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  1. Why are there 2 different API terms for yard turn speed? SHIP_TURNING_SPEED_RHEAS is used for Bovenwinds Refit. RHEA_TURN_SPEED used for all the other modules. Is the bovenwinds not giving the yard turn bonus?
  2. I would like a visual indication of when the wind is changing such as a color change of the compass needle. Slow the rate of change a little and keep the range limited to +/- 30 to 45 degrees. We don't want to much RNG affecting our battle strategies. For some reason it feels like there is Velcro on my hull whenever I brush another ship it really hooks on with unrealistic friction. When beached, the Velcro hull sticks my boat to the beach no matter what the wind change. Still cant get off beach. Is the friction too high?
  3. I would like an indication when the wind changes such as a whistle. The captain would know of a wind change immediately. It's awful risky sailing a line ship short of beamreach when you cant out-turn the wind and watching the compass to see if its moving is kind of distracting.
  4. Hiding in battles to join PB discussion

    This is true, the TP mechanic might just have to go. I am guilty of exploiting it like that too. Also putting ships in open ports then TP them to east coast...bad stuff I think.
  5. Hiding in battles to join PB discussion

    Not complaining about yesterdays TP to port tactic, but it really seems like a bad mechanic. We would have more fun screening the pb for everyone I think. I would suggest introducing a cooldown timer after TP so you have to wait some time to join a PB. What do you guys think?
  6. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Only difference in todays patch I see in the API is 0.5knt speed buff to renomee and cerb, 0.1knt for the wasa.
  7. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Islamorada debrief: We were short players and were handing out what 1st rates we had to some low and mid level experienced players that wanted to help and learn. Once again we decided to try mortar brigs to shoot 1st rates which failed every prior attempt. With 23 ships, 3 mortars and a conni, we were short about 6 lineships to start with. We tried to do one big group again and our favorite battle callers and killers weren't online so we tried to make do. Things got worse at the start. The mortars went downwind straight from the dock and then turned around. We sailed down wind as soon as the pirate bunch got close enough giving up our wind. We will learn to sail beam to beam in first rates without giving up precious wind some day. I though we should have stayed by the fort to right of our dock since there were no pirate mortars. We sailed down wind and out of the circle and then had to turn around and sail upwind back to the circle. The pirates cut into the center of our line and captured a few ships. We got split up and confused sailing in odd directions. At the end we sort of grouped up 3 to 5 survivors and did a little better focus firing. It was very frustrating that we couldn't finish off any pirates we got in trouble. Next time we will do better. That was a step backward. No offense to all our guys that tried their best to follow orders and adjust...we just really had a disadvantage and a bad start. On another note, I think it would be cool if we had to build the forts for our defense and we could choose round or square (require lots of stone and iron). Then the defender could have additional slots when we joined the port battle which would be the forts we built. Those fort slots would be manned and could operate the cannons like we used to have long ago...wasn't that fun? If the forts get destroyed and we lose, the attackers would have to rebuild them if the want. Just an idea...what you all think about that?
  8. Here is some feedback I have on the patch: You are on the right track! The game is more fun now and close to well balanced all around...congrats! Setting the map neutral and letting us choose our ports was a great idea. The starting region protected to solve all the player startup problems works. Hostility system is close to ideal and I think you should implement better notification of hostility status via the combat channel or other means. It might be a bit quick only needing 4 missions completed but that weaves in with guarding and only taking ports your clan wants. Perhaps 5 missions idk. Payout from combat might be a bit high as profits from trading goods seems minor in comparison. I think the combat payout need a small cut. Its great to be able to afford rebuilding ships if you lose them compared to prior patch. This will increase the PVP participation for sure. The modules are now more affordable but you still need that rare book to drop in order to make an elite permanent upgrade...seems like you got that right. Rare resources like cartahena tar need to be accessible somehow by other nations that don't own the port. There isn't an international trade mechanic so that leaves me with buying an alt acct. or trying to contact an enemy nation to arrange some kind of trade somewhere...lol. Maybe there should be more rare resources for more rare upgrades in more locations so the few we have are not so easily monopolized. Slots are more reasonable now...but may to reasonable. I think I can open 5 slots on all ships now in about 6 months instead of 3 years. The masts seem a bit thin on some light frigates. That's a hard scale to balance..gl. The most minor ship collision results in lost bow spree, rigging shock and even crew shock. Think that is over the top, let us ram a bit more. In fact is there a plan for a ramming bow figure? Port battles instances...I guess fix the floating buildings Ship AI is better now but I notice some path-finding issues when trying to sail around a sharp cornered shoreline to get around. Jagged shorelines probably always be a problem for the AI. At most ports, the towers and forts could be located more strategically than they are. Many players have commented on the lack of neutral port defenders compared to the missions. The new port tax and maintenance system is working pretty well for a first try. Many of us thought it would be very costly to maintain but not to bad if you only take a dozen ports or less per clan. Somewhat balanced to the number of outposts you can have. I think if you cut the combat payout it might we might have to be more frugal with our port maintenance spending also. Some ports will never pay good but are needed to have a contiguous national holding near the starting regions. It was called "clan wars" and got us all flustered that taxation and port control would divide the nations, but that is not the case at all. Adding in the 20% to building production was a good way to promote national wealth. National help will always be needed to defend homeland area ports and take enemy ports, so clans understand that it trumps the minor tax benefit some clans might be getting from a good trading port. So I don't see it as clan wars at all. That's all I got for now - Minnow.
  9. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Belive me, no one in the US want to do anything other than somehow beat the pirates...gulf aint gonna cut it OK?
  10. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Yeah Back no plan for US atm...Gasparilla...pfft what else?
  11. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    No teutonic, we really tried our best...no tower bugs, aster and lion tried their best..idk why we lost so hard.
  12. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Well, the developers are going to have to solve this problem...how can a nation have an edge to dislodge an unwelcomed rival at their doorstep...its a big problem..wish we didn't loose the 10k gamer clan parf.
  13. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    IDK how happy I would be about that Joba...seems like no one couldn't have done a better job of draining the US of all our 1st rates...none left.. I mean really none.
  14. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Well glad to see they got the mortar brig fixed so the slots don't disappear after you open them and you get more than 2 pve marks for killing a tower... how about working on the towers and forts showing up at the pbs? No towers or forts at savannah despite our bringing 3 mortar brigs...what a joke we lost all our 1st rates no chance of getting any points from towers...great work!
  15. >25 players in Portbattle not fixed yet

    Savanna 29 Pirates vs 23 US, or did the 4 escapes get replaced?