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  1. Be careful of what you wish your dreams may can become true one day
  2. From my experience from many mmo expecial eve online more then think about how to win, first you need to decide what kind of clan, nation alliance you wanna be, and recruit only people that fit your needs. So if you wanna win, you only take people who wanna win before have fun, people that work for have 0,0001% more hp dmg speed , or that particular module that give an edge thats a natural attitude that elite pvpers have, everything else is a casual. Also from my experience on leading various alliance over 10 years in eve , thousands man alliances in various mmo i learn that "council" and any other form of democracy not work, too many "leaders" who think becouse they lead theyr 5 man clan they have a say. In eve the most powerful alliances where always dictature and always run by the "fleet commander" wich is followed becouse it bring results and people trust him and his voice is insindacable.. In a fght you need 1 voice, 1 leader with a plan, I remember when i joined brits in Na and they where leading pb with 5-7 people was a mess, then i kinda forced my way, and when i was leading or augustus was leading (wich i teach him a lot ) the rate of wins went from 40-45% to 85% + , The infamous castries that i lost (after defending it 15 times btw) is also part of the "democracy" issues that happens, where i was forced to bring in people i considered SHIT, in fact the last pb that i lead in brit , i cherry picked every single one and we won flawless in attack vs spain, (this caused a split in the brit community where srupl and other people like him wich i didnt want in fleet kinda created a 2nd council LOL and of course they never archieved any pb win ) with a pre planned strategy before the pb. between me and Augustus just to proof a point. That if they let me do things my way we where going to win, if you remember whas the period where win a 25 vs 25 in attack was very hard a thing that was happening once every 25pb as average. (that tells a lot about how is important to have 1 commander, and players able to follow his order flawless, even better if you have secondary commanders that "lead" part of your fleet, but accordingly to your main vision, to better micro manage the players focus ) Dictature is a strong word but it means that at the end 1 guy make the calls, that not means he not inquire his officers , or delegate part of the comand, logistic etc. A good leader need to know how to delegate. Much importance is the meritocracy in eve in albion in na i always promoted people that where reconized by the majority to deserve the role, if someone ask to, he is not fit. Pvpers reconize and respect other pvpers is a natural process that none can fake. Standards of quality are important also, as well the ability to impose them. never compromise yourself just for have "more" I always prefer 10 lions then 100 sheeps. But tbh if someone need to tell you, what it takes to lead, is becouse you are no leader. I spent countless hours organizing everything in my clan, from resource distribution to logistic to crafting, to training, to lead pb myself, and at the end of the day i was watching even other nations/clans PB purely for study their commanders psicology and tactics, nobody told me to do it, is my willingless to prevail at all cost. you either have it. or you dont.
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

  4. Swedish Nation

    Last time i see a sweden fleet you where faaar faar away running as nation from a clan. So yeah you are better
  5. Swedish Nation

    we almost won 19 vs 25 actually they got more losses then us. And we did only another pb where we lost 4 first. outside tryng to generate the pb they lost more first and 2nd then us if you remember (actually we got no losses at all beside i think 1 bellona) So overall we inflicted more damage then what we received. Then ppl got bored with game LOL So if we go by k/d ratio even with new players like you we where in positive. People could not stand to do logistic and haul for 10h day for 2h of fun "maybe" and thats it We didnt even got time to train people as we did with all SORRY incarnations since game dropped in pop in a month. again. I receive every month propositions to return play, and everybody that ended in other clan/nations told me that nobody is organized as SORRY was. So clearly i now my shit. Go my steam profile and see what people write about me i really dont get what you wanna try to do here tbh you can like or not like my character or my method but nobody can deny my qualities at leading stuff. And tbh i cant give a damn about your opinion about me , becouse is irrilevant and not change by an inch my archievements . So is an exercise in futility. I didnt spend 1 minute going around tryng to diminish you, or hachiroku becouse i not waste my time with nullity. I merely answer when i am mention (and you guys mention me a lot, just do a research on forum using : vicious as key word. I merely answer when get provoked You clearly are salty and have a hard on , on me. I consider SORRY history closed by me for impossibility to run a big clan and make 30-40 ppl happy on running rvr with the mechanics that was on. that required a tremendous amount of boring logistic and hauling for very slim opportunities to have fun. So was very hard to sell it to the players. And they simply didnt stick with the game, not me. or the clan.
  6. Swedish Nation

    Yeah clearly thats why i runned one of most succesful clan in na for 2 years, when na start last wipe there was 3 nations able to form up a firstrate fleet, sweden, danemark, and SORRY (i run also various alliance in eve of thousands people for 10 years and in albion in 1 month i made a 2k man ally wo reached top 3) becouse i am bad at leading LOL, how is your clan going did you made any impact in na?
  7. Swedish Nation

    like Lordbomgordel? the one who got kicked from SORRY for undocking from MT and getting ganked by king of clowns & co after we told him not to run missions alone in first around mt?
  8. Swedish Nation

    all old SORRY still hung around in my ts3 ari clay cesar bounty r2 warmanner etc etc. So they done with na not me we play pubg , life is feudal warthunder etc etc
  9. Swedish Nation

    Nobody destroyed my clan lol, 80% of the players not even play na anymore and quit game . The game killed SORRY since was impossible for a clan to defend pirates entirely vs multiple nations. + civil war. And for what? we where doing all pb/economy effort for hold pirate territory when all other pirates combined where busy shooting each other and they where unable between 10 clans even to field an aga fleet. Ppl simple got bored to do boring stuff for pirates and the one like you (superselfish) refused to help, all the ships you got in clan was becouse someone was crafting it, and others where moving stuff around , You only logged in for go play your 5 vs 1 gank and even pretended modules thats why you got kicked LOL. and thats why you are salty. Nobody killed SORRy lol, we lost 1 pb losing 4 ships ( enemy lost more tryng to generate the pb itself lol even doing it with 3 nations lol) not properly a "problematic" situation. It was the month of playng for 2 pb that killed our willingness to put 10h/day for 1 pb every 2 weeks, so in definitive what damage us where the game mechanics. 2h of fun for a week of logistic 10h day not was worth, ppl got bored and prefer to go around in cheap frigs instead do rvr. But the majority who where in SORRY for pb refused to continue play the game. Thats why when you formed your clan you got how many SORRY 4?5? not even? So at end even when we where still on with 20-25 ppl i decided to freeze sorry becouse i never root for mediocrity, unlike you. so i prefered to close SORRY living the clan with a good history in NA, instead become the former shadow of itself. And anyway withouth me leading it was pointless, since there was nobody able to step up. also albion release was near and i wanted to play it badly after 2 years of Na struggles
  10. Swedish Nation

    last time i saw you in na you got boarded by us and you cry to otto for get ship back, wich didnt happen so you cryed even more. May i offer you a crooked hull?
  11. Swedish Nation

    Doubt your clan ever manage to form a pb fleet since i left the game , i am amused you still around tbh. How is gank carebears?
  12. Swedish Nation

    When the cat is not around, the rat dance
  13. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    SORRY call me back when is a clan vs entire server thx bye
  14. Sweden declares war.....

    didnt HRE declared permanent war on npc since it existence?
  15. On release, if will ever happens, and yes you will cry