be dynamic and need upkeep. With a powerful premium port, a steady stream of men, repairs, shot and other logistics should be needed to keep it functioning more effectively than a basic port. A basic port would be simple and could be retained with the current taxes