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  1. Merchant Ship Collection (With Plans)

    hey I thought I am going to share some Dutch Merchantmen, some drawing were made by Chapman, some are from different countrie's, who are capable to sail the 7 sea's A Pink, pinkschip a Voc Packetboat, Pakketboot Sail plan from a from a Hoeker, 1790 a Snauw, Snaw, Snow, 1765 Still planning to do of the Spiegelretourships, which includes the Pieter Paulus, 68 gun 1800 and more merchantman. If somebody wants to have a High res of it i can also scan it in, this was a mobile pic
  2. Most Powerful Seafaring Nations in the Game's Timeline

    I know the Dutch Company's fielded ships at least upwards to 68 guns (Pieter Paulus, 68 gun, 1800/1815) if not more, they had the dual purpose of being merchantman in the first place and local navy as second.
  3. My Christmas-wishlist for Naval Action

    History-log of the Ship Ability to improve defenses against more upkeep A proper Dutch ship, preferably the Fluit, Prince Maurits-class or the Wreker-class 80/90 gun. A new UI Storm battles back again
  4. Shallow unstuck

    Well u can make them sort of ghost or give them so many HP equivalent of a low 5th rate, but of course u can scale to the ship, so u can do for example a third of the main ships HP equivalent or a low class ship HP. but there are many ways to do so
  5. Shallow unstuck

    Hey gents, After watching some battles were ships get stuck on shallows, I wan to do the suggestion to call in the rowboats as a kind of tug to help you get unstuck from the shallow in the form is a little mini game. It would seem a bit like WT tow system were u need to position your row boats and press spacebar to get the power to get unstuck. Always welcome for some feedback Pietjenoob
  6. [PVP EU] battle results

    Yes, I rang. I want to boldly ask your blessings for the upcoming hunts of the rare Dutch Orange Pheasants
  7. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Tac's vid is below. 10 Dutch ships lead by the Bucentaure v 3 Swedish ships lead by a Bellona. A surprise was shot out of the water in the first 3 min, Buc barely survived the battle and spies reported that it was Cagarian/Sabicu build already put up for sale after her performance against a inferior opponent.
  8. [PVP EU] battle results

    Typical Dutch never ever wants to have an even fight, always want superior in numbers/guns. Luckily that doesn't always go well. I want to visit them again as soon am back to my Home setup, Let them feel the wrath of Aegir and Ulrr and my beloved 'Bellondi' for not giving a good fight, I still hear the crew screaming: 'We want more, We want more'
  9. [PVP EU] battle results

    yeah just look from 45 min is and also watch tac speed, Fir/Fir + speed would at least go 13.5 kn+
  10. [PVP EU] battle results

    never assume, if you only saw the first 3 min, then u can say anything what doesn't add up
  11. [PVP EU] battle results

    what does it make Fir/Fir from who do you have that info, with fir/fir u can't withstand the punishment we had
  12. [PVP EU] battle results

    Battle last night Dutch V Sweden Result: a minor Swedish victory The Dutch ships had to pull off due almost no Reps left and too much damage sustained.