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  1. Lord Vicious

    Tow to shallow water

    Welcome to 3 years ago, when it was useful for blockade shallows and then tp them away. congratz for figure it out in 2018
  2. Lord Vicious

    first HAVOC Empire

    And btw Redii still not a Sith. Yet
  3. Lol i remember a time where there was no map end no compass so gtfo , dont pretend to teach dad how to fuck we say where i live.
  4. Poor delusional boy, we left for brit when devs got nice idea to make 2 coalitions and pirate alone so it was 1 nation vs 3 all the damn time, was pointless , Pirate pop reduced by 70% by that nice idea. Only time i faced sweden (NOT A COALITION) sweden got repelled, sveno lost all pb vs us, and then went to beg denmark and france to rescue him. Jeheil even made an entire letter to the king about and he called it BACK IN BLACK. Fact is none of this nations ever concluded anyhting by themself (let alone clans) it was always coalition, while SORRY as clan fight entire coalitions of nations, winning for 2 years. I understand truth is harsh but thats what it is i didnt see a single clan able to form up a full fleet by themself since september 2015 while sorry went on up to march 2017
  5. non taken And about the fear thing he lie, soo much that he needed to go in other nations ts3 begging them for help for face SORRY, See in reality words means 0, facts speak the truth, and the truth is, neither sweden, or brit or denmark or usa or vp ever got the balls to face alone this clan and i always got ears and eyes everywhere so i now who was begging who to help. So behind Klooth mask that he pretend now to not be afraid, the moment i yelled to him that i was coming, he spent the entire day jumping from nation ts to nations ts to rally reinforcements. Unlike him i have a good memory and i liked to make screenshots, stats tracking, and recording of enemy ts3. So i am glad he is happy to have me as an opponent, but this time try not to rally more then 1 nation at time k ? just becouse you not afraid right?
  6. Feels like home here: https://discord.gg/VyE4ETK we even made a chan dedicated to na memories Soon will have more sorry people online in discord then na have players online
  7. Strange sounds exactly like what i did . already. Dejavu! Btw we left a dyng game albion, for join another dead game? nah.
  8. Lord Vicious

    Russia vs France. Round Two.

    Told you many times get over your juvenile crush on me. but i give you credits for clan name, Exile fits you perfectly considering how you got kicked.
  9. albion lost 80% of its players after 9months so more then history, we did history in the brief period the game was alive. This days we play a bit of everything i merged the eve-na-albion community (the guilds that i made )into 1 discord and we just hang around playng various games since nothing really interesting is out there Some play overwatch some war thunder, some still playng briefly na or albion or eve, a bit of warhammer total war 2. https://discord.gg/VyE4ETK we loosely following fractured, but is a game in early development, camelot unchained
  10. Lord Vicious

    LV NA needs you

    He hate me becouse he think he was some "special" guy and i proof him wrong. Funny story: He got a constitution, a firstrate, a bellona, an agamennon all from the clan module included while he barely contribute anything. So when he demanded a costly module for his 6h ship when there was people not even having it on their 3rd or 4th ship, I said nope you not special not gonna happens , he started to cry and raise voice and i told him , that if he think he is some special snowflake he is really wrong. SORRY is a meritocracy so he either stop being a baby or GTFO, he keep demanding and talking so i banned him simple. ps: and also becouse i made a meme pic of him cryng about the module linked in our ts3, he provided entertainment for everyone in that way. (probably his best contribute)