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  1. The Mast Collectors club.

    Yeah i've been looking for that too! Can't seem to find it though...
  2. The Mast Collectors club.

    Do away with unlimited sail reps and we can start talking about tweaking demasting again. PS. Tac you lovely man, well done! I'll have to look through my screenshots, unfortunately i tend to delete screenies after a few months.
  3. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    Even then, only having to kill half of the enemy BR before your able to run away is not how it should be in my opinion. With focus fire you can sink 1-2 smaller enemy ships quite fast, but alas, your ships might be heavily damaged by then. Anyway, i just want clear clarification here. Is it allowed or not allowed?
  4. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    Maybe i missed it, but the real question remains unanswered doesn't it? Is running away after securing points a valid tactic? - Furthermore, where does the line go between running and defensive fighting? If running is allowed i'm to say we might see a meta of really fast hard hitting ships with the ability to perform hit&run tactics. Basically hit the ship that will be the easiest to kill and then run away for the rest of the fight. (I mean no offense to anyone. I haven't seen the fight which is being discussed, i'm just an interested party looking for clarifications on the rules.)
  5. CPU runs hot while playing Naval Action

    Hey Teutonic! As some have pointed out i'm going to go ahead and say that it is your thermal paste which has stopped working properly. You don't have to be tech savy or anything to be able to replace the thermal paste on your own. Just make sure you are careful when removing your CPU Fan and the old thermal paste. I dare say though, be even more careful when putting the CPU Fan back in place (I've had a few mates crack their CPU in half when doing this... Brute force is not the way to go lol.) Also, if it is the thermal paste your computer should be running at higher temperatures all the time. Even when just sat idle on the desktop.
  6. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    We should definitely redo those 2 battles though @Liq. Tournament room makes everything 100% fair Just kidding ofcourse, though not really 2 Excellent fights with the wrong outcome in my opinion (No Bias!)
  7. How long is your load time? This is something i've brought up before. Invisibility timer only matter if its 30 seconds in effect, not on paper. I have a pretty decent PC and it still takes me like 10-15 seconds to load in the OW, this cuts my invisibility timer by 10-15 seconds.
  8. More Secret Islands?

    I did! Back then i was in TDA. I don't remember the exact story but basically i was told some "rumours" and then i set out on my journey to find "The Hidden Island". I did a grid search trying to find it, alas after 25-30 hours i had still not found it. I gave up but had to, for a reason i don't recall, sail to Bermuda. After 45 minutes or so i got impatient and changed my course slightly, 15 minutes later i saw land. I yelled out (On TS) "I FINALLY REACHED BERMUDA!!!" (Something along those lines). When i went to find the port is when i realised; I had not found Bermuda... No, i had found something much greater! "The Hidden Island"!!! It was glorious, but ofcourse the only reason the island was truly "hidden" back then is because only 1-2 people had found it before me, and they had mostly kept their mouth shut. It was seriously one of the greatest experiences i've had in NA OW that has nothing to do with combat. From that point on great lengths were taken to keep it a secret. And secret it was, for a few months atleast
  9. OCEAN 1 Confirmed. <3
  10. Combat feedback

    lol. I just never saw a need for it! Always did just fine without using F5 It is funny though, i can compare this to demasting. (EG, SeaWolf and I are about equally good at demasting, funny thing is he uses unlocked sector focus mainly while i use locked sector focus mainly.).
  11. Combat feedback

    Interesting I never really used it and i only sailed ships that couldn't have 100% crew on gunnery. (Funny how our playstyles can differ so much on some points babe) Oh grow up would you? If this is the kind of attitude your going to put on when someone disagrees with you then an open forum is not a place for you. I'd like to point out that i did indeed suggest that a Tutorial will fix the issue of some people knowing, and some people not knowing. That said i still don't think F5 is enough of a "game changer" to make a battle unfair just because 1 player knows about F5 and the other doesn't. It just doesn't have the impact you think. (In my experience...) Sometimes you think the people posting on forums can deal with the fact that others might be of a different opinion than you. Then when they start being smart asses you realize they can't. Not joking. :* Perhaps the "Tutorial" that i've mentioned i think 3 times by now might be able to make it easier for new players? (Just a thought you know)
  12. Combat feedback

    On which ships do you even use this? (Asking out of curiosity because i never sailed a ship where i felt like F5 was needed). You can't provide hard facts here man. It's all about the experience the different players have had with the F5 Function. In my experience, it doesn't make a real difference and someone using F5 won't have an advantage over someone NOT using F5.
  13. Combat feedback

    I never really used F5, it's not the "game changer" you seem to think it is. Atleast not in my experience. The fact that newer players might not know about "F5" is a simple issue to solve; Introduce a tutorial to the game as i said before. It's really not that important. But yeah, it certainly doesn't do what most people tend to think it does..
  14. Combat feedback

    I never really made use of F5. Never put me at a disadvantage in battle so i dare say it really isn't as important in PvP as you think. And besides that, with a tutorial explaining how it works, everyone will know.
  15. If you sign up you do! So sign up fast