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  1. >25 players in Portbattle not fixed yet

    Savanna 29 Pirates vs 23 US, or did the 4 escapes get replaced?
  2. PVP Global - Operation BOHICA

    Very interesting and true... and yes I didn't mean to dwell so much on the CMs. Constitutions can get a lot done but all those lineship ports on the map still a concern.
  3. PVP Global - Operation BOHICA

    I am hoping to clear up some of the misinformation I am seeing on this post. Its unfortunate that we get only here from the disgruntled and argumentative folks on the forum and they paint with a very large brush. Here's some facts that might help clarify the US situation: We did form a congress which is representative of all the US clans that want to participate. We have a weighted voting system and we try to focus on weekly planning strategies since that's about the longest term that makes any sense. Currently we have 4 main clans. Our moderator brings up issues one at a time and we allow each clan to speak on the subject and then we evaluate the consequences and opinions in a very civil manner and vote. We were getting along great. With the departure of VCO, TF and now IGG we are short on veteran players but we still have quite a few talented and civil minded players. It might seem toxic based on the continued ranting and name calling we typically see every day by a few bad apples. Overall we aren't in a meltdown. As for NPG it seems you heard that Lion will be less involved due to his new endeavour. Daniel Silver puts a lot of effort into organizing with our crafters and coop system, negociating with other nations and clans, and will probably continue to improve with port battles. We may try to adopt a 4 group strategy next time instead of putting all the pressure on just one battle caller. I think Black clan does something like that. I don't think DD will be cooperating with the rest of the clans anymore and will probably try to solo attack pirate held regions...to each his own. We are crippled by a lack of conquest marks atm. I attended every pb we ever had since the wipe and was making 7 per day. I got up to 90 at one point and then they all got spent on aggies, blueprints, and a couple of Loceans. The rest of the guys in the US nation barely have any CMs and it looks like we aren't going to be able to do a lineship pb for quite some time. I got 15 CMs and will be making only 1 CM per day by this weekend so it doesn't look good. We need to be able to feel we can replace our losses Aggies and lineships if we are gonna sail them. Hope that makes sense. Taking Savanah wasn't such a horrible thing IMHO as it has given us a chance to improve on PVP teamwork. I see a lot of new pirate names patrolling and some lower ranks as well which is great for everyone to learn the tactics. I think in a week or so other dynamics will begin that may draw the pirates to defend against the brits and maybe at that point we both will feel we've had enough PVP practice around our capital for a while. It does put a damper on moving trade goods around and doing missions is quite risky. So in some ways its helping us get some skills but in other ways its keeping us crippled and falling further behind. So just wanted to share my overview of the US situation at the moment and hope we can all move on with good sportsmanship and enjoy the battles to come. Good luck to you all and happy sails!
  4. Are enemy alts allowed to enter our port battles to acquire conquest marks? Is this a bannable offense or not?
  5. Mortar Brig issues

    Did you read that I had the first slot unlocked on my first MB after killing a few towers though? Somehow I was getting way more XP per tower before I lost the first MB.
  6. I had a mortar brig which I used to destroy forts at San Augustin and Ayes. As a result of the XP gained, slot 1 was unlocked and I picked Improved Mag Access. I used it more at Gasparilla and Islamadora. After Islamadora, I was caught by the pirate fleet and surrendered. The next day I purchased another MB and noticed that the first slot was NOT unlocked. I used this new MB at San Marcos sank several forts but was only gaining 2 XP per fort now. Here is a screenshot showing the XP on slot 1 just before leaving for Pensacola: And a screenshot after Pensacola battle history showing 2 XP per fort gained: And a screenshot back in port showing slot 1 XP with only 13/300: I did send an F11 report after Islamadora. One other issue is the mortar targeting circle doesn't paint on land...only on the water. Wonder if it is possible to make it paint on land? - Cheers
  7. Ship Upgrade Knowledge Routesknowledge

    I reported after I replaced the MB and didn't have a slot open. I didn't report the lack of gaining XP after killing 2 towers solo and only have 4 XP on slot 1. It simply isn't gaining XP on the slot now.
  8. Ship Upgrade Knowledge Routesknowledge

    If the unlock grind wasn't bad enough already...I had a mortar brig with unlocked slot 1 and lost it after battle at islamadora. I got a new one and guess what...no slots unlocked. So I used it at San Marcos and sank two towers with it. Wow I got 4 XP now on slot 1. Very buggy! Imagine the rage if this happens with other ships.
  9. Exploits that need Closing

    OK Texas, glad you agree this can spiral into a big problem although you are at a disadvantage of not being there. We all just want a clean game.
  10. Exploits that need Closing

    Ah Ok so slipping alts into port battles is a valid part of the game...guess everyone should buy more alts...have fun I guess.
  11. Exploits that need Closing

    Yeah we got outplayed by your 3 alts slipping in to our pb taking our slots...that's skill in your book I guess.
  12. Exploits that need Closing

    I know. Cmon cathy plays wishlist...cokebottle and beer can we all know from pvp2 pirates. I have chatted with them countless times so stop the nonsense.
  13. Port Battle Batteries Actually Being Useful

    I had the first slot open on my Mortar Brig...lost it last night after Islamadora pb. After buying a new one I noticed the first slot was not open...what a grind if you cant lose your mortar brig and cant keep the slots you opened.
  14. Exploits that need Closing

    At our port battle this evening, there were 3 pirate alts farming conquest pensions. It was obvious. Can anything be done to stop this or will it just be part of the game? If so, we will end up with an alt farming game instead of a skill based game. After 3600 hrs. playing I hoped there would be an elegant solution to this chronic problem. I haven't seen one and can't suggest one. I can say with certainty that it will lead to a dead end for us if this is not addressed.
  15. Hotfix 9 for testbed patch 9.99

    Current test bed has no traders for sale and not enough resources to test anything. It is not clear what you want us to test. Am I missing something?