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  1. SS Minnow

    385 crew La Requin

    Glad to see you all agree this 300+ Requin makes shallow port battles a lost cause...hope it is made a 5th rate cause I wont be attending any more shallow port battles till something is done.
  2. SS Minnow

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    I would let the RNG decide as it does now...but once it picks the change I would give a few quick gusts of wind from that direction prior to the normal wind rotation. That way we would have a short warning of the wind change direction coming up. I think this is more realistic also.
  3. SS Minnow

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    The deal @Banished Privateer and I originally discussed was to help the US moral by giving the us a port on the coast so we would have hope of recovering some ports outside our green zone. Neither of us wanted to see players get discouraged and leave. We both wanted to see the newer US players gain experience and some success and maybe have some Vic marks so we can build and open up 1st rates. All seemed like good intentions. I delivered the repairs to fill the prussian contracts and they were pleased. They even let me go after tagging my trader returning from delivery. Our part of the deal was also not to triple flip the prussians or participate in a multi national attempt to that end. The problem that was overlooked is that the port owner, @Vile Executioner was not signed on with the agreement. Maybe he wasnt consulted with...idk. So long story short, I dont think it makes sense to negociate such deals with any nation because not everyone will agree with the terms. This will result in hard feelings, insults and degrading comments. We all had good intentions for the deal...but you know what they say the road to hell is paved with. Minnow
  4. SS Minnow

    Technical problems and bugs

    Came across another bug / exploit today. I was chasing down a brit trader brig and the trader brig sailed over to us marsh harbour and parked by the fort. I tagged it and as soon as we entered battle, the fort shot the brig and the brig surrendered immediately. I got 1 chain shot off before the surrender. As a result, the fort got the kill, I got the assist. Since the fort got the kill, it would not RELEASE the surrendered brig and I was unable to loot or take possession of the surrendered brig. This can be a mechanic exploit since the fort will not release the surrendered ship. I think ships that surrender to forts should be automatically released to prevent this abuse.
  5. SS Minnow

    Regional crafting overhauled

    Right. I was referring to Strong Hull which was way more buff than 3 to 7 percent.
  6. SS Minnow

    Regional crafting overhauled

    True but they were much higher percent buff than say 3% to 7%. So I disagree regional trims have already been explored and should be totally abandoned. Thanks for the comment. We will discuss later as @adminsuggested. @admin give us a new thread to discuss what you want us to work on testing at this stage, when you get a chance.
  7. SS Minnow

    Regional crafting overhauled

    Another goal is limit or remove RNG from crafting trim so that lucky players like @Sir Texas Sir don't have such a big advantage. We dont want to craft ship after ship and dump them until we get the desired trim. We want to have some influence. Trade goods such as sweedish sail cloth, black ironwood, sweedish iron, providence oak, could be required to guarantee the desired trim. If a player wants a sturdy hull, he can Choose RNG and make the ship in Ctown with a 3% chance. Make his shipyard in Nuevitas and select RNG with a 25% chance Choose sturdy in ctown and have the required trade good which guarantees him sturdy Choose VERY sturdy in Nuevitas and have the required trade good This gives many ways to get the desired trim at 2 levels (sturdy and very sturdy). It promotes trade for the crafting good. It makes port ownership more meaningful. It limits impact of RNG in crafting. Anyone have any thoughts on implementing this or improving the idea?
  8. SS Minnow

    Regional crafting overhauled

    What if we had a trim selector with choice of RNG (which will favor the region bonus dropping) or choose the refit you want but it will require a particular trade good for that refit?
  9. SS Minnow

    Crew resistance

    The professor just checked the API...
  10. SS Minnow

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    We'll never get out of the safe zone with Gilligan settting the port timers...lol.
  11. Fixed the absolute Cartegena Refit bug and Posted 2.2.
  12. Good catch, they changed a lot of modules, I will post a new version 2.2 tomorrow.
  13. Hi Jodgi, I am seeing +0.2 knt speed buff on the Hermoine, Santa Cecilia and the Wasa. Turn buffs on the Conni (.04), Indefatigable (.04), Ingermanland (.05), Hermoine (0.10), Santa Cecilia (0.07), Wappen (0.05) and Wasa (0.04). Some significant mast thickness buffing on the 6th rate traders. Minor mast and side thickness buffs on the Hermonie, Santa Cecilia and Wasa. I uploaded the Naval Action Explorer version 2.1 for review: http://www.northeastliquidators.com/Naval Action/NA Explorer/ I was working the Shops tab to show the contracts as I saw some people asking for that info.
  14. SS Minnow

    Remove the damn forts from OW PvP

    Forts could add more content to the game if properly implemented...think of good ideas.
  15. SS Minnow

    Naval Action Explorer

    On the ship data sheet, use shift click to select all the classes 1 - 7 and you should see the ship list box fill with all the ships. Use shift click again on the ship list to select all the ships and then click Update ships. Now you have all the ships in the ship data sheet. This list controls the ships that are listed in the dropdown on the ship builder sheet. It also controls the ships listed on the PB calculator and Chart data sheet. The game path drive on the Guide sheet is on C. If you installed on D, just change the C to D. The 2.0 version I hastily put up there has some new sheets that aren't done yet but work to some degree....maybe I will finish the shops sheet if its any use to you all. I could try to empirically modify the sailing profiles for the sail force mods if I had some data showing wind angle and speeds at major points of sail. For example, give me the Bellona speed with elite Spanish sails at a few angles and I could calculate the extra bonus/penalty it gives. Would be nice huh? Also when I post a newer version, you can copy any ships that you saved on the older ship builder list to the newer version. Just copy and paste them at the bottom of the list of saved ships.