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  1. JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

    Updated to Alpha 2.
  2. JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

    I am currently more thoroughly testing and rebalancing the weapons since the previous version is rather excessive in terms of damage (the artillery is way too powerful and each weapon has a damage scale which I cannot edit as of right now so I have to adapt to it). Once I am finished with this, (won't take too long) I would need to go through the campaign to be able to figure something out. It would be nice if people also played through the campaign and game me feedback. I do not have all the time in the world after all. The unfortunate thing is I have yet to find where the efficiency effects on unit sizes are so that has not changed. I will say though that anything approximately over 2/3 max size or so will suffer noticeable reductions in fire damage. The AI is timid (and rightly so in some situations, it might change though) and it might lead to easy early victories but with the lack of casualties, the AI army grows and it will one battle down the line surprise you.
  3. 2/8/18 Alpha 2 is released. resources.assets To install simply extract this into the steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War_Data folder. Override when prompted. To uninstall simply verify files. This is save game compatible so no worries about ruining them. I have finally rebalanced the weapons to what I want them to be at and as such I give this to the public. I am throwing out the previous version of the mod and setting this version as 0,0. Changelog: All Line infantry weapons are set to range 225 and with a reload speed of 100 (approximately 1 volley per ingame minute). There are some exceptions to this. CSA Only line infantry weapons have better melee but .5 less damage that normal weapons. Unbored muskets have a range of 200 Ammo is adjusted for the increase rate of fire All carbines for both cavalry and skirmishers have a range of 250, have a fire rate of 150, and have a melee of 75 (again with some exceptions). They generally shoot faster but have lower damage outputs as well as go through their ammo quickly. They will not do well against a line infantry charge at all. Melee cavalry weapons all have range 100 and melee 150. The revolvers have high damage but very slow reload rates. They also have less ammo. Artillery in general has less range than base game and have a melee strength of 1 but it is much more risky to charge artillery from the front as their close range damage has been increased. Do not charge into the front of a 30lb parrot, you will regret it. All weapons prices have been adjusted. Economy is very useful here. The weapons will be renamed in the next version (probably) Farmer -> Musket Rebored_Farmer -> Rebored_Musket Palmetto -> 1855 MG+J -> Fayetteville Lorenz -> RM 1841 1853 -> Lorenz 1855 -> 1853 HF 1855 -> 1861 1861 -> 1863 1863 -> Spencer Fayetteville -> Whitworth Colt 1855 ->Colt 1855 Spencer -> 1873 Trapdoor (ahistorical) Wiard -> James 14lb Tredgar -> Whitworth (to give the CSA access to this) James -> 30lb Parrot The rest not listed here will either keep their names or be subject to minor changes (I do not know for sure yet) TL,DR: Lower damage, higher rate of fire, price adjustment, melee is deadly. These weapon stats will be considered final unless there is enough user input and testing done to convince me otherwise. I will now be working to adjust the campaign battles and rewards. As always feedback is appreciated.
  4. In the game code there are bonuses(or penalties) to accuracy, damage, and efficiency though they are minor unless the height distance and angle difference is large.
  5. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    Ye I think you had too much artillery and not enough infantry Brigades. You need mass volume of fire here and many overlapping brigades. Focus fire on enemy brigades also helps. Counter Charging with your reserves (which are quite necessary), advancing as far as you can with skirmishers to buy times. Canister on the flank is quite effective as well but should not be counted on. Also flanking the enemy attack by advancing on the left is an option but is risky. Cavalry also is an option as well as they can advance quite far and dismount and might be able to pick off the CSA arty before their infantry catch up. Also melee cavalry against lone enemy brigades can work. Flanking with carbine cavalry at the critical moment can turn the tide of battle. Another thing is to throw off the game's prescripting by doing something very weird. It may not apply to this battle but in others it might work to your advantage.
  6. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    This imo was an unnecessary loss of both the battle and the manpower (Yes I know it was a draw but I still consider it a loss). Like I said in my comment on the video, falling back is not what you should do, especially if the ground to the south is wide open. Even if holding the twin forests and wheatfield to the north would result in casualties, it would not have been as costly as the open plains and you would have held the objective. You might need less artillery and more infantry here. The smaller early game cannon are not powerful enough to beat back that assault.
  7. JonnyH13 WIP Mod

    This is a WIP mod that I have been working on for some time. It is not finished and I might be going start from scratch again after discovering some interesting things in the game files. To install simply extract this into the steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War_Data folder. Replace everything when prompted. Let me know what you think of it and any questions you may have. The Mod changes the following: Weapons have been rebalanced and were planned to be renamed to the following. Farmer -> Musket Rebored -> Rebored 1842 -> 1842 Palmetto -> 1855 1841 -> 1841 MG+J -> Fayetteville Lorenz -> RM 1841 Ty Tx -> Ty TX 1853 -> Lorenz 1855 -> 1853 HF 1855 -> 1861 CSR -> CSR 1861 -> 1863 1863 -> Spencer Fayetteville -> Whitworth Colt 1855 -> Sharps Henry -> Henry Spencer -> 1873 Trapdoor (ahistorical) The aim of the later weapons is to provide some interesting late game challenges (the CSA has longer range and accuracy, the Union has rapid fire (shown here as higher damage per volley). Also the weapon stats regarding accuracy are not entirely accurate. Also rate of fire and ammo has been increased. Melee now is a high risk, high reward weapon. Range has also been standardized for most of the early weapons. Other changes include some minor changes to the effects of fatigue on speed and efficiency. There are some other changes but I have yet to remember them. Current things that have yet to be finalized are the cavalry weapons and the artillery damage. I need to adjust those. Keep in mind these features may change as I work on this more. JonnyH13 WIP Mod.zip
  8. Combine Unit?

    There are plenty of problems this feature has that have not been currently fixed. There are plenty of gamey usage of this mechanic as well. Of course you do not need to use these exploits but if you are a min-max player like me here are some tips. First this feature allows the player to go over the 2500 limit on brigade sizes. Simply detach skirmishers, combine divisions, then reattach skirmishers. This tactic, while making the brigade a larger target, skews the AI local strength Calculations, which may discourage the AI from attacking that brigade. There is a stark difference in AI aggressiveness between facing separate smaller brigades or one large brigade that is larger than the AIs own brigades. This is especially effective when the AI brigade sizes is less than 1500. Second is that all brigade commanders are protected from being wounded or dying while combined together. As a side note combining brigades does not take away the division commander from the rest of the division. It just makes the division commander more likely to be killed/wounded. Third is that you can level up more brigade commanders at once while still only using a single brigade. Since officer experience is based on brigade stat increase (the Corps and Division officers level up via morale increase only, hence their slow promotions.) having a single brigade obtain large amounts of kills/ stat increases of any kind means all the brigades currently combined receive those stat growths which means all the commanders level up. Of course this deprives your army of several brigades but when this is done right, you can easily get many high ranking officers quickly. And of course there is the weapon exploit which has been explained already... There also other exploits which benefits from this feature but those are situational and Ill leave you to find those out yourself... While divisions are rather cumbersome, using them effectively can give major benefits. High Risk equals High Reward and all that...
  9. I believe if you wait too long the CSA gets a brigade or 2 as reinforcements in the first phase. My strategy is to focus fire on the left most bridge with everything as the enemy cannon by the right bridge is too far away to do much damage as compared with attacking the southern bridge. Also use Zook to charge across the bridge first and have him soak up the fire. Once you make it into the town and at least 1 enemy brigade is routed (and the enemy skirmishers neutralized by your cav or they retreating too far) you will have an easy time capturing the place. Most early fortifications are utterly useless (at least in their damage output) and provide little cover so close range cannon combined with fire from everything will make the brigade rout in short order.
  10. Ah this might be an overlooked, unintended result. I believe it is expected that the Player take the objective before the scenario timer hit 0 and the 10 min Objective timer would auto go to the next day. The problem is that you took the objective 5 minutes before the end of the scenario and the objective timer was 10 minutes so therefore the end of the scenario result took precedence over the objective timer result. I believe no one thought this would happen since no one had ever did this before.
  11. Quicksabre is right. An extreme example of this is to bring down the enemy army reserve to 0. The enemy still has an army, just the minimum size.
  12. In this game (and most strategy games in general), fear, insubordination, hesitation on the individual level (mostly), and anything that would make ordinary people fear to do are done away with. The soldiers are the best sort of soldiers, willing to do whatever the commander (you or the AI) orders with no hesitation on the individual part (besides morale but that is simply a simplification of the complexity of morale itself). This allows you to do things historically people would fear to do (within in game morale limits) such as charging and engaging in melee, eating canister fire for nothing (mostly), and other deadly actions. Now apply this logic to real life where people would do whatever the commander ordered. Think of tens of thousands of people going into a close melee and how many would die to not only bayonets but to rifle butts, blunt impact force, swords, teeth, choking, broken necks, and others. That would be a lot of people indeed.
  13. Tentative Guide to Modding This Game

    Ye Tokiedian's mod is currently broken. I am working on my own mod right now but it is taking some time to get it how I want. I am thinking of making 2 versions. One similar to Tokiedians where I reduce accuracy and damage and increase rate of fire, ammo, and some others while the other will make the game more ruthless and heavily punishing mistakes. If Tokiedian comes back to continue his mod Ill work solely on the ruthless version.
  14. The scaling is there so that you will not have to face armies of extremely small sizes all the time as that would not be fun. Also enemy brigades have a minimum size in every battle independent of the army reserve (the size is determined by difficulty). Anyways PegLegFattys has suffer major casualties without killing much of the enemy to invoke the emergency enemy army reserves. Basically the more you kill the more reserves they get to an extent. It is quite possible to utterly demolish the enemy reserve completely down to 0 but you need to destroy +80% of the enemy army in every battle to overcome the influx of reinforcements. The enemy army you destroy also must be very large in order for you to break even. EDIT: I am working on a mod (thank Tokiedian for the valuable modding info) and I might be able to change scaling if I find the right places to edit.
  15. 56k going into Cold Harbor is not that much. I forsee immense difficulty in the later battles. You might not have enough men to successfully take Richmond as you need 3 relatively powerful Corps there minimum to even have a chance. Even then I wish you luck.