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  1. A video trailer will help

    Something like; (Using actual gameplay videos, staged battles and the like, it is one of the few games where the trailer can be epic and super beautiful when made with ingame footage.)
  2. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    Every PvP'er i've talked to since the last patch is telling me to not come back. And here i am talking about PvP'ers that enjoy OW PvP and those that do not run away from an even fight. Them telling me that the game is only getting worse for our type of playstyle is absolutely not what i am looking for. What is sad here is, all along i have tried to advocate for the fact that there all playstyles should be viable. The Solo player, The small groups, the mid size groups, the large groups, the traders, the crafters. There should be room for all of them, i've made tons of suggestions on how to make this work but the developers have chosen a different route. A route which alienate the solo players and small groups. In my opinion that is wrong.
  3. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    I will continue to follow the development of NA, you know, in case a patch comes out that might make me want to come back? It sounds me like you are trying to tell me that your opinion is more important than mine? Is that correct or am i reading it wrong?
  4. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    What a bunch of bollocks. How sad it is to see a once great PvP Game turned into a silly PvE game again. The majority of "RvR" players just want to grind money in a safe environment (PvE) untill they have 25x First Rates and then they want to go do a Port Battle.
  5. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    There is reinforcement zones in NA again? lol
  6. Best OW PvP clan in games history

    A tough question in my opinion. I'd probably "judge" clans based on "Combat Prowess" just like i do with RvR clans. To be clear, Combat Prowess in my opinion is only shown in equal fights (Or Outnumbered). I can think of a few clans that definitely deserve a nomination. (In no particular order) - "X" Clan. - DAS. - EXILE. - PODW. - RAKER. They have shown several times that they got the skill to win equal fights as well as outnumbered. Other clans have done the same no doubt, but in most clans its just a select few players that have the skill to do so. With the 3 i mention it is the majority of their players, individually as well as combined. And one cannot really judge clans without having fought them or seen them fight on several occasions i think, so to all the other clans that might think themselves worthy of the title, i'm sorry! PS, Thanks Cmdr, i somehow forgot about PODW. I've had a few encounters with them and i've heard a good amount of stories about them. They deserve a spot on my list as well. PS PS, Thanks Liq, its been so long that i forgot to get the RAKERs on my list. They were truly a pain in the early days of OW.
  7. Best RVR clan in games history

    Right, i forgot that the 100's of 25v25s between SLRN, RUS and DAS only exist in my head... You and SORRY wasn't present in the time i speak of, before Early Access. I know its hard to imagine that there was a game before you and SORRY arrived in the game. SORRY was an "empty port battle machine". 90% of your Port Battles were uncontested. What an achievement! I clap my hands and bow before the oh so mighty Lord. I'm not trying to convince anyone. If you actually care to read the things i've posted here you'd understand that i judge clans based on their Combat Prowess and not on "How many empty ports they can conquer". And unfortunately SORRY fought only a small amount of 25v25's and most of those were against disorganized teams made up from a bunch of different clans. You yourself have actually said that "A team of 1 clan will always win against a team made from 7 different clans" (Something along those lines) which makes you small victories against those types of teams, rather insignificant. DAS, SLRN and RUS fought 100's of 25v25's gaining proper combat experience every single time. That is why, in my mind, they were the "best RvR clans". Your "training" against AI is nothing compared to the combat experience DAS, SLRN and RUS had at the point of time i talk about. Your economy was nice, no doubt, but not better than that of SLRN, RUS and DAS at the point of time i talk about. Your leadership was mediocre, sure you gathered a lot of people but guess what? DAS and SLRN gathered just as many people as SORRY at the point of time i talk about. They had focused goals, being the best at 25v25's and having fun at the same time. Guess what? I'm pretty sure they did. Your delusion of grandeur and your narcissism is like a blindfold. You only see what you think is important and anyone with a different opinion must be retarded. I have complimented SORRY for what they have done several times, but in my eyes the Combat Prowess of DAS/SLRN/RUS outweighs that. This is my opinion based on everything i have seen since the first day of OW. Like it or not, it does not matter.
  8. Best RVR clan in games history

    I'll say it again. The time i speak of was before the very existence of SORRY.. Before you started playing NA even.

    Once upon a time, in an era long gone, OW PvP was the main focus of the game and RvR a secondary focus. Those were the days of true glory and honor. Those were the days where there was room for all kinds of players (Solo, Small group, medium group, large group). Alas, those were the days.. Those days are long gone and the game has since then turned its focus on 2 things; RvR and time consuming crafting. Today, these days, the solo PvP'er and all those who enjoy OW PvP are told to "wait for Legends". And while that might be what some are looking for, a lot of the OW PvP'ers in NA don't want Legends. They want NA OW PvP, because it is unique in its own way, NA OW PvP is not just a copy of some Arena type game. The thrill of sailing through the OW never knowing if you will encounter a lone trade, a lone frigate, a small group of frigates, a lone Man of War or a whole fleet of them. You never know if you must hunt, fight, or flee. The OW PvP'ers might settle for Legends but really, it is not what most of them want... They want these days, to become those days again. I and many others still hope that some day, we will return to those days.
  10. Best RVR clan in games history

    Depends how one chooses to rate the "best RvR clan". To me its combat prowess that is the main factor and there i've seen much better clans than SORRY. But alas, SORRY never got to fight against other Port Battle fleets who had the experience that DAS, SLRN and RUS had back in the day. Therefore i can't possibly say whether or not SORRY actually were better in combat than the 3 i mention. I can suspect that SORRY was better (Or worse) but i judge based on what i've seen and what i haven't seen, therefore i'd declare DAS/SLRN/RUS the "best". Again, this is based on the way i look at it. Many others will think of "Best RvR clan" as something different than i do.
  11. Best RVR clan in games history

    @Lord Vicious Ofcourse you only remember the time when you played Naval Action. The time i talk of was before you joined the game, if you want, you can keep living in your own little world where nothing that happened before SORRY's creation matter. Or you can open your eyes and realize that there was a time before SORRY. As for you beating TDA. Congratulations! TDA always was an OW PvP clan, the RvR we did back then was empty port battles. So no, we had in fact no experience when it comes to 25v25 battles. SORRY did good, and SORRY might have been the best 25v25 Fighters, unfortunately you never got to fight against SLRN, RUS or DAS when those clans were ruling the seven seas with their "Port Battle" fleets. SORRY never proved their worth compared to SLRN, RUS or DAS. SLRN, RUS and DAS fought hundreds of 25v25's against each other, learning more and more from every fight and becoming better and better by doing so. The few 25v25's you had were against clans with no experience in 25v25's and this is why i don't think SORRY deserves to be called "The best RvR clan". I'll happily admit i'm not a good RvR player, never was and never will be because it doesn't interest me. However i can certainly tell you who i'd call the "Best RvR clans in NA's history". @Konali89 Definitely Konali, it is almost impossible to compare the clans of old with the clans of new. To me, i look at the combat prowess as the main factor and then the "achievements" as the secondary factor, and to me there is no doubt here. DAS, SLRN and RUS all 3 deserves the title. Other clans have done great as well, but their combat prowess will never come close to those 3 when they were in their "prime" so to speak.
  12. Best RVR clan in games history

    Steel and Konali being the Admirals as far as i recall. (Don't hold me to that statement, its a long time ago)
  13. Best RVR clan in games history

    And this is my point exactly. The newer RvR clans paint a cowardly picture of RvR, their skill lies more in avoiding the fight than in fighting the fights. To me that isn't proper RvR and does not constitute "Being the best RvR clan in NA History". Especially not when one takes into consideration that the clans of Old held equal amounts of territory as the new clan. RvR has changed however, NA has changed, long ago NA entered a new era, the era where RvR is all about war of attrition, trickery and avoiding the enemy. A dull, boring and disappointing era in my opinion. Yes, i do indeed speak of the old SLRN. The veterans of NA will remember what "era" i speak of when i mention SLRN, DAS and RUS. The early days of OW is what i speak of. Again, people that weren't present back then will have a hard time understanding why clans like BLACK and SORRY would never be able to compete with the old port battle fleets. However it is obvious to those that were around. I think there is a few youtube videos of DAS vs SLRN, DAS vs RUS and SLRN vs RUS. However i'm not sure.
  14. Best RVR clan in games history

    From the screenshots i've seen of the Port Battles BLACK has participated in, its the exact same kind of Port Battles as SORRY participated in. Most of the Port Battles BLACK either have advantage in numbers or the enemy team is formed from 12 different clans and disorganized. Neither SORRY nor BLACK have fought the true Port Battle fleets of old. Those died out before SORRY/BLACK were formed. BLACK could certainly be the "best" current RvR clan. However the best RvR clans in history is, without a doubt (Having seen both the new and the old RvR clans fight) DAS, SLRN and RUS. Now, i'm not saying BLACK isn't good, i'm not saying SORRY weren't good. What i am saying is that DAS, SLRN and RUS all fought 100's of Port Battles/25v25 battles each, against each other. All gaining experience and continously improving their tactics, communications and skill. They only fought equally organized teams and they did it all the time. The old clans simply put, had way more experience fighting well organized teams in equal fights. All this said, BLACK/SORRY could very well be/have been just as good in combat as those clans. However you haven't had, and might never have, the opportunity to prove that because of the changes made to the game since then. (1 Dura ships, no capturable AI, Expensive crafting etc etc.)