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  1. Melee cavalry should not dismount. I will fix it when I have the time. Been Busy.
  2. Updated to 12.a to fix the surrender bug.
  3. Enjoy the overpowered artillery while you can. It will be "fixed" in the next update (probably going to be underpowered again...). We have some fixes in the works but right now I am a bit busy with Real Life issues so the update may be delayed a bit.
  4. There has been an unexpected hotfix for the base game. Expect an update to the mod sometime this week.
  5. Here is a video of the Bull Run test. It is a bit more refined than the screen shot though it still could be better. What do you think? FYI It is not 300k CSA vs 90k USA but 300k CSA vs 270k USA. Quality should be good now...
  6. You must extract the zip file to be able to access its contents... If you look at the mini map and the number of unit cards you should notice that there are a lot more brigades on the field than normal... That also applies to the AI but I annihilated them already... To clarify there will be more brigades than base game and of different sizes, quality, and unit types. Instead of the normal 21 or so brigades for the historical battle I can increase it up to a very large number. It also applies to the campaign. Also the picture above is the 1st Bull Run, not the 2nd Bull Run...
  7. Updated to 1.10. Enjoy! Also feedback is always appreciated! EDIT: Here is a teaser on what I am working on next. Your thoughts?
  8. You need some investment in economy to be able to sell weapons. Melee cavalry are expected to take casualties, but are very deadly if you used them right. Artillery is very safe and potentially high damaging but lacks initiative. Logistics increases shop weapon quantities by 25% each point. The Intelligence screen has always been a joke... I usually ignore it. XP gain for troops and officers is much lower now. Cost does not necessarily mean better stats. The Lorenz and the Enfield are import weapons and such are expensive. The CS Richmond is better but it is a late (ish) weapon and not available in large quantities without sufficient investment in logistics. You will have to supplement your army with captured enemy weapons or import weapons if you are lacking cheaper guns to buy.
  9. Those battles will be fixed given enough time. I am busy with work until next week and with the coming patch for base game, I will have my work cut out for me to update the mod for the next version. Know that the battles will be edited eventually. Also have fun at Brandy Station! 😋
  10. The Whitworth will be nerfed into the ground... People were complaining it was too weak in the previous iteration of the mod so I probably overcompensated here. All Allied Troop only battles will have the troops buffed to a reasonable degree. No more 10 to 1 odds like Brandy Station at gettysburg (that mission is impossible). Also what are your opinions on the AI getting more brigades? The player will be compensated of course.
  11. When we made these changes, we tested this on legendary and we were crushed in some of the early battles in the beginning of the campaign (Distress call for the Union is very difficult). Yes the damage is higher but you will have to sacrifice in other areas like move speed, melee, etc. The intent of this was to make you value your 3 star brigades more and treat them like Napoleon treated his Imperial Guard. They are not meant to be common at least early on in the campaign. It will change though as we are learning how to change more of the game functions such as xp gain rate, time control (ie the ratio of Real Time to In Game time) and others. The next version will also have bugfixes and general rebalance changes (again... when will it end! 😋). It might have some differences from the current mod but the general gameplay should be the same. Expect the Campaign to be much more difficult and different than what you expect.
  12. Veterans should win out in almost all cases, especially so in the 2-3 star ranges. 3 star troops with early rifles will dominate 0-1 star troops with advanced weapons as no matter how advanced the weapon is, if the user is not skilled with it, they will not be very accurate or efficient with it.
  13. With the right perks, you can increase your carbine range to 435 with both of the extended range perks for the skirmishers. You need 2 or 3 star skirmishers for that. 0-1 star skirmishers are rather ineffective which is intended.
  14. We have not touched how the campaign works besides increasing the timer. I have not encountered that before. Horse artillery can definitely outrun charging infantry when they build up enough speed. 0 Economy is essentially selling for nil and at 10 Economy you will sell for 33% of the base price while also buying at -66% base price. Oversized arty are definitely worth it if you can give them the right perks and surpass 50 guns.