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  1. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    Why a ship with low votes and practilly on the border of outdated, you can then rather add the Indiaman Pieter Paulus 1800 (64 guns)
  2. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Will do
  3. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    I want to claim the bounty on Captlucky Got killed in a hostility mission
  4. @admin you forgot to mention one xtra thing and that is it is 1 v 1 only See support for the explantions
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    All listen, Captains, men and woman, The brave captains who are going for the patrol be aware of the kraken, She can appear out of now were and suddenly you all die. My recommendation for all of the captains stay clear of the Corientes shallows to ensure the safety of your ships and mates. Thank you for your attention Piet Jenoob Swedish coastguard, Department of ship-affairs and sea navigation of the Cabal sqaudron
  6. Patrol mission

    Second battle first 5 min and killed all except 2
  7. Patrol mission

    Same here We were trying to chase down a Russian player in battle we were like 10 to 15 min in the battle getting on the bad side on him and suddenly 3 of my mates die and he did as well just out of the blue they were killed on a flik of the wrist. @admin and @Ink this seems to be a bug specific for the patrol mission I will make a vid for the next battle
  8. Indiaman bug

    And a substitute for Warships in the colonies if there was a lack or in need of such , to which frigates are under equipt. That said the Dutch made an East Indiaman with 64/68 guns the Pieter Paulus (1800). So it wouldn't be uncommon for to see big, heavily gunned Indiamans also in the west.
  9. server switch questions

    Well u can always switch to a nation with the biggest safezone aka GB, France, EspaƱa or Russia got to the bermuda's. To some extend also VP. Almost no pvp there lots of resources and the PvE captials of the servers
  10. server switch questions

    Well, there is also a third option just selling to the AI, Open market or just scrap it. You can't transfer all your stuff to the PvE server, the only thing you can transfer is rank and labour hours and so far I know they will atm will not remove it from the PvP or Victory mark place. but 2nd rates are a good option if you know how to sail the ships.
  11. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Thank you, US for the nice battle was a good and clean fight , till next time
  12. pls change timers

    Says the person who comes from a clan that puts timers to 01.00-04.00, 04.00-07.00
  13. long term plan

    Nah we already showed how the french failed to defend their homewaters. So let alone the rest of the server
  14. long term plan

    Or @Jon Snow lets go