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  1. Those battles will be fixed given enough time. I am busy with work until next week and with the coming patch for base game, I will have my work cut out for me to update the mod for the next version. Know that the battles will be edited eventually. Also have fun at Brandy Station! 😋
  2. The Whitworth will be nerfed into the ground... People were complaining it was too weak in the previous iteration of the mod so I probably overcompensated here. All Allied Troop only battles will have the troops buffed to a reasonable degree. No more 10 to 1 odds like Brandy Station at gettysburg (that mission is impossible). Also what are your opinions on the AI getting more brigades? The player will be compensated of course.
  3. When we made these changes, we tested this on legendary and we were crushed in some of the early battles in the beginning of the campaign (Distress call for the Union is very difficult). Yes the damage is higher but you will have to sacrifice in other areas like move speed, melee, etc. The intent of this was to make you value your 3 star brigades more and treat them like Napoleon treated his Imperial Guard. They are not meant to be common at least early on in the campaign. It will change though as we are learning how to change more of the game functions such as xp gain rate, time control (ie the ratio of Real Time to In Game time) and others. The next version will also have bugfixes and general rebalance changes (again... when will it end! 😋). It might have some differences from the current mod but the general gameplay should be the same. Expect the Campaign to be much more difficult and different than what you expect.
  4. Veterans should win out in almost all cases, especially so in the 2-3 star ranges. 3 star troops with early rifles will dominate 0-1 star troops with advanced weapons as no matter how advanced the weapon is, if the user is not skilled with it, they will not be very accurate or efficient with it.
  5. With the right perks, you can increase your carbine range to 435 with both of the extended range perks for the skirmishers. You need 2 or 3 star skirmishers for that. 0-1 star skirmishers are rather ineffective which is intended.
  6. We have not touched how the campaign works besides increasing the timer. I have not encountered that before. Horse artillery can definitely outrun charging infantry when they build up enough speed. 0 Economy is essentially selling for nil and at 10 Economy you will sell for 33% of the base price while also buying at -66% base price. Oversized arty are definitely worth it if you can give them the right perks and surpass 50 guns.
  7. The short answer is perks, increased unit size limits, and that firepower is not everything in this mod. Since damage is so low for 0 star brigades, the damage is so low that the damage degradation is minuscule and eventually the damage drop stops after a certain size, meaning that with large enough numbers, you can outshoot smaller more elite brigades with sufficiently sized brigades. This is impractical though as the firepower brought to bear in one brigade could have been used in multiple more efficient brigades and the fact that larger brigades are better at melee than firepower. The real kicker though is that it is the perks that dictate damage. If you specialize your brigades in accuracy, you will outperform most brigade not specialized in accuracy. Yes it is possible for a 1k 3 star accuracy specialized brigade to be outshot by a 10k 0 star brigade but if you increase the 1k to 2k, you will not be outshot by rookies any longer. Same thing with elite brigades specialized in areas other than accuracy. What matters more here is not the damage degradation but more so on how you specialize your brigades. Unlike base game, firepower is not everything. It is completely possible for a 3 star melee brigade to beat a 3 star accuracy brigade but be willing to take heavy casualties and the vulnerability to a counterattack due to exhaustion. Large sized brigades, while not as efficient in firepower as a smaller brigade, has a major advantage in melee over that small unit. Also speed matters too, a brigade with some speed perks can get into a favorable position of heavy cover or a flanking position faster or charge the accuracy brigade before it has a chance to reload and fire again. The expert use of cavalry, both carbine and shock, can also bypass the accuracy brigade by quickly attacking its flanks or even charging it. Damage degradation still exists but it is less impactful and there are many ways to bypass it, all with their advantages and disadvantages.
  8. I suggest you start a new campaign.
  9. Gameplay Rebalance and Customizations created by JonnyH13 and Pandakraut After 3 months of work, we finally release the mod to the public. Permission was granted by the developer to modify game files. All perks, weapons, career points, and combat elements have been rebalanced and expanded upon. Some examples include: Some Career traits now give additional bonuses. Weapons deal less damage than the base game but skilled troops with the right perks will make them significantly more effective. Unit size caps have been increased for the player and the AI. The early game is now much harder on MG and Legendary. Starting units and some rewards have been buffed and game timers increased. A variety of UI updates have been made to display hidden stats and make firing arcs more visible. Player Skirmisher AI has been updated so that they will no longer charge forward when they are blocked while under a direct attack order. More details can be found in the changelog included in the zip folder. Install Instructions: Download RebalanceModV1.0 and extract the zip folder into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets and delete Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder Get the Mod Here: RebalanceModV1.0.zip Some general tips to get started. Tactics that work in the base game may no longer work or will be less effective. Perks are much more valuable now, get them as soon as you can. Melee is very important and deadly early on but do not rely on it. Melee becomes less effective as you progress through the campaign. Melee cavalry is good at cleaning up routing units, but charging units at full strength will result in high losses. Early fortifications can provide decent cover bonuses, but their melee bonuses are worse than charging. Muskets must get very close to deal decent damage, long range fire will be ineffective. Artillery and skirmishers will be less effective until they have 1-2 stars. - Make sure to let your units rest, they will not perform well when tired. Consider playing a difficulty lower than you normally would until you are used to how the mod works. Legendary, especially for the Union is currently extremely punishing. Known issues: There is a rare bug on the Battle of Phillipi where the player's reinforcements will spawn with more than twice as many men as normal. If you encounter this, have fun. Cannon crew size differences lead to inconsistencies when creating new artillery brigades. Always check that your units are topped up when switching cannon types. Loss percentage on General's status panels display incorrectly in the intro missions. Economy bonus percentage is not rounding on the career summary page Over the next few weeks (and maybe months) there will be periodic updates to the campaign. These changes will drastically change how the battles play out such as the addition of more AI brigades and Player brigade limits. Keep checking back here for updates. Feedback will be appreciated. Have fun!
  10. JonnyH13

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    The perks and the weapons are right now mutually exclusive as I need to combine both of them together. And even then it is very unbalanced and I cannot guarantee a good experience. Also the Perk UI doesnt show and changes but the in game effects are there. You need to read the OP to know what perk does what.
  11. JonnyH13

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    Speed is definitely going down in the next update. Currently working on a variety of areas right now (and am busy RL). Expect an update sometime this week or next week.
  12. JonnyH13

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    One of the main issues with modding right now is my inability to read or edit Unity AnimationCurves. Or more specifically how damage falls off with range for each weapon. All weapons have different Damage Degradation as it is called and I need to test every, single, weapon, in order to ensure they are all properly balanced. Perks will of course be readjusted as we (pandakraut and I, I need to credit him on the OP), discovered how to edit a whole lot more stuff than what I originally had in mind. Here is a Teaser. Enjoy: There will of course be more reasonable limits later but this is meant to show what we can do. I would recommend this guide to understanding how hex editing works. I do not really have a lot of time to explain how to do it in detail though.
  13. JonnyH13

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    Fortifications will be edited eventually, right now I am focused on weapons and perks. +250% speed is way too much and the accuracy buff needs work. Things are not working as they should :P.
  14. JonnyH13

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    Sure I will let you use the weapon changes. I currently am rebalancing the weapons to meet the perks so the current weapon mods will be different than the end result.